Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I seeing things???

Oi! This is insane!
The face on the your left is angry, right?

And the face on your right is calm, yeah?

Seriously... stand up and walk away from your computer and look again from a distance!


Crazy huh???

Bloody hell! Anyways, what this post is REALLY about, is something freaky is going on and I don't like it!!! It's giving me the heebie geebies and I want it to stop ffs! :-(!!!

I dunno if I'm just losing the plot from giving up smoking, or if I'm just seeing things, or if it's freaking real!!! But for the last couple of nights I've had the strangest feeling that something has been watching me! And last night I SAW something that scared the frikking daylights outta me!!!

Last night at about 2am the WHOLE Bloody neighbourhood was going nuts! Every frikken Tom, Dick and Harrys cat, dog and kid were all making a ridiculous racket ffs!!!

There were sounds of vicious cat fights, Every dog in the street was distressed and going OFF! The sounds of frogs being tortured, and domestic fights between the neighbours! There were children screaming and cars screeching up and down the street, driven by drunken hoons! There were violent drunks picking fights in the street! OMFG It was just a complete HELL HOLE! It was like the whole world had turned on each other!

I am a very high stress person when it comes to fearing for the safety of animals and children! So when i hear ANY noise that could indicate any kind of harm to either, I can not relax!

I'm the kind of nut job that will search the neighbourhood for the tortured frog, no matter what I'm wearing, what time of night it is, or where the hell I have to go to save it! Even if I have to jump a fence into someone else's yard ffs! It's BLOOD Curdling having to listen to any animal be tortured and just doing nothing about it! I'd never forgive myself!

I am constantly freaking out and thinking the worst! Millions of things run through my head! If a dog barks, I wonder why... is the dog OK? Is someone trying to break in? Is something not right? Is something in danger? WHY WOULD THE DOG BARK IF THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG??? What do I do?...

If I hear a child scream... Is it in danger? Is it being bashed by it's abusive Mother? Can no one else hear it? Heck! What do I do?...

When I hear a fight... will someone get seriously hurt? Could there be a murder tonight? What if they attack us? What do I do???...

When I hear a car driving wildly... I fucking FREAK out! My heart drops and I shut my eyes tight and pray that they wont hit an animal or a child!!!

Our neighbourhood is full of stray animals that wander the streets, even children (they don't have the best up bringing) I've seen 3 year old kids roam the streets with no adult near them! It's fucking disgusting! So I really cringe when I hear a hoon screeching down the street so wildly!!!

So as you could imagine... I was having mini heart attacks every fucking second!!! It was just one thing after another, I was so close to having an anxiety attack! Thousands of sounds were messing with my head! I felt like I was about to snap or something! On top of that I also had the feeling like someone or something was watching me, and tormenting and laughing at my stress! It was WEIRD!

But then I heard the most horrible sound ever! As if all these horrible sounds at once weren't bad enough, it was all dimmed out by the sound of a massive car screeeeeeeech and BANG, followed by a heart wrenching Howl!!!

That's when everything went DEAD silent! Besides the screeching of the car, speeding away as if it was a hit and run! I almost fainted!!! I could literally feel the color leave my face!

I was POSITIVE that a dog had been hit! I was so sure that I already started grieving for it the poor thing before I rushed out to find it!!! Part of me did NOT want to go out there! I can't handle seeing animals in suffering, but because it was something that I witnessed with my own ears, I knew that I could never live with myself to know that i just let this poor helpless animal die without attempting to help it live.

So at about 3am here I was.... making my way to the front door, shaking like a leaf, about to see something that I DID not want to see! I was really dreading to find this poor animal, laying there, possibly in a pile of blood, dead already!

Besides the thought of that, I was immediately spooked by how silent it was all of a sudden! As if the world vanished and I was the last one standing! It was really surreal!!

I headed over to the road with my head down the whole time... I had planned to not look until I stood at the edge and got into a position where if I would faint at the sight I would land safely (I'm always fainting ffs.)

"Ok VBF" I whispered to myself, "On the count of 3, look up" 1.... 2....3!

My head shot up.....


I skimmed up and down the street with my eyes.... nothing, nothing, nothing!

But that can't be right? I heard it!!! I heard it like it was on this road!!!

I was really confused now! Maybe it was on a different road? Maybe it got up and crawled away? HECK KNOWS!!! I sat on the edge of the gutter in disbelief!

I didn't know whether to be relieved or worried, I was SOOOO Positive of what I had heard, and where I had heard it. I just sat there for ages thinking things through.

