Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too sick!!!

Too sick to find a picture to match this post, too sick to comment, too sick to read, too sick to even bloody write this post!

I was even too sick to have my first scan!!! I had my first chuck, but it wasn't exciting AT ALL! It was straight after it took me 2 flippin hours to drink a litre of water! And I spewed the bloody lot back up again!!! So I had to reschedule the scan! I'm SPEWIN! (Litterally!)

I can't keep anything down except for chicken noodles, but when I'm not chucking up - I've got a bloody miagraine!


Too sick to go on...


14 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Aww hunny xoxo
I'm so sorry to hear you're not well :(
Here's hoping its just the hormones making you feel ill :S Maybe next time just drink very slowly and only half to 1 litre??
Get well soon xo
Luv form all us here

Giggle! said...

Trub - LOL I DID drink very slowly! Heck it was torture! And then it all went down the dunny!! :-P xx

Peach said...

ah, shit, sorry to hear that - try ginger tea? you might hate it but t settles your tum...

... sounds like you're having a girl (from the old wives tales I've been reading!!)


Dazza said...

Hang on in there! I hope it gets better for you really soon. Dxxx

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!!! C:)

Rhea said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Giggles. I really hope you can get the water down for the scan.

You tell that Belly Bean/Bub Grub that it needs to give you a break!

I'm feeling for you, R, I really am. Hang in there.

Fat Controller said...

You poor thing...That must be really miserable for you. Hope you get better really soon

Ron said...


Sorry to hear about feeling like ca-ca!

Send you much "good energy" to help ya feel better!

You take care, dear lady!

Vi said...

Ahhhh baby. Hopefully it will pass soon. I saw peach yesterday, she's blooming! You'll look and feel just as great as her once you get through the first trimester xxx

Giggle! said...

Peachy poo - ah heck! If this is what girls do... then I feel sorry for my mum for going through this with me!! :-P xx

Dazza - Thank you!!! I'm hangin in there! :-) xx

C:) - Ta! xx

Rhea - *GiGGLeS* Oh I've told it alright!!! I'm just glad the little bugger can't hear me yet!! xx

Thinny - Thankyu! It's time like these where I wish that it were the males that deal with the pregnancy!!! And I know that THIS isn't even the worst of it ffs! Still got to pop the thing out yet! xx

Ronnie - HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh you make me *GiGGLe* Thank you! xx

Aunty Vi - You saw Peachy poo? COOL!!! Heck I hope it will end soon! xx

Tobiwan said...

The first few months were a real trial for both of my kids' pregnancies. Their mother was irritable, moody, and only wanted sex when I wasn't around.

It all reached it's climax when she said to me (pre-coitus), 'Just get it over with'.

Needless today, for that particular pregnancy, I went without sex for a few days shy of a year.

Hopefully that's not the same for you.

Giggle! said...

Tobi - LMAO!!!! I'm not too concerned about the sex side of things! But thanks anyway LOL! xx

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