Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Sux!!!

Where's Giggle been?

I'll tell ya where she's been! Bloody sick in bed with a bucket or leaning on the dunny just waiting to spew!!!

I don't know who the bloody idiot was that thought that the term 'Morning sickness' was appropriate! But I'd like that idiot to spend an afternoon AND evening with me right now, and then tell me if the name still suits!...ffs!

I must say though... I haven't actually spewed once! WHich is even more annoyiong to me, because when ever I am sick, a good chunder makes me feel better!!!

I had my first serious wave of sickness a couple of weeks ago when I was talking to Trub on Msn, when I had to run to the dunny for a spew! But as soon as I got there, the feeling went away, and I didn't need to after all!

I actually got excited!!! I thought it was gonna be my first pregnant spew! (Such a special moment *GIGGLeS*) But it was a false alarm, and it bloody has been ever since!!!!

I feel like I've spent a week with Aunty Vi on the hard piss playing Kings non stop! (Minus the taste of an ash tray in my mouth!) But I've had no bloody good time to show for it!!!

HECK!!! Every minute I feel like puking, but nothing.... nothing but a couple of spits in the bucket!!!


On a different note... 'The Belly Bean' has been upgraded to 'The Bub Grub' Yay!!!!!!! Just look at it!!! (Top right sidebar) Trub reckons it looks like it belongs in a tequila bottle! *GiGGLeS*

Well I think it's cute!!! I just wanna put it in a jar and feed it bugs! *Flutters Eyelashes*!

Oh! Another thing I have found... Everything tastes like PEPPER!!!!!

It's ridiculous!!! Even icecream and orange juice tastes like pepper ffs!!!

It would be ok if I actually liked pepper... but no!!!!

No Joke!! I even have the sneezing fits as if the pepper is flying up my nose!!!

It's bloody hideous, and it's interfering with my cravings!!!

It pains me to say this... but I actually got a WHOLE burger to myself the other day (Hubby was sick and could just about spew at the sight of it YESSS!!!!) But guess bloody what!!?

It tasted fucking awful!!!! Like Pepper!!!!
So NONE of us got to eat it!... The bin scored it!!

*wipes tear*

Poor me ffs!

Anyways... If anyone needs me, I'll be sulking in the corner of the room feeling sorry for myself with a stoopid empty bucket!!!

Just leave a message after the beep...



14 GiGGLeS:

Rhea said...

Bub grub?! LOL You're hilarious. I love your baby terms. Belly bean was adorable.

I had horrible morning/afternoon/evening sickness with both my boys. I was freakin' miserable. It was so unfair. Constant nausea. I don't remember throwing up either, just feeling constantly awful.

I hope it all passes soon (mine never really did!) and all goes well. I'm so excited for you!

What does "ffs" mean?

trublmaka said...

Aww sweety, I had the nausea and vomiting from 3 weeks in, until 2 weeks before the birth :(

I drank herbal teas throughout both pregnancies, and found it did help.
Hmm, maybe thats what I'm missing now?! lol

Hmmm, lemon meringue pie and a herbal tea sounds pretty good right about now!!

Hang in there babe, it makes for good mother's-room conversation down the track! I promise

trublmaka said...

Ooops, forgot to point out, the neausea I mentioned was with SPB, with Grubby, well, it was ages before it started!! But you saw all that!!
And this one I'm pretty lucky its only in occassional bouts since we moved in here!

Giggle! said...

Rhea - LMAO You've been reading my blog for months and every second word I type is 'ffs' and you only just ask me now??? *GiGGLeS*

It means 'Forever FriendS'

*GiGGLeS* Just kidding!!! (That's what I tell the children)

It actually stands for 'For Fucks Sake' (I get cranky alot!) Teeheee!! xx

Trub - Oh yes! I remember you running to our dunny for pukes! That time in paticular after a feed of nachos (I thought I must have poisoned you!)

Between you and Crazy, with your morning sickness and Crazys hangovers our dunny got a good spew bashin!! xx

trublmaka said...
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Lady in red said...

lol I had nausea with both DC and OJ dont remember having it with the other two though. I was never actually sick either it was the nausea that got me and it wasn't only in the mornings.

I drank a lot of ginger beer to help me as ginger is good for nausea but I also love the taste and it made a change from orange juice. I had my cravings but also went right off some of my favourite foods.

When I was carrying OJ it was like there was a force field across the kitchen I just couldn't do food for me or my toddler. we lived on cottage cheese and crackers in the day as I could run in the kitchen (ok waddle) grab the stuff and rush out again. I could actually eat any food put in front of me but couldn't prepare it or even think about it. SF used to ask me what I wanted but I just couldn't think about food at all.

If you are like me it will seem to go on froever but when you look back you will realise it didn't last all that long after all.

keep your chin up and keep giggling

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! GiGGLeS, all you need to do is poke two holes, one on either side of the bucket, run a string through it and wear the bucket like a horses feed bag. Then you can go about as you wish; always ready for a spew. C;Pffffft!!

Rhea said...

I love Craig's idea about the bucket around your neck. lol

I'm sad, aren't I? I have been reading your blog for forever now but kept forgetting to ask you the FFS. So sad. lol

Daryl said...

Poor Giggle .. maybe you have too much iron in your system, that usually makes things taste odd .. ask your doc .. and nibble a saltine cracker if you feel punk .. okay .. off to read Rat Girl!


Mr Farty said...

You need to do something to take your mind off it, like writing another Rat Girl post.


Ron said... and I have A LOT in common, because I TOO hate the taste of pepper, so this would not be fun for me either!!!

And I have this total fear of vomiting. I would rather suffer severe nausea than get it over with by up-chucking!!!

I'm like a horse...just SHOOT me!

So sorry to hear about your morning sickness, Giggles.

I'll send you some REIKI, ok?

GREAT Post!!!!

Giggle! said...

Lady - Oh!! I have been craving Orange Juice too! Even more now, especially because of 'OJ' as your sons nickname! *GiGGLeS* Yeah I am the same too... can't prepare food, or think about it, just eat it when it's given to me! But hey! I'm like that even when I'm not preggers! xx

C:) - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Genious!! It will be like my new little friend! xx

Rhea - *GiGGLeS* It's ok! Now you know :-) xx

Daryl - Hey maybe you're right about the too much iron! I was looking at my vitamins the other day to find that more than one that I take has iron! I'll have to look into that! And Oh! I haven't worked on RAT GiRL for ages! I really must get into that! xx

Mr Farty - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I knew that either you or Gene would be the first to drill me about that!!! RAT GiRL is on holiday.... with her flippin head in a bucket ffs!!! *GiGGLeS* Soon, soon I promise! xx

Ronnie - ooooooo heal me! heal me! *GiGGLeS* I don't mind like one speck of pepper to go with heaps of salt on my tomato and cheese on toast! But it litterally tastes like someone has spilt a whole bottle of pepper and I have been mopping it up... WITH MY TONGUE!!! ewwwwww xx

Emma said...

Aw Giggle, that's crap, I had numerous miscarriages a few years ago and I never suffered morning sickness until the last one and I heaved for 16 weeks, I couldn't keep anything down, everything tasted salty I remember, so I lived off ready salted crisps for weeks because that's all I could taste.

I am sure you will start to feel better real soon, I am thinking of you darl..xx

Giggle! said...

Em - Oh boooo to the miscarraiges! :-( *hugs* Bugger! I guess I should be glad I don't puke, so I don't lose all the food and nutrience for the bub grub! (Not that I eat entirely healthily!) *GiGGLeS* Thank you! xx