Sunday, May 11, 2008




11 GiGGLeS:

Rhea said...

you have such the way with words, Giggle! Love your style, babe!

AND, a BIG HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you too, your FIRST official!!!

trublmaka said...


CrystalChick said...

How wonderful that you are going to soon be a Mommy with a little baby giggly all of your own. So awesome!! Best wishes for everything. :)))

Daryl said...

Glad to have you back, Giggle!


Misty Dawn said...

Hehehehe, you absolutely crack me up. You are hilarious.

I'm sorry I have been missing from the blogging world lately, but I'm back. First, I send my condolences for your loss. BUT, second, I send you HUGE congratulations too!!!!

I'm So happy for you!

Giggle! said...

Rhea - *GiGGLeS* Well... they were RAT GiRLs words really... I would have gone with something a little ... ugh sweeter! :-P

Heeheee I know right??? SO EXCITING!!! xx

Trub - Back at ya! :-) xx

Crystal - Thank you! I am so excited!!! xx

Daryl - Good to be back! :-) xx

Misty - Thank you!!!! That's ok! I have been absent myself!!! What a crazy month it has been! xx

Vi said...

It wasn't mothers day here, gramma reminded me though in the middle of the week, so I DID manage to send her a gift, even though it didn't arrive in time! lol

Fat Controller said...

I sympathise with Vi. I've got to remember my own mum on Mothering Sunday in UK and woe betide me if I had forgotten Heather on the kid's behalf yesterday!!! Needless to say both kids were away partying though they did both text their mum in the morning.

nitebyrd said...

I tried to have a nice MD brunch for my X-MIL. That went to hell 'cause she was sick but everyone else enjoyed themselves.

Hope your mum had a good day, hun!

Ron said...

Hope you had a FABULOUS MOMMY DAY!

I had my first day off in a I chilled!

Oh..and by the way, I was able to view the You Tube with the Panda's.
It CRACKED me up! I watched it like, 6 times!!!

God love them!

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - Oh of course!!! I forget that you guys are different there! xx

Thinny - Ah bugger! Well at least that's not bad enought for RAT GiRL to box your head in! :-P xx

Nite - Awwww as long as somebody had fun!!! Yeh I think my Mum had a good time! Finding out that she is gonna be a Nanna for the first time is pretty exciting!! :-) xx

Ronnie - OH GOOD! I'm so glad you got to veiw the panda clip!! It's one of my favourites! :-D xx