Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does anyone know the number for Ghost Busters???

Because some cheeky little shit of a ghost keeps stealing my stuff!!!

Well... that's what I think anyway!

The following items have literally vanished with out a trace...

It all stared with one flippin flip flop!!!

Pretty normal to lose a shoe I know... but not when you saw it the freaken day before and remember quite vividly taking it off and putting it in a spot where you KNOW you will find it again! Only to search for it frantically the next day EVERY WHERE and it is nowhere to be seen!

Mind you this happened MONTHS ago and it STILL hasn't shown up ffs!

But still... I didn't worry much until...

My bloody little address / phone book was no where to be seen when I too had only just used it the night before and had it sitting next to the phone where it ALWAYS is!

Again... gone without a trace, and to be found NO WHERE not long after the missing flip flop!

Ok... I really began to worry when my photo disc that has NEVER left my CD Rom just suddenly wasn't in there a few weeks ago!

I mean... how the heck could it just take itself out of the CD Rom and end up absolutely NOWHERE????

This is something I REALLY need... so I searched every square inch of the house only to find NOTHING! No picture CD, no little pink book and STILL no flip flop!!!

THEN the really important stuff started to go missing! Like the frikken car keys which are always on the key rack! Heck I put them on there myself last week only to have them disappear the following morning when Hubby had to go to work!

Luckily Hubby has a spare... but still... it just simply makes no sense ffs!

and then the most IMPORTANT thing!!! My freaking Passport for Gods sake!!!

Every day I open my desk drawer for something and the first thing I always see is my passport!

It was about 3 days ago when I last opened the drawer and saw it! But then the NEXT DAY that I needed it (to get some smokes coz I couldn't take it anymore and needed one desperately {Oh Shut it! I don't wanna hear it ffs!} but I always get asked for ID because I have a young face ffs!)



Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking! I gave in! I failed! I suck! I got Hubby to buy me a packet! But cut me some slack ffs I was devastated to have a negative pregnancy test! So shush!!! :-P

But anyways... Hubby bought me a pack last night coz he got sick of my winging and I had them sitting on my computer desk where I ALWAYS DO! But this morning I made my morning hot milo and headed over to see Keithy and sit down to have a cigarette...

The ashtray was there, the lighter was there BUT NO FREAKING CIGARETTES!!!

(And don't try and tell me that it is karma or I'll get RAT GiRL on you ffs :-P)

Being as stressed out as I was about it I turned the whole frickin house upside down searching for the bastards but NOTHING!

I even rang Hubby and asked if he had hidden them from me but he was just as shocked as I was!!!


Before you start thinking that there is probably a logical explanation for all of this let me fill you in on some history!

A couple of years ago, not long after moving into our house - the exact same thing happened!

Over a period of time these things vanished without a trace...

My wedding rings

Hubby's keys

Hubby's wallet

My passport

and a few other bits and pieces

They were missing for MONTHS and had been spotted at least the day before. But a few months later I was cleaning the fridge out and noticed this ugly little shoebox on top the fridge that I hadn't seen before! THANK HECK I decided to look in it because I would have probably thrown it out otherwise.

Inside were ALL the missing items!!! Neither myself nor Hubby put it there or had even SEEN it before!

I was telling my mate Red about it and she told me about poltergeists - which are cheeky spirits that like to mess with your head and move your stuff around!

If you're a regular reader then you'll know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my stuff! I have a box and label in a particular place for every particular item that I own! So I know where EVERYTHING is!!!

So as you can imagine... this is PRETTY damn weird eh?

Hubby swares he didn't touch or move any of this stuff either and even the cats aren't capable of such a thing!

So I guess I'm just gonna have to wait for a box of all this shit to show up in a random place in a few months time ffs!


On a different note... a few Bloggers have had trouble getting to The Adventures of RAT GiRL souvenir store, because silly me linked it wrong!

So for those who wanted to check it out, but couldn't, I've fixed the link, or you can just go here!

Trub even got her partner 'Crazy' to model one for us....

Sexy eh?



Tuesday, April 29, 2008














I WANT A DAMN CIGARETTE FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all!

OH!!! an um... RAT GiRL Part three is out now!


Monday, April 28, 2008

The Stolen Logo!!!

I stole this logo off Daryl e to take part in the Verbose Storyteller's meme!
If you would like to take part in it too, then feel free to steal it off me!

Here are the rules:
I tag anyone who has my Verbose Storyteller's Logo posted on their blog. Be sure to let me know if you post this so I can read it!

Remember: one word answers only.

1. Where is your mobile phone? Lost!
2. Your significant other? Hubby!
3. Your hair? Orange!!!
4. Your mother? Generous!
5. Your father? Cheeky!
6. Your favorite thing? Animals!
7. Your dream last night? Vivid!
8. Your favorite drink? Rum!
9. Your dream/goal? Partyplanning!
10. The room you’re in? Study!
11. Your ex? Alive!
12. Your fear? Maggots!
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Motherhood!
14. Where were you last night? Home!
15. What you’re not? Satisfied!
16. Muffins? Chocolate!
17. One of your wish list items? Cigarettes!
18. Where you grew up? Australia!
19. The last thing you did? Cried!
20. What are you wearing? Rings!
21. Your TV? Addictive!
22. Your pets? Messy!
23. Your computer? Keithy!
24. Your life? Cigaretteless!
25. Your mood? Cranky!
26. Missing someone? 'Course!
27. Your car? White
28. Something you’re not wearing? Pervert!!!
29. Favorite Store? Endos!
30. Your summer? Sweaty!
31. Like someone? Huh?
32. Your favorite color? Guess!
33. When is the last time you laughed? Before!
34. Last time you cried? Earlier!

