Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm allergic to pregnancy!

Blergh... sorry I haven't been on for a while to post or read others and I probably wont be for a little longer!

I've had a horrid stomach bug for the last couple of weeks which has had me runny from both ends!!! (I know... ewwwww)!

But even though the stomach bug has seemed to have cleared up, I'm suddenly constantly fatigued and tired ALL the time! I have been sleeping for about 16 hours per day and when I'm not sleeping I'm cuddling up to my bucket in bed ffs!

I'm also very light headed and feeling faint alot and getting these awful hot flushes that makes it feel like my head is gonna pop off and shoot to the moon ffs!!! But most of all, I suffer from hideous headaches if not miagraines!! *sigh*

So please bare with me as I rest up and try to get back to my normal self!

Oh! RHEA!!! I got your hat and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you soooo much!!! The house ghost has stolen my camera, so when I'm feeling up to it, I'll start searching high dangerous places for the rotten thing! (long story.) And when I find it, I'll take a piccy!

In other news, I had my 11 week abnormalities scan and blood tests a few weeks ago, and finally got my results back yesterday.

The Blergh news, is that my placenta is positioned too low and is pressed against my uterus (it's supposed to be floating up high) which means that I may have to have a cesarean!

The worst case scenario is if I go into labour early and unexpected with out immediate attention, I could hemorrhage and bleed to death! Eeeeek!

BUT the good news is that it's still early days and the placenta still might rise into it's proper position. And even if it doesn't, at least we are aware of the problem, and we can prevent the worst from happening!

The GREAT news is... that the baby is perfectly healthy!!! In fact, the doctor said that the results were BETTER than the average good results!

So I am extremely pleased with that!!! Even if I do have to have a cesarean!

Hmmmm so that's all my news for now...

Oh and thank you all for such great feedback for the last RAT GiRL episode! I've actually already started on the next FOUR episodes!!!!

Okay I love ya bubye!


22 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling like shit! Glad to hear bub's ok.
Don't stress on the ceasare thing - trust me.. I'm thinking of going in and asking for one NOW!!!

We is keeping our hoping and praying that all goes well. And ceasare isn't so bad, its a very good reason for extra rest!
My bestie had 2 kids, the 1st was ceasare and 2nd was natural, so there's hope for ya!

Anyways, Crazy's looking forward to more RatGirl. He's very very VERY excited!! And very very VERY impressed at your talent!
Lots of luv to ya from us
You'll be better soon - I hope its not our fault your unwell xo if it is, it'll explain the pains I'm having!!

Aunty Vi said...

Ahhh baby, just rest up. Best thing you can do. I had two C-sections as you know. At least you wouldn't have to go through the pain of labour!

Daryl said...

Okay ... first while I like that doctors tell us everything w/o sugar coating I do think they tend to stress the negative a bit hard AND every fucking doctor, excuse me, every fucking OB seems to think C sections are the way to go if they even suspect it might be a hard birth .. they are so damned afraid of a lawsuit ... bugger them

AND DO NOT WORRY ... I am convinced this baby be born without a lot of fuss.

I sent off your surprise .. and I need to know .. are you on Facebook?


Dazza said...

Nice job on Rat Girl... can't wait for more. And good luck with the little one!! I'm experiencing Peachy's pregnancy a little more first hand here... so I know the sorts of things you are going through. All the best, Dxxx

Anonymous said...

Yup... I think I am allergic to pregnancy too. C;P

Rhea said...

I'm so glad the baby's healthy! YAY!! That's great!

And, I'm so glad the hat finally arrived! That sure took long enough. Like three weeks or something.

Sorry you've been so ill. You poor thing. You've really been through the ringer. :o(

It's so good to hear from you again, and you know I loved the latest issue of Rat Girl!

Ron said...

SO HAPPY to hear that the baby's health results are BETTER than average!!!


But sorry to hear that your feeling under the weather, dear one!

Just know that I'm sending you much good energy and love headed your way!

Hey...and don't worry about visiting our blogs...the most important thing, is for you to take good care of yourself!

Thanks for keeping us posted on you.

Have a great weekend, Giggles!

Fat Controller said...

Of COURSE the litle bub is above average. How couldn't it be?

Just take it easy and the shitty feelings will eventually pass.

Mr Farty said...

Oh babes, sad to hear you're not feeling well :-(

And tired all the time - thank goodness that problem will completely disappear when baby comes along.


Sorry. Couldn't resist. Mine's 24 years old and I'm still knackered.

CrystalChick said...

Oh dear girl you just get all the rest you need and come back to us when you're feeling better. We'll be thinking of you and the little Giggle.
I'll bet you look awesome in the pink cowboy hat! Do post pics eventually, we'd all love to see them!
Hug, M

Rae!xx said...

