Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's been paying attention??


It's my 40th POST! So I wanted to do something funny!

I actually wanted to do a meme that I spotted on Thinny's blog that he had done ages ago! It was a 'How well do you know me' type thing!

But since I'm still reasonably new at Bloggles, I thought it would be a bit unfair to ask questions that most likely NONE of you would know (besides my RL friends and family who read me of course!)

So, to make it fair for everyone, I thought I might do something a little differently, and ask questions related to my blog! *GiGGLeS EViLY* >:-)

Oh yes... that means I will find out, which of you have been paying attention to me, and which of you haven't! *GiGGLeS* Just Playing! :-P If you do happen to get a bad score... I promise I wont assume that at all! :-D

And don't worry, I am aware that some of my newer readers wont have as good as a chance with it, so I will take that all into consideration as well! :-) If you don't know an answer... just guess... guesses are fun too! :-)

Good Luck!!! And oh... try not to cheat aye? ;-)

Get your comment boxes ready!!! :-D ...

( Just write 1 -20 with your answers, don't worry about repeating the question, unless it's easier for you to copy and paste! :-) )

1. Who is Keithy George?

2. How many Cats do I have?

3. Which family member of mine has suffered a heart attack?

4. Name one of the 7 random facts about me!

5. What did Hubby say, that my current hair color matches?

6. What health problem was I diagnosed with?

7. One of my posts was about a clairvoyant, name 2 things that she told me that came true.

8. Name one thing that really pisses me off!

9. Name two of my pets names.

10.What is 'mozzas'?

11. One of my posts was about a dream I had, who was the dream about?

12. Who is Poppy?

13. Who is my angel?
14. Besides smoking, name another addiction of mine!

15. What color are my eyes?

16. What funny face do I like to pull?

17. Who am I related to in Blogland?

18. In my very first 'blooper photo' I was holding a drink... do you remember what drink it was?

19. Name something that I love!

And last but not least...

20. What is your favourite post of mine and why?

Ok kids... I shall be back soon with your results! Hopefully I will not have to send any of you to the naughty corner! :-P


Oh and feel free to have a go at this yourself! :-) I'd love to have a go at one of these for each of you!!!


12 GiGGLeS:

Fat Controller said...


1)He's your permanently sick 'puter.

2) 6 cats (although didn't you say
Marbles was AWOL)

3) Your Dad had a heart attack.

4) 7 random facts

5)Hubby said your hair matches Marbles

6) Chronic fatigue Syndrome

7) That you would travel overseas; that you would go through a messy breakup with your boyfriend.

8) Tele salespeople.

9) Marbles, Bart.

10) Mozzas=tomorrow

11)You described a recurring nightmare about your ex bf.

12) poppy was the most poular girl in your school

13) Your angel is your mum.

14) Chocolate!!!

15) eyes: Blue/grey

16) the rat face

17 ) Aunty Vi!!!!

18) Couln't quite make out the label. It was a bottle of something. Beer? Alco-pop? My guess is beer.

19) you love blood and gore and scary movies and stuff

20) My fave post? There are so many, but 'My Prince Charming' which you just posted on tuesday has got to be my fave so far. Soppy old romantic that I am!

Fat Controller said...

In too much of a hurry!

q.4) you bounced a rubber ball off Chris Isaacs' head at a concert

Anonymous said...

I'll try, but I am no good at these things C;P

1) Keithy George is the more effeminate of the two George brothers; the other being named Boy.

2) You have one cat for every cigarette you haven't smoked yet.

3) All of them, but you only know about your father.

4) One of the 7 Random Facts about you is named Bob.

5) Trick question! Current as of when?

6) You were diagnosed with an unhealthy attraction to bald men.

7) She told you that you would take your shoes off and then put them back on again.

8) One thing that really pisses you off is pubic hair on the toilet seat.

9) Ok, I will name your 'pet names' Chris and Stephanie. C;P

10) Unleavened bread.

11) The dream was about an unbelievably cool bald guy over in the USA. Something about painting his head as he rode around on his bike... I think.

12) Big Poppy... aka David Ortiz, the designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox, sometimes plays first base. (go ahead and google it, you'll see I'm not lying C;P)

13) Mom...

14) Bald guys.

15) Black, blue, and white (sometimes a little red).

16) Rat Girl!!!

17) A woman who is, at this moment, staring angrily at her new cell phone and cursing under her breath.

18) Something Australian.

19) Bald guys!

20) The with my picture at the beginning of it C;P

Utter Basketcase said...

