Wednesday, July 30, 2008


*Clears throat* I mean.... G'DAY MATES!!!

Ok first of all...


Ok, SO...

Just so ya's know... I am NOT Dead! I am still fluttering around (feeling sorry for myself because I have NO Internet at the moment) but I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth!!!

You see... the last time ya's heard from me, I was temporarily ill with horrid migraines and morning sickness, so I was too crook to drag my arse to Keithy!

But since then (ages ago now) the morning sickness and bad headaches had STOPPED (praise the lord) and I have finally been feeling FANTASTIC!!!

It wasn't until I received a VERY EXCITING Parcel in the mail from the beautiful Daryl (frikken yonks ago now!) when I rushed online to send her many thanks, but I had discovered that I HAD NO INTERNET!!!

So let me just say now... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH DARYL!!! xxxxxx

She sent me 2 whole blocks of gorjus choccy and OMFG it was delish!!! The choccy looked real posh like it coulda cost an arm and a leg for!!! And I tell ya what!!! An arm and a leg would be a small price to pay for it's deliciousness!!! *GiGGLeS*


Unfortunately, Hubby threw out the empty packets and I have forgotten what the actual names of the chocolate were. Daryl could you pretty please remind me of these names and brands so I can Google the images and do a proper review on them? *Flutters Eyelashes*... Ta. xx

Oooo so any way... when I discovered that the Internet was down I picked up the phone to abuse the slackers, only to THEN discover that even the PHONE LINE WAS DISCONNECTED!!!

Long story short... Our Internet and local calls service are with Telstra, and our Mobile and overseas calls are with Max Telecom! I'm not exactly sure what the heck is going on... but apparently these services are clashing with each other and have cut off all of our services ALL TOGETHER!!! Which is STUPID because we are paying for NOTHING!

The big problem is... that none of these dickheads know how to fix the damn problem, because they have never dealt with an issue like this before!!

And as you can imagine, I can't even CALL the bastards because our phone isn't working!!! So I can only call them when I get a chance to go to Muussy's house, and even then all they can tell me is they are still trying to 'sort the problem'! DICKHEADS!

I'm at Muussy's at the moment, which is how I have found the time to pop on and do a post. I decided it would be easy if I spent the night because I have heaps of things (including this Telstra and Max Telecom issue) to sort out via phone, so I'm going to deal with all of that tomorrow!

Plus we are going to a funeral tomorrow...

Remember the family friend who I posted about? Who was diagnosed with a kidney tumour and told that he only had 4 months to live?

Well he lost his life on Saturday, and his funeral is tomorrow, may he rest in peace. xx

I don't know if I actually will go yet... I really struggle with these sort of things! The thought of death completely freaks me out, and I feel every bit of pain and suffering around me!

It's going to be really hard to see his family in mourning, and it doesn't help that I'm already a blubbering, hormonal, pregnant mess, getting fatter by the day!!

But anyway... we shall see how it goes!!!

On a brighter note... I FOUND THE CAMERA!!!

And since I've had nothing better to do, I went mad with posing in the dunny room and taking silly shots of myself to show off my new AWESOME PINK COWGIRL HAT that my AWESOME FRIEND RHEA SENT ME!!!!

It is soooo me...

Oh and look what else I did...



But you know what really sux?

I have completed 2 NEW episodes of RAT GiRL!!!


I do hope to be back online soon.


17 GiGGLeS:

Daryl said...

Love the faces ... but as my late ma would say careful they dont freeze that way

Choco-y ... umm lets see ... I am totally not remembering that names! I think one was .. and the other was ... ACK .. I cant remember... I better go back and get more ...


Giggle! said...

Daryl - LMAO Yes I know what you mean... RAT GiRL for one will never be pretty again! :-P

Oh you've got 'baby brain' too? :-P *GiGGLeS* I know one had gorjus toffee bits in it, hmmm that was my favourite!!! xx

Fat Controller said...

ROFL!!! Loved the clip! Thank you for that, I am going to have to find a way of returning the compliment.

WTF is it with your telecomms people? What a bunch of ******* (Rhymes with 'bankers'. Hope they get it sorted soon.

The hat really suits ya btw.

Anonymous said...

Hello Giggle!!

My brain is not working at the moment (I am in the middle of cleaning house... OY!!!), so I have nothing else to say but...

Hello Giggle! I am glad that you are well. C:)

Vi said...

HAHAHAHA! That clip really had me giggling. I miss ya honey!

Re Rat girl, why don't you copy it on a disc and upload it at your mums?

And sad news about FF. I hadn't heard he died till now. (Didn't speak to grandma last weekend)

Mr Farty said...

OMG you're gorgeous!!! Esp. in the video clip!

Really glad to hear your morning sickness is over. Keep in touch x

trublmaka said...

