Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PLACE YOUR BETS!!! (For real this time!)

With the next scan coming up on the 14th of November, and it being my last chance to find out the sex of bub... I wanted to give you all a chance to have one last guess!

I've set up this little game for you to guess the sex, date etc (the rules are stated on the website!)

So click on the button above and get to guessing! And to tempt you even more... there WILL be a prize for the winner!

Lurkers are welcome to guess too! But only if you have your own blog and leave me a comment on this post with a link to it... so that I know that you are a real person and not messing with me! :-P

*Note to my family - This game is for my blogger friends only... the family one has been sent to your email, but if you want, I'll let you have another guess on this one too! :-)*



Friday, October 24, 2008

Halleluja with a TWIST!!

Ok so I think I've finally figured it out!!!

I mean... we've gotta admit that I seem to have more drama than the average person right!?

I mean seriously... things don't happen in halves in my life! It's the full on dramatic bad episode of days of our lives every single freakin day (minus the whole cast sleeping with each other and sons and daughters marrying ex lovers mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and all that crap!! And no one in my life has had amnesia yet... which can I say is the LAMEST illness that soap operas never let die down?!?!!!.... so over it!!!!).

Anyways... all the rest of my dramas would make for a good soap! It can't just be little hick ups here and there... NO SIREE! It's gotta be full blown kick in the head DRAMA!!! Followed with a 'HALLELUJAH', and then ending with a 'Dun dun dunnnnnn' TWIST!

SO I was thinking about it the other day... and I asked myself the question... WHY THE HECK ME??!! Because it IS pretty unusual! I have plenty of people around me that go through life without the kind of extremes that pop up in my life!

But then I realised...

I think word must have got out about my RAT GiRL comic... so people in my life must be deliberately screwing with me JUST SO THEY CAN STAR IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! The cheeky shits!

*GiGGLeS*... OK maybe that's a bit far fetched... but that's what I'm going to keep telling myself anyway, so that I don't drive myself insane!!!

Come on people!! Pretend with me!!! :-D!

Anyways so as you all know (well those you have read) The latest drama has been with the Midwife from hell and all this crazy gestational diabetes nonsense!

It's safe to say that the bitch has to go! So I've been working up the courage to ditch the bitch and get someone more reliable! But I struggle with confrontation.. so things like this is never easy for me!

Usually I let RAT GiRL deal with it! But... honestly... do you think I could really get away with feeding Slackbitch to a crocodile in the real world?.... *sigh* I think not!

So how does one tell a slack-arse midwife to "Get the hell out of my life you lazy slag of a slack arse bitch, shove your doppler up your fat arse and FFS wear some long pants and cover those HIDEOUS varicose veins that make me want to puke every time I see them!! Pull ya fucking head in and start taking some responsibility, or better yet do everyone a favour and QUIT YOUR JOB because sitting on your arse, drinking coffee and catching up with your friends seem to be all you are good for!!! Oh... and lay off the drugs that you MUST be stealing for yourself from the clinic, because either you're a fucking dumbarse or you're high off ya saggy tits ffs!" .... in a nice way?

I don't think it's really possible!

But GUESS WHAT??? It turns out I didn't have to after all!!!

Mum and I went to see her yesterday... I was already pissed off at her and had a million things running through my mind wondering if I was going to turn into RAT GiRL if she was to say anything to make me snap!

First of all, when we got there for my 10.30am appointment, the lady at front desk told us that slackbitch had JUST taken another lady in! This pissed us off because she did this the very first time too... She made us wait for half an hour standing in a horrid little room for my first glucose test, when the time was CRUCIAL to take my bloods spot on the dot!

Mum had asked her if she had double booked or something to which Slackbitch replied "*shrugs* Nah... we were just catching up." !!!! No apology or anything! So she got off on the wrong foot with us from the start!

So this time, Mum told the lady at front desk... "Look! She made us wait like this last time! We have an appointment for 10:30am!" Mum made it clear that we weren't gonna wait for her bullshit again, so the lady went into the room to tell that we were there.

Luckily... this made her hurry, but if it hadn't been for that... I know we would have been waiting for flippin ages!

So urge to kill... was rising!

But when we got in there... Mum did most of the talking which calmed me down, because I know I may have flown off the handle explaining the drama with the results!

Mum explained that we were not happy with everything and that she would be taking me to see her personal diabetes specialist to have another PROPER glucose test to be on the safe side.

Slackbitch didn't object... so that sat well with me!