Can ya tell that I'm dying for a cigarette ffs?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to nick it, and do it for yourself!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a quick post!!

OMFG! I am sooooooooooooo exhausted!!! I had a huge weekend and am feeling a little under the weather ffs! So I have given blogging a miss for this weekend and am planning on falling into a coma for the next hundred hours ffs! Bloody hell!!!

I shall be stalking everyones blogs tomorrow! SO Watch out!! :-P

OH!!! Because I have been so busy I haven't started RAT GiRL Part 3 yet! But I am soooo excited to start it tomorrow! But in the mean time...

I did make THIS!!!

Check it out for a GiGGLe!!

See you sooooooooooooooooooooon


Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've been blessed!!!...

By my beautiful mate Trub, who was very sweet to give myself and some other bloggers this blessing award...

Her words...

GiGGLeS Well, duh! Like it wasn't obvious! lol! GiGGLeS is such an amazing and very precious person in my life. One of the extremely rare few who can genuinely, personally and actually relate to me and understand me at almost any given time. Also one of the very rare gems who I ALWAYS look forward to seeing, even when I don't want to be exposed to anything outside my front door! We all have our moments when all we want is our comfy couch, fave blankie, box of choccies and a warm cocoa, and to snuggle down into our own pity party and hide away from the world. GiGGLeS would be the one person (other than hubby and my babies) I would have no issues with rocking up and joining me - or telling me to get over it!

*wipes tear* awww right back at ya hunny! xx

Trub has asked me to spread the love to other deserving bloggers, So I wish too pass on this award and my love and blessings to 5 special ladies...

Aunty Vi - Coz she rocks my world and is the best Aunty a girl could ever ask for! xx

Jenn - Coz she is an amazing and witty writer and gives me great GiGGLeS! xx

SSC - Coz she has an AMAZING huge heart, and she has gone through some tough times recently *hugs* xx

Rhea - Coz she's my blogger sista!!! She ROCKS! And even hubby has a soft spot for her *GiGGLeS* xx


Crystalchick - Coz she CRACKS me up with her awesome blog, and she is such a top lady! xx

The others that I would have liked to give this award to ... Trub already beat me to it! :-)

Please pass on the blessing to your friends too!

Thanks again Trub! You're an Angel!


Friday, April 25, 2008

I've been going NON STOP!!!


I loved doing the first RAT GiRL comic sooooooooo much that I have been non stop making Part 2 and have finsihed it already!!!!


I don't think I'll be doing the others so quickly tho! The novelty will wear off pretty soon I bet, so it will most likely slow down!

But anyway... why the heck are you still reading this????



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tagged Again!!!

Thank you to the Awesome Ashley Ladd... Who tagged me with...


I actually did the 7 facts about me a while ago... but heck! There's always plenty more right??!

The rules:

1) Link back to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Write six things about yourself.
4) Tag six people at the end of your post by posting links to their blogsites.
5) Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site.
6) And let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Ok, so here goes...

1) I'm allergic to nuts!

A very small amount of whole peanuts are not so bad ( I'd die for a couple of peanut MnM's *GiGGLeS*), but I have serious anaphylactic reactions to Peanut butter spread!

Even if Hubby kisses me hours after he has eaten peanut butter on toast, my esophagus swells and I could... well quite frankly drop dead! LOL

2) I fell out of a moving vehicle!

When I was about 3yrs old, Muussy was getting us kids ready to go to a family friends BBQ. Muussy buckled me in the car (in the backseat) and ran into grab something from the house. My brothers (then 8yrs old) were also in the car with me - 'P' was in the backseat with me and 'D' was in the front!

Being the bratty child that I was, I was not a happy chappy about 'D' having the front seat! No Sireee! I wanted the front seat! ME!

So I started cracking the shits, and my brothers started teasing me to make it worse! 'P' was pushing and shoving me while 'D' was calling me names! (As kids do!)

So I was like "I'm telling Mummy!!!" and I undid my seat belt and tried to open the car door, but just as I tried, Muussy came rushing back out to the car.

She jumped in and started the car up "Right is every one buckled up?" she said as she reversed out. "Yessss" the boys said, while I was trying to hide the fact that I had taken my seat belt off (I didn't want to get in trouble you see.)

Even as we were driving I had the shits and was winging to Mum how it was unfair that 'D' got the front seat! *GiGGLeS* But as I was complaining... we were driving downwards on a very steep road, and 'P' shoved me again to shut me up.

When I tried to open the car door before we left, it turns out that I actually did open it but it was caught on the latch! So when 'P' shoved me... I slammed against the door... causing it to fly open... causing me to fly out!!!

I flew out onto the road and tumbled a long way down the steep hill! Luckily.. I didn't die (obviously!!! *GiGGLeS*) But you should have seen the right side of my face! All the skin had been ripped off!!! Ewwwww!

3) I flashed my box to an entire pub ffs!

Yes! I did a Britney!!!

LMAO!! This is my most embarrassing moment!

I actually faint a lot, I'm just about always sick, and weak with me CFS, so I can faint at the drop of a hat!

