Sunday, May 4, 2008

Now that's what I call a FLAMIN MUNGRAL!!!


Ok, so not long after Hubby and I moved into our house and we got the Internet, I became addicted to Ebay!! (Another serious addiction of mine!)

It's fantastic actually, I do all my Christmas shopping on there, and I can find exactly what I want in search and can get them for reasonable prices!

Anyways, so I was getting a parcel or two at least once a week, but I was finding some of them to be broken!!!

At the beginning I was often in the pool at the back (The novelty hadn't quite warn off at that stage) so I wasn't able to hear the courier turn up and drop the parcels off!

But then when I got sick of the pool (didn't take long) I was inside the house when I would have a mini freaking heart attack every bloody day at the sound of a huge sudden thump!!!

I would look out the window to see the courier van reversing out of the driveway and my parcel would be laying on a funny angle on our front deck!

Now... I don't know about you guys, but couriers here are suppose to pull up, beep the horn, and allow you the time to come out and collect the parcel!

If its a registered post and requires a signature, then they will wait long enough to make sure no one is home, and then they would write out a slip and put it in your letter box, notifying you to come and collect it from the post office.

If it doesn't require a signature, then they would place it somewhere safe near the door step for you to find when you get home!

Well! This courier had NEVER ONCE beeped the horn, which really pissed me off when I had to sign for a parcel.

There had been many times where I heard his Van pull up quietly and I look at the window and in an instant he has shoved a slip in the letterbox and took off!

He never even bothered to give me warning... he took off before I could even get to the front flippin door ffs!!!

So this would mean that I would have to wait for Hubby to get home and drive me to the freaken post office to pick it up, when it wasn't even bloody necessary!!!!

Some days I even made the effort to avoid it when I was expecting a post, by sitting on the deck and actually waiting for him to rock up!

On days like this he would crankily get out of the car and stomp his feet over to me like it was the end of the friggen world! I would greet him with a smile and a 'G'day how ya goin?' (Good ol Aussie greeting!)

To which he would reply 'Humph!!!' then storm back to his van, slamming his door and speeding away!!!

He's the grumpiest bloke I have ever seen I tell you!!!

So anyways, it was pretty obvious that he HATED his job, and was having a bad day which was fine by me, people have rough days so I wasn't gonna take it personal, and I wasn't about to make any kind of complaint because he was in a fowl mood!

But the loud thumps became louder and louder, and my parcels were becoming more broken and broken!

At first I had to confront some poor sellers on Ebay about it because I thought it was due to poor packaging.

But then after a few more encounters with this cranky bastard I realised that he wasn't getting any friendlier, no matter how hard I tried to make him smile!

So then I decided to spy on him!

Hubby has the car all day so it appeared that no one was home, and I would make it more believable by locking up the house!

So I would sit at the window and wait!


I watched the cheeky bugger drive half way up the driveway, wind down his window, and PEG THE FLIPPIN PARCEL FROM HIS WINDOW ONTO THE DECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like I was watching the parcel in slow motion smash into the wall, bounce onto the deck, bounce a few more times and then land with a thump!!!

So THAT'S what these huge thumps were!!! And no wonder the items were broken!!

This arsehole had even driven off before the damn thing even landed!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

I got straight on the phone and made a complaint this time, because the next parcel to arrive was a drinking glass which was a gift for my friend, and I knew at this rate it wouldn't stand a chance of survival!!!!

Anyways... I was sooo appalled by this that I even stopped ordering stuff from ebay because I was sick of having to deal with him breaking my stuff!

But only recently, I just ordered something else... and yesterday it arrived!

Well they obviously told this jerk that I complained to him because I was in the middle of my last RAT GiRL Post (Which is out now btw) when I was interupted by this annoying BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

And it didn't stop until I ran out!!!

As soon as I ran down the stairs, he got out of his van in a shocking pissed of mood, stormed up to me, shoved the parcel in my face, and rudely said "Happy now???!!!!"


Oh it made me so furious! I just stood there gobsmacked as I watched him slam his door and take off again! God I wish I had the chance to tell him where to shove it ffs!!!

What's worse is our phone as been disconnected (The Internet is fine but we can't make local calls because hubby forgot to pay the bill ffs) So I couldn't even get on the phone to make another complaint!!!



19 GiGGLeS:

Cheesy said...

What a fucktard! People like him give us posties a bad name...I'd bitch slap him myself!

Giggle! said...

Cheesy - Why hello you!!! :-)!!! Are you a postie??? LMAO!!!

Well if you agree it's bad behaviour - than I am certainly in the right to be PISSED OFF!

Thanks for visiting! :-) xx

trublmaka said...

I'd purchase something, request the seller write "fragile" on the package (explaining to the seller the purpose of purchasing a lovely little blankie and having it purposely marked FRAGILE), and have it delivered JUST for the SOLE purpose of meeting the bastard to give him a THOROUGH WHAT FOR and then Jamming a frozen DOG TURD up his ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teehee - it might even be the biggest and BEST stress relief EVER!!

trublmaka said...

