Friday, June 20, 2008

THANKS RHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember a few posts ago where I spoke about Rhea's competition?

Well MY NAME got drawn out of the hat!!! I didn't win the main prize, but I got a runner up prize which is this awesome PINK COWGIRL HAT!!!!! :-O I LOVE IT!

Which to be honest, I love this hat more than the main prize itself! (I'm obsessed with pink peoples!)

Heck I'm lucky! I LOVE it Rhea! THANKYOU!!!! xx

Anyways, I've been running a muck with my bestie Hef for the last week which is why i've been a bit quiet on here (I did warn you kids!)

It's so good having her here, she gets me out of the house and she motivates me to do the things that I actually want to do, but don't ever get around to. Such as getting my drivers license, and making cleaning the house a FUN thing!

Unfortunately, her reasons for coming here is not for a luxury holiday (she lives in another state) but she actually came here because her Grandmother was dying, who actually passed away this morning :-(.

So she's a little sad at the moment, the poor darling, but she is relieved at the same time because it means that her Gran is no longer suffering.

So, Hef will be here for another week for the funeral, and then she is going back. So I'll be spending as much time with her before she goes.

So don't wait up for me okay? :-P *GiGGLeS*

Oh! In other news - last night I was rudely awoken by an out of control street fight, which I don't know for sure yet, but I think someone may have been stabbed.

It started around 2am with lots of cursing and yelling and threats. Then it turned violent into a big punch up. Which then went quiet for a bit when a group of the guys disappeared down the street.

When they returned, there was alot of hysterical screaming as if someone had just been murdered! At this stage I called the police, who then told me that they had received many emergency calls about a stabbing in that area.

I had to wonder why the cops hadn't arrived yet if they had had so many calls?

Anyway.. 40 minutes later!!!! (Ridiculous!) They had moved further down the street, where I could not see them. but I could hear them.

I also heard the police on the loudspeaker (as if they had ONLY JUST arrived) saying - "This is the police, drop your weapons and put your hands on your head." And then in a very stressed voice I heard "Drop the knife, put the knife down immediately!"

So I wonder what actually happened last night!

If it's anything too serious, I'm sure I'll hear about it on the news and 'll let ya know! :-) *Teehee*

Okies I gotta run! I have a life now! :-P

(Oh don't worry, I'll go back to having a boring life in a week!)


Monday, June 16, 2008

I've got a parasite...

*GiGGLeS* No sillies! It's a wee baby! :-P

I had my first scan YAY!!!! Although this picture is shithouse compared to actually seeing it live on the screen!

With never having an ultrasound of a bubba before, I didn't really know what to expect. I've seen pictures of other peoples early ultrasounds and I never really understood them, because... I mean, ya can't really see much, and unless you are told... you wouldn't even know it was a baby (well me anyway!)

So I figured that the whole experience would be rather boring, and told Hubby not to bother coming with me.

Boy was I wrong!

It was amazing!!!

Well once I finally got past filling my bladder with 1 and a half litres of hideous water (with out vomiting it all up this time!) and after waiting uncomfortably for an hour as I gazed at the dunny door busting to wee!

When the camera finally found the bean, and I witnessed it's tiny heart beating, I was actually quite overwhelmed! In fact, I think it was at that moment, that it actually really hit me for the first time ever, that i am actually having a baby!!!!! HOLY FREAK!!!!!

What was even cuter was, as tiny as the wee thing is, we watched it try to wriggle away from the camera! It's little legs were flapping away, it was the most adorable thing ever!!!

I really do wish Hubby could have seen it, but I am SO glad that at least my Mum was there with me!!! I'm pretty sure she was pretty excited by it too!

They worked out that at the time that this scan was taken, the baby was 8weeks and 4 days. So I was only 3 days off my calculation! (If you look at my baby ticker, top right, just subtract 3 days off it, to work out the age. I couldn't be arsed changing it LOL!)

Here is a closer pic...

*GiGGLeS* :-P

Oh By the way... I want your advice...

Hubby and I would like to find out the sex of the baby as soon as we can, but after talking to a few close friends, I've been told that it is much more exciting to wait and find out when the baby is born.

So now I just don't know dang it!!

What do you reckon?


Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogger Celebrities!!!

Since I started Blogging, I've been blessed to meet all sorts of lovely bloggers from all different parts of the world, each and every one of them are unique with their own special stories to tell. (Not in person, but through the blog sphere, which is enough for me to call them my friends!)

But some Bloggers have especially blown me away, with their amazing success, big hearts and talent which in a way makes them what I like to call Blogger Celebrities! *GiGGLeS*

Each and every one of you have got your own special talents, whether it be in the way that you write, or in a creative successful hobby.

But there are a few Bloggers that have really impressed myself and others with their amazing hard work and success, talent and generosity. And I wish to give a special mention to these awesome people!


First of all, I want to mention my amazing, crazy, texan, cowgirl friend, RHEA (*GiGGLeS*), for her huge generosity!

She is a Mummy of two very cutie boys and a very entertaining writer and a talented photographer, but she is also unbelievably sweet and a very giving person.

