Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh by the way...

The Bub Grub has now been upgraded to 'The Tummy Bug'!!!!!!!!

I thought the name suits well, seeing as the cheeky shit keeps making me puke ffs!!!

PEACHY POO??? Have you suffered like this with your belly bump????


Because BLOODY HECK!!!

I want a refund ffs... I wish I went with the 'stalk delivery'!!!! :-P


30 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

:( phooey *hugs* for u my sweetz xoxo

I began my pregnancy with SPB with 3 regular "girl thing" cycles, so didn't even know I was preggas! Was bridesmaid at my sister's wedding when I was 2 months preg, and I had been ill for several weeks, just not keeping much down but figuring it was the change of scenery thing.. BAH!!
2 weeks away freom delivery, morning sickness left me.. though by then it wasn't as extreme as it was in the first few months.
With Grubby, I think it was over by about halfway, but I was psycho! (but you KNOW that already!! lol) but I was also dealing with several withdrawals too!
And THIS time, it was only a few weeks of "bubby-spews" but the mood swings and hormones are still there!! lol

But everyone is different, some people don't even get "morning" sick, or it doesn't last long, I have faith your's will pass... IF it doesn't... I'll be waiting right here with a white flag and a day pass to maccas and a trolley full of chocolate just for you!! xoxo

Giggle! said...

Trub - Oh For HECK's sakes!!! Bugger having it all the way up till to weeks to go!! *hugs* for that!


I'm hoping it will pass too! Hubby filled the cupboard and fridge with treats for me for while he is gone, but I'm too sick to bloody enjoy them!!!

It better pass soon! Then I can have you over to help me pig out on em all! :-D xx

Peach said...

ahhh sweetie, no, I'm so sorry to report (and this will make you spew more I'm afraid!) but I had NO sickness at all, ok, just one or two occasional wafts of nausea which lasted a few mins each, and that's it - in fact, they only came when I didn't eat, rather than did... sorry honey !!

But I can tell you that I'm now coming up to being in week 15 (I took the wiget down as people said it was creepy!) and since week 13 I feel much more blooming than fat and pregnant and bloated and tired and all that, (although as Vi will tell you I still yawn a lot and flake out easy!!)

hang in there - remember you're having a cool little baby and it's all, hopefully, worth it !! XXX

Giggle! said...

Peachy poo - Oh you lucky bitch!!! What did I do to deserve this shit??! LOL just playing!!! At least it's all for a good cause!


Who ever said your widget was creepy is a poohead! It's CUTE!!! And HECK! If they thought yours was creepy, they'll probably mess themselves at the sight of mine! Teehee! xx

Lady in red said...

giggle honey it will all be worth it in the end. when you gaze at yur new baby you will forget all this.

Bollinger Byrd said...

Oh you clever girl... well done.
Just think that all the time you are puking baby bug is growing ears or a nose or som other new and exciting bit.


nitebyrd said...

Don't worry, hun, the sickness will go away soon. LIR is so right! Once you see that beautiful baby all the crap is forgotten.

Sorry I haven't been around but your blog gives my work computer the shits! I think it's because of all the graphics so I catch up with you on the weekends (or try to!) I've got to do the same with your Auntie because I don't have her linked at work yet.

I could never not come to see you! (((HUGS))) Oh! I remember something about drinking ginger ale (soda) and eating unsalted crackers (biscuits) first thing in the morning for the sickness.

Vi said...

I never threw up from my boys... so maybe you are having a girl???? (As peachy commented last post).

Or...maybe...twins? I know it's not in our family, but is it in hubbys?

Daryl said...

Oh sweetie.. the good news is 'they' say if its a rough first trimester its a very easy delivery ..


Dazza said...

No experience on this at all... but somehow I'm feeling it for you!! Hang on in there! Dxxxxx

Rhea said...

Tummy Bug, yay!! Fabulous upgrade.

Things will get better soon!!! Hang in there.

Rhea said...

OH,by the way, in honor of your tummy bug upgrade, I've tagged you...

Giggle! said...

Lady - heehee I know!! But that's still 7 months away dammit!! *GiGGLeS* xx

BB - Hello! :-) hahahaha that's a great way to look at it! :-) xx

Nite - So nice to see you!!! Aww sorry my blog is such a lag!! I can't help myself with the graphics! LOL I'll have to try the ginger and crackers! *sigh* xx

Aunty Vi - yes! There are twins in hubbys family! So it is a possibility! Actually it's in Red's family (Hubbys cousin / my best mate) But they also have the redhead gene!!! .... heck! xx

Daryl - oooooooo I so hope you are right! xx

Dazza - hahaha thanks mate!! xx

Rhea - Thank you.... I'm on my way!!! :-) xx

Joe said...

