Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Triple Tagged!!!

Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggges ago now, I was tagged by the lovely Texan Cowgirl Rhea with this meme! But since then, I was also tagged by Emma, and Thinny with a very similar meme.

Both had very similar questions, so instead of doing it twice, I'll just join the two meme's together!

Sorry it took so long to get around to it, but Giggle always delivers eventually! :-) *GiGGLeS*

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning of the post.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves in their post.

3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

Ok! So... I'm not quite sure what to call this meme... because it's a bit of everything!

Hey I know!...

I'll call it...


So here goes...

What was I doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was 14 years old! I had not long started high school, and was your typical cheeky teenage girl who loved to hang out with her friends and run a muck!

In fact... Not much has changed! *GiGGLeS*

I loved to play dress ups, like I still do today...

I lounged around like a couch potato like I still do today...

and I still pig out on junk, like I did 10 years ago...

OK... OK... so there is one thing I must confess to that took over my entire 14 year old life!


When I was not dressing up, lazing around, or pigging out... I was obsessing and stalking my deep infatuation of a certain little long blond haired boy-band who I was madly and deeply in love with!!!...


Yep! I had a serious problem! These guys were all my life consisted of, and I just had to have EVERYTHING with their face on it!!! I had THOUSANDS of posters of them, about 50 shirts, I had flags, books, hats, clocks, even mirrors, EVERY CD, signed posters, rare records, necklaces, rings, tattoos, stickers, postcards.... EVERYTHING!!!!!


Poor Mum and Dad have it taking up their whole spare room! I just don't know what the heck to do with it all!

Luckily, this expensive addiction came to an end when Taylor got a girlfriend! (That bitch!!!) I decided that it was time to move on and I accepted the fact that I could never marry him!

So... I got myself a boyfriend instead...


Five Snacks I enjoy?

1. Strawberries Strawberry

2. Cherry Tomatoes Tomato
3. CHOCKY!!! Chocolate Bunny

4. Chippies!!! Chips


5. Olives Martini Roll

Five Things On My To-Do List Today?

1. Catch up on everyone elses blogs! Computer

2. Clean the house! Surf The Web
3. Clean the house! Recliner

4. Feed the cats! I'm Gonna Feed You A Shut-up Sandwich.


5. Clean the house! Sandy Beach

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

1. Hire a maid LOL!!! Maid

2. Buy my own Private McDonalds to go in my kitchen! Burger Joint
3. Go around the world and visit each blogger! Skydiver

4. I'd give each family member and good friend a million bucks each! Money 2

5. Or... I'd make a billion friends, and give them all a dollar each! Money 3

Five Jobs I Have Had?

1. Stock Displayer? (Heck knows what it's called! But I use to work in a big department store after hours restocking shelves in the baby section, and making pretty displays and stuff! I quit when my skanky team leader called me a slut!) Sexy

2. Gift Shop 2IC! (Yes well... that was with the boss from heck - Monster 2!) CEO

3. Fashion Retail Sales Assistant! (Also a company full of bitchy slags!) Sales Rack

4. Receptionist for Accountants in NZ! (Loved it! Just had to leave because of illness! [Went back to Oz]) Office

5. Office Administrator for a dumb construction company! (Where I met Monster 1!) Watching The Clock

Yeah.... Work sux!!!

Five of My Bad Habits?

1. Pigging out! Buffet
2. Being Lazy! Mullet
3. Adopting feral cats! Kitty 1

4. Losing my patience with Keithy! Throw Computer

and my biggest bad habit of all...

5. I have a habit of licking hubbys face and then blowing on the spit to dry his face out! Hubby can't stand it! *GiGGLeS evily* Licks

Five Places I've Lived?

1. At my Mums and Dads! Family 2
2. At Red's house in NZ! Steak House
3. At Hubby's Mum's house in NZ! Mom
4. At Trubs house! (Well! Pretty much!!) Party Time
5. In mine and Hubby's house now! Haunted House

Five Random Things?

1. I've been stung by a Jelly fish! Ouch
2. I've been bitten by a Red back spider! Spider

3. I've been bitten by a snake! Snake 2

4. Even Hubby has bitten me! Munchy
5. I've been bitten by a rat! Rat ...No joke! *GiGGLeS*

How did I name my blog?

Hmmm, well at first I named it 'motivationless' because my life is so incredibly boring, I was SURE I was going to struggle with posting! Because I didn't think I could possibly have anything to post about!!!

BUT, then I managed to post every day for the first couple of months! There was no stopping me! So I decided that the name didn't suit anymore, and changed it to '*GiGGLeS*' well, because dammit, giggling is my favourite thing to do!!!

Oh and for the record, a couple people have asked me if my nickname is 'Giggle' or 'GiGGLeS' because it can be very confusing.

Well... quite frankly you can call what ever the heck you want, but for those who have asked... '*GiGGLeS*' is the name of my BLOG - as in 'The place to come for a giggle' OR '*GiGGLeS* as in Giggle's Place!

Which means, that my nickname is actually 'Giggle' (no 'S') LMAO!!!


FFS just call me Preggo! Everyone else has been! :-P


OH! I am suppose to tag people with this!
To be honest, it has been so long, I can't remember who the heck has and hasn't done this, so this meme is free for all to do what you please with!


24 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Noice werk kimmy! :D
Luv tha pix!!
Good to see you back sweety.
Can't wait to see the bump!!xoxo

Giggle! said...

Cheers Sheeron!

Good to be back! And I can't wait to see yours either! You must be HUGE by now! xx

CrystalChick said...

Glad to see you again!
Fun questions, great answers. Cool pics.
My daughter LOVED the Backstreet Boys. AJ was her FAV. Strangely enough, her son's name is Alexander Joseph which is vvvvvery similar to his. Coincidence?? hmmm????

Giggle! said...

Crystal - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Even I have tried that one! With a baby on the way, we've been trying to come up with names.

For the boys names I must admit I have slipped in (in a subtle way) the first and second names of each Hanson boy for suggestions!

But Hubby ain't having it!... dammit! xx

Aunty Vi said...

LOL, I remember your mum supporting you 110% in your hanson obsession. She was nearly obsessed as you! I remember the day saying to her 'She'll grow out of it' and Mussy nearly jumped down my throat 'NO SHE WON'T! SHE'LL LOVE AND FOLLOW THEM FOREVER!'

Peach said...

ha, hanson, you FRUIT CAKE - !!

How is your bump and all stuff pregnancy ???


Daryl said...

Oh this is just the best MEME ever .. I dont mean the Q .. I mean the As!


SSC said...

You are too cute, that is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

These were the best answers. Bit by a rat? You really are rat girl!!

Daryl said...

There's an award for you, come on over and pick it up!


Fat Controller said...

Brilliant answers! good to see you back and as hilarious as ever.

Loved the photos, but isn't that actually Rat Girl hiding under that chocolate mask???

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I loved your answers and the photos are so awesome...I remember the Hansons. Taylor doesn't know wat he missed out on.

I think you are awesome. :D

How the baby doing and how are you?

Giggle! said...

Aunty Vi - *GiGGLeS* She was just being a great Mumma! xx

Peachy poo - Heeeheeee, so far so good, I'm just waiting for my second scan piccy to post all about it! xx

Daryl - Awww! Why Thankyou! *Flutters eyelashes* xx

SSC - *blushes* xx

Jenn - hahahaha thanks! Of course I was! RAT GiRL is a true story you know? :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Daryl - oooo oooo for me???? COOOL!!!! Be there sooooon xx

Thinny - heeeheee I can see the resemblance... but don't be fooled! If it were RAT GiRL it would be cheese all over her face! :-P xx

Spiky - Awww shucks thanks chicky! Everything is going great with the pregnancy so far... I've got alot of posting to catch up on about it all, so I should hopefully get on to it soon! :-) xx

Ron said...

What a FABULOUS post Giggles!

I feel like I now know EVERYTHING about you!

OMG…your bedroom looked like a HANSEN MUSEUM!

(I could barely even see YOU in that photo)

God…I remember Hansen. Every girl had a crush on them.

What ever happen to them?

Anyway… I love all the little smiley’s you used here…I feel like I’m in Disneyworld!

I cannot believe you were BITTEN so many times.

Damn, girl…you MUST be SWEET!

Tee, hee…

GREAT post, my Giggle friend.

Thanks for sharing!!

Giggle! said...

Ronnie - :-) Heeeheee I love bright and colourful things too!!! Hahaha I know aye, it's like a game of 'Where's Giggle' in that photo!

Hanson aren't so big anymore, they are all old and married with kids! LOL I think it all ended for them when Taylor cut his hair! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Rhea said...

You know what? It was worth the wait. We had to wait soo long for you to post something, and this was awesome! You are queen of graphics and smileys. I love your hilariousness (a new word, I know).

I love all your younger pics, you're such a cutie. LOL about Hansen. You were a nut!!

I can't believe you've been bitten by a rat and a snake! Holy shit! You're gonna have to share the stories behind that. I think I'd have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from just ONE of those, much less both.

So good to see/hear from you!! I've missed you!!!

Rhea said...

BTW, thanks for putting up my button link!

And, don't forget to change your other link to my blog under the "Rhea!" spot on your blog.

It's so messy trying to switch blog addresses. :o)

Joe said...

Always good to see a new post from you, giggle.

Hanson? Really?

You're too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hello Giggle!!!!

You know... that Hanson thing is just flat out embarrassing C;P However, I did spend some time following the Grateful Dead around... but that was different, there were drugs involved. C:X

Mr Farty said...

Hey, how did you get a photo of my daughter's bedroom? Ok, it was Take That in her case, followed by the Backstreet Boys, but still...I wandered in there once to retrieve a newspaper, the door swung shut behind me and it took me three days to find my way back out!

Very funny post, thanks!

Lady in red said...

as said by others well worth the wait

welcome back sweetie

Giggle! said...

Rhea - heeeheeee glad I could be of service :-)!! I tend to duck off every now and then lately, but I will ALWAYS catch up, and will NEVER stop blogging :-) *GiGGLeS*

Ugh! The animal bites are no big deal, just me being silly trying to 'save' the silly things (the ridiculous animal lover I am!)

Always backfires though LOL!

You're welcome about the button, it's very cool! Of Course! With the excitement of the button, I forgot all about changing the link! Must do that now! xx

Joey - Cheers! Hahaha Hey! Hanson are a catch! I reckon if you chuck on a long blonde wig Joey, the girls will go nuts for you too! :-P xx

C:) - Oh C:) don't lie! I bet you have a secret room full of Hanson merchandise! :-P I bet you admired them for their hair didn't you! :-P Ya Druggo! xx

Mr Farty - hahahhaha you poor bugger you must have been terrified *hugs*! Having TWO obsessions, now THAT would have been expensive! xx

Lady - Thankyouuuuuuuu! It's been too long hasn't it! xx

Rae!xx said...

Well done and thanks for completing so well.

Only you could have done it so well.

Fantastic asnwers too..xx

Giggle! said...

Rae - Heeheee! My pleasure! I had fun with it! xx