***HUGGLES & HUUUUUUUGE TITTIE_SQUISHES*** (once we get past the bellies!)

Oh that is sooo way gorjus!!
I can't wait to show Crazy!!
Miss ya heaps hunny, and remember, you're ALWAYS welcome here too, I got puter... you can use anytime!!
And if ya like, Hubby can drop u off in the morning b4 work and collect you (or we drop u home :D in the afternoons/evenings xoxox
just a thought lol

oooh, can't wait til these companies pull their heads OUT of their butts and fix it.

I think I like the very last pic of the hat best... The RG's a good one too

trublmaka said...

Love, and condolences on family friend.

Ron said...


What a BEAUTIFUL lady you are!

And that HAT looks awesome on you!

Now I SEE why you love PINK so much!

So glad to hear that you're feeling GREAT, but sorry to hear about the Internet! Doesn't that SUCK a big one? I've had that happen before and it made me INSANE!! I felt stranded!

Sorry to hear about your relative passing away. I know what you mean about it being difficult. You'll do what you feel best.

Thank you SO MUCH for this post, I've missed ya!

Hopefully you'll have your Internet service back soon and we'll all get to see some more RAT GIRL....and YOU!

Later, mate!

Dazza said...

Hey Giggle! Good to see ya! Hope you get your telecoms sorted asap. Telecom companies are all lazy f*ckwits though, so I wouldn't hold your breath!

Can't wait fro Rat Girl!! Have you registered it with any on-line comic lists yet? My friend funs and might be able to suggest the best ones to get listed on.

Love and happiness to you!


Joe said...

Hold on...we're supposed to be sending you gifts? I really need to read the instructions from now on. I guess I could send you a pink hat...oh, but you already have one. Erm..let me give this some thought.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Giggle: Oh sweetie. I'm sorry about the death in the family.

I'm glad to hear from you. I was getting worried but knew you were sick...I was like that with my first one too.

The hat is lovely and sweetie, you are beautiful. The pics are too.

Anyway...I miss you babe. Rat girl too. I can't wait to read them.

Ciao babe.

Anonymous said...

You know... you need to use that charm of yours and get someone to mail you a new keithy with some reliable internet. C;Pffft!

Rhea said...

RAE!!! I'm so glad to see a new post! And you look AWESOME in your pink cowboy hat!! I love all the pictures.

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better but the whole internet/phone thing totally SUCKS. I hope it gets straightened out soon. We've missed you!

I can't listen to your video right now, so I'll come back later to do it.

I'm so sorry about your family friend. :o( Death freaks me out too. I really haven't had anyone close to me die and I'm scared to death of it happening.

So GREAT to hear from yoU!

~Deb said...

It has to be the worse feeling in the world to be without the net----our one source of socializing for most!

These photos were great! Love your style---I'll be back!


CrystalChick said...

AHHHH I love your pink cowboy hat, you look AWESOME it it. But such a pretty girl would look great in ANYTHING! And your voice is just darling!!

Sorry about your family friend. Hope everyone can remember happier times, good memories, and know there's a better life to be had after passing from this one.

Giggle! said...

Thinny - hehehe glad you liked it! Maybe you can return the favour by sending a vid of you doing a little strip tease in your top hat! :-P *GiGGLeS*

LMAO yep! They are wankers indeed! xx

C:) - Wow, it's great to see that even the powerful minded have brain farts! :-P *GiGGLeS* I'm good Thankyou for asking! xx

Aunty Vi - Glad you liked it! I already did the download thing at Mum and Dads (as you know) Never again tho! Took me bloody ages! xx

Mr Farty - Oh heck yeah! I'm a catch! :-P My Rat face is one of my prettiest faces! All the models will be doing it in good time! :-P xx

Trub - HELLOOOO Thanks again for letting me use your puter when I was in need! Hopefully all is good with Keithy now! (Fingers crossed!) I'd love to come visit every morning but Hubby takes the ring road to work! :-( Boooooo! xx

Ronnie - *blushes* Fankyoooo! The hat makes me look good! *GiGGLeS* Yes it has sucked big time not having the net! But hopefully all is fixed for good noooooow! xx

Dazza - Thank you! You're damn right about that! Lazy fuckwits is spot on the mark for those wankers!

Ooooo I must have a look at that website! Sounds very exciting! xx

Joey - HAHAHAHA well if I wasn't up the duff, I'd be making ya send me some passion pop! (cheap wine) But I'm not alowed any, so you get out of it this time! ;-) xx

Spiky - Thanks hunny! I'm just glad to finally be back!

C:) - see what i mean? GENIOUS! Now why the hell didn't I think of that one! Must be the poroxide ffs! xx

Rhea - FANK YOOOO AGAIN SOOOOO MUCH for the awesome hat!!! I've worn it heaps!xx

Deb - Why hello!!! I love seeing new readers! You are totally right about that! I've been having some serious withdrawels!!! I'll be by to visit you soon! xx

Crystal - HEHEHEHE Thank you! LMAO oh but I tried to sound tough and nasty! Just wait till you hear Giggle's voice... very angelic! :-P xx