Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I missed a day!

But I'm allowed because I was very busy all day yesterday doing very constructive things!!! :-)

So It's Official!!! WOO HOO!!!

I went to the Doctors yesterday and my Belly bean was confirmed!!!

3D Prom Queen
Very exciting!!!

How crap would it have been if it turned out to be a bad test and I wasn't preggers after all? LOL!!! After all this fuss!!

It was good tho, the Doctor even said that he has never seen a positive result show up so damn fast!

He said it pretty much popped up positive before the pee drop hit the bloody thing and soaked in!!! *GiGGLeS*

Oh!! Speaking of pee!!!

He coulda told me to use my pee sparingly ffs!

He handed me the jar and said "fill it up" (which I did!) Then, he used a couple of drops of it and then chucked the rest out.

But as soon as he did that he said "Ok, now I need you to go next door and fill 2 more pee jars for some other tests!!!

LMAO!!! I can't just pee on comand ffs! Especially on an empty bladder ffs!

So I couldn't do it, I'll have to go back again! But I DID do all my blood tests and stuff, so I'm glad to get some of it out of the way! (I can't stand needles!)

And then me and Muussy went and did a bit of shopping!

I got some folic acid and some elivit *Flutters eyelashes* Oh! And a bra!!! Coz HECK! My Tits are HUGE already!!!

I'm usually a 12C, and I got myself a 16D which is STILL a bit tight on me ffs!

Hmmm what else did we get?

OH! We went around to a few second hand stores and picked up some gorgeous 2nd hand baby clothes! (I don't see the point of paying full price for baby stuff, when you can get some decent stuff at great prices!)

We also picked up some disposable nappys at a bargain price (I'm going to load up on them, because they aint cheap ffs!)

We got lots of baby linen and other bits and pieces!

Ummm oh! And I even got a couple of merternity items real cheap, OH! and a gorgeous nappy hanger, which I'm gonna base my nursery colours around!

I also got a couple of trade booklets that have advertisments of people selling 2nd hand baby furniture which ALSO came in handy!

I got a Portacot for $20

A gorgeous cot for $150 (which is great for short people like me, because it comes with an adjustment to move the matress up higher!)

And my favourite...

A Precious little white bassinette! It's stunning! And it was on $70!

So I manged to get ALL of this stuff (including the pills and vitamens that were very expensive) + Lunch for that day, all for under $300!

So I'm happy!

(God I hope I'm not boring you all! LOL!!!)

But anyways, that's my excuse for not posting yesterday! I was WAY too busy and when I did finally get home, I hit the sack because I was WAYYY too exhausted!!!

So do ya's forgive me? *GiGGLeS*

Oh! I'm also going to be renewing my learners liscence and starting my drivers lessons really soon! I hear it's very handy to have a liscence when you have kids :-P



21 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Not boring at all!!
Congrats on the bargains sweety!!xoxo

Giggle! said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* Ta xx

Gene Bach said...

So, will it be a Rat Boy, or a Rat Girl?

Giggle! said...

Gene - *GiGGLeS* Well it's far too early to find out yet... But I'm feeling a RAT GiRL! Though I really want a RAT BoY!!!

Except I hope what ever it may be, it's looks far from a rat!!! LOL xx

Ron said...

I LOVE hearing about all the mommy stuff you're doing to prepare!!!

I feel like Uncle Ronnie!

And have to promise to RENT the baby to me on the weekends!

Hey...sounds like you found a lot of great shopping deals!

You go....GIGGLE!

I LOVE a bargain!

trublmaka said...

You don't know HOW hard it was for me to resist buying TONNSS of bubby stuff when I went out today!! lol!!!!

But it was NOT fun looking for camping gear for SPB!! My GOD!!! 3 days on camp and they need a SHITload of CRAP!!!!!

Peach said...


You're SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you man, you're hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fat Controller said...

Thrilled to bits for you. Part of the fun is the shopping for all that baby stuff!

In the later stages of Heather's first pregnancy she had a t-shirt where it said 'It started with a kiss...' right over the bump. Everyonre thought that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the best part that hubby has to clean the kitty litter for nine months? C;P

And what about the weird dreams? C:)

Daryl said...

You are a brave girl .. 6 weeks in and you're already shopping for after the heir/heiress to the RatGirl fortune makes his/her appearance! Bless your heart.

Aunty :-Daryl

Spiky Zora Jones said...

