Friday, May 9, 2008

From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy!


As you all know I have been devastated by the loss of my baby Peewee, and I still am and always will be.

You also know that we have been trying for a baby, and was also saddened to have a negative pregnancy test!


I just did another test and it WAS POSITIVE!!!

I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 weeks!!!

I just still can't believe it!!!


20 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...

Wahoooooooo! Congrats chicky!

Vi said...


That news was like... five minutes ago.

WHEN I TURNED ON MY COMPUTER! Thanks for the heads up sweetie, and....


But you realise the bean is gonna be born around New Year? Gramma will be with me, she'll be really pissed off if she isn't there when the kids is born! lol!!!!

Fat Controller said...

That's wonderful news. I'm so happy for you both.

Jonathan Zero said...

This is great news, woot!

trublmaka said...

I sit here with a screaming Li'l Bit having a tantrum cos she's over-tired [thanks to a certain Big Mouthed Kiwi!!] and I am soo thrilled... but its funny, cos you are NOW where I was just a few months ago when you and I were on the steps and talking right before the big move!!
Aaah, congrats and best wishes to you both!
We're still buzzing here and grinning like it was us!! lol

nitebyrd said...

What wonderful news! *Doing happy dance!*

Anonymous said...

A RAT BaBY??? How excellent!!!

Congratulations!! C:D

Dazza said...

Congratulations and good luck!!


Ron said...


I'm SOOOOO freaking HAPPY for you and your hubby!

See...I told you, you were LOVED!

Enjoy your weekend, dearest Giggle!

Daryl said...

FANTASTIC! .. Now please be very good to yourself and take it easy .. no more stress!

Dr. Daryl insists!

Rhea said...

No way!! That's totally awesome!! Yeeehaaaa!!!

A baby giggle is on the way! I am SO excited for you!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...'re gonna have a baby> YAY!

I am so happy for rains and then there's the sun.

YOu are going to be the bestest mom too. I can tell. I am so happy for you...Oh, yeah.

My bubba will be one this 25th...I'm going to post his pic then...I am so...wrapped around his finger. Sweetie, you will love being a mummy. I do.

ciao babe...I can't stop grinning. hehehe

Giggle! said...

Jenn - Thank you! What a crazy week it has been. xx

Aunty Vi - Oh heck! I'm never gonna hear the end of that one!
Stuff it! I've worked too hard for this, I aint taking it back for a refund! :-P xx

Thinny - Thanks Thinny... I'm gonna be fatter than you now! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

JZ - Cheers! I think so too xx

Thanks Trub - I knew you'd be excited for us! xx

Nite - *GiGGLeS* Thank you... I'm doing the bunny hop with ya! :-) xx

C:) - LMAO!!! God help us!!! xx

Dazza - cheers xx

Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* Thank youuuuuu!!! xx

Daryl - heeheee sounds like Dr. C:) has a bit of competition going! :-P Thank you, I intend to take extra care of myself! :-) xx

Rhea - Thank you!!! Could you imagine a mini me? OMFG! LOL xx

Spiky - Thank you!!! :-) Oh !! I can't wait to see a piccy of your bubba!! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

congratulations dear girl and make sure you look after the both of you



Mr Farty said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Good things do happen to good people!

Rock on.

Giggle! said...

Lady - Thank you! :-) xx

Mr Farty - *GiGGLeS* you make me smile!!! xx

Jackie Adshead said...

Hey, that's great news! Congratulations!!!!

Giggle! said...

Thanks Jackie! :-) xx

Emma said...

I am so pleased for you and keeping everything

Giggle! said...

Em - *GiGGLeS* Thank you! My friend told me that I should keep my legs crossed so the baby wont fall out! :-P *GiGGLES* xx