Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Step... away.... from my.... PIE!!!!!


Pregnant or not! I am the kind of girl who LOVES her food, and I have been known to have the most bizzar cravings ever since I was a wee one!

Oh heck yeah! I LOVE eating french fries with icecream and cherry tomatos with strawberries! I guess it's because I'm so indecisive about whether I'm craving something sweet or something savoury, so I have them both together to ballance out my taste buds!

It's ridiculous!

If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me if I was pregnant because of my strange eating habbits, I'd be loaded!!! But now, that I'm actually pregnant, I'm actually craving NORMAL foods!!!

Well... I've been craving for gravy on my chips now instead of icecream! *GiGGLeS*

Point is, I have always been a craver and always will be! Food is my boyfriend and eating is the highlight of my day!

I get sooooo excited when I have something delicious sitting in front of me ready to be gobbled up BY ME!!!! Oh how my eyes light up with joy!!!

I am a very emotional eater! And I don't just mean the kind that eats when she is depressed (though I wont deny that I do!) But right now I'm actually talking about the emotional type that cries when she drops a chip on the ground and it's too dirty to pick up and eat!

It's history, such a waste... one less chip that I get to gobble!


Oh yes.... when I demand TLC from Hubby, I'm not talking about Tender Love & Care.... no no, I'm talking about a Tomato, Lettuce & Cheese sanga!!! *Flutters Eyelashes*

LOL!!! When I ask Hubby if he has been cheating on me, I'm not talking about with another woman, I'm talking about "Has he been eating my favourite foods with out me!!?" *GiGGLeS*

And God help him if he has!!! Oh Heck! He'll never live it down! I'm always snooping in his car for any empty take out wrappers he may have bought without me! (Any excuse to send him down the shop and get me a treat!) :-P

But, I don't always have the kind of relationship I would like to have with my food! You see, there is another man involved... a man... that gets in the way of me and my beloved food... a man... that interupts my eating affair... and it shits me to tears.... *sigh*

I am torn between my food and HUBBY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... so... My eyes may be bigger than my belly (tho not for long with the belly bean growing!) but my heart is bigger than my eyes!

And as much as I adore my food and want to be alone with it, I am not a greedy person! Many times I will be sitting there with a yummy juicy burger in my hands, my mouth is watering and my heart is doing backflips at the thought of the dilicious taste that I am about to experience! (Bit over the top I know!)

But just before I take a bite, I look up over at hubby... to see the same look of delight on his face.... AT MY BURGER!!!! *Sigh*!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to tell him to shove it, it breaks my heart to see him with out a burger of his own!!! So what do i do?... I Share it with him!!! And everytime he eats a heck of a lot more than I do ffs!!!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sharing! Any oppurtunity to do a good deed for someone unexpectedly and I'm on it!

But these particular times with Hubby REALLY makes my blood boil and I'll tell you why...

This is roughly how all of our conversations go, before these situations...

Me: "Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny *Flutters Eyelashes*"

Him: "Oh ffs! What are you craving now?"

Me: "Ummmmmmm (What ever I'm craving for at the time)"

Him: *Lecturing me about how unhealthy it is and how it tastes disgusting anyway*

Me: "*puppy dog look*... *Doing my best to try and convince him that it's a matter between life and death, while sometimes using a bit of emotional blackmail and what ever else I can use to my advantage*

Him: "OK fine! But only if you *gives me a chore I have to do, which he and I both know I will never get done*"

Me: "Oh of course Hunny!!! I'll do it Mozzas!"

Him: *Muttering* (While grabbing his keys [silently because he knows I can't stand the sound of them] and heads out to the car to drive off and get my treat!)

Me: (Yelling to him as he heads to the door) "And make sure you get yourself something too, cause I don't want you stealing my food again!!! I'M TOO HUNGRY TO HAVE YOU EAT IT ALL!!!!"

Him: "Yeah Yeah! I can't stand that crap anyway! And I'm not hungry, I've just eaten!" (as he gets into his car.)

Me: "Thats what you say everytime! But this time I'm not sharing with you!!!"

Him: *Driving off*

Me: *Waiting anxiously and getting excited about wrapping my lips around my craving!*


Me: *Tripping over the cats, excitedly running out the door to get my food*..... *Disapointed to find that some of it has already been eaten by Hubby!!!*

Him: "Sorry I got a bit hungry"

Me: "So why didn't you get yourself something like I said????"

Him: "Because I wasn't hungry when I ordered it!"

Me *steaming* (But calmed down when I get a bite of the delicious taste.)

Him: "Can I've a bite?"

Me: *Flippin angry that I only got to have a few bites out of MY OWN craving! But I can't say no to him because I feel bad*

Him: *Finishes it off!!!!!!!!!!*


Seriously! It will be like a buger or something! By the time it gets to me there is only half left, and after a couple of bites Hubby is eating the REST!!!

This always leaves me emotional and hungry with the teasing taste in my mouth!!!!!!!

