Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Mr Charming!!!

*My Hubby and meeee!*

So I couldn't NOT do a post about my special Mr Charming Hubby! He is the bestest Hubby a girl could ask for and he's ALL MINE!!! >:-) *GiGGLeS*

I've told the story in one of my first posts about how I met Hubby, but for those who don't know, I'll explain it again, but this time with photos! :-)

The other story was actually more about a clairvoyant, who told me exactly how I would meet him, and EVERYTHING she said came true! If you want to read more about that you can find it here.

I actually met Hubby through my bestie 'Red'! Red and I grew up together (since daycare!!!) in Australia, but we lost contact when she moved to New Zealand when we were about 14. Years later she called me to tell me that she was getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honour! So in February 2004 I traveled with Mum to NZ to do just that!

This photo was taken just moments after I saw Hubby for the first time, So I was glowing with the thought of him! Hubby is actually Red's cousin, and was the MC for their Wedding! So for that reason, I will call him 'MC' in this story which I also like to think stands for "Mr Charming!' hehe.

I had not long broken up with ex at the time (it was a very long break up) so I wasn't out on the look out for a new boyfriend or anything like that! I was just there to celebrate Red's wedding and to catch up with her and her family who I'm also very close to.

But when I saw MC for the first time, I couldn't believe the feelings I had from just a simple glimpse at this handsome stranger! There was just something about him that made me so drawn to him and I didn't even know his bloody name!

The first time I actually SAW him was when me and the other bridesmaids were getting ready in Red's bedroom (at her Granmas house at the time) we were helping Red with final adjustments and her hair. Next minute I saw a flash of flesh walk past the doorway! "Oi!... is that you MC???" Red yelled, because she saw it too.

Next thing this gorgeous half naked man (no shirt) slowly showed himself in the door way, his face was bright red and you could tell he was embarrassed to be busted by a room full of dolled up women! "What are you doing???" Red said, "Where is your shirt?" she stressed! "Yeah ugh... sorry" MC blushed, "The surf was good, so I ducked out for a quick one..." he said. (HAHA THAT I S SOOO LIKE HIM!) "Are you nuts?" Red said "My wedding is in 10 minutes, you are suppose to be at the ceremony waiting for us!" she was actually quite calm about it. "Don't worry, I'm getting dressed now" he assured her as he rushed away!

In between all of this I couldn't help but look straight at him and smile the whole time, he too was just as surprised to see me as I was him. It was almost like we were both distracted on what was going on around us in that moment. It felt as though there was a strong connection between us both, which to be honest, was nothing like I had ever felt even once in my 5 yr relationship with Ex!

When he had finally left and I picked up my tongue from the floor! :-P I finally asked Red.... "Who the heck is that gorgeous man???" Red GiGGLeD and said "Oh that's my cousin MC..." she could tell instantly that I liked him because she finished with a "He's single tooo!"

Red has a huuuuge family and I had met and heard of a lot of them. Even when I was little, I had seen so many photos of most of her NZ family. In particular, I remember photos of another male cousin of hers who is Hubby's age, and I always had a huge crush on him! I would always say "I'm gonna marry him one day, and I will be 'Giggle (his last name)'!" (Which is the same last name as Hubby's, which IS MINE too now - So it came true after all... just from a different guy! *heehee*) Red even joked to me before I arrived "Sorry, but the man of your dreams is married with kids" we laughed about it, but as I said... I wasn't looking for love, so I wasn't disappointed!

But no one had ever mentioned MC before! It was like he didn't even exist! So I was shocked to have not only discovered this 'new' cousin that I had never heard of, but to have discovered this new gorgeous man!!! *GiGGLeS*

Anyways... we rushed to the car and went to the ceremony and the whole trip there I just could not stop thinking about him! He was also video graphing too, so when we arrived and were walking down the isle, I couldn't stop looking at him the whole time! I haven't actually seen the video to this day but I have been told that most of his videoing was mainly of me!!! LOL Bless him!

So when the ceremony was over, I stood alone for a moment while Red and her immediate family were getting ready for some family portraits. In that moment I was pleasantly surprised by MC's approach! He turned the camera off and finally introduced himself to me. I sware I was blushing as red as my dress!