Aw darling, sorry to hear you have been poorly, and I really hope everything progresses for you both ok...xx

Jeff B said...

Gee, some people will do anything to keep from making the blog rounds!

Seriously though, I'm glad the baby is doing great. When he/she is a teenager you can ground him/her for a month for putting you through so much agony.

Mr Farty said...

Maybe this little something over on my blog will cheer you up?

Peach said...

ha ha, dazz, it's not like I'm suffering much that you have lots to deal with "first hand" !!!, you just get to see me feeling a bit pissed off once a week!!

Poor Dazz - I think he's broody!!

Giggles - your placenta can easily move up by then, it's not a dead cert you'll have to have a CS - although I think i am going to elect to have one myself...

what a shit you're having such a yuck pregnancy, so unfair. I've sailed through mine so far (touch wood touch wood) - had the anomaly scan on wed and all is groovy - this might make you laugh, but have you tried exercising? I found that the more active I was, the better I feel generally?

When do you find out the sex - are you gonna find out ????


trublmaka said...

Missing you gorjus.
Hope you're better soon!
Its sooo lonely without your giggling round here!
I love your stories, and I know everyone else does too!!

Hugs, best wishes and big prayers, hoping you can part ways with your bucket REAL soon!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I so know how you feel. I was like this too with my first one.

You take care and come back when you can. hus fo yo sweetie.


trublmaka said...

For all who have been popping in just to check on GiGGLeS, and see if she's back yet, she's ok!
I had a lovely, but short visit with her and Hubby this afternoon. I will let GiGGLe have the pleasure of updating you on the details, but in short, its a matter of technical issues keeping her away from blogging, not so much the health.
And I'm sure she'd be sending love and "ffs's" to everyone!
GiGGLeS also is hoping to be back online very soon!
So, here's fingers and everything else cross her return is a success.

Fat Controller said...

Thanks for the update, Trub. We all miss that crazy gal!!

By technical issues do you mean that Keithy George is being a pain in the arse again???? FFS!

trublmaka said...

Well, actually, this time its not KG's fault!!!

Joe said...

So your baby is already above average! Well done giggle!

Hope you're feeling better.

Rhea said...

Thanks for the update, Trublmaka, I've been so worried about Rae. I'm imaging her tied up and locked in a closet...I need to hear from you, Giggle!!

Giggle! said...


Trub - HA! How could you think that you guys were the cause of my suffering!!! LOL Thanks for your sweet thoughts!! Been missing ya heaps!!! xx

Aunty Vi - Hey yeah! You did have two C sections, and you're still alive with two healthy boys!! :-) Then I'll be fine! xx

Daryl - Hehehe, I hate doctors too! I'm feeling fine about the whole thing now, in fact I'm looking forward to it!!! Thanks for your advice! And I think I do have facebook, just no damn internet! xx

Dazza - Glad ya like the RAT GiRL! I have more... I just can't upload it yet :-(! How cool you get to see Peachypoo!!! I bet she's getting pretty big by now! xx

C:)- Hey don't be so sure... didn't ya hear about the bloke that had a baby? :-P xx

Rhea - thank you my sweet! Yes the hat did take ages to get to me, but it was well worth the wait!!! THANKS AGAIN!! xx

Ronnie - THANKYOU, I can't wait to get up to date with the rest of ya's!!! xx

Thinny - LMAO I spose you're right! :-P *Flutters Eyelashes* xx

Mr Farty - Why is it that I always just happen to be sipping on hot chocolate when I read your comments!!! I always make a mess on the computer screen ffs! xx

Crystal - THANKYOUUUU, and the Cowboy hat piccys are on the way!!! xx

Raexx- Thank you... feeling much better now! :-) xx

Jeffy - LMFAO!!! Well said!!! xx

Mr Farty - I'll check it out soon... but I wont be taking my hot chocky with me *GiGGLeS* xx

Peachy Poo - Oh you lucky thing!!! You're having a great pregnancy aren't you!!! AND YESSSSSS I am soooooo finding out the sex!!! Oh I can't wait!!! xx

Trub - Awww Thanks Trub, I'll be back as soon as I can!!! xx

Spiky - Ah well it's good to know that it's not unusual! Thanks hunny :-) xx

Trub - LOL Cheers again :-) xx

Thinny - Hehehe, Keithy is suffering as much as I am!!! He is missing out on his porn! :-P xx

Joey - But Of course :-) Thankyouuuu xx

Rhea - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never last long in a cupboard! Unless of course it was full of junk food! Then I would have no reason to leave :-P xx