But the other day... our conversation went a little differently... and I don't think it will be happening again for a while (I think it's pregnancy hormones)

Me: "Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny, I'd kill for a Brumbys pie!!"

Him: "Gross! Brumbys pies are the most hideous pies in town! Plus they are ridiculously over priced and not healthy for you! No Way!"

Me: *Not in the mood for the argument, but desperate for a pie! So I plead my case once again until I finally get my own way*

Him: "OK fine! But only just this once!" (As he grabs his keys)

Me: "Now listen to me" (As I sit him down to talk in all seriousness as if someone had just died!)

Him: *Looking confused*

Me: "Can you please get 2 pies, to have one for back up..."

Him: "Heck no! They are waaaayyyyyy too expensive!!"

Me: "I'm serious Hun, I'm hungry, I'm obsessed with Brumby Pies, you never let me have them, you're letting me this once, so I wanna make sure I actually get to eat it - without you stealing it from me!"

Him: *Laughing* "What are you talking about? I HATE Brumbys Pies! Don't worry, I wont want to touch the awful thing, and besides, I'm not hungry!"

Me: "You say that every time hun!!! But you ALWAYS end up eating more than I do, and you always leave me hungry and wanting more, it's torture!"

Him: *In disbelieve that I'm so serious over a damn pie!!* "OK, just this once, I'll get 2 Pies just in case, but you know you'll end up eating both of them because I can't stand them!"

Me: "YOU BEAUTY!!!! I wont complain about that!!"

So when Hubby left to fetch the pies, I was overwhelmed with excitement that today was the day that I get to have my treat to myself!!! And what was even more exciting was the possibility of having TWO PIES OMFG!!!!

Hubby actually sounded genuine this time! So I just really believed him!


Me: *Almost breaking my neck rushing to the food*

Hubby: *Handing me a single, uneaten pie*

Me: "Did you get 2 pies?"

Hubby: *Blushing* "Yeah, but I ate the other one on the way home"

Me: *Actually relieved that he ate his and not mine* "See!!!! I told you!!!"

Him: "Yeah, well it was disgusting! I only ate it because I was hungry!"

Me: *Sitting down as I pull out my pie* "Ah well! I've got mine, that's all that matters" (as I take a bite.)

Him: *Staring at my pie*

Me: *Death Staring him*

Him: "Can I've a bite of yours?"


Hubby: *Shocked*

Me: *Feeling guilty that I just snapped at him, and hesitantly handed him my pie* "Just a little bite... I mean it!!"

Hubby: *Bites half the pie away and screws up his face* "Yuck! That's disgusting!"


Him: *Running away*

Me: *Shoving the lowsy leftovers in my mouth as my eye twitches uncontrollably*

Yup! He wont be messing with my cravings for a while!!!...
(Hopefully ffs!!)

mmmmm pie!!!

*Looks for Hubby*


20 GiGGLeS:

Daryl said...

You are a hoot and a half ... here's one for you .. potato chips and a Hershey chocolate bar .. OH MY .. salt/sweet never tasted so good together .. did you know tomato is a fruit so having it w/strawberries isnt so odd.. try vanilla ice cream and blueberries .. sigh .. or smear some slightly melted chocolate on a hunk of crusty french bread ...


Giggle! said...

Daryl - HECK! That ALLL sounds dilicious!!! WoW Finally! Someone who doesn't think I'm a freak for eating 'mato-berries!!! :-) xx

Anonymous said...

"Gopher, Everet?"

"No thank you, Delbert. A third of a gopher'd only arouse my appetite without thoroughly beddin' her down."


Vi said...

Ahhh, hubby's just helping with your weight watching! ;P

Seriously, I remember him complaining about those pies when I was there... but didn't stop him eating them!!!!

Giggle! said...

C:) - LOL what the heck are you on about you mad baldman!! :-P xx

Aunty Vi - Hahahaha yeah! Honestly if it weren't for his dirty rotten theft - I'd be as big as a house ffs!! xx

Anonymous said...

That is a line from the movie "O Brother, where art thou?" I can watch that movie over and over again, and it always almost makes me pee my pants. C:)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I am suddenly very very hugry...I want a pie now. I want a chicken pot pie...mmmm. NO...I want a "Pinks hotdog" with everything on it. Google it, its in L.A. and ever celeb eatz there or orders from there. Yummy.

Um, I guess I can eat my non fat yogurt...woop-di-do! GRRRR>

When I was pregnent the first time...I wanted candy...and I didn't know what my g/f got a bag full of every candu bar they had there...Oh, wasn't she womderful. Sign...I'm gonna go home and cook her a fab meal tonight. She's my sweetie.

Ciao babes.

Peach said...

ha ha LMFAO!!! I've gotta think of more original things to say that HA all the time in your comment box! BUT LMAO!!!

Could have written that first part about eating weirdly before and normally now myself!!

Thanks for the widget, I'll stick it up when I get a mo XXXXX

I'm 13 weeks tomorrow - you're, what, 7-8 now?? XXX

Mr Farty said...