Eventually I saw a guy in the distance walking up the street just about to pass me. Normally I wouldn't talk to strangers, especially in our neighbourhood at 3:30 in the frikken morning! But I just had to ask him... "Excuse me, did you hear that huge car wreck an hour ago?"

He looked at me strangely, "Ummm, no I don't think so?" I was surprised because he didn't seem drunk! Maybe he came from somewhere far and wasn't near here when it happened.

"Oh really?" I said, "Do you live around here?" I asked. "Yes" he said, "I live 3 doors down, I'm just heading to my girlfriends down the road." He finished.

That's fucking weird!!! He would have heard it for sure then!!! It was as loud as a BOMB ffs!

Just as I was thinking this, I was staring at his face blankly, I thought he was having me on or something! But then omg..... his face... I can't even explain it! In that split second, his face seemed to flash dead 3 times in an instant! It was FUCKING PSYCHO! It was like his face was like a skeleton... (Heck! It was like the optical illusion picture up top - this is how I found that picture... I did a search for that picture to match this post !!!.)

I kid you not... it was flippin insane! FUUUUUUCK either it was some FREAKY shit or REALLY bad lighting I don't know! I don't even remember reacting, I think i was in shock! But he sure seemed startled by something because he said "SHIT are you ok???" I think I literally looked like I'd seen a ghost!

At this point I kind of snapped out of it and was like "Yeh, fine" as I FUCKING RAN back to the house! But as I flung the door open bloody Bart flew out!!! I don't like to have the cats out at night (because of the hoons,) and it would be just my luck if Bart were to be hit by a car that night ffs!

So Brave 'ol me shut the door again and went on the chase for Bart! Theres this one bush in particular where he loves to hang out, so I started to head there. But as I stepped forward and looked in the direction my eyes were fixed on an 'image' of a man squatting down in the bush WITH A DEAD FACE!!!!

You know that feeling that you get when you are really scared, and you see something, but you're not quite sure if it's what you are really seeing, or if its just a fear of seeing, and you just freeze and can't quite look away until you know for sure? My eyes were glued on this image, and it was like I wouldn't allow myself to look away until I was able to prove to myself that it wasn't a man with a dead face!

SO I kept looking and looking and it WAS STILL a man with a dead face! Next second I almost POOED myself when I was distracted with Bart leaping into my arms!!! (He has sooo never done that before!)

I thought 'Right! I've got Bart, I'm fucking outta hear!' I glanced back over at the image of the man as I ran towards the door. I had hoped that with this one last look I would realise that it was just an outline of a tree or something! But it was worse than that... it was not a tree.... it was nothing!

Not nothing as in there was nothing there! Nothing as in... there was nothing else there for me to use as comfort that I could have been mistaken by!
Basically one second there was a dead man, next second there was NOTHING! Just a space of flat grass! If there was even a tree there I would convince myself that it was JUST the tree! But no! I have nothing else that I can say that it was!
EEEEEKKKK I'm getting the hell goosebumbs again!! :-S

But wait... it's not over!

I finally made my way inside and I sooo was heading for bed too crawl into Hubbys arms and hide FOREVER!!! But first I had to turn off all the lights and the computer! As I was making my way around to turn everything off I had MASSIVE goosebumps and the feeling like something was watching me again! I was chanting and laughing to myself "VBF, you are sooo tired! LOL OMFG You've gone crazy! Theres nothing there you idiot!" I just kept telling myself that over and over again!

But as I was laughing out loud and shutting down the computer, I saw a flash in the corner of my eye, the goosebumps got bigger! Then i saw a flash of the dead face pop around the corner as if to scare me!

"OMG YOU HAVE GONE INSANE VBF!!!" I yelled as I just switched the shit off at the wall instead of waiting for it to shut down! I RAN into bed with my eyes shut the entire time and I DID NOT open them until I woke up in daylight!

But even in daylight I can't fucking escape it... all morning I've been seeing flashes of that VERY same face in windows and shit and in the corner of my eye! And even right this very minute I have that feeling like I'm not alone! :-S




20 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

Jesus, you sure that man you saw walking down the street was real in the first place?

Regarding all the noises you heard first. Were you drifting of to sleep at the time? With hypnagogic hallucintations, you can hear noises like that in the beginning of your sleep, then when you wake up, it all suddenly stops. I've heard all that sort of crazy stuff when I've experienced one, but never the face when I'm wide awake!

