Sunday, October 19, 2008

It aint over 'till the fat lady screams!!

Hello... it's me Giggle!!! Remember me?? *waves madly!*

Yeh Yeh I know! I've been slack! But hey... I've been flat out busy getting the nursery sorted and it's coming along nicely! So I have been using my time wisely.

And when I haven't been busy... I've been getting as much rest as I can! Because the third trimester is not being very nice to me!!...

*Proof that I've been sick in bed!*


I'm now 28 and a half weeks pregnant!!! And there is not very long to go at all! Due on the 8th of January (For those who keep forgetting! )

I'm having a little more difficulty in my 3rd trimester with daily activities, needing to take frequent rests, and having trouble breathing as the baby pushes up against my lungs more often.

The bumps getting bigger...

*28 weeks preggas!*

I've been very pale due to lack of iron, my blood pressure has been a little low, I've got swallen ankles, hands and face due to fluid retention (I've puffed up a lot) and I've gained over 10KG and counting! (sigh!)

But thats all normal in pregnancy and nothing to worry about!

Unfortunately though, I've just tested positive to getational diabetes! (Booooo!) Well I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for further tests to confirm it, but my sugar levels were so high... they are pretty much 90% sure!

I was at high risk anyway given my family history! But hopefully it can be controlled with a low carb diet... I'm PRAYING that I wont have to go on insulin as I can not stand NEEDLES!!! EEEEEEEK!!!
But I'm keeping positive! Sure it's scary, but I'm blessed that I'll only have diabetes for less than 3 months (hopefully!) My poor Mumma lives with type 2 diabetes every day! So I'm not complaining... I'm blessed really!

Just as long as the little one doesn't get effected by it, it's a small price to pay for the moment I get to hold the little treasure in my arms in the end! awww!

I'm really ticked off at my midwife though, because when I went for the test, she told me that given my family history of diabetes, I had a very high chance of testing positive to it! So she insisted that she would definitely call me as soon as she found out the results to put my mind at ease.

But come 3:20pm on Friday and still no sign of her call, I decided to ring the clinic myself for the results, and the lady I spoke to said that my Midwife hadn't been in all day, and that if she hadn't called me, then the results must have been fine.

But she double checked for me just in case... and she was shocked to find such a bad result! Even she couldn't believe that my Midwife hadn't contacted me as I needed to book an emergency second test ASAP! And, the hospital closes at 3:30pm!

So I had all of 5 minutes to have everything explained to me and then ring up and book an appointment as soon as I could! (They are closed during the weekend!) So I'm not impressed at all!

Luckily the lady that I spoke to on the phone felt terrible for me and managed to quickly contact them for me just in time and booked me a bigger test first thing Monday morning!! But I'm not very impressed with my midwife at all... I think I may need to find somebody more reliable.

But anyway... I also have another scan on the 14th of November, as my placenta has been laying low, and I need to find out whether I can give birth naturally or have a C-section. It is also our last chance to find out the sex of bub too (if the little bugger uncrosses it's legs this time) hehe, but by then it wont be long to find out for real anyway!

But we'd still like to find out if we can... because we are DYING to know! So I'll keep ya's informed with that too!

Hubby is doing well and is excited about being a Daddy!...

*Hubby bonding with the bump!*

But he has had a bit of a rough run lately and has needed quite a bit of time off work! First he had a strange lump in his arm and wasn't feeling very well, so he took time off to get to the doctors.

But just as he headed to the doctors his CAR BROKE DOWN!!! So he is yet to go to the doctors still, but since then the lump has gone down, but I do worry for him !

And THEN he used his skateboard as transport to do a grocery shop!! (Crazy fella!) And he had a nasty fall and pulled a serious hammy and could barely walk!! So he needed more time off for that too, and to fix his car which he ONLY just got working today! (It's so easy to take these things for granted, we were missing being able to go out when we needed to soooo much!)

But other than that, over all we're doing OK! And we are keeping good spirited about everything.

Hope everyone else is doing fine, I'm going to get to catching up on my blog reading soon, but I still wont be able to post quite as often as I'd like as I've got so much going on right now.