So I managed to keep my cool through the whole appointment, it was a nice quick consultation that didn't take very long at all. But I gotta say... during the consultation... her phone rang... and SHE ANSWERED!!! Yapped away for a good 5 mins to some chick.

It may have been work related, and usually I don't mind people taking phone calls in the middle of a 'check up' but remember what I said in my last post?...

She hang up on me and refused to take my call to give me urgent results BECAUSE SHE WAS TOOO BUSY CHATTING WITH A FRIEND!!!!... The cheek of it!!

So it was just about time to go and she was booking me in for my next appointment, and the whole time I was thinking... nows your chance Giggle... ask about getting a new midwife so you don't have to see this bitch again... do it... DO IT.... DO IT NOW!!!!

But then the most amazing thing happened...

Slackbitch says "Oh by the way... I should probably let you know, as of next week, there will be another Midwife taking over my position, I am finishing up as a Midwife and going back to my other job... don't worry... this lady is really lovely, but you wont be seeing me any more, and I hope all goes well for you."

I wanted to scream... I wanted to somersault and do a belly flop (but that would not have been good for the baby!!!)

I was just about ready to kiss the ugly ogre until she concluded this dramatic episode with a TWIST...

Slackbitch continued - "But no doubt you'll see me again anyway... you see my main job is up in the birthing suite, so I'll most likely be there with you through the birth..."


Someone shoot me now ffs!


Thursday, October 23, 2008


OK... so first of all let me start off with how the hospital went.

Mum and I got there bright and early at the women's and children's blood collection clinic, only to be told that all the staff in that area had called in sick! So we had to go to the other blood clinic which is a 'sit in and wait' kind of thing.

There were many many people cramped and squished on this long uncomfortable wooden bench outside the waiting room! This bench was where me and mum were to wait for AT LEAST 2 hours while I had my glucose test! NOT COMFY AT ALL!

I was already very agitated and absolutely STARVING as I had been fasting for the 10hrs before that. Actually to be honest, I hadn't eaten at all for the last 24 hours because I was feeling extremely sick all day before, and by the time I was actually hungry, it was too late... it was time to fast!

So I was really crook, and now had to wait even longer to even start my test, as it was now first in best dressed and not via appointment. (and there were A LOT of people in front of me, just for one off blood tests.) I was actually the only one out of all of these people that was there for a glucose test, so i was a little disappointed that they couldn't get me started asap.

And there was only ONE poor nurse that had to look after us all! She was very lovely and helpful, but gosh I felt so bad for her as she had no one to help her!

The only entertaining part, was watching the looks on each face of the people who would come around the corner to find the room packed! Some looked like they had just stood in dog poo, others stood like a frozen dear in head lights wondering whether they should stay or come back NEXT YEAR!, but most people just looked as though they just sh*t a brick and kept walking! (Thank heavens because that would have been more people we had to wait for!)

Because an emergency appointment was made for me at the W&C clinic, I didn't need any paper work, but now that we were in a different section, we now had to wait for someone to bring us a form to fill out before they would even CONCIDER putting me in line. So that meant that the more people who came in... the longer we had to wait.

After waiting an hour and still no sign of this 'form' Mum confronted the lady for answers, because by this stage I couldn't even stand I was so weak! But the nurse felt so bad for us that she actually bent the rules by putting me through without paper work! She told me that she could get in so much trouble for it, but she could see I was getting restless and decided to let me get started with it. So information was scribbled on a piece of paper for the time being.

First she took my fasting blood test and handed me this horrid green glucose drink to scull! (It was HIDEOUS!) It tasted like pure lime cordial that WASN'T watered down. YUCK!

Then the actual waiting began... I had to sit still for an hour on that horrid wooden bench until my next blood test.

I became really nauseated and restless, felt like I was going to faint, or vomit or both. I kept getting hot and cold flushes, so this glucose drink obviously was not reacting well with my body.

An hour later it was time for my next blood test. She used my other arm this time, but had trouble finding my vein!! So in and out and in out out the needle would go! It was awful! Then!! When she finally found the vein... the suction on the syringe was apparently broken, so when she tried pull it out, something went very wrong and the needle actually broke and bent in my arm!! It was soooo painful!

She said that the needle must have been really old... and then got a new syringe and was successful finally with another vein! But Boy have I got a big bruise from that one!

So another hours wait, and feeling more and more faint (and my arm aching!) Eventually it was time for my last test.

Meanwhile the form STILL hadn't arrived.. so she got Mum to go and fetch it for her (should have done that in the first place!)

