Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yes YOU!!!!..... *Grabs you by the collar of your shirt* ....
You ugh... got a cigarette I can bum off ya?.... I'll be your best friend???...
NO???...... Well do you have a gun?.... So I can put myself out of my MISERY FFS???

*Sigh* Well my next post WAS suppose to be about this big 'Breakthrough' about changing my life and getting myself healthy with quitting smoking and changing my lifestyle for the better! BUT I had my last cigarette yesterday, and since then, instead of feeling positive about the new change, the whole thing has HIT me like a bullet train, and now I'm just BLOODY AGITATED AS HELL!!! Grrrrrr!!! Blah

CAN ya believe it though??? I started YESTERDAY, Not Mozzas... YESTERDAY!!! *Sigh* ... Well... the quitting smoking thing any way!

I WAS suppose to quit my junk food as well today, but OMFG!!! I've got to keep my mouth occupied with something ffs!!!! (Mind out of the gutter peoples!!!)

Hubby has had this chocolate sitting in the freezer for a while now, and he specifically told me that I AM NOT allowed it! He has been saving it for himself for when he feels like it! But let me tell you something.... THAT CHOCOLATE is SOOOOO Getting eaten... by me... RIGHT NOW!

Yup! I've got the chocolate all over my face to prove it! And in between chews I'm stuffing my face with the last packet of Doritos which also belong to Hubby! AND one of his last alcoholic UDL's which I'm sculling, which is actually making it worse ffs, because I feel like smoking even more when I'm on the piss!!! If you could only see me... I am so far from a Lady right now!!!

I'm as stuffed as a teddy bear! But I aint eating for hunger, I'm eating to distract my mouth from cigarettes! But how is that gonna work??? I wanna lose weight too... heck! It's like I have to choose one or the other!!! Smoke or be fat?! boooooooo I'm not having fun at all!

Ooooo I must go! Hubby just got home.... I'm gonna go and beg him for just one last packet ffs!!!!

*wipes chocolate off face, and hides rubbish*

Wish me Luck! Please



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Anonymous said...

When I quit smoking, I popped Tic Tacs like nobody's business. Good luck!

trublmaka said...

I made the mistake of jinxing myself "I can only quit when I'm pregnant".. Then the queen of intelligence I am, took up smoking again and Hello!! What's this? Knocked up AGAIN! grrrr..
Swap ya? I want rum n cigs n go on my diet!
Dammit, there's the mr whippy van.. maybe i should just go n roll the bastard & steal his chocolate for ya hey?

Vi said...

This is why when you asked if I was gonna quit I said NO WAY! One of the reasons I put on 6kg was because I quit for 6 weeks! I'll lose the weight first, then quit, but think I'll get patches first.

Utter Basketcase said...

Jenn - hmmmmm tic tacs!!! I must give it a try (I say as I take a draw of a cigarette!, YUP Hubby gave in to me) Bwhahahahaha xx

Trub - Hey! You've gone something precious that I've always wanted! I'd swap ya any day ;-)... *GiGGLeS* GOANGED@!!!! xx

Aunty Vi - *sigh* Sad but true... but I am DETERMINED to prove it all wrong dammit! :-) xx

trublmaka said...

I know sweety, I'll share anytime with you! Hey so do u want me to get a truck-load of tic-tacs for u? What flava do u want?

Ur a strong and determined bugger, I know if anyone can prove anything/anyone wrong, its YOU!!

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - oooooo I like the sound of a truck load of tick tacs! Not to eat but to swim around in! How fun would that be :-) Like a room full of balls in a fun factory! :-D Ummm so for that matter.. any flavour will do ;-P

Thank you hunny!!! You always believe in me! xx

Peach said...

Hey I've got a cool tactic re the oral fixation thing and giving up smoking and getting healthy - you know we're supposed to be drinking 2-3 litres of water a day? Well carry around with you a litre of water and permanently swig it whenever you want a fag. It keep your hands and mouth occupied AND stops you smoking AND fills you with water and cleanses your body and makes your skin pure and plumped up - it's great! I'm starting it again soon. In Jan I managed to give up (but started again in Feb) and drank so much water my usually think lips even plumped up and got softer! It was GREAT!

Good luck !!

Peach said...

ok, I meant thin.

You knew that.

Utter Basketcase said...

Peach - HAHAHAHAHHA I'd love to say that is a great idea... and it is! But I fucking can't stand water omfg!!! But then again, I fucking can't stand quitting smoking either, so heck! I guess I've got nothing to lose do I! Thanks :-) and *GiGGLeS* 'You knew that' cracks me up!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Y'know, if you really really need to put something in your mouth...

you do have a husband.

Unknown said...