But one night ages ago Hubby and I went out to Dinner to a local pub with Trub and her Partner (She was there... so embarrassing!!!) Anyways... I was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top, (Hey this is Australia... its too hot to wear much!) and I was wearing this G-String that was seriously pissing me off something chronic!!! It was just a really bad make and was soooo uncomfortable!

So I ducked into the dunny and took them off... leaving me commando under my mini skirt!!! It was a huge risk to take, but it was almost time to go and we were sitting at a table the whole night anyway - so there was a very slim chance of flashing my box!

But when it was time to leave, and we headed to the door... I got the strangest feeling and everything went blurry! Next thing I know I'm on the fucking floor with the entire pub staring at me! I had gone arse up in a mini skirt with no knickers!!! There was even a woman singer there who stopped singing and pretty much announced what had happened through the microphone ffs, which caused MORE attention!!! Fucking embarrassing!

4) My friend was busted shoplifting because I fainted!

Speaking of fainting, this is pretty funny!
One of my good mates had a bad habit of shop lifting, and she would always try and make me part of it. I am a very conscious person, I couldn't lie to save my own life (a white lie maybe, but nothing serious) and I get very flustered in deceiving situations!!

So... one day after school my mate and I went to the local shopping complex and began to do our regular window shop in our favourite places! Sure enough it didn't take long for my mate to find something that she really wanted, but this thing was bigger than the anything else she had ever stolen! Usually I would just stay right away from her while she was doing it because I wanted nothing to do with it!

But this time she needed my help ffs. She asked me to hold her bag for her while she 'did something.' Me thinking that there was no harm in holding her bag for her and said "sure" and put it over my shoulders!

Next minute I feel something heavy going into the bag. "WTF are you doing??" I said... "Oh just relax" she said "we wont get caught!"

I started freaking out something shocking... I had sweat running down my face and I felt physically ill in my stomach!

We continued walking around the shop while my mate was looking for more things to nick, but I just could not concentrate on anything! Before long I had freaked out so frikking much that I actually passed out!

As I landed on my back the stolen goods came flying out and the manager of the shop saw the whole thing!!!

Luckily my mate took the blame, and they understood that I played no willing role in it!!!

5) I like to draw

In my spare time I love to draw portraits!

This is a drawing I did about 5 yrs ago of my Brothers and I!!!

P left, me middle, D right!

6) I busted two blokes having a root!

This is one of many memories I could do with out!!!

Years ago when i was with Ex, there was a party going on in the street behind mine, (my parents - where I was living at the time) It was a party of a mate of ours who I'll call 'Beavis'! Beavis was the Boyfriend of one of my school friends 'Pain' (who was always such a bitch to me!)

Pain was always jealous of Beavis' best mate 'Butthead', because they were inseparable and Butthead did not like 'Pain' at all! (Don't blame him!)

Anyways, I had a lot of stuff to do so I told Ex to head to the party without me and that I would catch up with him later.

Hours later I headed over to Beavis' house and I was surprised to find that it was very quiet! Usually there would be drunks all over the place, pissing on trees and passed out on the lawn! But there was no one!

Downstairs they had a game room which was where the party's always took place, it had a bar and a pool table! I heard music coming from that room so I figured that everyone must be in there, so I opened the door to see if it was unlocked!

The light was off! But I could hear music. Just as the song had ended I heard this very strange grunting noise. Honestly... I thought it was Beavis' dog 'Pinki' who is ALWAYS choking!!! So I flick on the light.............

It wasn't Pinki at all..........................

Well.... not that kind of 'Pinki' anyway!...........

it was Beavis and Butthead rooting on the couch!!!

*cringes* OMFG Beavis was playing the man... and Butthead was playing the woman... if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

They were soooooo embarrassed (as you freaking would be) I had to laugh when Beavis freaked and yelled "Its not what it looks like!!!" as he was tripping over the pants he was trying to put back on in a rush!!! LOL what is with that? So many people say that when they are fully busted!

Anyways, it turns out that the party had been cancelled and everyone headed to another party! (Thanks for telling me and my poor virgin eyes ffs!!!)

I still see Butthead around, he serves me sometimes at the supermarket... but he can't bring himself to talk to me... he just looks down with his face as red as a beetroot!


If you would like to read more random facts about me click here!

Ok... 6 victims...


Tag... you're it!

By the way... Thank you all so much for your support on The adventures of RAT GiRL!!! I'm working on Part 2 now!! :-)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes!!!

*Jumps for joy!!!*

Wooooo hoooooo! So I've finished the first episode of 'The Adventures of RAT GirL' and I'm soooooooo excited!!!


Theres just a few things I need to change and get sorted before I publish it!!!

Firstly... I enjoyed making this comic SOOO much that I have decided to make a regular thing of it! So in that case... I decided to create another blog especially for it!!!

So make sure you link it to your Blogroll!!!

!!!! :-)

Oh I'm so excited I could Pee my Pants!!!

Now it takes BLOODY ages to make these comics, so I certainly wont be posting them daily! But I do hope to try and post once a week, or at least once a fourt night! Hopefully nothing longer than once a month ffs!!!

We shall see how it goes!!!

Right... a couple of other things I need to do...

I'm also changing my blog name and nickname - for the sake of my comic! :-) 'VBF' didn't quite suit the character in my comic... so I am changing my name to.....

'Giggle' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hubby suggested it... can't imagine why! :-P.)