For the third blood test she had to use the other arm, because she mangled the one before! But it was quick and easy this time. Then she quickly jotted everything down on the form, and quickly entered all the info into the computer system (she was extremely rushed off her feet.) And finally we were free to go! Where we would wait to hear the results via a phone call the next day.

There was one concern I had about this whole thing and that was that they never asked me for my Pregnancy Health Record. (Which is a little green book that all pregnant patients must have with them all the time, and all information is to be read and stored into this booklet, to keep track of everything.)

But no body asked for it, so I found that quite strange.

But anyways... after getting some food in my belly and going home for a huuuuge sleep, I was feeling much better!

Now let me tell you about how slack that Midwife of mine is...

The next morning I woke up to find a message on our answering machine from my Midwife who had left the message one hour before.

It said "Hi ummm, Giggle is it? It's Slackbitch from the hut here... listen your test results have come back and they are extremely elevated so I'm going to need you to call me back ASAP.... or what ever... on this number... *reads number*"

So I start getting anxious again, and I get straight on the phone and try to call her! But the phone rings about 3 times and then is disconnected (it was obvious she had deliberately hung up the call.) I got really cranky, because that is rather a rude thing to do, so even though it was obvious she didn't want to talk to anyone, I tried ringing again and again anyway!

Finally she rudely answered... "YES? WHAT IS IT?!!" I was stunned! But replied "Oh.... hi... it's Giggle, you had left a message for me to call you urgently about my test results?" She said "Oh yes! I'm just busy at the moment, I'll call you back later!" *She hangs up*

So I waited a couple hours anxiously for her call, and finally she returns it...

Her: "Hi Giggle, sorry about that, I was just catching up with an old friend!"

(I'm thinking... oh... that sounds important! Too busy to give me urgent results because you are catching up with an old friend!!!!)

Me: "That's ok... I was just anxious to hear this emergency?"

Her: "Yes, your results have come back extremely elevated, so you need to make an appointment with the hospital urgently for a glucose test!"

Me: "Sorry hang on... so I have to go have another test at the hospital?"

Her: "Huh? WHat do you mean another? Your test was here, it came back 9.5"

Me: "Oh wait a minute, so you're talking about the results from the test you gave me last Thursday?"

Her: "Yeah, what else would I be talking about?"

Me: "Listen, I waited anxiously for your call all Friday for those results, and in the end I gave up and called myself to find out. Another lady helped me out and booked me an appointment at the hospital, which I have since already done, and now I'm waiting anxiously for the NEW results which I thought were what you were talking about."

Her: "Oh what a good girl!!!" You're onto it arent you?!"

(I'm thinking, Um yes!!! Better than you ya slack B*tch!)

Me: "Oh, but they didn't record it in my green book, should they have?"

Her: "What? Oh that's not right... they have to record everything in that book, in fact they usually don't want to know you with out it!"

Me: "Oh no, so what does that mean?"

Her: "I'll ring them and see if they have your new results and I'll call you back, but the only thing is, that if the results are extremely elevated, you may have to get a new midwife, a specialist."

(Me thinking... well damn... lets hope the results are bad then!!!!"

Me: "Thank you for calling, I appreciate it!"

So I waited for ages for my phone call, but I was really ticked off at how slack she had been and I rang Mum to have a winge about it LOL! But just as Mum answered I got call wait, and so I had to call Mum back.

It was Slackbitch with the results...

Her: "It's me... everything is clear!"

Me: "Pardon?... Whats clear?"

Her: "Your results from the glucose test! It's all normal and nothing to worry about!"

Me: "But... I was told that I was pretty much guaranteed to have it!? I don't understand?"

Her: "Yeah! Weird isn't it! I was so sure there was no getting out of it... I don't know what the hell was going on with you that day when I took your test!"

Me: " Ummm sooo... what were the results exactly?"

Her: "Fasting test came back 3.9, glucose test came back 9, and the last test came back 6.8 So you're fine!"

Me: "But isn't 9 a little a high?"

Her: "Ummm I don't know... I doubt it... I don't think they care about the second reading, they only care about the first and last, so you're fine!"

Me: "But you're not sure? Sorry I'm just confused."

Her: "Look I'll ring again to double check that the middle reading is not a concern, and I'll let you know!"

Me: "Ok thanks."

Meantime I ring Mum to tell her the results are clear... she's in disbelief too as she has been with me through this whole process and has even noticed symptoms in myself that are signs of diabetes (and she would know... she has them!)

Then Slackbitch calls back for the last time...