But I wanted to give ya's an update and let ya's know that I'm still alive!! *GiGGLeS*

I've started on the next RAT GiRL episode too, but it's coming along very slowly, as I can only sit at the computer for small periods at a time (MY BACK IS KILLING ME!!!) So bare with me!!

I can't wait to get my body back ffs!

Until then... behave yaself kids! :-P


20 GiGGLeS:

Jo-Jo said...

Oh I have missed you so much! I really hate that you are having such a hard time, but you are right! It is totally worth it when you hold that baby in your arms. (By the way, I am betting it is a girl!)

Misssy M said...

Oh that third trimester can be rough. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. I had a similar nonsense after i went to see my doc about 6months in, complaining of feeling rough. She clearly couldn't be arsed with me and sent me home. A week later my midwide tested my wee and told me I had a UTI. Now, UTIs can put a woman into premature labour (it happened to a friend). I was livid.

Make sure you make your views known to you midwife- not on.

Virtual good vibes from me on the on the other side of the world. hope the next pic is a smiling one.

Ron said...


OH glad to see you posting again, just to let us know how you're doing!

I've heard from several women that this trimester is challenging for MANY!

I love the photos you share here! Your belly looks os cute. And the shot of your hubby and belly is beautiful. Very sweet!

Sorry to hear about the diabetes thing. There's a little bit of that in my family background too! But hopefully on Monday, you'll get this all settled and go from there.

I can't believe you're "expecting" in January!!! Holy cow...that'll be here before you know it! You'll have a little New Years Baby!!! It'll come out of your belly wearing a diaper and blowing a party horn, and wearing a party hat...screaming, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"

Anyway dear one, I'm off to work. I've got to go in for four hours today, but I'll have the next few days off.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Thanks for keeping us posted!

We miss you!!

Dazza said...

Wow, that's quite a mixed bag of things to deal with... hope you are staying sane... best of luck with it all!!


(in Groningen, Holland)

Leesa said...

Hey there!

Great to hear from you, though things are quite rough at the moment... I'm sending ALL my positive energy for only GOOD things to come your way from now on... I just sent you an email before this comment so I'll leave you here with a big hug and a wish/prayer that all gets better soon...

Shannon said...

Missed ya! Good to hear from you... I've been wondering how you've been doing.

Ugh, sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having. But it will all be worth it in the end!

Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself!!

Rae!xx said...

Ill or not you still look staggeringly beautiful, you take care of

Daryl said...

Oh I have missed you and I am feeling guilty over the choco I sent you .. I suspect all that chocolate you ate early on wasnt so good for you ... DEFINITELY get thee a new midwife .. that was very wrong of her not to call you ASAP ... xoxo


Mr Farty said...

So there I am thinking, "I haven't heard from GiGGLe lately, think I'll just check up on her" and OMG!!!
Sorry to hear you're feeling rough, and hope the next couple of months pass quickly for you.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Awww Giggles....huge )))H(((

So sorry you have been having such a bad time of things, but I can tell you are managing to keep your spirits up despite it all. I hope they get your diabetes under control without the needles (total EEEK!) and that your hubster also gets better. Hang in there, it'll be 2009 before you know it.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

BTW ADORE the bonding piccie :-)

Fat Controller said...

Good to have you back! Sorry you're feeling rough, it will all be forgotten when you get to hold your little bundle for the first time!

I looked very hard at that first picture of you but I couldn't see any evidence of sick in the bed LOL. The other pics are just lovely.

THe top pic reminds me of when H went in with No. 1. She was too far along for an epidural and she took one whiff of the Entanox and said "I'm bloody well not having that, It makes me feel drunk. I'll do without, thanks very much". And she did.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

oh my poor giggles. Boo on feelin bad too. I so know how you feel sweetie. Being diabetic myself, It was a struggle. I runs in the family. My pregnancy was okay considering i was pregnant. This is your first and my first was hard too. I slept so very much and didn't feel better till later on. I think you have me beat though.

Hoping you feel wonderful as the days go by honey.

Take care sweetie.

Anonymous said...

To quote you "Flamin' heck!" on the gestational diabetes. Hugs sweetie and you'll feel way better when you got your bug in your arms.

And that pic of hubby kissing your belly....melt. Adorable.

Joe said...

