Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogger Celebrities!!!

Since I started Blogging, I've been blessed to meet all sorts of lovely bloggers from all different parts of the world, each and every one of them are unique with their own special stories to tell. (Not in person, but through the blog sphere, which is enough for me to call them my friends!)

But some Bloggers have especially blown me away, with their amazing success, big hearts and talent which in a way makes them what I like to call Blogger Celebrities! *GiGGLeS*

Each and every one of you have got your own special talents, whether it be in the way that you write, or in a creative successful hobby.

But there are a few Bloggers that have really impressed myself and others with their amazing hard work and success, talent and generosity. And I wish to give a special mention to these awesome people!


First of all, I want to mention my amazing, crazy, texan, cowgirl friend, RHEA (*GiGGLeS*), for her huge generosity!

She is a Mummy of two very cutie boys and a very entertaining writer and a talented photographer, but she is also unbelievably sweet and a very giving person.

She's got a competition running at the moment with amazing prizes which she generously put together herself, and is willing to give it all away, for a simple act in return! One of these prizes include a cowgirl hat that Brad Pitt has *cough* touched!!! Go and read for yourself if you don't believe me ;-) *GiGGLeS*

Her aim is to get people commenting on her sisters blog, all you have to do is leave a comment and you go in the running to win these awesome prizes! How sweet is that? I mean HECK! I would have done it for free, all she had to do was ask! But that's just who Rhea is! She's a very sweet and generous person!

So Cheers to you Rhea!

Go and enter her competition HERE! But be quick, because it ends very soon!


Next I want to mention the very talented CRYSTAL CHICK!

Crystal is a stunning married Mummy with 2 children and has a gorgeous little grandson. She is a very talented hard worker and has her own small home-based business called 'With Love, Juji'.

She creates handmade jewelry using crystals, silver, gold, glass beads, semi-precious stones, and other items and designs like absolutely stunning greeting cards for all occasions.

I am always eyeing off her new stock and dream of actually buying some off her some day (Still working on Hubby... we are sooo broke lately!)

Problem is... I can't decide what I want! Because I want it ALL!!!!!

So Cheers to you Crystal!

Please check out her stunning jewellery and congratulate her on her amazing success!


Next we have DAZZA CALLOW!!!

For those of you that are not familiar with the name 'Darren Callow' I have a feeling it's not going to be long before you do! Because this talented musician is gonna be big!!!

His music is very different, not like anything I've ever heard before. His voice especially I find quite unique! (I think it's his hint of accent coming through) Very cool!

Dazza was kind enough to send me and any other blogger's who were interested a FREE CD!!! I thought this was extremely generous of him! And although my stupid postman for some reason left it UNDER A TREE for me to find, I was very excited when I received it and I had the CD on repeat the whole day!

'The Fool I am' is my favourite song! It's very catchy and I love the harmonising in it! Even Hubby was singing parts of it in the shower without even realising! 'Stay if you wanna stay, Go, if you wanna go...' *GiGGLeS* love it! Oooo I also love 'Light Keeper' too! (If I knew how to link the songs, I would!)

He is a very COOL, TALENTED MUSICIAN! And I am excited just to know him!!!

I'm just kicking myself that I didn't get him to send me a UK candy bar with it! :-P *GiGGLeS* just playing! I have a thing for foreign candy bars!!!

But anyways! Rock on Dazza!

To check him out, you can find him on his blog, also on myspace, and his website! I think he may still be giving out free CD's so if you would like one, you can request one HERE.


And last but not least...

The hilarious PEACHY POO!!!

This Yummy Mummy to be is bloody amazing!!! Her many months of hard work has finally paid off into creating one special little book!

'You are not the only one!'

She has worked very hard and with help from a few others, they have gathered amazing stories from all sorts of Bloggers from all over the world to form one fabulous read! Over 100 bloggers contributed to this little piece of work!

The most amazing thing about this is, that a percentage of the sales of this book, go towards WAR CHILD Charity!

The book costs £12.50

£5.00 goes to production costs (that Lulu take and pass on) takes £1.50 for themselves in fees

and the rest, £6 goes to Warchild.

*If you buy it as a download, £10 of the £12.50 goes to Warchild*

Well done Peachy Poo!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

You can buy her book here...


BRAVO to all of you!


14 GiGGLeS:

Aunty Vi said...

Thanks for the plug on the book hon! I hope you are going to buy a copy! (Still bleeding waiting for mine to turn up, supposed to be tomorrow!)

Peach said...

Hey, regardless of the fab plug for the book, I always love coming to your blog to cheer up my hormonal day!! Thanks honey!!!!

I hope your sickness is getting better? I am paying for a private scan (its £65 but worth it I think) as I want to know the sex asap, it's a week tomorrow, 2 weeks earlier than the regular 20 week scan, but it will also go into even more detail about the heart and lungs and all that stuff.

