Sunday, November 9, 2008

Earth lost another Angel... But Heaven gained one...

Sorry I've been away so long, I've been recovering from a bit of a mental breakdown as things have been extremely stressful lately.

I was finally getting back on track again, and had my parents over for dinner tonight to show them some appreciation for all their love and support, they have helped me through so much (Thank you so much again Mum and Dad xx)

But just when I thought that all the heartache was over... unfortunately while we were waiting for dinner, something made me look outside and my heart shattered to find that Albert had just been run over by a car, and his limp little body was laying dead on the road just outside our house. Apparently Hubby heard a thump, but I didn't hear a thing... but something came over me to look outside anyway.

Thank god I didn't hear the thump, because I know the sound would have haunted me for the rest of my life.

The woman driver was just as distraught as I was and stopped to give her condolences. I don't resent her what so ever as I know it was just an accident, and just a case of Albert having no sense of danger and running under the wheel of her car before she could stop. (It's such a shame that animals have no road sense.)

I am very grateful to her that she had stopped though, otherwise I would have imagined the worst and put it down to the arsehole hooligans that have no compassion for animals and target them like bullseyes, with their mad reckless driving up and down our neighbourhood!

I feel better knowing that is was an accident and he died instantly without suffering, rather than finding him later tonight wondering for the rest of my life how long he may have suffered for.

Though I am still truly saddened by his loss, as he was very, very special to me. I tried to stay strong while my parents were here, but I fell apart as soon as they left, and it's going to take me some time to accept that he is gone.

It's just such a shame that we lost him so soon... it wasn't that long ago that we only just rescued him.

He was a very affectionate cat, so full of love and had the heart of an angel.

If you don't know the full story of Albert and are interested, you can read it here.

Please spare a thought for the little angel... he will be missed dearly by me.


25 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...


Lady in red said...

awww I am so sorry for your pain at this sad loss but so very relieved............

when I saw the title of this post I had my heart in my mouth hoping that it wasn't what I feared. Hoping it wasn't your baby that had been taken from you at this late stage. so although I am sad for you I am so relieved.

Rae!xx said...

I am so very sorry for your loss and can totally sympathise with you having lost one of mine this week too, not Holly or Belle but Molly who was my first cat and lived with mum.

Sad week all round really!!

You take care babe..xx

Ken said...

My dear friend Giggles, what hurts you hurts us all. And we know that he is playing with his friends now.

But on another note... what are you doing up so late. don't make me come down there young lady. You get some rest.

Ken said...

My dear friend Giggles, what hurts you hurts us all. And we know that he is playing with his friends now.

But on another note... what are you doing up so late. don't make me come down there young lady. You get some rest.

Rhea said...

I'm so sorry about your kitty. :o( That's heartbreaking!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh hugs on Albert. I loved his story so.

Fat Controller said...

Sorry to hear about this, on top of all your other troubles. It was decent of the driver to stop though.

HUGS ((((((Giggle))))))


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Awww Giggles I am so so sorry, I filled right up reading this as having Kitties too, I understand that heartbreak only too well.

HUGE )))H(((

Trixie said...

Oh baby, I'm so sad you're so sad. look after yourself, huh?


Jo-Jo said...

It is never easy to feel the loss of a loved one. You will be in my thoughts. I have missed reading your blogs!

Ron said...

Dearest One....

I SO feel your pain, right now.

I know there is nothing that can ease this lose, other than time...

...yet ALWAYS remember, that the time Albert spent on this earth was so filled with LOVE, because of your generous heart.

And that LOVE...will soothe you.

Sharing MUCH love and good energy with you, my friend!

You take care!

doberman gang said...

Dear Giggles
You dont know me I am a friend of Kens and found you though him. I am so sorry for you loss. I have no childern but the 4 legged kind. Always remember the good times.

Magnus said...

I can sympathize, hon. Over the years I've lost half a dozen cats to one cause or another... it's never easy, not if you gave a damn to begin with... it's only easy for those who see animals as a way to accessorize their home - "here's my cat, goes with my couch". For those of us who love our animals better than most people, the pain may ease, but the doubts and fears never end. Was he or she happy while they were with us? Did we do everything we could to make it so? When we have to make the decision to have one put down, the doubts really kick in - did we rush things? did we wait too long? did they understand? - on and on and on.

Know that my heart goes out to you, my prayers are with you, and there's a warm hug on its way to you that can last for as long as you need it.

Blessed be, my friend.

nitebyrd said...

(((Hugs))) I'm sorry about Albert.

Dr.John said...

The loss of anyone we care for is always hard. It is good your parents were there to support you and your husband.
God give you his peace.

Joe said...

I'm so sorry Giggle.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

I am so sorry Giggle.

Daryl said...

(((Giggle))) .. I am so very sorry for your loss ..


Mr Farty said...

FFS, ya scared the shit outta me with that title, ya mungral!!

Seriously, a friend of mine I was staying with had some kittens - scratch that, she had a cat which gave birth to kittens - and one was run over by a car in 1976. It still pains me to remember it. So...


Spiky Zora Jones said...

HI sweetie. How are you feeling? I hope you ae feeling better. How is the baby doing...good?

I'm sorry to hear about Albert. I lost my Kujo not that long ago...and I sometimes think I hear him running and barking in the back yard. I miss him so much. So I know how you feel babe...

You take care sweetie...hugs and wonderful thoughts I'll send your way. :)

Muussy said...

Never forget what a beautiful life you gave Albert for the short time he was with you sweetheart. If not for you he would have died, scared and very much alone, months ago.
He loved and adored you, and rightfully were his angel!

Dazza said...

How are you?!? Hope all is going well... all the best.


Indigo said...

Oh that is so sad, you have all my sympathy. I have got a garden full of pussy cats that I've loved n buried mostly to them not crossing the road properly. I still have a puddy tat, he's the oldest I've ever had, he's 3. Oh my dear, I send you megga hugs and love for your loss~x~

Anonymous said...

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