YEAH! Shopping for baby is the best shopping I've ever done. I loved to go to baby stores and just look to see what they had. I know I bought stuff I didn't use much...but what the hell. My girl said we needed it and she was buying it. I loved making the baby room baby-ish.

Isn't it exciting. I was there just recently, you know. :D

My bubba is walking everywhere...oh my! He knows he is in trouble when I say his full name aleady. he smile and runs off as quick as he can walk. he is a good baby...falls asleep early and waked at 5:30 a.m. Hungry and wanting his diaper changed. Who need an alarn clock!


Enjoy all of it babes. hehehe

Ciao babes.

Emma said...

Not boring Giggles, just really excited for you, you so deserve

Vi said...

You are like me, the freaking line showed up before the pee hit the stick! It's gonna be a boy... I can feel it in my waters!

CrystalChick said...

Bored?? On your page? NO freaking way. You rock girl! I luv me some baby stories. My daughter is almost 24 with a little guy of her own, as you know from the many pictures I post. I cannot believe my little preemie grandson is now a chubby crawling, soon to be walking, hunk of gorgeous boy baby!!
AND... my daughter doesn't have her driver's license either. She's a bit scared and I don't blame her, traffic here in New Jersey is insane.
Sounds like you got some some awesome stuff shopping. Have fun.
And if Ron gets to be Uncle Ronnie, then I should be Auntie Mimi!! LOL

Rhea said...

I LOVE the term Belly Bean. That's adorable!

We forgive you for not posting because it sounds like you had an amazing day at the doctor's and buying lots of great stuff! Because, we just couldn't read your blogs with your boobies hanging out, way too distracting, so I'm glad you got a decent bra to contain them. hehe

Dazza said...

How dare real life get in the way of Blogging! Ha ha.

Thanks for your nice words again!!


P.S. If you want a CD... just let me know where to send it... no catch, honest!

Joe said...


nitebyrd said...

I'll start sewing him/her a quilt bear. BTW, Craig Andrew is right about the kitty litter boxes. You'll need Mr. Giggle to do that job.

Oh! And think of how much more stuff you'll be able to buy because you won't be spending money on cigaretts because you're not smoking while your pregnant. Right?

Yes. Definitely learn to drive. You'll go stark raving mad if you're stuck inside the house all day with a baby/toddler/child. Trust me on this one.

Mr Farty said...

So you're late - isn't that the first sign that you're preggers anyway?


Anonymous said...


Oh, don't mind me... just innocently clearing my throat as though something were stuck in my throat.... not trying to get someones attention at all or anything...


Giggle! said...

HOLY SHAMOLY!!! I've got a lot to catch up on!!!

Uncle Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* Of course you'll be Uncle Ronnie!! :-) and I'll even pay YOU to rent the bub! :-) xx

Trub - *GiGGLeS* I hear ya!! xx

Peach - *GiGGLeS* Glad to make ya laugh! :-P xx

Thinny - I want one of those shirts!!!! HAHAHA Brill!!! xx

C:) - HAHAHAHAHHAHA I know right!! But it's not much different, I was making him change the shitty litter even before I was up the duff! :-P *GiGGLeS* Oh and heck I can't remember my dreams now! I've got baby brain, and all I do is wee now!! xx

daryl - LMAO!!! That is so cute!!! Thank you! xx

Spiky - WOOHOO!! You'd be a fab shopping partner I reckon! And I can't wait to see piccies of Your bubba (if you're still gonna post em)xx

Em - Thank you muchly xx

Aunty Vi - Oooo lets hope so! I want a boy, but I'm feeling a girl! But heck! I'd be happy with even a monkey! xx

Aunty Mimi - Deal! :-) I know your grandson is SUCH a cutie!!! I'd be happy if my belly bean turns out half as cute as him :-) xx

Rhea - LMAO!! Thank you! Heck! I just about need another bra already! These melons get in the way of my typing ffs! :-P xx

Dazza - ooooo I'd love a cd, I just thought I was too late and everyone else beat me to it! :-)!! I'll have to give you my details another time when I get my puter up and running :-) Thank you xx

Joey - THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nite - *GiGGLeS* I'll take your word on it! Yup! I've traded cigarettes for diapers ffs! They are both messy and stinky! xx

Mr Farty - *GiGGLeS* Very clever! xx

C:) - LMFAO!! You are one funny bald man! xx