Monday, May 19, 2008

Keys and Coins!!!! I Hate them with a passion!!!!

HECK! They are horrible!!!

Btw HELLO! :-) I'm back in business baby!!! I actually wrote this post the day before Peewee died and I never got around to posting it because I was thrown off by her death, and then the belly bean news! So it has been sitting in draft getting all dusty ever since!

But since I am back, I wanted to focus on catching up on everyone elses blogs, so I thought now would be a good time to post this since I've given ya's nothing to read for so long ffs! So just keep in mind that I actually wrote this a few weeks ago ok? Cool!

Call me a freak but i just can not stand keys or coins!!!

Do you know the feeling that people get at the sound of nails being scratched down a blackboard? They cringe at the sight and the sound and screw up their face like someone just kicked them in the nuts (if they have any!)

Well that's the feeling I get with with Keys and coins ffs! (Not the feeling of being kicked in the balls... oh ffs you know what I mean!!)

The sound of keys dangling and scraping together sends me on the verge of a bloody nervous breakdown!

I don't know what it is, but the piercing sound sends tingly nerves in my teeth up through my gums! As soon as I hear it I can't let my teeth touch because if I do I get the feeling of an electric shock in my teeth!!!

It's not just that either... it's the smell and the sight!

The sight freaks me out because I know what it does to me! And if I see keys or coins I know to run a mile ffs!

And the SMELL OMG!!! The smell of metal makes me wanna puke!!!

As soon as I smell it, I get the taste of it in my mouth, which causes the same reaction as the actual sound of the bastards!!! kinda tastes like blood!!!

And I CAN'T STAND the feel of them!!! I disinfect my hands like there's no mozzas, just to get rid of the smell!

Seriously, while I'm typing about this now, I can smell and taste the metal and I am separating my teeth with my tongue ffs! It's THAT BAD!!!

It's the same with coins too!

That was my only down fall with working in retail! I bloody loved retail but when it came to handing someone change, I would just about bite my tongue off!!!

It's embarrassing when I snap at my friends for jiggling their keys or their coins in their hands!! I have no control over it! They often look at me like 'O......kay' as they carefully place the horrid things in their bag where they can't be heard, smelt, felt, tasted or seen ffs!!!!

I've even snapped at this poor old fella on a plane once! He was sitting next to me with his keys in his hand and was jiggling them away as if he heard it as a beauuuuuuutiful musical tune!


I sat there cringing for ages trying to fight the urge to snap, while praying that it would stop soon!!!

But it didn't!

Instead it came to me exploding and smacking my ears like a maniac screaming 'PUT THE FUCKING KEYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Once again I got the 'OMG you're a lunatic' stare!

But at least it did the trick!!!

Reason why I thought to post about this, is because you should have seen poooooooor hubby copping it last night!!!!

LMAO he knows I can't stand them, but sometimes he forgets, and I was playing with Keithy (of course I was! What else would I be doing!) when he came over to ask me something - with his damn keys in is hand!!!

I didn't hear a freaking word he said, all I could hear was the horrid sound of the keys!

He paused with what ever the heck he was saying when he was startled by the evil 'I'm gonna kill you' death stare I was giving him!

Straight away he realised, then he nervously GiGGLed as he slowly backed away while trying to silence the keys!

But just as he backed away, he tripped, which caused the bloody bastards to fly up in the air and land on the tiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think there is any worse noise than that in the whole freaken world!!!

It's no surprise that I snapped and started flying off the handle at him!!!


BUT THEN!!! As he panicked to try to pick them up again to run away... he DROPPED THEM AGAIN!!!!!


By the time I finished screaming he was long gone!!!

He had rushed to the shop and came back with some chocolate to make it up to me! :-)

Chocolate works every time! :-) Bless him!

Keys and Coins friggen send me on edge!!!

Seriously... I react to keys and coins like this chick does to pickles...


Ok, maybe not that bad... but I do react that way to maggots!!!! *Cringes*

Now maggots are a different story!!!! They are my BIGGEST fear!!!


17 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

OMG! That is soooo funny over the pickles!!!! Yes I can see you reacting like that if someone showed you a plate of maggots!

Glad to have you back hon.

Fat Controller said...

