Monday, June 16, 2008

I've got a parasite...

*GiGGLeS* No sillies! It's a wee baby! :-P

I had my first scan YAY!!!! Although this picture is shithouse compared to actually seeing it live on the screen!

With never having an ultrasound of a bubba before, I didn't really know what to expect. I've seen pictures of other peoples early ultrasounds and I never really understood them, because... I mean, ya can't really see much, and unless you are told... you wouldn't even know it was a baby (well me anyway!)

So I figured that the whole experience would be rather boring, and told Hubby not to bother coming with me.

Boy was I wrong!

It was amazing!!!

Well once I finally got past filling my bladder with 1 and a half litres of hideous water (with out vomiting it all up this time!) and after waiting uncomfortably for an hour as I gazed at the dunny door busting to wee!

When the camera finally found the bean, and I witnessed it's tiny heart beating, I was actually quite overwhelmed! In fact, I think it was at that moment, that it actually really hit me for the first time ever, that i am actually having a baby!!!!! HOLY FREAK!!!!!

What was even cuter was, as tiny as the wee thing is, we watched it try to wriggle away from the camera! It's little legs were flapping away, it was the most adorable thing ever!!!

I really do wish Hubby could have seen it, but I am SO glad that at least my Mum was there with me!!! I'm pretty sure she was pretty excited by it too!

They worked out that at the time that this scan was taken, the baby was 8weeks and 4 days. So I was only 3 days off my calculation! (If you look at my baby ticker, top right, just subtract 3 days off it, to work out the age. I couldn't be arsed changing it LOL!)

Here is a closer pic...

*GiGGLeS* :-P

Oh By the way... I want your advice...

Hubby and I would like to find out the sex of the baby as soon as we can, but after talking to a few close friends, I've been told that it is much more exciting to wait and find out when the baby is born.

So now I just don't know dang it!!

What do you reckon?


26 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...

The close-up had me howling!!!!

My brother & sister-in-law never wanted to know if my nephews were boys. Unfortunately both boys flashed them in the ultrasound. They take after their Dad who use to escape from the house in all his nakedness and just stand on the steps to share himself with the neighborhood. He's so classy.

So y'know, eye your hubby closely and wonder "Hm, did he flash the neighborhood?" because odds are...

Giggle! said...

Jenn - HAHAHAHAHAHA Well I'm screwed, because Hubby is always shaking his willy at me! LOL Maybe I'll just look away! xx

Anonymous said...

I never understood the difference between finding out the baby sex in an ultrasound and waiting till birth... at both times it is equally surprising and exciting, no?

And, as far as the close up... you better hope your little one isn't always in Rat Girl phase.. C;P

Giggle! said...

C:) - haha! Well the little shit hasn't showed me any manners so far! So I wouldn't be surprised :-P! Yeah, I think in the case of being surprised at the sex when the baby is born after finding out before hand... is if they get it wrong in the first place. And then you go into a panic that your baby boy has to wear pink dresses! :-P xx

Emma said...

You have been tagged over on the dark side darl..xx

Ron said...

OMG...can I just tell you how EXCITED and HAPPY I am for you?????

This post actually made me get teary-eyed!

I'm always in complete AWE of how a woman's body is designed to carry LIFE!

What a beautiful thing that is!!

And OMG...the graphic of YOU just about KILLED me, Giggle! You've got the most fabulous creative ability, dear lady!!

And not ever being a parent, I don't know...however, I've ALWAYS said that if I was going to have a child...I would NOT want to know the sex. I like the idea of being SURPRISED!!

GREAT post, Giggle!!!

Damn...I'm so excited!!!

Fat Controller said...

It looks just like its mum!!!

I still remember being there for the ultrasound, it was indeed a very special moment.

My opinion for what it's worth... I didn't want to know the sex of ours in advance, it's like opening your present before christmas.

Peach said...


I am so eager to find out the sex that I am not waiting til the official 20 week scan (which is whne the national health service says it will tell you in case earlier means it makes a mistake) and am going to a private scan on Wed night to find out !!!!

I REALLY want to know because I want to start picking names nd talking to her or him and bonding and thinking of IT as a real person, which is still sort of eluding me!!!

But it's your choice of course and you'll find out in the end !!!


trublmaka said...

Well my sweet, with SPB, I only had 2 scans, then again, I was told sex can change as late as 2 weeks before birth! (I dunno if its fact!)
With Grubby, remember we were telling everyone it was 90% chance of being a girl - so atleast that way, there was room for being wrong! lol
If you can wait til 20 weeks - or even til about 30/35 weeks,- get another scan (if you can wrangle it!!) and then find out if you want to.
It is a personal choice.
With SPB I DID want to know (I was SO sure I was having a boy!! Thankfully I got a girl lol!), with Grubby, curiosity got the better of me.
This time, well, I've still got a couple more scans to go through so I can find out any time...
;P IF I wanna!

Trixie said...
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Rhea said...

I'm so glad you had your scan and saw your little belly bean! LOVELY close-up, had my laughing so hard.

I've done it both ways. With my first baby, we didn't find out the sex...awesome surprise. With the second baby, we found out, and it was nice knowing. So, honestly, I don't know what to tell you. You have to do what's right for you. If I had another baby, I probably would NOT find out. I liked that big surprise. :o)

Giggle! said...

