Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heeeeeey COOL!

Thanks to the lovely Lady in Red, I've discovered that Blogger has updated their Blogroll Gadget! I find it very very handy, so I thought I'd let the rest of ya's know too (If you're interested and didn't already know!)

With Keithy George being a slow bugger, whenever I would sit down for my daily blog reading, I would start from the top of my blogroll list and work my way down to the last. I would open each blog and wait like 5 frikken minutes for each page to open (slow I tell ya) only to be dissapointed half the time, that there isn't a new post to read!

And then I would worry that moments after checking it, a new post will be made, and I have missed out on reading it!

So, after going through the whole of my blogroll, and then double checking it all at the end of the day, alot of time is wasted loading for nothing.


The new Blogroll gadget does all that for you!!

It has the name of each blog, the title of the updated post, and states how long ago it was posted!



1 hr ago

Lady In Red
2 hrs ago

Better Oot Than In
Village FĂȘte
3 hrs ago

and so on...

The most recent goe's to the top! So all ya have to do is check out ya sidebar, and ya can keep track of it all without missing a thing!!


Thanks again Lady! You've made my life a heck of a lot easier :-) *GiGGLeS*


7 GiGGLeS:

Lady in red said...

lol you are welcome, I didn't do anything except find the gadget by accident when I wanted to update my blogroll as I hade new ones to add and sadly a few to remove. You asked me how to find it and I told you lol. It was a surprise when you showed up on my msn for the first time just as I was about to go to sleep though.

I love the new meez you have put on here.

Giggle! said...

LAdy - ahhh but if it wern't for you accidently finding it, I would still be struggling with loading everything!!! So I do appreciate it! So glad I've got you as an msn buddy too now! But I can't believe you stay up so late ya mad woman! :-P

I know! isn't the meez cool! I love stuff like that! xx

Daryl said...

Neat gizmo isnt it?

Blogger had a lot of nice new features, I love the post ahead ...


Mr Farty said...

So I just need to post something new every ten minutes to stay at the top of your blogroll?

btw, it's nearly 2am here, I really should be in bed but you're so addictive!

I'd better take a shower first.


Giggle! said...

Mr Farty - LMAO!! Yep that will do it!!! But don't confuse me too much!!! :-)

Me?? addictive? *blushes*

LMFAO!! Put ya willy away ffs!! x

Ron said...

Hi Giggle!

Thanks for mentioning this, because I've seen several of the blogs I visit, use it!

If fact, I've noticed a whole slew of new gadgets that blogger has added to our page elements. God...blogger has come such a long way since I first started using their services, two years ago.

One of my other blogs is with Wordpress, but I STILL enjoy blogger more. They gives us more freedom to change our templates, and that's really a plus for me!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, dear one.

Tomorrow is a holiday in the States, and I have off from work....YAHOOOO!

Giggle! said...

Daryl - ooo didn't see ya there! Yes It's great! I am such a gadget girl! xx

Ronnie - I know righT? Little blogger is growing up so fast! :-) Ooooooo you got a day off ya lucky thing!!! I hope you spend it relaxing and pampering yaself! :-) xx