Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Lumps!

Bugger me!!!

Am I suppose to gain weight so soon??? I mean Heck!!! At first I actually lost about 5kg because of my sudden healthy eating (for the Belly Bean!)

But now in less than two weeks I've gained just over 6kg ffs!!!

My tits are bloody huge and could poke an eye out, and the rest of my body looks like a flippin puffer fish! Even my clothes are too tight for me already ffs!!

It's almost like there is some kind of padding all over my body! Even Hubby has started calling me 'Plumpy' or 'Cream Puff' or 'Hey Fatty Boomba - Go and eat some cream Pies!' ffs!!!

So it's definately noticable!!!

Ok, Ok, so my appetitie has increased and I've turned into a monster!

I ate a WHOLE pizza and a WHOLE block of chocolate the other day!!! (The Bub Grub was hungry! *GiGGLeS*)

But still! Other than that I have eaten very healthy foods, but I still look like I could be popped with a pin for crying out loud!!!

Well at least the Pepper taste has gone now, but NOW all I can smell is PVA GLUE!!!!

The even stranger part is, I actually like it, and I am craving to eat the bloody stuff! Thank heck theres none in the house!!! Coz it could only end badly!!

I have my first scan on Friday WOOOOHOOOOO! But I'm not looking forward to drinking 1 litre and a half of water ffs! I HATE WATER!!! I shower in the stuff ffs!!!

If only I could drink straight vodka instead! (Hey it's clear!!!) But they wont let me! The rude buggers! :-P *sigh*


I'm gonna go blob out on the bed and feel sorry for myself!

I might even go eat some cream pies! *sniff sniff*


Be back soon!


18 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...

Gee everyone I know had cravings...but never glue.

For me it wouldn't be drinking all that would be trying to pee right away.

Good luck with that!

Giggle! said...

Jenn - Ha! I know! And I thought my friend was weird for craving flour! Thanks for the good luck! I'll need it! Theres no way my bladder will hold that much comfortably! xx

Peach said...

bloody hell, a litre and a half? I only had to drink a half litre!! AND the baby was bloody snoozing so I had to bounce my ass up and down on the bed to wake the bastard up! Ha, but it was SOOOOOOOOOO worth it, amd DYING to see your scan pic, don't forget to get one, as if you would.... yeah it was the same for me re the weight gain, i'm only showing a little bit but have had to buy those elastic waisted jeans already - not even 4 MONTHS yet!


Dazza said...

You are becoming the earth mother goddess!! I think I saw a statue of one in Malta once... hang on, I'll try and find it.


Dazza said...

Here you go...

About halfway down.

Hee hee.


Giggle! said...

Peach - half a litre??? Oh you lucky bitch!!! LMAO @ you bouncing up and down!!! HOW DAMN CUTE!!!! oooo I hope to get a piccy! But mines not gonna look like a baby like yours ffs! *sigh* :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Dazza - LMFAO!!!! Yeah thats about right! I'm looking like a female Buddah!!! I'm just glad I still have me head! :-P *GioGGLeS* xx

Vi said...

Don't worry hon, I'll drink a litre and half of vodka for you instead. (actually, I think I already have)

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - LMAO that would be a piece of piss for you! *GiGGLeS* You little boozehag!! xx

Daryl said...

Think about this.. every kilo you add now is a kilo you need to lose later .. after of course you subtract the babe's bulk. I am sure that if you gain too much your doc will chastise you .. because its not good for either of you .. and now I am putting my lecture and soapbox away ...

:-Aunty Daryl

Anonymous said...

Would it be wrong to call you "Giggle the Hutt"? C;Pfffft!!!!

Mmmmmm...glue C:)

Emma said...

Bless you!! Good luck with the scan too..xx

Fat Controller said...

You say your boobs have got bigger?....and your problem is what, exactly? lol

I've never had a baby personally, but if experience with H. is anything to go by then you'll be growing more beautiful every day. By the third trimester you'll begin to realise this yourself!

Ron said...

I've heard of this happening with pregnant women. The "senses" start craving different things. you guys have something called, "Elmers Glue?" I LOVE the smell of that!

And you're eating for TWO enjoy. You'll have time to shed off those 6 pounds later.

I LOVE this photo!!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I loved the smell of school glue. It is a grammer school memory that will never go away.

babes my first baby I actually got huge but dieting and excersize trim a gal down and you become and feel like that beautiful goddess you were before...hehehehe.
God I ate so much chocolate with my first baby.

You eat baby...right now especially. Baby has needs. :D

trublmaka said...

Enjoy the experience - good and bad - cos once you give birth and heal up, its all back to boredsville from there! Lol

Giggle! said...

Auntie Daryl - I've thought about it, and now I'm freaking out! LOL!!!! I'm never going to eat again!!! :-P xx

C:) - *GiGGLeS* Not at all! It sure beats Plumpy!!! LMAO If I find any glue I'll share it with ya! :-P xx

Em - Cheers xx

Thinny - Awww that's lovely!!! And as for my boobs!

a) Hafta get a new bra all the time!
b) Bloody sensative!
and c) Back aches! *GiGGLeS*

If it were just my tits alone growing, I wouldn't mind so much!!! xx

Ronnie - Elmers glue? Ummmm not that I know of, no! But it sounds tasty :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Spiky - Ok. Ok :-P I'll eat lotsa cream pies and burgers! ... for the baby :-P Teeeheeee xx

Trub - Eh! I'll just get knocked up again! :-P xx

SSC said...

Ah the beauty of pregnancy....

Giggle! said...

SSC - *GiGGLeS* xx