Thursday, August 21, 2008

HALLELUJAH... HALLELUJAH... Hallelujah! Hallealujah! Hallelu-u-u-jaaaaaaaaAaAaA!!!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! I have...................................


Oh my flamin HECK!!! Only took over 2 BLOODY PAINFULLY LONG MONTHS!!!

I actually got the Internet back up a few days ago, and I thought I'd get everything fixed at once, by getting my Dad over to fix Keithy as well to make a fresh start!

(Keithy has had serious spam problems and got bombarded with viruses which really slowed everything down and somethimes even froze the computer!)

So I had only had the Internet for a couple of minutes when Dad managed to stuff up the computer ALL TOGETHER!!! I couldn't even turn it on after he was finished with it!

But that's ok! He ended up taking it home and fixing it completely, making Keithy as good as brand knew, so I am stoked!!!


NOW! I should probably mention that we couldn't find out the sex of bub after all!!!

The cheeky bugger had it's legs crossed, and wouldn't open them for anyone!

So... we weren't meant to find out after all!

I do have another scan at 32 weeks, so we may be able to find out then, but by then maybe we'll decide to just wait, as it wont be long before we'll find out FOR REAL!!!

They did give us an awesome 4d image of the baby though, it was incredible watching it swim around on the screen, and hearing it's strong little heart beat!

I've attached the piccy for you all to see, but though some people can make it out straight away, others can not make it out for the life of em and need to have it explained to them!

Can you make it out?

If not, maybe this will help?

Still can't see it?

Well ffs, you need glasses!

Here! Look at this picture... it's pretty much in the exact same position as this bub pic!

Ahhh... NOW you see it!

Right! I'd love to stay and chat... but I have a BUSY day of visiting my favourite bloggle buddys and catching up on what has been going on in YOUR neck of the woods!

*sigh* It's great to be home!

16 GiGGLeS:

Lady in red said...

welcome back sweetie we have missed you

Fat Controller said...

Good to see you're back! You'd better get ready for a heavy day or've got some serious catching up to do!!!!!!

As for baby, what a rotten little tease. I've changed my mind...has to be a girl. LOL Glad everything is going well.

Giggle! said...


Thinny - OMFG Tell me about it! On top of all the posts I need to catch up on, I've got 586 unread emails!!!!! Sheesh! xx

Mr Farty said...

Yay, welcome back to t'internet! Missed ya!

Dazza said...

Welcome back!!


Anonymous said...

It's hard to type.... someone has their hands over my eyes and I can't figure out who it is. C;) Maybe I can entice the hands away with some chocolate. And say, the little grub looks bald.... C;Pffft!!

Ron said...'re BACK!!!

Hey, I just got your comment on my blog and wanted to stop by immediately to leave you a welcome back comment.


OMG...the photo of the baby is AWESOME! Isn't it just freaking amazing to realize that their's a LIFE growing inside you??

How beautiful!

I think the baby looks just like YOU!


Anyway, so glad you're back, dear one!

I missed ya, tons!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Giggle! said...

Mr Farty - good to be back!! I've missed y'all tooooo xx

Dazza - Thankyouuuuuu xx

C:) - Hehehehe now see... my grub is bald and people are gooing and gahing over it! Theres hope for you yet! ;-P xx

Ronnie - Yayyyy!! That was quick!!! THANKYOU!!!!

Yes!! It is amazing isn't it!!! Infact as I type the baby is kicking like mad (for the first time ever!!!) It is FRIKKEN INCREDIBLE!!!!

Are you saying I look like an alien dipped in bronze Ronnie? :-P


So good to be back!!!! xx

Ken said...

Dropped in from just a girl's blog (i'm her biggest fan) Congrats on the baby. Must be the first other wise you would know its a girl (her legs were crossed, such a lady!) Us grandparents know these things! lol

Joe said...

Welcome back.

Legs closed and won't open them for anyone. Clearly it's a girl...or at least the baby is just like every woman i've ever known.

Giggle! said...

Ken - Hello and Welcome!!! :-) Thanks for popping in, always great to meet more bloggers! Hehehe yes the baby could be a prude little miss, but it's kicking is what makes me think it's a boy! It has the kick of a footy player! *GiGGLeS* xx

Joey - Thankyouuuu! Hahaha well if it is a girl, at least I wont have to worry about locking her up in a cupboard to keep the boys away! :-P xx

Rhea said...

I'm so HAPPY you're back! Adorable baby images. Alien-looking, but adorable!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Wahooo! You're back!!!!! Will the internet "situation" show up in a future Rat Girl adventure?

My brother & sister-in-law didn't want to know with either boy but they were flashed. I simply said "Well, you have met their dad right?"

Giggle! said...

Rhea - Thank youuuu, yes it does look like an alien dipped in bronze doesn't it?!

AH well, I'll love it anyway... it will be my little ET! xx

Jenn - HELLO!!! Oh heck I dunno if I'll make a RAT GiRL episode based on these Telstra dickheads! It will be like 2000 frames long LOL! Maybe I'll figure something out to shorten it.

Hehehe what a little flasher! xx

CrystalChick said...

I didn't even have a scan when I was preggo with my daughter, but that was 24+ years ago.
They are so neat though!!
I can see all the neat baby parts.

Giggle! said...

Crystal - it's super cool aint it!!! Technology keeps getting more and more amazing!! xx