But THIS doesn't mean that I am not Vi's biggest fan anymore... because I am!!! But I'm pretty sure you must have all surely got that hint by now! :-P

I also wanted to change the my blog name too, so I just went for the obvious 'GiGGLeS' as the title! (I like to keep things simple!) :-)

So! While you guys are linking my new blog to your blogrolls (and I know you will because you love me! *flutters eyelashes* )... don't forget to change the name of THIS link too!

So if you've got me linked as 'MOTiVATiONLESS' then change it to 'GiGGLeS'....

or if you've got me as 'VBF' then change it to 'Giggle'...

do it today before you get yourself too confused!!! :-)

Ok... so with that being said... I'm going to finish the rest of these changes so I can get RAT GiRL up and running! :-D!!!

It will be published very shortly!...

Heck! It may even be published now... Check HERE!


Monday, April 21, 2008

MeMe Time!!!

I've been tagged by my new best Texan friend Rhea! Bless her! xx


The rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people


Right... I don't even bloody read books... so I'm gonna have trouble finding one!



Um I found one! It's the Yellow Pages Phone book! (Does that count?)

*GiGGLeS* Ok fine, I'll get another!

Well after searching the nearest cupboard and swallowing a shit load of dust! I managed to spot a pile of books! So I shut my eyes and lucky dipped!


or How Not to be Manipulated by Your Pet.

As you've probably guessed, I'm not huge on novels! But any book that I do have remotely close to one will have something to do with ANIMALS!!! *GiGGLeS*

*Opening page 123*...

*Finding 5th sentence*...

*About to type out the next 3*...

'When we named her we immediately found ourselves shortening Liberty to Libby. After all, she was at that time a soft, cuddly, affectionate pup. But as she grew and as her true personality developed, I noticed that my wife insidiously, and certainly without realising it, changed the dogs name.'

Ummm, ok that's going back in the bookshelf to collect dust I think! Booooring!!!

Ok now who will my victims be....

Oh hey! I wanted to ask y'all too, is there actually anyone here that hates to be tagged with memes?
I LOVE being tagged and get excited with new challenges! So I just assume everyone loves them as much as me!

But then I remembered that I'm a bit of a freak anyway, and that not everyone else is like me!

I know I've tagged a few people with memes in the past, who ended up avoiding it completely !*GiGGLeS*

SO just tell me... would you rather not be tagged? Or are you like me and love the fun challenge? Just let me know now so that I'll know in future
who to include, and who not to! :-)

But for now my victims are...

and Thinny


Sunday, April 20, 2008



Seriously... I've been working on this comic since I quit smoking! I actually started it just to keep busy and keep my mind off cigarettes! But I'm actually really enjoying it!

I'll be posting the first episode sooon! Yeeha!!


Oooooooo on another exciting note!...
I got me some more awards!!! WOOHOOO! God I love stuff like this!!!

Thank you to the GORGEOUS Dust Bunny Nite, for this FABULOUS AWARD!!!
Just look at the Bunnies! Look at them going at it! They are SO in love! :-) *GiGGLeS*

Thank you Nite!!! I LOVE IT!!! xx

Nite was generous to offer this award to ALL of her friends! It's a personal award from her to her readers, so if you are a friend of hers... pop over and proudly accept it!!!

But if you haven't met her yet... YOUR LOSS! Not just for the award, but for the amazing reading! :-P

If you haven't met her yet, go and meet her!! She's lovely!!! Don't let the psycho bunny with the knife scare you off!

Even if your intention is just to score the award... you'll end up falling in love with her and staying anyway! :-P *GiGGLeS*


Isn't it gorgeous???

The incredibly charming Dazzed and Confused awarded me with this one!!! *Blushes*

Did you know that Daz and Nite were married!!??? I was like the last one to actually click on to this LOL!!! (I'm such a dumarse!)

Why'd you's split up anyway??? You's are both AWESOME!!! Any chance of a return of an old flame? :-)

I know... I'm such a nosey bitch aren't I!!! :-P *GiGGLeS*

Anyways.... Thank you SOOOOO much Daz! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LIVE IT!!! :-) xx

I adore animals, and both of these awards are of animals!! SO COOL!

There was no instruction to tag anyone else with the 'Who's Awesome' Award! But I'm gonna do it anyway coz it's too good not to spread around in blogland!

Daz gave his to 3 bloggers, so I'll do the same!

First of all, to Daryl e! Because she IS awesome, and plus because she was the first one to give me my first ever award!! :-) So I wanna return the thought! xx

I also want to give this award to Ronnie! Yes... I know I just gave you an award Ronnie, but it's still 'Loving Ronnie Week' and plus I know you love animals! :-) xx

and last of all...
Rhea!... I also only just gave Rhea an award a week ago, but she has TOTALLY earnt this one too! I've had more GiGGLeS with Rhea than I have with any other blogger in the space of just TWO DAYS! PLUS we discovered that we both are OBSESSED with the tv show 'Lost'!

When I told her that my favourite character was Hurley... she told me that the actor Jorge Garcia actually has HIS OWN BLOG TOOO!

AND THEN...... She found the LINK TO IT for me!!!!!! :-O

What can I say Rhea.... You're AWESOME!!!! xx

Anyways... hope you enjoy the awards kids!

Now I have to run to the dunny, because somehow I managed to catch the squirts off Aunty Vi ffs!

(I knew I should have washed my hands after I was typing to her on msn ffs! :-P)

Yes I have a runny arse and I am as crook as a dog ffs!