Her: "Yep! The second reading doesn't matter... everything's fine, What's better is you don't have to get another midwife!"

Me: "Great!" (in a sarcastic manner!)

So after all that... apparently I'm in the clear!!!

With all the dramas that went on, we were a little concerned that maybe something coud have gone wrong as the process was very rushed and I felt not taken as seriously as it should have been.

So Mum and I decided to put it to the test ourselves.

I borrowed Mum's glucose blood tester (where you prick your finger and test the sugar level in your blood) and I got to testing!

I tested first thing in the morning when I woke up, and it read back 2.5! (Very low, especially concidering the difference from 9.5!)

Then I had a glass of milo and 2 hours later I tested again... it read back 8.6! (Too high, especially for just having a milo!)

Then 2 hours after having two slices of toast with apricot jam... it read back 9.4! (Way too high!)

So something is definately wrong... and we will be getting a second opinion!

The hospital results may very well have been right, but it's better to be safe then sorry I say! Because this is serious... there is a baby at risk!

And I'm going to take it very easy anyway and keep my diet healthy and avoid too much sugar.. just in case!!!

So fingers crossed!!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

It aint over 'till the fat lady screams!!

Hello... it's me Giggle!!! Remember me?? *waves madly!*

Yeh Yeh I know! I've been slack! But hey... I've been flat out busy getting the nursery sorted and it's coming along nicely! So I have been using my time wisely.

And when I haven't been busy... I've been getting as much rest as I can! Because the third trimester is not being very nice to me!!...

*Proof that I've been sick in bed!*


I'm now 28 and a half weeks pregnant!!! And there is not very long to go at all! Due on the 8th of January (For those who keep forgetting! )

I'm having a little more difficulty in my 3rd trimester with daily activities, needing to take frequent rests, and having trouble breathing as the baby pushes up against my lungs more often.

The bumps getting bigger...

*28 weeks preggas!*

I've been very pale due to lack of iron, my blood pressure has been a little low, I've got swallen ankles, hands and face due to fluid retention (I've puffed up a lot) and I've gained over 10KG and counting! (sigh!)

But thats all normal in pregnancy and nothing to worry about!

Unfortunately though, I've just tested positive to getational diabetes! (Booooo!) Well I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for further tests to confirm it, but my sugar levels were so high... they are pretty much 90% sure!

I was at high risk anyway given my family history! But hopefully it can be controlled with a low carb diet... I'm PRAYING that I wont have to go on insulin as I can not stand NEEDLES!!! EEEEEEEK!!!
But I'm keeping positive! Sure it's scary, but I'm blessed that I'll only have diabetes for less than 3 months (hopefully!) My poor Mumma lives with type 2 diabetes every day! So I'm not complaining... I'm blessed really!

Just as long as the little one doesn't get effected by it, it's a small price to pay for the moment I get to hold the little treasure in my arms in the end! awww!

I'm really ticked off at my midwife though, because when I went for the test, she told me that given my family history of diabetes, I had a very high chance of testing positive to it! So she insisted that she would definitely call me as soon as she found out the results to put my mind at ease.

But come 3:20pm on Friday and still no sign of her call, I decided to ring the clinic myself for the results, and the lady I spoke to said that my Midwife hadn't been in all day, and that if she hadn't called me, then the results must have been fine.

But she double checked for me just in case... and she was shocked to find such a bad result! Even she couldn't believe that my Midwife hadn't contacted me as I needed to book an emergency second test ASAP! And, the hospital closes at 3:30pm!

So I had all of 5 minutes to have everything explained to me and then ring up and book an appointment as soon as I could! (They are closed during the weekend!) So I'm not impressed at all!

Luckily the lady that I spoke to on the phone felt terrible for me and managed to quickly contact them for me just in time and booked me a bigger test first thing Monday morning!! But I'm not very impressed with my midwife at all... I think I may need to find somebody more reliable.

But anyway... I also have another scan on the 14th of November, as my placenta has been laying low, and I need to find out whether I can give birth naturally or have a C-section. It is also our last chance to find out the sex of bub too (if the little bugger uncrosses it's legs this time) hehe, but by then it wont be long to find out for real anyway!

But we'd still like to find out if we can... because we are DYING to know! So I'll keep ya's informed with that too!

Hubby is doing well and is excited about being a Daddy!...

*Hubby bonding with the bump!*

But he has had a bit of a rough run lately and has needed quite a bit of time off work! First he had a strange lump in his arm and wasn't feeling very well, so he took time off to get to the doctors.