She's got a competition running at the moment with amazing prizes which she generously put together herself, and is willing to give it all away, for a simple act in return! One of these prizes include a cowgirl hat that Brad Pitt has *cough* touched!!! Go and read for yourself if you don't believe me ;-) *GiGGLeS*

Her aim is to get people commenting on her sisters blog, all you have to do is leave a comment and you go in the running to win these awesome prizes! How sweet is that? I mean HECK! I would have done it for free, all she had to do was ask! But that's just who Rhea is! She's a very sweet and generous person!

So Cheers to you Rhea!

Go and enter her competition HERE! But be quick, because it ends very soon!


Next I want to mention the very talented CRYSTAL CHICK!

Crystal is a stunning married Mummy with 2 children and has a gorgeous little grandson. She is a very talented hard worker and has her own small home-based business called 'With Love, Juji'.

She creates handmade jewelry using crystals, silver, gold, glass beads, semi-precious stones, and other items and designs like absolutely stunning greeting cards for all occasions.

I am always eyeing off her new stock and dream of actually buying some off her some day (Still working on Hubby... we are sooo broke lately!)

Problem is... I can't decide what I want! Because I want it ALL!!!!!

So Cheers to you Crystal!

Please check out her stunning jewellery and congratulate her on her amazing success!


Next we have DAZZA CALLOW!!!

For those of you that are not familiar with the name 'Darren Callow' I have a feeling it's not going to be long before you do! Because this talented musician is gonna be big!!!

His music is very different, not like anything I've ever heard before. His voice especially I find quite unique! (I think it's his hint of accent coming through) Very cool!

Dazza was kind enough to send me and any other blogger's who were interested a FREE CD!!! I thought this was extremely generous of him! And although my stupid postman for some reason left it UNDER A TREE for me to find, I was very excited when I received it and I had the CD on repeat the whole day!

'The Fool I am' is my favourite song! It's very catchy and I love the harmonising in it! Even Hubby was singing parts of it in the shower without even realising! 'Stay if you wanna stay, Go, if you wanna go...' *GiGGLeS* love it! Oooo I also love 'Light Keeper' too! (If I knew how to link the songs, I would!)

He is a very COOL, TALENTED MUSICIAN! And I am excited just to know him!!!

I'm just kicking myself that I didn't get him to send me a UK candy bar with it! :-P *GiGGLeS* just playing! I have a thing for foreign candy bars!!!

But anyways! Rock on Dazza!

To check him out, you can find him on his blog, also on myspace, and his website! I think he may still be giving out free CD's so if you would like one, you can request one HERE.


And last but not least...

The hilarious PEACHY POO!!!

This Yummy Mummy to be is bloody amazing!!! Her many months of hard work has finally paid off into creating one special little book!

'You are not the only one!'

She has worked very hard and with help from a few others, they have gathered amazing stories from all sorts of Bloggers from all over the world to form one fabulous read! Over 100 bloggers contributed to this little piece of work!

The most amazing thing about this is, that a percentage of the sales of this book, go towards WAR CHILD Charity!

The book costs £12.50

£5.00 goes to production costs (that Lulu take and pass on) takes £1.50 for themselves in fees

and the rest, £6 goes to Warchild.

*If you buy it as a download, £10 of the £12.50 goes to Warchild*

Well done Peachy Poo!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

You can buy her book here...


BRAVO to all of you!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sorry about that!!

I've been on maternity leave! *GiGGLeS*

Heck! I've been sooooo sick! (It's ok, perfectly normal... just a bad case of 'all day sickness!') Vomit Into The Toilet ffs! But! I think it may have finally calmed down! Please

Ok so.... so much to do, so much to catch up on... where the heck do I start???


Since I don't know where to start, I'll make some bullet points for now of what I shall post about over the next few days, and I'll get to catching up on reading everyone elses blogs! (I can not stand being behind... I need my fix.... I need it NOW!!! Stop The Insanity )

Ummm ok, so these are the things I shall post about...

* My first scan! Xray

* Hubby's short surf trip! Surfer
* Pebbles' near death experience! Kitty 2

* My mood swings and cravings! Out The Door Hungry

* Being locked out of the house for 5 and a half hours! Caveman

* Keithy giving me the shits! Punch Computer

I'm sure there will be more, but that's all I can remember for now!
Meantime I shall get to reading YOUR BLOG's! Sleepy *GiGGLeS*

My bestie Hef is arriving this weekend, so I may be busy catching up with her. So don't stress if I disappear from blogland for a bit! (You should be use to it by now anyway!) Peek A Boo

Oh... and I know I've been slack with RAT GiRL lately, but my paint program is having problems at the moment... it's keeps crashing and it hasn't been saving! Perturbed So bare with me on that one!


My baby ticker has grown!!! It looks like a flippin Telly Tubby now! But I now call it the 'Belly Bubby!'

Ok Bubye! Waving


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh by the way...

The Bub Grub has now been upgraded to 'The Tummy Bug'!!!!!!!!

I thought the name suits well, seeing as the cheeky shit keeps making me puke ffs!!!

PEACHY POO??? Have you suffered like this with your belly bump????


Because BLOODY HECK!!!

I want a refund ffs... I wish I went with the 'stalk delivery'!!!! :-P