Saturday, April 12, 2008

The dumber I get the blonder I get!!!

Or wait... is it the other way around? :-P *GiGGLeS*

OMFG it's just ridiculous! I've done my 5th dye now to get back to blonde from brunette and it's slowly getting there. But you would think that I would have mastered the whole dying process by now! I've used the SAME brand, color and dye 5 times now in the space of a 2 weeks!

As much as I hate reading instructions I decided I'd better any way, just to be on the safe side! So I only needed to read it once on the first dye, so I could master it and to know what to do for the other dyes, right? ... *sigh* WRONG... AGAIN!!!

Well first of all, on my 1st dye, I managed to get a big chunk of it in my mouth ffs! Don't ask how.. I don't know either, but it tasted fucking awful!!!

The 2nd dye... I didn't eat it, but I stupidly forgot to change into some daggy clothes and got one of my good tops bloody bleached!!

The 3rd dye... I didn't eat it, and remembered to wear my daggy clothes this time, BUT... I freaking forgot I was dying my hair and left it in for HOURS! SO I left it in for far too long!

The 4th dye... Ok I ate a little, but I remembered to wear daggy clothes AND I washed it out at the right time! BUT the fucking thing didn't work! Why? Because stupid me accidently put the powder in before the cream (it's suppose to be the other way around) This caused a chemicle reaction and the fucking bottle exploded!!!!!!! Hair dye went EVERYWHERE! What little I had left, I put in my hair, but it turned to shit any way!!!

The 5th dye... Oh ffs! I just realised that there was no 5th! There was only 4, which means that I can't bloody count, which means I MUST be getting blonder!!!

Are you seeing the pattern here?

I'm a fucking dumbarse!!! >:-}


On a different note, everything else has been getting in order! A couple of rooms have been cleaned on the 'Achievement Challenge' that me and Trub are doing! AND I'm on a healthy eating plan which has helped me lose 1KG so far WooooHooooo! So I'm stoked!!!

Oh! An update about the dream I had about Ex!

I found out not long after the dream I had, Ex was done for drink driving, lost his licence and had to go to court and pay a big fine! He also quit his job because his hand swelled up from injuring it!!!!

Hubby reckons that these parts of my dream are related...

'Trying to warn Ex via phone' - Symbolises: Trying to stop him from driving drunk!

'My Dad chucking money at me (wasting it, throwing it away)' - Symbolises: Ex's fine (losing money)!

'Getting a Taxi in my dream' - Symbolises: The right thing to do, rather than drink driving!


'My hand swelling up' - Symbolises: Ex's injury!

Weird huh! Interesting theory, but most likely just a coincidence! I'm just glad that it was nothing too serious, and that he didn't die ffs!

On a crappier note, Hubby almost had a stroke to find out that our rates have gone up $200 a month!!! *sigh* We were already struggling with finances and now this ffs! It's just ridiculous, thousands of people are losing their houses coz they just can't afford to keep them! So sad... but we are staying positive! :-)

Ummm what else? OH! My Granma just found out she has a sister she didn't know about!!! Crazy shit! But I'll let Aunty Vi post about that one! (If she wants) :-)

Tonight Hubby and I will be partying at Trubs & Crazys (her partner) house!!! So exciting!!! This will be the first time I have been outta the house in a long time! :-) I intend to run a muck! *GiGGLeS*

Have a great weekend!

Now excuse me while I put my headphones back on and listen to 'breath in, breath out' before I drop dead ffs!

*GiGGLeS* :-P
P.S. If you wanna see the results from the 'Who's been paying attention Quiz' Go here! (If you haven't already!)

21 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

See? You should have stayed brunette! lol.

I'll tell the story about granma when she gets around to telling me herself (usual Sunday call will be all about that I'm sure, but I'll act dumb that I haven't heard about it already!)

Anonymous said...

See Vi.. you should go blonde so you wouldn't have to act dumb C;P If blonde is dumb, and brunette is smart, then what is bald?


Fire Byrd said...

bald is challenged when putting straightners through hair.

Lady in red said...

ouch at pixie's comment

Utter Basketcase said...