So I must scadaddle!!!

Don't forget to wash your hands after you leave a comment for me! (You might catch my germs!) :-P



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I seeing things???

Oi! This is insane!
The face on the your left is angry, right?

And the face on your right is calm, yeah?

Seriously... stand up and walk away from your computer and look again from a distance!


Crazy huh???

Bloody hell! Anyways, what this post is REALLY about, is something freaky is going on and I don't like it!!! It's giving me the heebie geebies and I want it to stop ffs! :-(!!!

I dunno if I'm just losing the plot from giving up smoking, or if I'm just seeing things, or if it's freaking real!!! But for the last couple of nights I've had the strangest feeling that something has been watching me! And last night I SAW something that scared the frikking daylights outta me!!!

Last night at about 2am the WHOLE Bloody neighbourhood was going nuts! Every frikken Tom, Dick and Harrys cat, dog and kid were all making a ridiculous racket ffs!!!

There were sounds of vicious cat fights, Every dog in the street was distressed and going OFF! The sounds of frogs being tortured, and domestic fights between the neighbours! There were children screaming and cars screeching up and down the street, driven by drunken hoons! There were violent drunks picking fights in the street! OMFG It was just a complete HELL HOLE! It was like the whole world had turned on each other!

I am a very high stress person when it comes to fearing for the safety of animals and children! So when i hear ANY noise that could indicate any kind of harm to either, I can not relax!

I'm the kind of nut job that will search the neighbourhood for the tortured frog, no matter what I'm wearing, what time of night it is, or where the hell I have to go to save it! Even if I have to jump a fence into someone else's yard ffs! It's BLOOD Curdling having to listen to any animal be tortured and just doing nothing about it! I'd never forgive myself!

I am constantly freaking out and thinking the worst! Millions of things run through my head! If a dog barks, I wonder why... is the dog OK? Is someone trying to break in? Is something not right? Is something in danger? WHY WOULD THE DOG BARK IF THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG??? What do I do?...

If I hear a child scream... Is it in danger? Is it being bashed by it's abusive Mother? Can no one else hear it? Heck! What do I do?...

When I hear a fight... will someone get seriously hurt? Could there be a murder tonight? What if they attack us? What do I do???...

When I hear a car driving wildly... I fucking FREAK out! My heart drops and I shut my eyes tight and pray that they wont hit an animal or a child!!!

Our neighbourhood is full of stray animals that wander the streets, even children (they don't have the best up bringing) I've seen 3 year old kids roam the streets with no adult near them! It's fucking disgusting! So I really cringe when I hear a hoon screeching down the street so wildly!!!

So as you could imagine... I was having mini heart attacks every fucking second!!! It was just one thing after another, I was so close to having an anxiety attack! Thousands of sounds were messing with my head! I felt like I was about to snap or something! On top of that I also had the feeling like someone or something was watching me, and tormenting and laughing at my stress! It was WEIRD!

But then I heard the most horrible sound ever! As if all these horrible sounds at once weren't bad enough, it was all dimmed out by the sound of a massive car screeeeeeeech and BANG, followed by a heart wrenching Howl!!!

That's when everything went DEAD silent! Besides the screeching of the car, speeding away as if it was a hit and run! I almost fainted!!! I could literally feel the color leave my face!

I was POSITIVE that a dog had been hit! I was so sure that I already started grieving for it the poor thing before I rushed out to find it!!! Part of me did NOT want to go out there! I can't handle seeing animals in suffering, but because it was something that I witnessed with my own ears, I knew that I could never live with myself to know that i just let this poor helpless animal die without attempting to help it live.

So at about 3am here I was.... making my way to the front door, shaking like a leaf, about to see something that I DID not want to see! I was really dreading to find this poor animal, laying there, possibly in a pile of blood, dead already!

Besides the thought of that, I was immediately spooked by how silent it was all of a sudden! As if the world vanished and I was the last one standing! It was really surreal!!

I headed over to the road with my head down the whole time... I had planned to not look until I stood at the edge and got into a position where if I would faint at the sight I would land safely (I'm always fainting ffs.)

"Ok VBF" I whispered to myself, "On the count of 3, look up" 1.... 2....3!

My head shot up.....


I skimmed up and down the street with my eyes.... nothing, nothing, nothing!

But that can't be right? I heard it!!! I heard it like it was on this road!!!

I was really confused now! Maybe it was on a different road? Maybe it got up and crawled away? HECK KNOWS!!! I sat on the edge of the gutter in disbelief!

I didn't know whether to be relieved or worried, I was SOOOO Positive of what I had heard, and where I had heard it. I just sat there for ages thinking things through.

Eventually I saw a guy in the distance walking up the street just about to pass me. Normally I wouldn't talk to strangers, especially in our neighbourhood at 3:30 in the frikken morning! But I just had to ask him... "Excuse me, did you hear that huge car wreck an hour ago?"

He looked at me strangely, "Ummm, no I don't think so?" I was surprised because he didn't seem drunk! Maybe he came from somewhere far and wasn't near here when it happened.

"Oh really?" I said, "Do you live around here?" I asked. "Yes" he said, "I live 3 doors down, I'm just heading to my girlfriends down the road." He finished.

That's fucking weird!!! He would have heard it for sure then!!! It was as loud as a BOMB ffs!