So you must be over 2 months now, about 10 weeks?

XXXXXX Thinking of you XXXXX

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - No problem! It was the least I could do! Of course I'll get the book! It will just have to be when we can afford to! xx

Peachypoo - You're more than welcome, and I'm glad to hear it! Yessssss the sickness has finally come to an end I think!

OMG that is sooo cool about the scan! I hope you get a piccy of it to put on your blog!

Yep! I'm 10 weeks! And I'm ready to give birth already ffs! :-P xx

Daryl said...


Hope you are feeling better, sweetie!


Rhea said...

Awww, what a sweet post, Rae! Thank you for naming me as a celebrity blogger!! And mentioning the contest. You've earned two extra entries!!

I've bought some of Chrystal Chick/Mary's jewelry, and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I can't wait! She does great work.

I've never heard of this musician, but I'll check him out, as well as Peachy Poo's book!

Wonderful to see you "up and about" now!! Miss ya so much!

trublmaka said...

Been there, done that! lol ;)

I'm slowly getting around blogland reading ppl!

Its really hard cos I'll pop into one blog, open a few links and then I forget where I am!!


glad you're getting better chick!
I hope you're keeping ome kind of journal!!
Photos of the belly are always good too!
The last pic I took of the Grubby-belly was on the day she was born lol!

Ron said...


Applause, applause, applause!

Well...I've visited three out of the four mentioned here. Dazza will be my next visit then!

What a WONDERFUL post, Giggle.

And I totally agree with you....TALENTED people!!!!

Congrats everyone!!!!

Giggle! said...

Daryl - YAY! Yes I'm feeling much better thankyou! xx

Rhea - No problem at all! It's my pleasure... and just so ya know, I didn't do it for the extra entries!

Ohhhhhhhhhh so jealous you got some jewerly!!! I can't wait to get some!!!

I'm glad to be almost back to normal! I haven't spewed for a whole day! :-P xx

Trub - Been where? Done what? lol!
Yes, it's easy to jump from one site to another and end up somewhere completely unexpected! (Keithy is always doing that - though I'm sure he secretly intends to half the time!) xx

Ronnie - *GIGGLeS* Yay Thanks for your support!!! xx

Dazza said...

Hey Giggle!

Thanks soooooo much for your kind words. Of course if people are looking out for Darren Callow they might find something else altogether as I spell my name with one arrrrr... ha ha. Just about to start practicing for Sunday's gig... now I will be even more motivated!! You are a star of the Blogworld too!! Especially as you have TWO super Blogs!!!


P.S. What IS up with the deliverymen around you?!?!

CrystalChick said...

Well I knew it from the second I stopped by your little corner of blogworld, that you ROCK and I'd be coming back again and again to visit.

What a kind and loving thing to do in introducing some of us here. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! to quote Wayne's World. ;)

Heck, I know about how tight money is sometimes. I can't even afford to buy my jewelry. LOL
Since yesterday was my last craft fair until the Fall, (unless I get really crazy and book something this summer in the dreaded heat) I will be posting 'sale' items on Etsy at some point and I may even do a giveaway like Rhea, maybe not as awesome as hers is, but something to share the love and get my stuff out there!

You are going to make a great Mommy because you are loving, and generous, and funny, and make people feel special.
Thank you for including me in your post.
Hug, Mary

Giggle! said...

Dazza - LOL Omg I'm so sorry for spelling your name wrong! I must change it! Oooooo How exciting about your gig!! Have fun!!!

And I know right? I'm going to do a RAT GiRL episode on Postman twat! xx

Crystal - hahahaha you're sooo welcome my lady! Oh! And I LOVE Waynes world!!! Oh you might be doing a giveaway??? OOOOOOOO I am so there!!! :-D!!! Thanks for your kind words! You're too sweet! :-) xx

nitebyrd said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, hun.

The very talented Crystal Chick made me a pair of GORGEOUS earrings to wear so I can pimp my Slumber Parties. Her jewelry is to die for!

The book is fabulous! I got it on Friday and am just about finished today.

Rhea's prize package is awesome. I'm sorry I missed out.

FREE MUSIC!?! I'm gonna scurry on over.

Thanks for letting everyone know about all these fab peeps!

Giggle! said...

Hiii nite! :-) Oh I'm sooo jealous you got some of the crystal chickys jewelery!!! Some time soon, I'll be getting some toooooooooooooooo *hehe* xx

Giggle! said...

Nite - Eeeeek! I've heard of that happening!!! You're the first I actually know of though! That is certainly one thing I worry about, I'd be getting RAT GiRL on somebodays arse if I have to dress a baby boy in pink ffs! LOL

But then again, they are more accurate these days! *shrugs* xx