But just as he headed to the doctors his CAR BROKE DOWN!!! So he is yet to go to the doctors still, but since then the lump has gone down, but I do worry for him !

And THEN he used his skateboard as transport to do a grocery shop!! (Crazy fella!) And he had a nasty fall and pulled a serious hammy and could barely walk!! So he needed more time off for that too, and to fix his car which he ONLY just got working today! (It's so easy to take these things for granted, we were missing being able to go out when we needed to soooo much!)

But other than that, over all we're doing OK! And we are keeping good spirited about everything.

Hope everyone else is doing fine, I'm going to get to catching up on my blog reading soon, but I still wont be able to post quite as often as I'd like as I've got so much going on right now.

But I wanted to give ya's an update and let ya's know that I'm still alive!! *GiGGLeS*

I've started on the next RAT GiRL episode too, but it's coming along very slowly, as I can only sit at the computer for small periods at a time (MY BACK IS KILLING ME!!!) So bare with me!!

I can't wait to get my body back ffs!

Until then... behave yaself kids! :-P


Monday, October 6, 2008


By the way... it struck me as odd that my last post didn't get many readers... but I just realised, that because I had that post in my draft collecting dust, by the time I posted it, it didn't come up as updated, so it wouldn't have appeared on your blogrolls! (Well that better be your excuse anyway! :-P)

So you BETTER GO READ IT NOW!! Because I made something especially for my RAT GiRL fans!!!

I expect there to have been some more readers on that post by the time I get back! Otherwise I'll feed you all to RAT GiRL's pet crocodile... CHOPPER!!! :-P (and I tell ya... he's hungry! It has been a while since she fed him!)

You know I love you all really!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Adventures of RAT GiRL!

Since having accumulated quite a few new readers lately (bless you Black Boxes!!!) I thought I'd better post a bit of background on my other blog 'The Adventures of RAT GiRL.'

But for the readers that already know all about it... KEEP READING coz there's something in this post for you too! ;-)

The Adventures of RAT GiRL is a comic that I have created as a way of getting my aggression and frustration out over my unfortunate past, life experiences.

I actually started this comic as an experiment before I fell pregnant when I had decided to quit smoking, and used it as a way to keep myself busy and keep my mind off cigarettes!

I ended up thoroughly enjoying it and it turned out to be a great form of therapy for me, so I've tried to keep it up ever since.

Although I only post a new episode about once a month (because it takes so frikken long!) it is definitely something that I will keep up.

Every episode is based on a real life experience, the characters are based on real life people, and even some of my blogger friends get a chance to feature in it! It's a lot of fun!!

I love to create episodes about some of my best life experiences and joyful events such as meeting hubby and other great things to come. But the main point of this comic is for the people that have hurt me in the past, I use this comic as a way to 'get my revenge' on them, but in a very humorous and entertaining way!

Although this comic is comedy and tongue and cheek, there is actually quite a serious side to it as there are times when I can actually get quite emotional during the creation of them, as the bad memories can be quite painful.

But once I get to the final RAT GiRL scenes where she gets her revenge... it truly is very comforting! Like a drug!!! Even though it's not real... I do get satisfaction out of the fantasy of getting revenge on these butt heads!!! HEEEHEEE! And by being able to entertain others with the humorous side to it, is also a very rewarding feeling!

So to all of my RAT GiRL fan's and readers (you know who you are) it is important to me to let you know that your interest, support and comments on my comic is TRULY APPRECIATED because of the deeper meaning behind it. I don't think you understand just how much it really means to me.

And since I can't give you all a physical hug... I'll give you this instead, as a token of my (and RAT GiRL's) appreciation...

It's yours to do what you please with!

So from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!! - Without you all I would have tremendous trouble overcoming the serious side that hides behind these humorous episodes. xx

Oh! and although I haven't started on season three as yet... Grams has a little something for you to show her appreciation to you too! *GiGGLeS* So POP ON OVER and see her!

As for the newer readers who don't know what the heck I'm on about, and would like to have a squiz at this comic to get an idea...

Feel free to check out the very first episode HERE to get the gist of the storyline.

And if you like what you see, you can check out the other episodes on the top right sidebar of The Adventures of RAT GiRL blog.

Also, at the end of every episode, I add links to post's of the real life story that each installment is based on, so if you are ever confused by what the episode is really about, you can find an explanation in the links at the end of each post.

But if you couldn't be arsed with checking out my comic at all... well that's OK too!!! You're just as appreciated as a reader of THIS blog!