Just as I was thinking this, I was staring at his face blankly, I thought he was having me on or something! But then omg..... his face... I can't even explain it! In that split second, his face seemed to flash dead 3 times in an instant! It was FUCKING PSYCHO! It was like his face was like a skeleton... (Heck! It was like the optical illusion picture up top - this is how I found that picture... I did a search for that picture to match this post !!!.)

I kid you not... it was flippin insane! FUUUUUUCK either it was some FREAKY shit or REALLY bad lighting I don't know! I don't even remember reacting, I think i was in shock! But he sure seemed startled by something because he said "SHIT are you ok???" I think I literally looked like I'd seen a ghost!

At this point I kind of snapped out of it and was like "Yeh, fine" as I FUCKING RAN back to the house! But as I flung the door open bloody Bart flew out!!! I don't like to have the cats out at night (because of the hoons,) and it would be just my luck if Bart were to be hit by a car that night ffs!

So Brave 'ol me shut the door again and went on the chase for Bart! Theres this one bush in particular where he loves to hang out, so I started to head there. But as I stepped forward and looked in the direction my eyes were fixed on an 'image' of a man squatting down in the bush WITH A DEAD FACE!!!!

You know that feeling that you get when you are really scared, and you see something, but you're not quite sure if it's what you are really seeing, or if its just a fear of seeing, and you just freeze and can't quite look away until you know for sure? My eyes were glued on this image, and it was like I wouldn't allow myself to look away until I was able to prove to myself that it wasn't a man with a dead face!

SO I kept looking and looking and it WAS STILL a man with a dead face! Next second I almost POOED myself when I was distracted with Bart leaping into my arms!!! (He has sooo never done that before!)

I thought 'Right! I've got Bart, I'm fucking outta hear!' I glanced back over at the image of the man as I ran towards the door. I had hoped that with this one last look I would realise that it was just an outline of a tree or something! But it was worse than that... it was not a tree.... it was nothing!

Not nothing as in there was nothing there! Nothing as in... there was nothing else there for me to use as comfort that I could have been mistaken by!
Basically one second there was a dead man, next second there was NOTHING! Just a space of flat grass! If there was even a tree there I would convince myself that it was JUST the tree! But no! I have nothing else that I can say that it was!
EEEEEKKKK I'm getting the hell goosebumbs again!! :-S

But wait... it's not over!

I finally made my way inside and I sooo was heading for bed too crawl into Hubbys arms and hide FOREVER!!! But first I had to turn off all the lights and the computer! As I was making my way around to turn everything off I had MASSIVE goosebumps and the feeling like something was watching me again! I was chanting and laughing to myself "VBF, you are sooo tired! LOL OMFG You've gone crazy! Theres nothing there you idiot!" I just kept telling myself that over and over again!

But as I was laughing out loud and shutting down the computer, I saw a flash in the corner of my eye, the goosebumps got bigger! Then i saw a flash of the dead face pop around the corner as if to scare me!

"OMG YOU HAVE GONE INSANE VBF!!!" I yelled as I just switched the shit off at the wall instead of waiting for it to shut down! I RAN into bed with my eyes shut the entire time and I DID NOT open them until I woke up in daylight!

But even in daylight I can't fucking escape it... all morning I've been seeing flashes of that VERY same face in windows and shit and in the corner of my eye! And even right this very minute I have that feeling like I'm not alone! :-S




God I'm good!... Just ask me!!!

:-P *GiGGLeS*

Hello. my name is VBF and I am a cigarettoholic...

Audience says "Hi VBF" has been 5 days since my last cigarette!!!!

*Audience CHEERS*

How good am I??? 5 days!!!!!!!??? FIVE DAYS FIVE DAY FIVE DAYS I TELL YOU!!!
Can you believe it? Coz I can't! It's just INSANE! I must be NUTS!... Oh that's right! I AM!!!! :-)

*sigh* So I can't believe I've actually done it! I've quit! And I GOT PAST DAY 3!!!

When ever I'm trying to quit a habit of mine, I usually CAN NOT get past the third day!!! Seriously... I am constantly buggering my diet on Day three!
It's the hardest day ever, because on the first day, it's exciting to make a drastic change for the better, so it's a bit like a fun challenge really.

The second day, you're so proud of yourself because you got through the first day, and you realise "Hey! I CAN Do this!"

But on the 3rd day... it's like... "OK IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!!! I NEED MY FIX FFS!!!!!"

It's sooooo true!!!!

BUT!!! Once I get through the third day... my body seems to have adjusted as if to say "FINE! Be healthy! See if I care ffs!"
Third day is the HUMP day... and I'm sooooooooo glad I got through it!!!

You proud of me? *Flutters Eyelashes* Girl 3

Surprisingly... I haven't been gaining weight like I thought I would! I've been craving for nothing but junk since I quit - to occupy my mouth ffs! BUT Because we are so broke... we can't afford any treats, which means I HAVE to do without! LOL! So I've pretty much quit JUNK FOOD TOOO! :-O!!!

I've actually lost weight... because I've been pacing around the house, cursing under my breath - craving cigarettes! So without even realising... I've been getting exercise!!! And exercise + stress = WEIGHT LOSS! :-) YIPPEEEE!!! SO I'm not complaining!

