Monday, May 26, 2008

OK, OK, So I've been a slackarse!!!

Yeah Yeah I know!!! I've been too lazy to get on to the next RAT GiRL series!

But OI!!! Do you know how long I have to wait in between seasons for MY favourite shows??? FLIPPIN YONKS!!! It shits me to tears!!!

So I have PLENTY of ideas for series two, and I've already created all the characters I'm going to use... but it's just a matter of putting the episodes together (very time consuming) but right now I'm fat and bloated and cranky and tired and nautious to be bothered!!!!! *Sigh*

So bare with me kids! *Flutters Eyelashes*

BUT! In the mean time I have published a Bloopers special for series one (not an episode... a special!) So GO and have a look!!!

Season Two wont be far off!
I PROMISE!!! :-)


6 GiGGLeS:

CrystalChick said...

Hey, I'm fat, cranky and tired alot of days too but simply have NO reason for it. LOL
Your Boopers Special ROCKS!! So clever! Really fun. :)

Giggle! said...

Crystal - *GiGGLeS* Hey I don't have a reason to be fat so early!! heeeheee lets feel sorry for ourselves together!!! :-P Glad you like the bloopers! xx

Ron said...

Hey...just wanted you to know that I visited RAT GIRL...and the bloopers blew me away!!!'re FUNNY, girl!!

Hey...and I love this post photo. I just want to tickle that big kitty belly!

Enjoy your day, dear Giggle!

Emma said...

No worries babe, it will be worth the wait...xx

Emma said...
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Giggle! said...

Ronnie - I know!! Isn't he precious!!! Thanks for reading! :-) xx

Em - Ta :-) xx