Friday, May 2, 2008

Every bloody day???.... Oh Heck!!!


I promised Aunty Vi that I would give this a go! It's a challenge to do a post for each and every day of May!!!

I hesitated at first because I've been flat out busy with RAT GiRL and haven't had much time to ya know... actually live my life and come up with anything to talk about in THIS blog!!! (RAT GiRL is taking over my life ffs!)

But then.... I had a look at the dates of all my posts and realised that I have manged to post just about every bloody day anyway!!!

(Heck! It's like I do it with out even thinking!!!)

But anyways, this made me realise I'm up for the challenge! It's just a little daunting when you look at it as 'You must blog everyday for a month!' Kind of makes ya freak out a little and wonder if it is actually doable!

But it is!! :-)!!!

So... with that being said, forgive me now for the silly posts that have not alot of meaning yet to come (which I will be posting when I've got nothing else to post about!)

And all the rest of ya feel free to nick this badge for your sidebar and take part in this challenge to! (PLEEEEEEASEEEE I don't wanna dribble shit alone! :-P )

Okies! Well for the risk of using up good material so soon... I'm just gonna leave it at that and count this as my 2nd post of MAY!!! *GiGGLeS*

2 down... 29 to go ffs! *rolls eyes*

On a different note... a couple of things...

Due to a bit of illness (I had another ruptured cyst on my ovary!!!) and because I'll be posting in here everyday... I'm going to be having a little break from RAT GiRL for a wee while!

It's ok... I'm still working on Part Four which will be posted soon... but it will be the end of the season type thing!

Don't cry! She will be back soon enough! (Probably next week knowing me ffs!) :-P

Another thing...

Ages ago Rhea was kind enough to post a voice audio of her really cool accent at my request, and asked in return that I do the same, but I have no microphone!!!

Recently Thinny and Daz also requested that I post an audio of me speaking as RAT GiRL saying "Read my blog you flamin mungrals!!!" (to put with my RAT GiRL badge on my sidebar!

So I did a bit of research and realised that I could actually record my voice on my camera!!! So I've done it.. it's ready to go... but the only problem is I can't frikken work out how to upload the blimmen thing!!!

Thinny was kind enough to try and explain a way, but the way he suggested is to upload MP3's... only prob is... the sound clip is not an MP3, the only program I have is 'Windows Media Player' and I can not for the life of me figure out how the heck to turn it into an MP3!!!

So if anyone else knows... if you can explain that would be flippin fantastic! :-)

And lastly...

For those of you that have word verification on your comments... I've been having a lot of trouble commenting on your blogs, because the word code rarely shows up for me (it comes up a little box and a red 'x'.)

So please bare with me... and know that I AM reading you... I'm just having trouble leaving you a comment! :-)

Ok that is all!


18 GiGGLeS:

Spiky Zora Jones said... audio rat girl...I am going to jump and click my heals...yay! I can't wait.

okay I have my pop-corn, Diet Dr. Pepper...folding chair, battery operated televison...sweet! I'm set and ready to camp out on your lawn awiting Rat Girl to COME OUT AUDIO audio audio...that was an ECHO...echo...echo. hehehe.

I might need to use the lady's room from time to time though. :P

ciao babes.

Anonymous said...

A post every day in May?

See I never agree to do something I know I'm going to bomb on within a week.

trublmaka said...

What about emailing (if that's possible) the clip to someone who has the knowledge and getting them to tinker with it perhaps?
(Sorry, not me, I'm fkn useless atm!)

Rhea said...

I take video on my camera too...then I upload it to my computer with the just does it automatically.

Then, to put it on my blog, I start a "new post" and choose the "upload video" option instead of upload photo. Does that make sense? Blogger tries to make it pretty easy for us...but I'm not sure how your camera works.

I think your gremlins/ghosts have come to my house in Texas!! My cell phone has gone completely missing, and I've turned my house upside down searching for it. I've never lost something this badly before. I'm going NUTS!!

Can't wait to watch LOST tonight. I'm also doing laundry and packing, because I'm flying to Wisconsin for a three day writers' retreat. I'm so excited and nervous (because I'm shy and have never met these people before).

I won't have Internet access for a few days though. The horror!!

Giggle! said...