PLUS!!! I have actually been cleaning the house!!! Only to keep myself busy of course... *phhh* as if I would clean for the sake of a clean house ffs! :-P

So I'll be Damned.... Taking up smoking was probably the best thing i ever did... because when it came time to quit... EVERYTHING changed for the better! :-)
I'm healthier... I'm keeping active... I'm saving money... Hubby wants to kiss me a lot more coz I don't stink of cigarette smoke *GiGGLeS* ... My teeth wont rot... I'm losing weight.... And I'm a better housewife!!!!

ooooo did I mention I've quit drinking too? :-)!

Yeah... I'm not a huge drinker these day's anyway... so it's no big deal! But I have ocassions coming up that I have promised myself not to drink at! Hubby even brought home a carton of Bundy Rums (My Favourite... which i like to call 'Liquid Chocolate' Because it's DELISH!!!) He got them for me as a Congratulations on quitting smoking!!!!

Bless his little cotton socks the sweetheart... BUT I'M NOT READY FOR ALCOHOL!!! Not while I'm trying to quit smoking.... no siree!!! I smoke like a chimney when i'm on the piss!!!

So I let him go down the road to his mates house and he shared the carton with them! *GiGGLeS*

Nuts aye??? I have no idea where all this discipline has come from!!!

Actually I lie.... I do know... and I should probably tell you...

I've been keeping quiet about this, because I don't want to jinx anything as I've been let down in the past! But people have been like "OMFG are you ok VBF???, It's not like you to be such a health freak!" And it's TRUE! It is not like me to be a health freak AT ALL!!!

And the truth is... I'm not doing it for me!

Hubby and I have decided to try for a baby again! :-) *hlkajhdufhwhefhabmns* SOOOO exciting!!!

We've had 2 miscarraiges in the past, which has been very devastating for me!
But this time, I'm doing everything properly to avoid any complications!!!
YES!! Thats WHY I have quit smoking and alcohol and Junk food! :-)

To be honest... I could never do it for myself, I don't give a rats arse about my own health (sad but true) but I'd change it all in a heart beat for the life of my own child! :-) THAT'S what's keeping me strong! :-)
Crazy eh? It's amazing the sacrifices we make for someone elses life!!!

EVEN Though I'm not even pregnant yet... and haven't even met the little shit! :-P *GiGGLeS*
I've even signed up to a preconception website and have a personalised ovulation calender plan!!! It guides me through the process and tells me when I'm most likely to fall pregnant and all the rest of it!
I wont get into details because some of the stuff they want to know is SOOO gross!!!


'What is your state of mucus?'

Damp & Sticky?
Dry & Sparse
Thick & Tacky?
Wet and more Profuse?
Wet, Stretchy & Slippery / raw egg white?


Oh crap! I just got into the details didn't I!

Sorry about that, I've got serious problems!


But HECK NO! I aint going as far as checking my mucus every week ffs! YUCK!!!!! Just tell me when Hubby will get lucky!!! :-P

Ahhhh so there you go!!! I'm all set up and ready to start cooking a bun in the oven!!!

ISN'T IT JUST EXCITING!!!!????!!!!??????? :-)


Have a great weekend kids!!!


Friday, April 18, 2008

This kid is amazing!!!

Isn't he precious???

LOL I LOVE the part at the end where he says "Oh! Flipper!"

It kind of reminds you that he IS actually a human child!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gooey Heart!!!


Ya know the feeling ya get when you are tipsey or pissed and you get in that lovey mood and start hugging all your friends and kiss them all over their cheeks and say "I Looooveee you sooooooooooo much!"???

And ya pour ya heart out to them and tell them how much you appreciate them and how much 'they' always were your 'best' friend?

Sometimes you may even get a bit weepy and get all teary, because you're so overwhelmed with the feeling of 'love' for your mate? ( When really, you're just pissed and need to get your arse to a taxi ffs!)

Well anyways, you MUST know what I'm talking about, unless you're an angry or violent drunk, or don't drink at all! *GiGGLeS*

I'm a very happy drunk! I get in a very 'I love you' mood, and I'll hug everyone and everything! Yes... even the street poll, while I'm waiting for a taxi! Heck even the Taxi man I'll hug, and the TAXI itself ffs!!! LOL

I'm a real laugh on the piss! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

But I even get a bit like this when I'm sober too, I'm a bit of an emo like that, and I get all attached to animals, people, even cartoon characters ffs!

Seriously, something new wins my heart every day, and I spend a week adoring them until the next thing steal's my heart!

Like for instance - a while ago I was watching a dvd series that I bought for Muussy for her birthday, it's a BRILLIANT NZ Tv show called 'Outrageous Fortune' if you havent heard of it... seriously... I feel sorry for you! :-P

Any way... there's a character named 'Van' he is one of the son's in the family! He is a total goof ball and is dumb as shit, but he totally won my heart with his hilarious stupidity!!! *GiGGLeS* He made my heart all Gooey!!!

After a week of loving Van, my heart got all Gooey for his best mate 'Munter' who is a total sweetie pie!!!

After loving Munt for a week, my heart moved onto this little fella, Ralph from the Simpsons! Bless his little snotty gobbles!!!

Anyways you get the point right? My heart is ALWAYS Gooing for something! And the reason why I'm sharing this with you, is because this week my heart has actually been gooed by a fellow blogger!!! *GiGGLeS*

You know the feeling you get when you see a fluffy kitten, or a smiley puppy dog stumbling trying to take its first steps? Ya know!!! When you see something that's just soooo damn cute you just want to punch someone in the head???????... (Or is that just me? :-S)
Forgive me... I'm still craving cigarettes ffs!!!