I'm actually very grateful to have this photo of the exact moment that we first met! It's very rare for anyone to have such an amazing moment captured on camera! (Thanks Muussy!!! Who took the photo! She was following me around clicking away on her camera! *GiGGLeS)

I can't even remember what our conversation was to be honest, the whole thing just felt like a dream! His presence just made me feel like I was floating on a cloud! *awwwwww* sappy I know ffs!!!

It wasn't for very long though, until I had to leave his side (booo) and catch up with the rest for our photos! And then of course there was all the mucking around after that too, to get to the reception and when the reception started, we had to get through all the speeches and dinner and all the rest of it, so it was going to be a while before I could talk to him again! But it wasn't all bad... because after all he was the MC! So I got to gaze at him every time he stood up to announce what was happening next! *GiGGLeS*

Problem was though, that when the time finally came to get up and dance and mingle, all the horny bloody single males kept swarming around me to introduce themselves! It is a small town so I was like fresh meat to them all! So it was very difficult to escape that and make my way over to MC! Hubby told me much later that he honestly didn't think that I was interested in him! In fact, he thought that I was interested in this guy...

I'll call him 'bad smell' because ffs he certainly hung around like one! He's a lovely guy, but he would just follow me around every where and try to get close to me and touch me as if he had 'claimed' me! He even made a bet that night to his mates that he would 'score' with me that night! LOL stupid little shit... he lost 50 bucks that night!

So much time went by and I STILL didn't get a chance to talk to MC again!

At some stage I needed to find the bride, for what reason I can't even remember now! But I heard that she had gone downstairs. This place has the longest steepest staircase I have ever come across! And it's a pain trying to get up and down them in stiletto heels! So I started to rush down the stairs to search for Red, but as I got to about the third step I tripped and was about to tumble down (possibly to my death ffs!) But in the next split second I felt these strong arms grab me and pull me back up to safety!... It was MC!!!!

When I got over my feeling of stunned, I thanked him and he smiled! Oh his smile was so gorgeous I coulda fainted and toppled down the stairs again! *GiGGLeS* He went on to tell me that he was just leaving, and that it was nice meeting me!


(I actually said that too!) *GiGGLeS* He laughed and was like "Oh? would you like me to stay?" lol after realising that I embarrassed myself with my thinking out loud, I thought I'd better let him go, and I offered to walk with him to his car!

Lets just say that 3 hours later, here we were still talking away leaning on a street garbage bin!!! (eww)! LOL so much for him leaving! I actually did the craziest thing and practically told him during this time that I loved him! I Know... crazy right??! But I really felt this way and it was like I had no control over what I was saying! (No I wasn't drunk ffs) But lucky for me, he wasn't creeped out at all... he could actually understand and feel the same connection I was experiencing!

Eventually a couple of drunk mates came staggering out asking him for a lift! At this stage I was so comfortable with him that I insisted that I come for the drive. I ran in to find Mum to let her know that I would meet her at the hotel later, she was getting sloshed with Red's Mum and was having a great time! So she was fine with it! *GiGGLeS

So after dropping the drunks off, MC decides to drive me to his favourite beach! It was soooooo romantic, walking along the beach together in the moonlight, barefoot in our formal wear! ( Sappy again!) Anyways we stayed up talking all night and didn't go home till the ugly lights were up!

We had a flight the next morning! So I was buggered! But I was sooooo sad to say goodbye to him! :-( When I got home, we stayed in contact with letters and over the phone!

Since leaving there, I kept getting this feeling like I had left something behind! Eventually I couldn't bloody take it any more and had decided to move there! So a few months later I did, and me and MC could finally be together for good! *Grins*

Ahhhh! It was so cute at first, we took things slowly and were really quite shy of each other! He was a very devoted Christian at the time (still is, just off the rails a bit) so we courted more than anything, and went on lovely dates here and there. I actually attended church with him every Sunday and learnt more about God. Eventually I became a born again christian myself and got baptised.

We hadn't even actually had our first kiss until about 3 months later!!! But it was awesome! Our relationship was getting stronger and stronger.