Thinny - HAHAHA Thanks mate! I can't say too much on how ya did, until the rest have done theirs! I am bloody impressed though :-) *GiGGLeS* xx

C:) - ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG You made me mini wee and choke on my apple with your answers ffs! LMFAO!!!!! No.8, No.17 and all the 'bald guy' ones were my favourites! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA xx


Adrianne said...

I am shocked I thought I only knew tow. I am a bad blogger to you. I promise to keep reading and now more about you. I did like your post yesterday and I remembered that. Ask me anything about that post!!!!

Lady in red said...

ok I am having trouble remembering the questions let alone the answers but I will ive it a go.

1. your pc that had to have a healthy check recently

2. it could be lots bu possible not I thought it as 7 but then you were trying to give away Marbles's could you !!

3. thats your dad as far as we know,but after the photos yesterday could be others too

4. sleep walking was it somethig about the bubbles

5.raisins......just a current thought

6. bloggeritis

7. y wouldhave a messy break up with your b/f you would live abroad

8. monsters

9. marbles and hubby

10. my birthday ahhh you remembered giggles

11. your ex being killed

12. daisy's sister

13. your mum

14. giggles

15. I don't know I can't see from here

16. one full of giggles

17. one of my friends

18. do you remember and how many had you had?

19. hubby

20. most of them you are like a breath of fresh air

Spiky Zora Jones said...

wha-hey. I have tried to comment but computer eats it. Grrrr.

I didn't know you were related to Vi. I thought you were just the average nomal stalker. Hehehehe, No, really...I knew.

I know the answer to most of these but I'm still looking over craig andrew's shoulder for the answers to those I dont I forget the names of your pets. I know one has been gone for a long while.

My fave posts are the ones with pics and you are smiling.

Unknown said...

I'm a newer member so I confess I don't know most of the answers. I'll be better.

Utter Basketcase said...

SSC, Spiky and Ash - Give me 5 lines of 'I promise to read VBF ffs' :-) *GiGGLeS* Only kidding!!!

SSC - LOL don't feel bad hun! You are a newer reader, OF COURSE I don't expect you to know these! :-) Thanks for commenting anyway! :-)

SPiky - Np's hun, I trust ya ;-) xx

Lady - LMAO!!! Very clever! I Love it! :-)!!! xx

Ash - Now I certainly don't expect you to know, we only met a few days ago! I would fail terribly if I had to do one for you right now! :-) xx

trublmaka said...

1. The temperamental life-support who should really be grateful that you need him so much or else he would be at the mercy of your temper!

2. None. You were designated by the mother cat as guardian of her children, however prolific they may breed - or attempt to!

3. Daaaad

4. I just can NOT get past the fact YOU threw a TENNIS ball at Chris Isaac's head.. well, not that you threw it, but you were seeing him live and had NO interest WHATsoEver! I'm so jealous! I LOVE Chris Isaac!

5. Mamma-cat Marbles.

6. I diagnosed you with boredom ffs! You just need more costume parties loaded with rum and pop and games of kings and scatterplay, with plenty of deli-rolls on hand the next day!

7. The steps thing and the long travel to meet me thing! ;P

8. Cane toad

9. Hubby and Crazy

10. ScAtTeRDaY!!!! :D

11. I don't know, I was absent when you wrote that post. Do you want a letter from my mum?

12. Well in my house its what my kids call my dad, but for you.. umm, revert to answer 11.

13. Muuuuss :D (aaaww) (and me :D! :P teehee j/ks)

14. Me, Pop, costume parties, wigs, Rum, skinny dipping, blogging, widgets, porn, tempting fate by eating nuts..aaaand, uumm... Oh yea!! ChOcLaaaTe!!

15. Blue.. unless ur tired, then steel blue to grey.. Or when your really happy a more brighter blue!

16. ->ThE R@ FaCe<-

17. Hmm, wouldn't be Mz Vi by any chance ;)

18. Well I might have been a rum can, but what was it *actually* filled with?

19. Aww, this one is hard,... Hunnyhunny hubby? Or ChOcOlAaAatE?

20. I don't have one...

This has been fun.. even if I got a tone of it wrong! I haven't read all your posts, nd you know my brain is sooo unable to hold info I can't even remember what message I I.M'd you this morning :P

Luv ya chick xo

trublmaka said...

18. Well I might have been a rum can, but what was it *actually* filled with?

I actually meant *it*, not I!! lol

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - LMFAO!!!!! You know me so well! :-) And I knew you meant 'it' :-) *GiGGLeS xx