Anyways, I've been Gooed by a certain blogger that has impressed me with not one post, but 2 posts in one week! All his posts are brilliant of course, but he did two posts in a row, of BOTH of my weaknesses!!! The first post was about animals (my number one love) and his second was about babies (which I also adore.) Oh! Not to mention his post in between where he handed out awards... one being for me!!! *Flutters eyelashes* :-)

I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm talking about...

Honestly, Ronnie, you've gooed my heart so much I just want to kick someone in the face ffs! :-P *GiGGLeS*

Nah seriously, you guys, GO AND READ HIS BLOG! He is Flippin hilarious, and he is a gorgeous little friend to talk to! You'll just want to cuddle and kiss him to death! I've never met a fella that gets as gooey as I do for animals and babies and all the other cute little things in life! I LUV IT!!!

Thank's so much Ronnie for being a fun Bloggles Buddy and for having such an entertaining blog for us to look forward to every day! :-) xx

This song is dedicated to you Ronnie!

(This little bunny has often gooed my heart too!)

Who is your heart gooey for? :-)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok first of all, bare in mind that I am going insane without my cigarettes so I'm desperate for things to post about to keep my dang mind off things and to keep these bloody hands occupied!!!

Ummmm So yeah! I got thinking about how I could really use a great game of kings right now and get absolutely plastered! And then I thought HEY! I haven't actually done a post about Kings yet! My most favourite ever drinking game!!!

So I thought, what better time to post about it than while I'm trying to keep myself freaking occupied!!!! *sigh* I even drew pictures for each freaking card ffs! LOL

If you're a regular reader of Aunty Vi, then you MUST be well aware of the drinking game Kings! My Brother 'P' actually taught me how to play Kings with the following rules! The one that Aunty Vi plays has very different rules which i am still yet to give a go! But I also wanted to share with you guys the version I was taught to play!

Seriously, if you are bored one night and on the piss with some mates over! All you need is a deck of cards and a glass, and you're bloody laughing! IT'S FREAKING FABULOUS!!!

These are my rules...

Get a deck of cards and spread them face down in a circle. In the middle of the circle place a large empty glass! Don't forget your alcohol! Have 3 or more players go around in a circle and pick up a card one by one!

For each card you pick up... heres what they mean...

ACE - The holder of this card has the right to make up any rule for the other players to follow. This rule is only valid until the next Ace is drawn.

Eg. For each time someone points, you all must have a sip!

2 - The holder of this card must have 2 sips of their own drink.

3 - The holder of this card must have 3 sips of their own drink.

4 - The holder of this card must have 4 sips of their own drink.

5 - The holder of this card has the right to allocate 5 sips to any other players. It can be a multiple of players, with any amount of sips, as long as the total adds up to 5.

Eg. 1 sip to Player 1, 1 sip to Player 2 and 3 sips to Player 3.

6 - The holder of this card has the right to allocate 6 sips to any other players. It can be a multiple of players, with any amount of sips, as long as the total adds up to 6.

Eg. 6 sips to Player 2.

7 - You must never leave the table even to go to the toilet unless you have this card! This card entitles you to one trip to the dunny! But it can only be used once!

8 - The holder of this card must secretly place their thumb on the edge of the table during some time of the game. When another player notices, they must also do the same. The last person to place their thumb on the table must have a sip (or a shot if you're playing hard core!)

9 - Starting with the holder of this card, each person must go around in a circle, contributing a single word after repeating what else has been said to form a stroy.

Eg. Player 1 says: "Once," Player 2 says: "Once apon," Player 3 says: "Once apon a." This continues until a player either gets stumped for a word, or forgets the story. All words must be repeated, you can not just say one word (unless it is the first word.) Eg. Player 4 says: "time."

10 - THINK QUICK! All players beware of this card, as soon as it is drawn all players must throw their hands onto their forehead as quickly as they can. The last one to do so must have a sip (or a shot.)

J - The holder of this card has the right to suggest a cattegory. Once decided, each player must go around in the circle and suggest something relating to the cattegory.

Eg: Cattegory: Types of Cars - Player 1: "Ford," Player 2: "Toyota," Player 3: "Holden." The first player to repeat an answer, get an answer wrong or take too long to answer, must have a sip of their drink.

Q - The holder of this card must make converstaion with the other players in questions only. The aim is to stump another player with their reply, as they too have to answer you in a question.

Eg. Holder: Ask's Player 1 "What are you thinking about?"
Player 1: Replys to Holder "Why do you want to know?"
Holder: Ask's Player 2 "Can you explain this to Player 1?"
Player 2: Replys tp Holder "Explain what?" etc

The first player to answer in statement or get stumped on a question must have a sip (or shot.)

K 1 - The Player to pick up the 1st King in the deck must pour their drink into the empty cup in the middle of the table, filling a third of it.

K2 - The player to pick up the 2nd King in the deck must poor their drink into the cup in the middle of the table, making it two thirds full.

K3 - The player to pick up the 3rd King in the deck, must pour their drink in the cup in the middle of the table, filling it to the top.

K4 - THE LAST KING! The game ends when the last King is drawn! The poor Bastard who picks up the last king must SCULL the now full cup in the middle of the table! This can be pretty nasty, especially if all the players are drinking different aloholic beverages!!!

The worst I have had was beer, mixed with rum and mudslide!!!! HIDEOUS!!!!!

But a Flippin great game!!!


Just don't drink drive ffs! :-)