Well, I've had stomach bugs but, fortunately, not of that variety. I have no idea how I would get it out if I did.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh honey...I'm sorry it's making you sicvk. I was like that too with my first one. I was so sick and it was miserable. It eventually got better for chin will love being pregnant soon. Really. :D

Giggle! said...

Joey - LMFAO!!! Well if you ever do... let me know! Because I would pay to see it! :-P xx

Spiky - ahhhhhh Thankyou! I'm starting to feel a little better already xx

nitebyrd said...

Giggle, are you okay? Hello?

CrystalChick said...

I wasn't that sick with either of my kids. More nausea than anything.
And soon you'll be cleaning up poo, vomit, and everything else you can think of so get used to it. LOL However, it is all worth it!!!! You'll see....

Feel better soon honey!

Rhea said...

I get worried when I haven't heard from you in a while. Everything ok or just still running to the dunny?

I have a new avatar! It's me!!

Ron said...

Howdy Giggle...

Just checking up on you to see how you're doing?

I miss you!

P.S. Hey Miss Rhea...I see you've CHANGED the ol avatar again!!!! You kill me woman!

Rhea said...


Thanks for noticing! lol I have been changing a lot lately. This one is actually ME, so it will stay for a while. :o)

Anonymous said...


**looks at watch, and then remember he doesn't wear a watch**

I hope you are well and not suffocated under your new boobs (blame your aunt for putting that in my head C;P)


Gene Bach said...

That's quite the interesting sonagram picture you have there! LOL!!!

Hey, stop by my blog...the last 2 days I've posted a true story about the first of my family to come to the west coast in the 1850's written by one of the family members.


trublmaka said...

hey, just taking the liberty of letting all know giggles is fine, just not feeling very well so she is resting as much as she can. she still loves us all, and will return when she feels up to it
so in the meantime,
lets just giggle ffs!

Ron said...

Hi Trub~

Thanks for letting us know.

Give her our LOVE!


nitebyrd said...

Thanks, Trub. I was getting worried. Poor Giggle!

Give her a hug for me.

Rhea said...

Thank you so much for the update on Giggle/Rae. I was getting super worried about her. I figured I needed to fly to Australia to check on her...I've always wanted to go to the land down under...Hang in there, sweetie! Hope you feel better soon. We miss you!

naturline said...

You poor thing...That must be really miserable for you. Hope you get better really soon.

Mr Farty said...

Aw Giggles FFS! That Tummy Grub is gross!

Hope you're feeling better soon, I wouldn't want you to feel yucky for nine frickin months.


Giggle! said...

HECK!!!! I didn't realise I've been gone for so long!!!

Nite - Hi!! :-D *waves madly* I'm still alive! xx

Crystal - hahahaha oh! Any other type of poo has got to be better than cat shit!!! omg baby poo will probably be fun compared to cat poo - which I see EVERY BLOODY DAY!! :-P xx

Rhea - LOVE your avatar!! The pink hat is brill!!! I'm still kickin! Just been crook as a dog! xx

Ronnie - Hello dear friend! Thankyou for your concern! I've just been away on a bit of maternity leave, but I'm feeling much better now *GiGGLeS* xx

C:) - LMFAO!!!! I was expecting a smart arse comment from you! :-P OMG Yesss!!! How did you know! The damn things are giving me backaches ffs! :-P xx

Gene - LOL!!! What?? That's what showed up in the scan! :-P *GiGGLeS* I shall get around to my visits soon! I have a lot to catch up on! xx

Trub - LOL!!! Thanks Trub! And I sure hope that y'all have been busy GiGGLing! xx

Ronnie - I got ya love and I'm sending it back at ya! :-) xx

Nite - *hugs* xx

Rhea - Oh boooo!!! I wish Trub never mentioned it now! It would have been nice to have a visit from you :-P *GiGGLeS* Thanks for the kind thoughts! xx

Naturline - LOL thanks for your nice comment! I clicked your link to check out what I thought was your blog, and it took me to a page of dildos!!! LMAO Thanks for the GiGGLe! xx

Farty Pants - ROFLMFAO!!!! God I love your brutal honesty!!! But I wont tell the baby you said that! It may get a complex! :-P xx