Sunday, August 24, 2008

Doin' it like the celebrities!

It's all the rage like it's the latest fashion for celebrities to adopt black babies that are in need of rescuing from poverty!

So, me and Hubby thought we'd do the same too!

Meet our adopted black baby... Albert...


Yeah Yeah! I know you're thinking 'Oh ffs Giggle you mad woman, you already have a gazillion cats and you're getting ready to pop out a little human that will keep you busy enough! WTF are you thinking!?'

But just hear me out okay... cause it's quite a sad story!

A few months ago we had this weird-arse couple living in the flat next door to us, and Albert was their kitten. I don't know what name they had given him, because they always refused to acknowledge us whenever Hubby and I ever tried to say G'day.

But I know ALbert was theirs because she would let him in and out of the house and fed him and all the rest of it.

Anyways, about a month ago they just suddenly packed up and left!!! I wasn't sure if they had gone for good, but I never did see them again.

The only weird thing was that Albert was STILL there!

Waiting at the front door for his Mummy to get home and let him in!!

I thought SURELY they wouldn't leave their little baby there and just up and leave!

So at first I thought, maybe they hadn't moved but were just out all the time and popped in to feed Albert every now and then.

But when Albert's meowing became more stressed as he would sit at the door and beg to be let in, I began to think that maybe he had been abandoned!

I realised that he certainly had been when I decided to bring him some cat food and water to see if he was hungry!

YEP! He wasn't just hungry, he was starving!!! The poor bugger just about swallowed the bowl that the food came in!

It broke my heart because I wished I had started feeding him earlier, because it was 3 weeks he was without food, meowing for his Mummy who never came back! So I was devastated for the poor little thing!

SO I continued to feed him, (i'd put his food by the door where he would sit and wait to be let in) but I wasn't sure whether the owners couldn't find Albert at the time when they were moving out and had decided to come back looking for him? (It does happen.) So I avoided adopting him completely incase they were coming back to get him.

But about a week later, some new people moved in.

I was actually heading over to let the new neighbours know the situation with Albert, but just as I was heading out the door, I watched this big scary woman bust open her door and hiss and shoo Albert away!!!

Albert just about shit himself and bolted down the street to get away from the hideous Ogre!

My heart sank! Poor Albert! I tried to run after him, but there was just no keeping up with him!

I was guttered for the poor litle thing but I figured he'd come back soon enough for me to feed him again.

But no...

He was missing for a week, he had vanished of the face of the earth!!!

Meanwhile I had actually found out from the land lady of the flat, that Alberts owners had packed up and moved overseas! So obviously the bastards abanded poor Albert!!! (I despise people like that!)

I kept leaving food for Albert, hoping he would return but I wouldn't put it near the door this time (because of the new tenants wouldn't appreciate it of course!)

Instead I had to put it closer to our house but of course, our own cats would come and eat it before Albert was in with a chance!

Still no sign of him, when the new tenants were out for the day, I decided that I would sneak a bowl of food and water in the next door neighbours garden bed behind a tree.

So that the tenants wouldn't find it, and hopefully our cats wouldn't sniff it out.

But just as I climbed through the bushes to get to the hidden tree (their garden bed needs some serious weeding) there was ALBERT!!!

The poor little darling was curled up hiding behind the tree shaking like a leaf!

He obviously didn't know where to go and just stayed there, but hiding from the wicked ogre!

He must have been there for over a week just frozen there, terrified!!!

I rushed over to him and comforted him while trying to coax him to eat, but he was sooo weak and dehydrated, he had foam coming out of his mouth and could barely move because he was so weak! :-(

Eventually he had the strength to sit up and eat some food, and when he had finished, I stood up to get him some more water.

As weak as he was, he use what little energy he had left to stand up on his two back legs, he hugged my leg and looked up at me with his begging eyes as if to say "please don't leave me!"
It was so heart breaking, I just burst into tears there and then.

"Come on" I said as I picked him up and carried him to his new home (our house.)

He has such a beautiful nature and feels right at home with us!

The other cats are still getting use to him, but are slowly taking to him.

It breaks my heart that he and other animals had / have to go through that.

But now he runs the fucking household!!!


22 GiGGLeS:

Jeff B said...

and here i was nearly misty eyed reading this until I got to the last line and realized, "Yep, the little turd is still a cat!"

Ruling the household...Bwahahaha

What a sweetheart you are for taking him in. Just in the nick of time too it sounds like.

Great to see you back in action again.

Trixie said...