Good luck, mate. I soooo understand. Well, not the smoking, but the eating and needing comfort and chocolate. My addiction is diet cola. I keep saying I'm going to give it up or at least cut back, and also that I'm going to eat healthier and less and get back to exercising. Ha! I'm getting worse, not better. I think I'll have to hypnotize myself.

My hubby keeps buying himself chocolate and telling everybody else "Keep off". Of course, the kids don't keep off and then no one takes credit and he gets mad. Oh well, he should buy extra for them, right?

JsTzznU said...

Good Luck VBF!! quiting sucks, but after awhile it gets easier.. I found the drug chantx really made a huge difference especially at frist when you are re-training your brain. Once it's re-trained, you might find the "need" is gone. I still "think" I want to smoke and even went so far as to smoke all but a whole pack (during a fight w/wife)yet the next day and every since I have yet to pick one up! So you can do it!! Sometimes you just have to want it real fucking bad =)

Let me know if you want help, I'll do what I can!

Misty DawnS said...

I wish you the best. I always find that if I keep busy or keep my mind busy, I don't think about wanting a smoke... it's when I'm bored or have nothing to do with my hands that I want a smoke.

Indi said...

I quit last Oct after witnessing my best mate die of lung cancer through smoking,her dyin wish was for me to quit so I have. I'm doing the race for life challenge in may to raise cash toward 'cancer' research. Good luck with quitin, if you want anything bad enough you'll do it.

Lady in red said...

when I quit it was more a need to keep my fingers busy so I kept an elastic band in my pocket and fiddled with that instead of a cigarette. I also began chewing gum to help me with my need to eat instead as I used to smoke when I was hungry to stop myself from eating.........but now that all seems like it was in another life it was so long ago

good luck hun

Tobiwan said...

I unfortunately traded one vice for another.

While it's been a few months since I had a cig, I have been smoking other things to distract me.

Good luck with the quitting process. After the first month, it's not so bad.

Utter Basketcase said...

Jenn - LOL I was wondering who would be the first to say that! :-P I don't think Hubby would be game enough, with the moodswings I'll be experiencing without my cigarettes!!! :-P xx

Ash - LOL! Sounds like we've all got problems! Tho at least your addiction is diet right? :-D haha! Yeh, your Hubby should know better that his choccy would get eaten while theres kids in the house! He should either buy extra, hide it or eat it as soon as he gets it, like a true chocoholic! :-P xx

Jst - hehe thanks mate! Good to hear that I'm not the only one! But I know what you mean, it's the times when you are stressed that you are most likely o give into them, but I'm bloody stressed all the damn time lately! :-) xx

Misty - Yeah thats so true too, either bored or stressed which I am most the time LOL Maybe I should just get a life and I'll be fine eh! :-) xx

Indigo - Hello :-) Oh crap! I was hoping I wouldn't be faced with bad news like that! But it's reality isn't it! Sorry to hear about your mate, but good on you for sticking to it! *Sigh* I know I can do it, I just like to winge about it! :-P xx

Lady - Oh what a cool idea! Everyone has different ways to get through it! There's bound to be something for me then! Chewing gum is totally up there! I just got hubby to buy be a huge packet (of gum) :-)xx

Tobi - LOL!!! Well, I'd like to say I'd give it a go, but I think I might just stick to gum! :-P A MONTH??? Oh ffs! I was hoping to get over it after my first day! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ron said...

I HEAR you on this, Vi!

I'm a smoker too, and lately I've been smoking MUCH more than I should. It's weird though, because I only smoke at night. For some reason I don't really desire it during the day!?!?


Ok...and chocolate...forget it...there is NO way in HELL I could even think of ending my relationship to it.

It's my STAPLE!

Ok...time for another cigarette...bye!

Utter Basketcase said...

Ron - LOL Chocolate YUMM!!! Good thing I've still got cigareetes and havent started my diet yet! Otherwise your comment would have driven me crazy :-P xx

Anonymous said...

I was a little deviant (older brother and all..) I quit smoking when I was about twelve; cigarettes that is (I stopped weed when I was twenty); started when I was nine-ish. Damn older brothers!!! I found it real easy to quit when I was twelve... I don't know what you're griping about?

I remember sitting in this one diner when I was eleven or twelve, sitting in a booth and having a waitress serve us while we were smoking and looking at us all sorts of funny, and then having to say something nasty to her... you know to prove we were tough. (I can't imagine someone that young doing that and when I think back on it I get the creepies.)

Ummmm... did I mention that I was a deviant? C:)

Utter Basketcase said...

C:) - 9???????? Thats insane!!! LMAO!!! I Can just see it now, you little boys with fags hanging out of your mouths tryna act tough! haha! and something else that you said in this comment explains a damn lot about you too! :-P xx