Em - ooooo how exciting! Be right over! :-) xx

Ronnie - hahaha! Your comments always get me excited! I too am amazed by how a little sperm can turn into a human being!!! Heck it's weird!!! Heeeheeee Thankyou Ronnie! xx

Thinny - *GiGGLeS* Yeah I can totally understand that. But then again, when I was little, my brothers use to pay me to snoop around our parents room to find out our pressies early *Heeeheee* So it comes naturally to me! xx

Peachy poo - I was looking forward to your opinion more than anyones! You have an excellent point, and I'm really excited for you!!!! COOOL!!!!! Here, I can have a scan at 18 weeks to find out the sex. But Heck! I don't know what to do now! xx

Trub - The sex can change????? Are you serious??? That's crazy! You too have good points! Oh heck! I guess I'm just gonna have to wait and see how I feel, closer to the time! xx

Rhea - COOL! I like that you've done it both ways! I guess it's really a decision only me and Hubby can make! The thing is, I'd love to be able to do up the nursery in the appropriate colours, and get to buying cute little girl or boy clothes! Ah well, we'll see! xx

trublmaka said...

On the upside of not knowing (or just not telling others) you don't people 'lovingly' overloading you with tacky crap you really don't want!
(Like several bags of damaged or over-worn clothes you're only gonna toss out cos they're too stained etc...)

Emma said...

Got time to comment sure about the sex but then I am the one who thinks its too soon on xmas morning to open I would probably the clode up pic though..x

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi babes...that baby looks as beautiful as you, sweetie.

I know how exciting it all is for you. I don't think if you knew in advance what your cild was going to be...It would still be magic. It would still be exciting and it doesn't take anything away, not one little bit. Believe me you will be busy giving birth. Your husband will have his job to do too and that is EVERYTHING you, I mean ask. I had my girl and Vince in the room when I gave birth...two coaches! Wonderful and exciting...and I was tired. It all happened so quickly too.

I can see you will be a wonderful mother...your child couldn;t ask for more.

Oh and knowing only prepares yo a little better. You can make the nursery girly or boyish. And when you have a baby shower...the gifts will be pinks or blues.

Have you ever heard of a diaper cake? I had one at my baby was beautiful I might still have it on my camera. Anyway I heard they are easy to Diaper Cake. they sell them...but it's better to make it. My girl and sis made me mine. you don't eat's like the center piece of your baby shower party.

I talk yoo much huh? :D

ciao baby...I love the pic of the baby, too.

CrystalChick said...

OMG, baby Giggles looks just like his/her Mommy!!!
Adorable graphics.

With my daughter... 24 years ago... We couldn't afford a scan (no insurance) so we had to wait. Now they seem pretty standard and are done more often regardless of money.
I had two of them with my son and we opted to find out I think at the second one.
So both ways work. Personal choice. Just have both names ready and be prepared to exchange a few gifts to get more pink stuff or more blue stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Would you get your face out of the dunny long enough to post!!! Geesh! C;P

Joe said...

Look at the little peanut!!!

Adorable even at that stage.

But that second pic? Just plain scary. ;-)

Fat Controller said...

You're TAGGED!!!!!

Mr Farty said...

That closeup is adorable!

(note to self - don't eat ice cream while reading Giggles' blog)

Jeff B said...

The family resemblence is staggering!

Careful though, those glasses are gonna hurt on the way out.

Giggle! said...

Trub - hahaha it's ok, I love junk! I can always use something for something! *GiGGLeS* xx

Em - ooooooo! I must check out your blog again! My pc crashed as soon as I went to check out the tag! Thanks for reminding me *teeheee* xx

Spiky - hahahahah nah! You could never talk too much! That is so cool that you had two close people in the delivery room! I want hubby and my mum with me. And I am sooooooo checking out that diaper cake! Sounds cool! *GiGGLeS* xx

Crystal - do you really think it looks like me? I thought it's butt looked a little too big! :-P *GiGGLeS* jokes! Yes, that's one reason why I'd like to find out the sex, so I can start buying the blues or pinks! I've seen so many cute clothes of boys and girls, but i can't buy either because I don't know which to! xx

C:) - *GiGGLeS* Actually baldman, I've suddenly got a life! :-P I've been hanging out with my mate all week and we've been busy running a muck! *Teehee* xx

Joey - *heeheee* what do ya mean? Even I can tell at this stage that mini me is gonna be one drop dead gorgeous good looker! :-P Yep! I'm gonna put it in beauty pagents and modeling contests! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Thinny - WOOOOHOOOO that's 3 memes I've gotta complete now! I must check out Emmas too! See you soon! xx

Mr Farty! hahahahaha YUMMMMMM ICECREAM!!!

Jeffy - Oh not to worry! It's cloth :-) *Teeheee* xx

Daryl said...

Me .. I HATE surprises .. I would want to know .. and I cant believe you thought the ultra sound would be boring! How rude of you to see your child for the first time w/o hubby!!!! Shame shame shame ...


Giggle! said...

Daryl - AT last! someone whos is all for finding out! xx

nitebyrd said...

OMG! That is the world's cutest baby! LOL

I'm on the fence about knowing the sex beforehand. Too many pros and cons for me to think about. I will tell you that my sonogram of Bubba (22 years ago) revealed him to be Babette. Mulder was speechless when the girl we'd expected was actually a boy!

Technology has come a long way since then so I guess they don't make too many mistakes anymore.

nitebyrd said...

OMG! That is the world's cutest baby! LOL

I'm on the fence about knowing the sex beforehand. Too many pros and cons for me to think about. I will tell you that my sonogram of Bubba (22 years ago) revealed him to be Babette. Mulder was speechless when the girl we'd expected was actually a boy!

Technology has come a long way since then so I guess they don't make too many mistakes anymore.