Aunty Vi - LOL ok then! That would be the safe way to go :-P xx

C:) - *GiGGLeS* Being Bald is REALLY SMART!!! Hair roots get into our brain and makes us dumb! But you think so damn much you were too smart for your own hair! :-P xx

pixie - LOL yeh thats true too! :-P xx

Lady - LMAO!

trublmaka said...

And you want me to join you in the blonding?
What.. like i'm NOT dumb enuf?????? lol
You'll be right sweety, you're just not fully awake yet xo xoxo

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* DO@!!! xx

trublmaka said...

Ok, what do I need? Tell me EVERY last detail so I can get it all together!
Oh!! DOes anyone know anything about dying hair while preggas? Will there be any probs? I don't want my hair to fall out or the colour to be something it shouldn't be.. like um.. GREEN! lol

Unknown said...

LOL about the dye job. My dil tried to dye my grandson's hair and somehow, she ended up getting a big blonde splotch on my daughter (who wasn't even getting her hair dyed).

I'll check out your auntie Vi's blog about your grandma and her sister. That sounds, uh, interesting.

Anonymous said...


I never have that problems with the brunette shade ;)

Misty DawnS said...

You are so funny. Congrats on eating healthy! Oh, and I know all about the finance thing - we just found out we owe $2,000 (yes that is three zeros) on our taxes :-( And, Hubs is really sick right now - so, I'm trying to take care of him but keep my distance so I don't get it - that's not working out so well hehe. Yeah, it's been a crappy week.

By the way, if you are interested, my new Sunday meme, which is all about animal/critter photos is premiering this weekend at Camera-Critters. I know you are like me and love your critters, so I thought I'd mention it.

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - oooo actually I never thought of that! Maybe bleach would be bad for prgnancy :-S xx

Ash - LMFAO thats so cute!
Yeh Aunty Vi may have the full story when she hears about it! :-) xx

Jenn - haha yeh... sometimes I wish I never bothered and just stayed Brunette... but it's easy enough to get back there! :-) xx

Misty - Thanks :-) Oh thats SuX about the tax! It's ridiculous isn't it! :-) Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to have a go!!! :-) xx

Joe said...

Yet another benefit of losing my hair!

Hold on, we're supposed to be paying attention to people's posts? Why hasn't anyone told me before now?

Utter Basketcase said...

Joey - I'd love to see you with long blonde hair! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

nitebyrd said...

Hun, you need to go to a salon. They'll definitely keep you from eating dye and possibly damaging brain cells.

You'll be beautiful even if your hair is purple with green streaks. Honestly.

Tobiwan said...

I'm in agreement with your Auntie VI. You should've stayed brunette. With your eye color and the dark hair, the contrast would be very beautiful *ahem* like your Auntie!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

um...blond? hahaha, just kidding. That reminds me.

one blond said to the other.

which is closer, the moon or Miami?

The other blonde said...Duh, the moon is closer! Like we can't even see Miami? hehehe.

Thank you...thank you...I'll be playing at the Acapulco Room all week.

Really though...I think you're beautiful as a blond. :D

Dazzed and Confused said...

Hi Sweetie, You have been tagged over on my blog

Utter Basketcase said...

nite - LOL thanks, but we can't afford it! xx

Tobi - Eh! Well what can ya do! xx

Spiky - LMAO, cute joke! And Thank you :-) xx

Daz - On my way xx

Rhea said...

Dumbarse...I love that term! You have such great terminology in Australia! I wish I could actually hear you saying all these words! I'm going to start calling my bathroom a dunny too.

I was laughing so hard about your multiple hair dye sessions. I can't believe you ate it. No wonder that last cigarette tasted so've poisoned your taste buds!

Weird dream you had. Sorry your rates went up at home, and so bizarre about your grandma finding out she has a sister! A little late-life excitement for her, huh?

Love your blog, as always!

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - HAHAHAHA What a fabulous comment!!! Better than the rest of them thats for sure LOL.

Hahahaha when I get a microphone, I'll record meself having an auzzie winge for you! *GiGGLeS*

Could be right about the eating dye theory tho! Gees! I lost me taste buds AND me brain buds ffs!!! :-P

Thanks for reading! :-) xx