He is the most amazing gentleman I have ever met in my life! I had been suffering with so many bad experiences from my past, that I had always bottled up. In my 5 year relationship with my Ex, I never once brought any of it up! But with in the first few months of knowing MC I was able to talk about it like there was nothing to it! And his support and love and care for me just blew me away! He is my Hero!


A couple of years later, I had to return to Oz for a little while because I had become very ill and I wanted my Mummy! But when I returned, MC proposed to me!!! :-)!!!

Since then I had returned back home again due to illness, and before I could go back to him, he had surprised me by quitting his job in NZ and flew over to me in Oz to be with me. So we decided to have our Wedding here in 2006...

I just thank heck that there is no surf here, otherwise he would have been late to his own wedding ffs! *GiGGLeS*

We made love for the first time after our wedding (no not on the night... we hit the sack as soon as we entered the hotel room coz we were freaking exhausted!!!!) LOL

*Hubby and I passed out with exhaustion the day after our wedding on Mum and Dads lounge room floor!*

And we have been in Oz ever since! We bought a house, two dogs and adopted a bunch of cats ffs!

Now, Finally after 2 miscarriages... we are pregnant with our first child!!!!

The rest is history!!!!

And I still love him as much as the day I met him! :-)


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Anonymous said...

I love love love your love story, VBF. You just have this huge grin in all your pix that says "Oh I'm in happy giddy love. And he's mine all mine. Jealous much?" ;) And the photo with "bad smell" he's looking at the camera and you're looking elsewhere...perhaps gazing on your cutie patootie?

I grinned through this entire story. Lovely.

Utter Basketcase said...

jenn ~ awwww haha Thank you :-)!!! Yep you're spot on the mark there with EVERYTHING you said! :-)Glad you liked it! :-) xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie... you are beautiful and your man...really is a prince.
I love the pics...

ciao babes.

Utter Basketcase said...

Spiky - Thank yhoooooo xx

Fat Controller said...

That is just a lovely story and some great photos. It's obvious from them that you are devoted to each other!

Vi said...

now I knew you waited till your marraige to have sex.... but 3 months before you even kissed? I didn't know that one! lol. He truly is such a gentleman.

Utter Basketcase said...

Thinny - awwww thank you, I Love him!!! :-) xx

Aunty Vi - I know right? Well we are both pretty freaken weird, which makes us so perfect for each other! *GiGGLeS* xx

Jackie Adshead said...

That's a rally lovely romantic story -the sort of fairy tales. You're a lucky girl, and he's a lucky fells, but you're made for each other!

Utter Basketcase said...

Jackie - Thank you *blushes* :-) xx

trublmaka said...

You know, I know this story and I love hearing it again and again!!!!

**and for those curious to know... They STILL look at each other with that much love its so cute!! (they're THE only couple I know who don't make me gag at how cute they are! lol)

Utter Basketcase said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* Glad we don't make you puke!!! :-P xx

Lady in red said...

gorgeous ;-)

Lady in red said...

gorgeous ;-)

Ron said...


ooohhhhh...I just love a good romantic story!

So beautifully written, dear lady.

I'm actually sitting here with a HUGE smile on my happy for you both. You LOOK like you should be together!

The photos added so much. I felt like I just took a wonderful journey with you!

Thanks for such a heart-warming post!!!!

Daryl said...

Oh you are both so adorable and clearly adoring of one another .. GIRL you should be modeling!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! For some reason I just knew there was going to be a good ending... I'm psychic like that. C;P

Awesome story, awesome pics, and awesome hubby.


nitebyrd said...

Great love story, hun! You both are beautiful - inside and out!

Utter Basketcase said...

Lady - ta xx

Lady - ta *GiGGLeS* xx

Ronnie - What a comment! :-) *hehe* Yeh thats why I didn't want any one to miss the pics, coz it makes the story better to read! :-) xx

Daryl - Thank you and LOL!!! I'd make a terrible model, I'm too much of a goof to keep a serious face! *GiGGLeS* xx

C:) - LOL, I bet that if I were to give that bald head of yours a rub, I'd see a reflection of the future on it! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Nite - awww thanks nite! Doesn't it just make ya wanna puke! :-P xx

Anonymous said...