Utter Basketcase said...

Aunty Vi - I don't know!! :-S No I wasn't near asleep, I was on the computer at the time and had only JUST posted my last post when it began!.... eeeeeek I don't know!!! Somebody hold me!!!!!

*GiGGLeS* :-P xx

Rhea said...

VBF, your cigarette and junk food withdrawl has reached a critical stage, it sounds like. Hang in there!

I'm freaking out just reading this post. I'm glad I didn't read it last night...reading it in the daylight was bad enough. Hang in there, girlfriend!!

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - HAHA I know right??? Maybee I should just have a cigarette ffs! :-P

Girl I just saw your post! LOVE your voice!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!!! :-) *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I put my money on the full moon and your nicotine starved brain playing tricks with you... but then, there is also more to it... (but you know me.. always with the crazy theories C;P) Since we know you are a very powerful person who projects alot of energy - like your auntie - you are making a lot of the chaos and it becomes this self escalating cycle, like a thunderstorm... or a fire storm.

But that is just the crazy view of a bald guy C:)

Utter Basketcase said...

C:) - Well Baldy! If it weren't for your first theory on the other situations like this... I probably would have shit myself ffs! *GiGGLeS* It helped having your advice from ages ago in my mind at the time! :-) xx

Daryl said...

Whatever caused it, I am sure glad it didnt 'get' you ... scary stuff ...

Anonymous said...

Well *GiGGLeS!!*, that means that you are officially corrupted by my crazy theories C;P You are in sooo much trouble now C;D

Anonymous said...

My first thought was like your Aunt's. Was guy on the street real because why would he be walking down it to his girlfriend's at 3 in the morning?

And creeeeeeeeeeeepy.

I'd so be researching the history of my street if all this happened to me.

Dazzed and Confused said...

Withdraws and paranoia should never be mixed. Take it from someone that grew up in the sixties.

You will be fine. Nothing could ever harm anyone as sweet as you.

Utter Basketcase said...

Daryl e - eeeeeek... it can get me??? :-S *GiGGLeS* Thank you! Lets hope it never does! :-) xx

C:) - HAHAHAHAH Oh I know!!! I'm probably going to go bald now thanks to you!!! :-P xx

Jenn - lol... that would be SO majorly creepy if the fella I talked to wasn't real!!! HE WAS SOOO REAL to me! But you've got me thinking now!!! eeeeeeek!! I know that a woman was murdered on our street... but I haven't heard about any guy!! :-S xx

Daz - *GiGGLeS* aw shucks! I was thinking of using my 'Rat Face' next time I see him... maybe I can scare him for a change? :-P xx

Unknown said...

Wow! Freaky! And it wasn't all a nightmare?

Dazzed and Confused said...

Come visit me I have something for you.

Lady in red said...

I have revealed all just for you dear girl

Utter Basketcase said...

Ash - Yeah I know!!! I can only hope that it was... although, if I can have nightmares so real! I DOn't ever wanna go to sleep again! :-S xx

Daz - oooooo ok! On my way! :-) xx

Lady - OMG! I AM SO on my way!! :-) xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...'re scaring me. I was tatally in a wierd place readig this. I was looking behind me every once in a while...i was getting freaked out too.

Fuck...I have goose bumps and and hubby run, swim, fly to your aunt's place quick...dang.

Yikes. It's dark out and i have to walk to my car...:( I am taking something sharp with me....

I'm gonna check on you later...letme know how you are...okay?

Utter Basketcase said...

Spiky - LOL! Oh I'm sorry you pooor thing! :-) EVerything seems to have settled down now... so I'm fine! :-) xx

trublmaka said...

Sounds like it was the night for it!
Bitsof what you said were closely connected to my dream this morning!
And my god I canNOT shake it! (The images are pure horror!)
You'll be right sweety, we'll get it sorted.

Adrianne said...

Fist I am very angry at you!!! Don't go outside at night by yourself EVER!!!!!!! I have been having bad dreams this whole week they are weird. I simply say the Lords prayer when I get scared. Every time I know of a death I feel scared and frightened in side.

I think that maybe you were just scared and really at 3:am is your street really happening or is it quite. Maybe the smoking has put you more on edge.

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* The pair of us need a holiday ffs! :-) xx

SSC - *blushes* oops sorry :-P But I couldn't not go and asve an animal! (Even tho there wasn't one!!!)

It was on a weekend night so it's not too weird to be noisey... but I agree... it was most likely all in my head. :-)xx