Friday, May 16, 2008




Not long after I did my last post, the flippin internet started playing up, didn't it!!!

So I've been unable to come back on and post everyday! I tell ya what, it's driving me crazy not getting my Bloggles fix ffs!!!

Anyways, this is just a quick post (I'm at my Mums) to let ya's know that I don't know when the net will be up and running again, but I hope I will have it back some time next week!

Don't cry... I will be back I promise! :-P

Ummmm not much to say anyway accept that besides havin a winge everyday about not being able to play on Bloggles, I've been doing nothing else but sleep sleep sleep coz HECK I'm soo tired all the time. And when I'm not sleeping or winging, I'm running to the loo every 10 mins ffs! My bladder just keeps fillin up like theres no tomorrow! And if I were to have wee tests on command now, I would overflow the bastards!!!

I'm so close to setting up a tent in the bathroom ffs!

Anyhoo... gotta run! :-)

Don't wait up! But make sure you miss me!!


14 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Aww sweety, I'm in sympathy with you!
No sooner do I stand up than I've gotta go again! Its frustrating!
But eh... ITs only for a short time.. it'll pass...
in about 7 months time xo ;P

Luv u lots
good luck with keithy n the internet

Vi said...


I've been worried about you all bloody week!!!

I've missed ya honey!! At least bloody check the messages on your msn I've left ya, if you are still at your mums.

Peach said...

Ahh, there you are - I was a bit worried about you !

You know the pissing is cause your utereus is squishing yor bladder, not that you're making more wee!

ah, listen to me the bloody expert now eh? ha ha ha

Come back soon XXX

Daryl said...

Damn woman your Aunty VI and I were about to send out the coppers to find you.

Please be nicer to Keithy ..


Lady in red said...

I was on the verge of asking your anty Vi if you were ok.....was worried something had gone wrong never thought about keithy.

Perhaps you should try leting your aunty Vi blog for you for a bit...second thoughts thats dangerous you should see what happened when she took over my blog when i had no internet.

glad you are ok the peing will ease for a bit but then it will get worse again sorry :-p

Anonymous said...

Hello GiGGLeS!!! or should I now call you PiDDLeS?? C:D

Ron said...



And damm that bladder!


So glad to hear for you, dear giggle...And thanks for letting us know your A-ok!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...babes, I so know how you feel. The thing with me was that I was vomiting too...the it all passed and I was comfy and ready for the baby to move in me.

I've missed you babes. I'll wait up anyway...cause I worry.

ciao babes... I'll check on you on MOnday. :D

Anonymous said...

Missing you indeed!

Damn that Keithy. It's all his porn.

Fat Controller said...

So glad you're back. I was getting anxious...Have you tried the Basil Fawlty method on Keithy i.e. walking around him menacingly, uttering dark threats before working him over with a branch off a tree?

You'd better get back on soon because I'm going to post about how I proposed to Heather...JUST FOR YOU!!!

Rhea said...

I'm so glad to hear everything's ok...except Keithy, of course. I've missed you!

I remember being non-stop exhuasted and tired with my pregnancies also. Your body is hard at work creating and growing a human being!!

Rest up, and come back and visit us again SOON!

CrystalChick said...

Our computer crashed last year so I know the frustration.

I saw a funny picture of a toilet station set up with internet and other necessary things. Perfect for you preggos and us older gals. ;)

We'll wait for you!

nitebyrd said...

Of course I'll miss you! I worry about you and the bean. Take good care and come back soon!

Giggle! said...

Trub - 7 months?? Heck! :-P Ah well! I could say that we could get together and feel sorry for eachother about our annoying peeing habits, but we would probably be doing nothing but fight for the dunny! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Aunty Vi - Whoops! Sorry, missed it! I switched off the pc straight after posting this coz Hubby was waiting for me! But I got it now, and will be having a look very soon! :-) xx

Peach - *GiGGLeS* Are you taking the piss? :-P hahahaha! Nah! That may explain why half the time no piss comes out when I rush to the dunny ffs! :-P heeeheee I'm BACK! xx

Daryl - ooooo a search party! That could have been fun! :-) And don't worry! I promised Kiethy he could watch some porn if he started working for me! :-P xx

Lady - HAHAHAHA You let Aunty Vi take over your blog??? HECK! Now that's something I would have paid to see! :-P xx

C:) - LMAO Yummmm! PiDDLeS rhymes with SKiDDLeS.... I want some Skittles now ffs! xx

Ronnie - Teeeheeee! Thank you! I'll be back to my normal self very soon! :-) xx

Spiky - hehehe I can always trust you to miss me! :-) Well I'm back now! So you can sleep at night :-P xx

Jenn - I know! He is such a perve ffs! *GiGGLeS* xx

Thinny - LMFAO!!!! Nah I just went with the promise of letting keithy watch his porn for a week! Works every time! :-P!!!! GREAT!!! I'm on my way to read sooooon xx

Rhea - Hello :-D I've missed y'all too! *GIGGLeS* and this belly bean sure does know how to use up energy and pee! *Sheesh!!* xx

Crystal - hahaha I've love to see it!!! :-) And it's good to be home! xx

Nite - Thank youuuuuu, well worry no more my dear! Me and the belly bean are back, and there aint NOTHING that can stop us now! :-) *GiGGLeS* xx