Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ok... moving right along!

Big special thanks to some of my favourite Bloggers for having a go at the quiz on my last post! I was very impressed! :-)!!!

Who was the first to play, and ALSO answered the most correct answers (all but one.) I was really impressed that he did so well, I thought I made it hard ffs! He also gave me a good GiGGLe with his answers!!! Well done Thinny! Very impressive!!! :-) xx

Ok I know you don't do awards C:), but I just HAD to mention you, because you were so damn Funny!!!

C:)'s answers were so hilarious, they actually made me mini wee and choke on my apple ffs!!! LMFAO!!! Go have a look.... FREAKING hilarious!!! xx

Who also got a great score, and had me GiGGLing with her witty answers! Well done my Lady... oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xx

Hahahaha well you know me too well! But I was also very impressed by your answers concidering you only started reading me recently! Trubs answers also had me laughing to tears! xx

Thanks guys... ya's freaking crack me up!!!

Ahhh ok... So for those who want the REAL answers... they are as follows (If you can be arsed to bother to check, I know I probably wouldn't be!) *GiGGLeS*

1. Who is Keithy George?

My naughty computer!

2. How many Cats do I have?
5 now (Marbles left a while ago!)

3. Which family member of mine has suffered a heart attack?
My Dadda!

4. Name one of the 7 random facts about me!
1) I missed out on an opportunity to win a BMW Z3 because some bitch stole my winning bottle cap!
2) I did a drawing when I was 14 and came first in a fine arts competition for my age group, and I also won the 'Champion' Title for all ages!
3) Hanson wrote to me!
4) I smacked Chris Isaac in the head with a rubber ball!
5) I sleep walk!
6) I went Swimming with dolphins!
7) When I was a little girl I use to dance around and sing "Ta ta ta ta ta ta touch me... I wanna feel dir ir ir irty!"

5. What did Hubby say, that my current hair color matches?

6. What health problem was I diagnosed with?

Chronic Fatique Syndrome (But you all know that coz ya cheated :-P!)

7. One of my posts was about a clairvoyant, name 2 things that she told me that came true.

1) Messy Break up with ex!
2) Dadda's Heart attack!
3) Being Red's MOH!
4) Travel overseas!
5) Meeting Hubby!
6) Moving overseas!
7) Hubbys Nan dieing!

8. Name one thing that really pisses me off!

Hahaha could be a lot things, but RSPCA, telemarketers and the dog stealing lady are pretty up there!!!

9. Name two of my pets names.


10.What is 'mozzas'?

The day I start my diet ffs! Tomorrow!

11. One of my posts was about a dream I had, who was the dream about?
Ex! ooo remind me to do a follow up on that too!
12. Who is Poppy?

The most popular girl in my primary school!

13. Who is my angel?

14. Besides smoking, name another addiction of mine!
Many, many, many, but my top ones are Junk food, Bloggles and Competitions!
15. What color are my eyes?

Dark Blue!
16. What funny face do I like to pull?
Do the Rat Face!!! (Still tryna figure out what pc keys I would use for it! :-} ?)

17. Who am I related to in Blogland?
Aunty Vi! Though I freaking loved C;)'s answer!!!

18. In my very first 'blooper photo' I was holding a drink... do you remember what drink it was?

Ahuh! Tough one! It was a Woodstock Bourbon & Cola UDL!

19. Name something that I love!
So many things, but at the top of the list is Animals, Muussy, Hubby, My family, Chocolate & Horror! *GiGGLeS*
And last but not least...
20. What is your favourite post of mine and why?
Well thats up to you, not me! :-)
It's been fun kids! We should do it again some day!


10 GiGGLeS:

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...babe, I love he photo of you in the blooper photo. SO very awesome. It would make a fabulous comercial. the ones that got the most answers right.

I might have won if i didn't cheat and peak over Craig's shoulder. hehehe. Work was kicking my arse and baby taking all of my time...

But hey next time...IT'S ON! I'm coming out with both barrels firing, like the gunslinger that I am. hehehehe.

Have a fab weekend babes.

Anonymous said...

That's not my body!! I'm not that tall! C;)

LOL!! Spiky, to be a successful cheater you have to cheat off of someone smart. C;P In school people would look over my shoulder during a test only to find doodles.

And, how's this for a rat face C:>

Fat Controller said...

LOL!!!You've been hacking into my private photo collection haven't you???

You too can have a body like mine (If you're not careful).

Unknown said...

Cool to learn more about you.

Ron said...


I'm SOOO mad I missed your previous post, dear lady!!!

Serves me right! the HELL did you make these FABULOUS awards!!

Can I just tell you...they are freaking BRILLIANT!!!!

I laughed my butt off!!!

Well...I read all your answers and at least I got to find out some very cool stuff about you!

Hey...and I love the photo of you holding the Bourbon!

GREAT post, my friend!

You've got such wonderful blog.

Utter Basketcase said...

Spiky - *GiGGLeS* Ah craig answers were so funny! But not many of them were the REAL answers! YOu would have been better off cheating of FC! :-P Busy girl you are! Don't worry there will always be a next time! :-) Thanks hun xx

C:) - DOn't lie you look just like that! :-P LMFAO!! YOu know I KNEW You would suggest a good rat face for me!!!! AND I did have :-> to start off with but changed it to :-} to ass a smile to it! *GiGGLeS* LOVE IT tho! xx

Thinny - *GiGGLeS* It's Keithys fault! He is SUCH a pervert and is always hacking into peoples private photo collections!!! :-P xx

Ash - *hehe* Oh but there will be so much more! Never ends with me ffs! xx

Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* Don't sweat it! I didn't leave it up for long enough! I just get the shakes sometimes and need to move on to the next post! *hehe* :-P Theres always next time!

Ahhhh I think you missed the 'Bloopers' post! I had 13 of these silly photos *GiGGLeS*

Glad the awards made you laugh! I have a habit of cutting peoples heads off and pasting them on different bodies! (if ya haven't noticed from my own picture!!) *GiGGLeS* Thanks hun xx

Lady in red said...

thanx honey I ahve already saved mine readyto post just gotcarried away praising my boys I forgot to include it but I will.

Utter Basketcase said...

Lady - HAHAHAHA np! :-) You don't have to post about it! I just wanted to give you a GiGGLe xx

nitebyrd said...

VBF, you are too damn funny! I LOVE your award creativity.

Utter Basketcase said...

Nite - *GiGGLeS* Thank you! I just can't help myself ffs! :-) xx