Funny, I love keys! Just as freaky, but in the opposite direction. I have a solution for the coin thing, though. Just send me all your loose change and I will see that it is properly dealt with!

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - I know right! HAHAHAHA I was pissin myself over the silly girl, but then I realised I'm probably just as bad! LOL xx

Thinny - LMAO!!! Oh heck no! I'd have to touch the bloody awful things to put them in an envolope ffs! I'll just send you cash instead! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ashley Ladd said...

Once or twice I got that awful metal taste in my mouth from coins, so I sort of understand. There are things that grate on my nerves, too. You're allowed to have your pet peeves. It was nice that your hubby got you chocolate to make up for it.

Maybe soon we'll be an all ATM/credit card society and you won't have to deal with coins again. Maybe we can change over to all card keys, too, and get rid of the awful jingly kind.

trublmaka said...

The best of it all?? I can actually picture it with accurate visual details lol!
Even Crazy got a giggle!!

Giggle! said...

Ash - I LOVE your brilliant thinking!!! I could only dream of such a thing! :-) xx

Trub - *GiGGLES* I aim to please! *flutters eyelashes* xx

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm.... keys and coins are your kryptonite?.... very interesting.... C;Pfffft!!

and, I am happy to see you back! C:)

Daryl said...

My darling .. have you always had this aversion to metal? Smelled it? Because it is possible its one of those pregnancy things ... OTOH .. maybe not.

AND you must get a small piggy bank or some sort of bank and put all the change you so detest in it... save it up to give to Gigglette or Giggle Jr.

Just a thought .. or you can save it up and buy a ticket and come visit ME!


Ron said...

I don't think this bazaar at all, because I too have this "thing" with SOUNDS. My ears are very sensitive and certain noises make me insane. I can't STAND hearing a paper shopping bag CRUNCH. And when someone walks by me holding a bag and CRUNCHING...I want to SCREAM!!!

Hey...I only saw part of the video (ya, know...dial-up!)

But I wonder if she has a fear of just SWEET pickles!

tee, hee!

FUNNY post...thanks!

Giggle! said...

C:) - hahaha I guess you are right!!! Heck you're a genious!! xx

Daryl - *GiGGLeS* Nope I've ALWAYS had the horrid fear of keys and coins! Ooooo thats a great idea about the piggy bank... but who the heck's gonna put the coins in? :-s ICKY!!!

LoL I guess it will have to be cash and in that case I'll be able to afford to come visit you in no time! :-P xx

Ronnie - Oh I am SOOOO the same!!! Plastic bags omg!! They aren't as bad as keys with me, but they flippin shit me to tears!!!

Oh good you got to see some of the vid! I know right! Whats to be scared of pickles? They are silent and they taste great on sangas! xx

Rhea said...

Oh my gosh. I couldn't watch that whole pickle video. After she ran crying from the pickle factory I had to stop. Was she serious?!!

The coins and keys phobia is a strange one, Giggles. lol And, they're I feel for ya!! You're gonna end up in a looney bin before long. just kidding.

Glad you're doing ok. Missin ya! Glad you got this post out. Oh, I can't stand people who smack and walk with thier mouths full. Drives me nuts, like the pickles.

Giggle! said...

Rhea - HAHAHAHAHA I know!!! Yeh apparently it's dead set real!!!! Freaking hilarious!!!

*GiGGLeS* Heeeeeyyyy maybe I could hang out with Hurley in the looney bin! That wont be so bad heehee!!

Good to be back *GiGGLeS* xx

SSC said...

Belly Bean news are you pregnant?

SSC said...

Congratulations, I had to re-read some older posts!!!

I am so happy for you. Joe and I have been trying and nothing yet. Please send us good vibes our way!!!!

Giggle! said...

SSC - hahaha yup! You guessed it :-) Oh how cool!!! Hurry up and get knocked up so we can be preggers together :-P *GiGGLeS*

Sending good vibes your way xx

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even have nightmares about keys and coins! I also hate metal paperclips! I will only use the plastic coated ones! When people give me papers with metal paperclips on them, I have to immediately scrape them off into the garbage. Keys and coins are still worse though... MUCH worse!

Giggle! said...

Anon - Hahahaha Thankyou so much for your comment!!! It's so good to know that I am not the only one!!! There must be some kind of name for what we have, like keycoinphobia or something! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx