Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who's there??

Eye Move

Imagine... it's after midnight, you're tucked up in bed with your Hubby (or Wife) who is fast asleep and has been for hours. You are tossing and turning because your sleeping pattern is all over the place, but you are trying to sleep to get back into wack, even though you are not tired.

You're in your bedroom, the door is closed, it's pitch black and silent as you stare at nothing. You finally close your eyes to try and sleep when you are interupted with a *click* noise!

You open your eyes AND THE FREAKING LIGHT IS ON!!!!!

There is no one in sight who could have possibly turned it on!!! And your Hubby / Wife is STILL fast asleep next to you!!!

You go to wake him / her but just before they open their eyes, another *click* is heard with the light turning OFF again!!!

Well that's what happened to ME last night!!!!

Spooky shit!!!

Eeeeeeek!!! Hubby is going on a surf trip on Sunday and will be gone for 10 days!!! I can't be left alone for that long with this kind of shit going on!!!!

Somebody hold me! Crying 2


17 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

I'll hold u hunny hunny hunny xoxo
wanna come n stay at mine? Or I can try n come n sleep over your's? (though SPB can have 10 days off and Crazy can make his own lunches lol!!)

Vi said...

I think it's time you went to your mums for that 10 days!

Giggle! said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* Maybe that ain't such a good idea! I was doing a bit of research, and apparently spirits like to mess with hormonal women! If thats true... could you imagine the both of us together??? LOL! xx

Aunty Vi - I would... but I've got a shit load of animals to look after ffs! xx

Dazza said...


Giggle! said...

Dazza - Damn straight yikes! :-P xx

trublmaka said...

*rubs hands together*
I never heard THAT one before, but I can just imagine you and me ... we'd drive it away from your place forever!! WE'D scare the shit out of IT!!

Joe said...

I would, but my arms aren't nearly long enough. Of course, if they were, they'd be busy holding SSC. ;)

Erm...would you believe it was the cats?

Anonymous said...

Well, if they can flick lights on and off, why not try talking to them. Maybe the ghosties are trying to get your attention so they can show you where some hidden treasure is in your house. I think it is funny that everyone just assumes ghosties are just trying to scare them. I mean, is the afterlife just boring? C;)

Ron said...

Hey...I agree with Craig. Maybe they're trying to get your attention for a really GOOD reason, ya know?

Try saying Hi to them and see if they responsed. I bet their NICE ghosts.

Maybe they want you to start writing a new BLOG for them...

"Ghost Giggles"

tee, hee!!!

(that's actually not a bad idea for your next Rat Girl Comic)


Enjoy your day, my friend!

Daryl said...

Okay .. just remember do not go upstairs to get away .. that's what they do in the horror flicks and those peeps always get 'et!

I'm just sayin'


Rhea said...

That's some freaky stuff, girl! how WEIRD. Get some crosses, holy water, flashlights, a baseball bat and be prepared!!

SSC said...

Is your light on a timer?

trublmaka said...

Well, I been to GiGGLeS's place, no there's no timer on the lights. And there is some history to her place - I'm sure she's posted about it previously xo

trublmaka said...

Well, I been to GiGGLeS's place, no there's no timer on the lights. And there is some history to her place - I'm sure she's posted about it previously xo

Emma said...

Aw you can have a hug from me with pleasure darl and listen to auntie Vi and go somewhere else for 10 days, it will do you good.....xx

Magnus said...

I'm no help unless you need someone who can tell REALLLLY scary stories....

Giggle! said...

Trub - LOL!!! You've got a point there! We ARE the scary beasts! :-P xx

Joe - awww you're a sweety!!! Oh HECK No it couldn't have been the cats! The door was closed and they were on the other side of it! I wish it were them tho, so I wouldn't freak out as much! xx

C:) - Scary or not, it spooks the heck out of me LOL!!! I'll leave it some milk and cookies next time :-P xx

Ronnie - LMAO!!! Well, I don't think he is THAT nice! I mean.. it's rude manners to switch on the light at that hour while people are trying to sleep! *GiGGLeS* xx

Daryl - LOL gotta love the big boobed bimbos that run upstairs to die!!! That's ok! Our house is only one story! ;-) xx

Rhea - LMAO!!! Who needs all that when I've got the scariest RAT Face in the world! *GiGGLeS* :-P xx

SSC - LOL!!! No, it's definately not! I can't even pretend that it is! :-S xx

Trub - Yep, you're right there! xx

Emma - Thank you ... I'd love to, but I couldn't dare leave the poor animals alone with this freaky shit! LOL xx

Mag - HAHAHAHAHAHA as much as I LOVE scary stories... now would not be the best time at all! I'll get back to on that one ;-) xx