That's how you look when you're pregnant and sick? There are tons of women that would kill to look that lovely at their best.

Love the pic of hubby bonding and glad to hear that things are going somewhat well.

SSC also suffered from gestational diabetes when pregnant with Choo so you may wish to contact her to see how she handled it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

So happy to hear from you! YOu are GORGEOUS even when you are sick...the pic of your husband kissing your fetus filled belly was so cute!

To bad for the Gestational Diabetes...seriously that sucks! I can't wait for the next Rat Girl and keep yourself healthy! Go get a B12 shot! :)

Ken said...

You take care of your selfs we will be here when you get up to it!

Practically Joe said...

What a great picture of the three of you. One of your first family pictures. It's a keeper!

BTW ... you didn't look sick to me. You looked fabulous!

Giggle! said...

Jo-Jo - Thank you dear lady! I've missed ya'll too! And ooo I see the bets are on!! I’m going to make a guessing game soon!! xx

Misssy – OMG that is ROTTEN!!! Ya can’t trust an bugger these days!! And that was your doctor!!! That’s even worse ffs! Glad everything worked out for you tho!! SHEESH! Xx

Ronnie – aww thanks Ronnie! Shyeah! The 3rd Tri is rough! But thank heck there’s not long to go!! Hehe yeah I love the Hubby pic too! It’s our first family portrait!

Oh you have diabetes in your family too? Bugger! Just don’t ever get pregnant and you’ll be right! ;-) *GiGGLeS*

I KNOW RIGHT? It’s just around the corner! I can’t believe how fast time flys!! LMAO!!! I’d better film the birth just in case it does come out all dressed up with a party whistle! Hehehehe Thanks Ronnie!! Xx

Dazza – Thanks Daz! I hope you’re having the time of your life on tour! :-) xx

Leesa – Thank you.. I got your email.. it was lovely to read!! Thanks for your kind words! Xx

Shannon – awww ta! After all the dramas, I’m still positive everything will work out just fine in the end… and ‘m resting well to make sure of it! THANK YOU xx

Rae – LMAO Thanks!! Maybe all that being sick in bed has helped me caught up on my beauty sleep! :-P xx

Daryl – LMAO!!! No don’t feel guilty! Your choccy had nuffin to do with it!! Hehe! Besides…. Dark choccy is very good for me apparently! :-) Oh! And a new midwife is on the way!! WOOO xx

Mr Farty – hahaha what a coinkadink!!! Yeah ‘ve been slack… but I’ve had good reason! Actually it’s a crap one… I’d rather be blogging then have all these dramas! Xx

Brit – Thanks Sarah! Yeah we’re staying positive that all will be fine! And you are right… not long to go now! Wooooo! Thanks for the compliment on the photo! It’s my fave.. I just HAD to post it! :-D xx

Thinny – Thanks Thinny! But LMAO!! What you mean I don’t look sick?!! Well I at least looked stoned don’t ya think? LOL Fecking terrible!

ROFLMAO!!! That’s sooo cute of Mrs Controller! I can just imagine! But I know I wont be rejecting drugs! Oh HELLLL NO!! xx

Spiky – Oh bugger! You’re a diabetic too? *hugs* I can handle it for a pregnancy, but not for my whole life! I hope it doesn’t cause you too much suffering! Xx

Jenn – LMAO! Amen to that! And the picky is adorable aye? He is gunna be such a good Daddy! Xx

Joey - LMFAO!! WHAT THE HELL? Why am I getting so many compliments on my sick pic?! I look fecking terrible!!! Ya know I was sooooo close to not exposing that pic because it was so awful! But I wanted to prove that I was sick in bed and not off having the time of my life! :-P Heck I must look GORJUS when I’m not sick then! *GiGGLeS*

Oh SSC had GD too? Wow poor thing! I must hit her up about it! Thanks Joey! Xx

Kenny – Cheers Kenny! Xx

PJ – Thank you! LMAO! I can’t believe the compliments I’m getting for that sick pic of mine… way to boost a girls ego! :-P Hahaha I wonder if I’ll still look fabulous while I’m ACTUALLY GIVING BIRTH!! :-P Hehe Thanks Joe! xx

Anonymous said...

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