Spiky - *GiGGLeS* Don't get too comfy my dear!!! may not ever be able to upload it ffs! :-( :-P xx

Jenn - *sigh* I know right! What the heck have I got myself into! :-P xx

Trub - Good idea - IF there is actually someone who knows how to! :-) xx

Rhea - yeah I thought of that but what the heck will I video? :-P

UH OH!!! You musta caught my poltergeist through Keithy!!! :-O Losing a cellphone sux big time!! I hope you find it!

OH I'M SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! I WANNA SEE LOST AGAIN! The day after Lost sux because it means the next ep is a whole week away! :-(

Boooo I'll be missing you while you're gone!!! xx

Vi said...

Hun, you can count a rat girl post as your post for the day dont ya know!

And the word verif thang, what you do is just hit enter, and the word verif will appear.

Anonymous said...

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Peach said...

yo girlie, I is wiv ya on the dribbling daily xxx

Gene Bach said...

What!? No Rat Girl for awhile?! ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I put some of my comics up on my blog. Not like Rat Girl, but you might get a chuckle out of them.

Anonymous said...

I have been fighting my computer to get the sound recorder to work now for months... the friggin thing simply will not let me do it!!! I makes no sense what so ever.... the damn punk C:)

CrystalChick said...

I was going to try that 365 blog thing... a post each day for a year and knew I'd blow it at some point. Sometimes I post alot and then other times struggle for something to post.
I had been able to upload video from my camera, basically the way Rhea does, but lately I've been trying to get two of my son playing his guitar and neither will upload. I even tried YouTube and still nothing so I can't help ya.
I don't know if you can choose word verification in the blogger selections. I don't think I disabled it, so I probably do have it, but I have been getting comments from you so I guess it's good.
Have a happy weekend!!

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - Huh? I never said that I would??? ANd I've already tried the enter thing... its still didn't work xx

Anon - YAY my first spam!!! :-P I'll be sure to look at those busty babes sooon :-P NOT *GiGGLeS* xx

Peach - hehe cool! I look forward to it! :-) xx

Gene - DOn't worry.. she'll be back soon enough!! :-) oooo I am SO coming to check it out! :-) xx

C:) - Oh your Pc is naughty too! We should put him and Keithy on detention ffs! :-P xx

Crystal - hahaha bugger that!! a YEAR? Now that would be hard! :-) Yeah I guess I'll ask my Dad about the audio... he's pretty smart like that!

I'm pretty sure you do have word verification... I usually attempt leaving a comment at least 10 frikking times but if it still wont work... then I give up! I guess you are one of the lucky ones! :-P xx

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - LMAO I just read your comment properly! I thought you said 'can't' and I didn't quite undertsand it! heehee yeh I know but there is only gonna be one more RG comic for a while... so that will only be for one day ffs! hehe xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

Trying to do stuff on here is the reason I call this thing the magic box.

Good luck baby.

Dazzed and Confused said...

you wanted fruit cake pics well you got the video, go see

Giggle! said...

Daz/Mulder/Ratbag/Cheekyshit/Nutjob -LMFAO I am ON MY WAY!!!! :-D xx

Ron said... GO Gigggle!

That's GREAT!

I often wondered if I could actually do one of these things, and post everyday for a month!?!

Now, is not a good time for me to try it though, because my busy season at work is just starting, and will stay busy til the end of June. Ya, know....Mother's Day...then Father's Day!

But one of these times, I would like to try it!

Hey...that's a GREAT idea about adding your voice to Rat Girl!!! That would be so damn cool!

And I agree about the word varification on comments. It's been challenging for me too, on certain blogs. This is why I removed it from my own. And to be honest...I've NEVER gotten spam.

Hey...and take your time with Rat Girl. Cause I know it takes a tremendous amount of time to put together. We'll all just be eagerly anticipating the next chapter!!!!

Enjoy your weekend, wonderful lady!

Giggle! said...

Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* It's funny that you mention that because I only just got my first ever spam on this post!!! LOL!!!

Ah well... it just adds to my comments and makes me look popular :-P

Yeah I think I'll manage posting every day for a month... this girl has HEAPS of silly things to post about! :-) Even if they are stupid!!! :-D

Thanks Ronnie xx