I can so go for a scalp massage.... I've been rubbing my head against the wall, but that is not quite the same thing. C:)

Joe said...

What a great story. He sounds like an amazing man, and you two are lucky to have found each other.

I hope that all of your years together are filled with the happiness and romance that you described in this post.

Utter Basketcase said...

C:) - *GiGGLeS* Why don't you get one of the kids to paint on your head! It will give them something to do, it will be a bit of a massage for you, and it will make you look like you've got some kind of hair! :-P Just don't forget to take a photo and post it! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Joey - Thank you!!! :-) That is such a lovely thing to say! :-) I hope so too! xx

Utter Basketcase said...
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Misty DawnS said...

What a fantastic story! It's just like a fairy tale. You obviously experienced love at first sight. What a beautiful couple you make! I was just smiling through this whole post - it was obviously meant to be!

Utter Basketcase said...

Misty - Awww Thank you! :-) Happy to make ya smile!!! :-) xx

Rhea said...

What a sweet story! You two are precious and way too good looking. Lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us!

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - Awww shucks!! I'm loving the great comments! :-) *GiGGLeS* Too good looking? LMAO We should join the ridiculously good looking club then!! :-P xx

Adrianne said...

I am so happy for you two!! I really loved reading your posts and the pictures. YOU are very luck to have such a man, however he is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful woman!!!!!

I love this story!!!!!!!! Oh and for the record you are stunning!!!!

Utter Basketcase said...

SSC - Thankyou.... :-)!!! Glad you enjoyed it! :-) Man I'm gonna get a big head soon! *GiGGLeS* :-P xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

I’m not one for love stories but how can ya not love this one.

You both look great, you way more then him but that can be our secret. Only kidding. Beautiful pictures.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics. What a gorgeous couple you are and how special that you have photographs of your first meeting.

I heard that a LOT of couples meet at weddings. My friend's daughter met her fiance at a friend's wedding, too. I'm going to my cousin's wedding in a couple weeks and I'm taking my 24 year old unmarried daughter. My fingers and toes are crossed. :)

Dark Side said...

What a truly fantastic story for a gorgeous couple, you just look so perfect together, thanks for sharing babe...xx There's hope for me yet!

Anonymous said...

If you get a big head, it's better to have a big bald head... more room to paint on C;P And I think I'll have them paint a hole in my head for the marbles to come out, or maybe a little window so the mice can enjoy the view for a little while. C:)

Utter Basketcase said...

Daz - *GiGGLeS* HAHAHA Yeah me either to be honest! I was trying to avoid the sappy crap as much as I could! :-P *Hehe* Hey! My Hubbys a catch! :-) :-P xx

Ash - hahaha it's soooo true huh!!! :-) Weddings are great dating sites! *GiGGLeS* I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for you too! :-) xx

Em - Thank you! :-) Of course theres hope for you!!! I believe there's someone out there for everyone! :-) xx

C:) - LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Fire Byrd said...

What a fab story and what fab pics to go with it. You are very beautiful, must have got it from Aunty Vi! and you look good with your hubby.

Utter Basketcase said...

Pixie - ooo Thank you!!! You were lucky to catch it actually coz the 24hrs was up hours ago! I was just unable to get back on to take them off coz Keithy is being naughty!!! *GiGGLeS* xx

Tobiwan said...

You two make a very nice looking couple. And the story of how you met is truly heart-warming.

Utter Basketcase said...

Tobi - Why Thank you :-) xx

islandgirl4ever2 said...

OMG!! First the comic was soooo funny and cute!! I was thinking how creative that was just to do! Then, I went and read the real story and looked at your pics.. and got all teary!! Sooooo cute! You guys make a very cute couple and I wish you all the best in life and also with your baby who's just about to arrive!!
Take good care, Leesa : )

Utter Basketcase said...

Leesa - Aww bless ya Dear lady!!!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this! xx

Unknown said...

Awww what a wonderful story and I so understand the long distance thing!

I came here from the RATGIRL version which was BRILLIANT!

Utter Basketcase said...

Brit Gal - Thank youuu! I actually thought of this post when I was reading a bit about you and your Hubby! :-) Glad you liked it! Thanks for taking the time to check out my RAT GiRL too! xx