Mate, I started reading this and went NOOOOOO!!!!


But sweetie, my heart went out to poor little Albert.

You, my dear, are the most pure hearted person I really know in the world. Can't believe we are related, lol!

Giggle! said...

Jeffy - hahahahaha, yup! There's just no avoiding their cheeky ways!!! xx

Aunty Vi - I knew if I explained I would get away with not being lectured! *GiGGLeS* xx

trublmaka said...

If there were more people like you, this world would be the most amazing place.
I'm beyond proud of you sweety. I can't wait to meet Albert. He is beautiful!
He found the right home!
I'd offer to help out and adopt him from you, but there are too many other cats who tried to hurt LaLa (RIP sweety) when he was with us, so bringing a new cat home would be too cruel!
Besides, I stil miss my Buddha and Tigger WAY too much.

Fat Controller said...

You're an angel, Giggle.

Dazza said...

We'll have to christen you St. Giggle patron saint of waifs and strays soon...

Hee hee.


Lady in red said...

he really is lucky to have found you

its good the other cats didn't reject him.

Giggle! said...

Trub - ahhhh shucks!!! I know, your poor kitties!! I wonder what ever happened to budda! I hope he's ok :-( xx

Thinny - I am?? *blushes* Ahh but RAT GirL makes up for it!!! xx

Dazza - LMAO!!! Hey! I can have a bad side too! Ask hubby... when I don't get my chocolate, I turn nastier than RAT GiRL!!! *GiGGLeS* xx

Lady - we almost named him 'Lucky' but since we adopted him, he ate sooo much food and got really fat quick! Like that famous Black Fat Albert! *GiGGLeS* xx

nitebyrd said...

You have a special place in your heart, hun. Good Karma will be with you, always.

We're seeing a lot of abandoned animals here because of people losing their homes. The shelters are always begging people to adopt.

Giggle! said...

Nite - Eeeeeeek that's sad for the animals AND the people! I wish the world was a much better place!! xx

Anonymous said...

Awww. Sweet.

A sad sad story with a happy ending.

Ron said...



My god, I'm sitting here reading this, all teary-eyed and sad.

SAD because I just don't understand how someone could DO such a thing!?!?

Besides the fact that they didn't leave him anything to eat or drink, it breaks my heart to know that an animal can FEEL REJECTION just like a human being. And feeling NOT WANTED has to be the WORSE feeling to have.

Well, my dear one....Albert is the luckiest cat in the world to have you as his new mommy!!!

And thank you for having the heart and soul to CARE!

God LOVE YA!!!!

I'm so PROUD to have you as my friend!


Giggle! said...

Jenn - hehehe I like to think so! xx

Ronnie - awwwww *blushes like crazy!* Thankyou! I bet you would have done the same! xx

Wow I didn't expect this to have such an effect over people!

Magnus said...

Thank you for being the kindhearted person that you are.

My own thoughts are somewhat less kindly toward the "people" (I use the term loosely) who abandoned him. Things like this make a light go in in my bloodthirsty little brain and suddenly I'm considering if it's even possible to perform major unnecessary surgery with a dirty popsicle stick.... It makes Dexter look like Pollyanna.

trublmaka said...

I got something for you on my blog sweety
Hope you like it!!


Giggle! said...

Mag - Oh I LOVE Dexter!!! Hubby and I can't get enough of that show!!! He's a loveable killer! Almost makes it tempting! :-P xx

Trub - I saw it and I loved it!!! Thanks again!!!!! MWAH xx

CrystalChick said...

We rescued a dog named Rev who also runs our household. OKay, co-runs it with our other doggie Ollie and a cat Greta. I can't imagine life without pets.
OH wait, yes I can. The house would be clean and I wouldn't have to let them in and out and feed them and love them and pet them. OH I'd have more time for blogging! LOL
Nah, they are keepers. :))))

Mr Farty said...

Can I just say you've got a lovely pussy?


Rhea said...

You are so sweet to look after him and care for him! Poor little booger. I can't believe his owners just ditched him like that. And mean new ogre next door. Sheesh. I love cats, which I could have some but hubby's allergic. darnit.

Giggle! said...

Crystal - hehehe yes!!! Animals are like kids!!! Very needy but certainly worth it! :-) xx

Farty - LMAO!!! *Blushes* Why Thankyou! xx

Giggle! said...

Rhea - hehe it's shocking actually because I'm a bit allergic to cats myself, but it doesn't stop me from adopting them all!!! Terrible eh!? xx

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