I had a spookily similar conversation with Mrs F today.

Me: "Would you like some banoffee pie, honey?"
Mrs F: "No thanks, I've just had a baked potato."
Me: "Ok." *fetches a slice of BP*
Mrs F: "Can I have a nibble?"
Me: "Of course, honey." *passes plate*
Mrs F: *wolfs down most of the BP* "Buuurp!"
Me: *whimper*

Enjoy your whatever!

CrystalChick said...

LOL Funny!!! I sometimes see old wrappers of things left on hubbys truck floor and wonder what delicious treats he was having without me. LOL
We got Chinese takeout tonight. Yum.

Sounds like you might go Rat Girl crazy all over him next time he tries to have some of your food. LOL

Giggle! said...

C:) _ OHH *GiGGLeS* Gotta love the panty wetter movies!!! I'll have to check that one out! xx

Spiky - HECK that sounds great!!! Boooo don't tempt me with foods I can't get here woman!! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Peach - When all else fails... just GiGGLe!!! Teeeeheeee! Oh GOOD!! You so have to put the widget up! It's great! Oh and when I first found out I was pregnant I was actually 5weeks but I thought I was 6weeks, so I'm actually 7weeks now!!! *Phew* That gives me an extra week to adjust!!! xx

Mr Farty - OMFG!!! That post of yours was a damn tease!!! I sat there licking the screen for hours!!! YUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM Heck!!! I'm gonna have to face my hate of cooking and make me some of that pie!! xx

Crystal - Yummmmm Chinese!!!!! Oh I think it would go beyond RAT GiRL if it comes to Hubby pinching my food again! Maybe something as horrible as RAT GiRL's alter ego herself!!! xx

Joe said...

You're too funny.

That poor, poor man, though. lol

Giggle! said...

Joey - *GiGGLeS* Oh Please!! What do you mean poor him?? POOR ME!!! What about MYYYY hunger? :-P Teeeheeee xx

trublmaka said...

I'll post u a very well secured (well padded!!) package! Just list me what you want, if I can put it in I will and you can have a safe secret stash of something special to get you through the next few...weeks (I KNOW how cravings work.. you can PLAN to have something last a while, but it won't!! lol)
I'll look after ya sweety
Gawd.. now if only there was a way I could get a supply of my Nonna's gnocci, her Pinza and... oooh yummm her pasta!!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!!

JsTzznU said...

{{{HUS}}} Giggles!!

Ron said... and I have much in common...BURGERS!!!!!

LOVE THEM!!! Aren't they the BEST freaking things on this planet?? I only eat them about once a month, at Five Guys (here in the States). I also get a HUGE order of fries and a coke to go with it.

And I eat every single thing!

But I've gotta tell you...I absolutely HATE sharing my food with people. I love those people who, the minute your food comes to the table there like, "Oh, can I try a little of that?"


Aren't I horrible?

(I don't care)

So between the "key jiggling noise" and people "munching on our food"...I think we would make good roommates, don't ya think?


Giggle! said...

Trub - ooooooooo Ok! Here is my list...

* 25 Cheese burgers (I love them cold)
* 5 McChicken Burgers for when I get sick of cheese Burgers!
* 5 Quater Pounders with Mayo
* 5 Whoppers with chesse
* A Large Fries
* And a coke!
* 10 snickers bars (I'll eat them slowly I promise)
* OH!!! and a couple of jumbo packs of Penaut MnMs
* Some chips and gravy (for now)
* and a carton of Brumby pies (Steak and cheese)

Thanks Hunny! You're the best!!! :-P *GiGGLeS*

Just joking! I couldn't dare while I'm preggers!!!

Hahahaaha how about you get those recipes of your Nannas great dishes, and I'll come over and help you EAT THEM! :-) *GiGGLeS* xx

JsTy - Back at ya!! :-) *Hugs*

Ronnie - Now how did I guess you would be the same!!! I Know THEY ARE the best!!!

Now don't get me wrong! When it comes to my Food... I HATE SHARING!!! But for some reason I just can't say no!!! And the whole time Hubby is chowing down my beloved food... I'm am sitting there cursing at him! :-P *GiGGLeS*

Oh we would be PERFECT ROOM MATES!!

At first I thought... oh but who will cook for us, because we both hate cooking! But then I realised. WE'LL JUST GET TAKE OUT!!! :-D heeheee YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Emma said...

You just make my day even better every time I read you, you make me laugh so loud....xx

trublmaka said...

Umm, ok, I won't give you nuts, and it needs to be stuff that won't go off..
Umm.. Blackforest choclate.... and waht else? :D lol
(I guess I should have specified before! lol)

Giggle! said...

Emma - hahahaha, well it's an honour!!! :-) xx

Trub - Hey! Maccas burgers wont go off, haven't you seen the documentary? They have so many preservitives in them, that they will never age! *GiGGLeS* :-P Oh fine then! I'll just have the black forest choccy! ... And some cheezles... and some Twistys! And Rasberry lollies and Chicken chips! :-P xx