Oh yea! Don't forget to demand to know what his freakin problem is!?
After all, you didn't make a complaint until the how-many-th package was delivered?

Vi said...

Yep, another bloody episode for rat girl there!!!! Get that phone back on and COMPLAIN!!!!!! (Try skype, free calls through your interent)

Giggle! said...

Trub - PMSL @ Fozen dog turd!!!!! Honestly though I don't think it would make much difference ffs!!! He is very cold hearted! xx

Aunty Vi - Don't you know it!!! LOL! I haven't a clue how to use Skype, but I shall get around to it once these public holidays have passed and we can go and pay the bill! xx

Magnus said...

This looks like a job for Rat Girl!

Ron said...

YEAHHHHH Rat Girl!!!!

Ya, know... this would have infuriated me too...BIG TIME! One thing that TRULY outrages when someone doesn't give a rat's ass (excuse the rat reference) about their job!

GOOD FOR YOU...for calling and complaining about this A-hole! ffs! Maybe if enough people do this...he won't have a job THROWING parcels any longer!!!


Hey...I LOVE the photo in this post, Giggle!

It's PERFECT!!!!

Dazzed and Confused said...

Who does he think he is.
The Cheeky Shit Rat Bag Nut Job.

Peach said...

ha ha brilliant - would love to be just like him (but not really piss anyone off) and just do and say what the fuck I want to at work - would be so liberating !

Dazza said...

That's crazy, he should have got the sack... geddit!?

Ah never mind, back to the music.


Giggle! said...

Mag - Tell me about it! LOL xx

Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* Yeh I know! He's a jerk right!! The only good thing about it is that it will make a good RAT GiRL comic!!! bwhahaha

Oh you like my piccy? *GiGGLeS* I altered it myself *flutters eyelashes* xx

Daz - LMFAO!!!!!!! Who needs RAT GiRL when I've got you :-P xx

Peach - HAHAHA! Well you've got a good point there! xx

Dazza - LMAO!!!! clever thing! And I LOVE your music!!! xx

CrystalChick said...

Here we have companies like UPS, they drive the big brown van, and our local guy is soooo nice. He honks as he's coming up the street and will get out, bring the package up and leave it if not requiring a signature, sometimes will give to a neighbor or we'll take another neighbors in. The only thing is tho that he will occasionally open my porch door to put the package inside and that is a big NO NO here because we have 2 dogs that may or may not have access to the porch any given day. But alot of people think that because it's a porch (even tho there are 2 doors to get into it and it's furnished) it's okay to walk in. Jeeeeez.
I need a sign. LOL

You did good to call and complain, keep up with that, there are enough miserable workers out there and in jobs where they work with the public they need to know how to do it proper or get another gig.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Giggle! said...

Crystal - WOW he sounds nice!!! But you're right about the opening door to dogs thing!!

We have a really nice lady courier that sometimes takes this jerks place, I wish she was on all the time! xx

Rhea said...

Wow, that guy has to be absolutely freaking miserable piece of crap to behave like that and not care about the service he performs. Unbelievable!!!!

I love Ebay too. I order all my Christmas gifts online just about.

Giggle! said...

Rhea - Tell me about it!!!

Oh why am i not surprised that you love Ebay too!!!! We are SOOO The same! :-D *GiGGLeS* xx

trublmaka said...

Gig; is it the older lady or the one with dark hair, always in a ponytail? Kinda rugged looking?

The older lady delivered here to us, silly lady called me Mrs Crazy!! lol

The other 'lady' isn't very nice though... she just drops a slip straight up!! BITCH!!
I was actually out front [of old place], and she put a slip in my letter box, I'd been waiting for -surprise surprise!!- a ebay package :D lol!! I know she saw me!! but the bitch dropped a slip instead of bringing the package up!
Mind you, I had SEEN her deliver packs to the dirty-mole-brigade upstairs and down (at other times)!!!!!
I never complained... just moved!

Fat Controller said...

What a complete arsehole! I'm happy to say that all our posties and couriers are a cheery lot, we're on first name terms with a lot of them. Your specimen has clearly got big problems!

I did hear once of a photographer who sent some prints through the post and marked the envelope 'Photographs do not bend' The postie added 'Oh yes they do', folded the envelope in half and rammed it through the mail slot.

Giggle! said...

Mrs Crazy - (LOL :-P) Nah, they wouldn't be the same people, they would have different couriers for different areas. This lady is blonde and a short and plump! She's freaken adorable!

She is a real sweety, always has a big smile on her face and always makes lovely conversation with ya. xx

Thinny - OMG!!!! LMAO What a nutter! I can't say he is any worse than my courier, but I can say that they both deserve a kick up the arse!! :-) xx