Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well I'll Be Damned!

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Well as requested by Aunty Vi, I've decided to tell the story about how me and Hubby met! It's more of a story about a clairvoyant actually! But all shall be explained! *hehe*

It's quite the story really, it was good enough to get published in the That's Life magazine! Woooooohoooo 300 bucks baby!!! Speaking of which... I got an email from That's Life today telling me that they are going to be publishing my photo! YAY... easiest 50 bucks I've ever made! (Hey! I'm a stay at home bored house wife! I gotta make money somehow!)

But anyway... on with the story!

When I was about 14 Mum and I went to see a Clairvoyant at a wisdom shop at a local shopping complex! For a start I was very sceptical of this woman as she had the dodgiest layout in the back of the shop, and she looked like a real wackjob with her freaky clothes and bad body odor!!! But when the time came for her to read my future, it was the shit that came out of her mouth that really proved it to me that she was a fake!

Little did I know... that years later I'd realise that the freaky bitch would be spot on correct!

So anyway, first of all she told me I had two older brothers, (which is true) and she pretty much described my personality down to a tee! But being the sceptic I was, I was able to laugh and think to myself *pffft* Lucky guess! So I let her ramble on giving her the chance to prove herself, but while what she was saying about my past and present was impressive, it just wasn't enough for me!

So when it was time for her to tell me my future, my attitude was like 'yeh here we go, dribble more shit!' ...and dribble more shit is just what she did!

Ok, so at the time I was with my ex Boyfriend, who I was MADLY in love with! He was the boy of my dreams, and we were just MEANT to be together! (yeh right!) Well that was dead on how I felt about him at the time anyway! So the first thing she says is.... "You're going to go through a tough break up with your boyfriend, there will be a lot of heartache and stress." ................... ':-O BITCH!!!!' *I thought*! 'How frikken dare she tell me that my soulmate is not meant to be!!!'

She was SO in my bad books then! That bad start had me slumped on the chair with my arms folded and a cranky frown on my face! There was no way that the rest could be true now!

She went on to say "Not long before the break up, a very close family member in your immediate family will have a near death experience with a heart problem.".... 'HA! Good thing you're a fake! BI-ATCH! because I would hate for that to happen' *I thought*! She was just insulting me now!

"Soon after that you will receive a very special phone call from a friend asking a special favour from you." ... 'Is this chick on crack??! Who makes up shit like this!!'

By this time I'm yawning and watching a bug crawl across the ceiling! Yeh! That was more interesting to me than the poo that was coming out of her mouth!

She went on to say "You will travel overseas." .... 'WRONG!!!... I HATE travel with a passion! I don't ever want to leave here just to visit another town!' This slag was amusing me now! Her predictions were getting worse and worse! And to me she was soooo off the mark it was hilarious!

"It is overseas where you'll meet your soulmate - a tall fair handsome man, who will save you on a large staircase." .... 'Blah Blah Blah' *GiGGLeS*

"You will move to that Country to follow your heart." ... 'OH HELLLLLLLLL NO! This is just getting ridiculous!' There was no way that was going to happen because I could NEVER have the desire to leave my home town (I take after my Dad)! Also my brothers had both moved out of town and I was the only child left at home, and I was always pissed off at them for leaving Mum and Dad! So I wasn't about to consider it myself EVER, it's important to me to be near my family!

So when the bullshit reading was over, I snatched my stupid cassette tape recording and went to tell Mum not to bother with her coz she's shit! lol! I never took anything she said seriously (how could I?) and I'd pretty much forgotten all about it by the next day!

Years went on and on each year that my Boyfriend and I would celebrate our anniversery, I couldn't help but have a little smirk to myself about how wrong that nutjob was! 'Messy break up hey? MY ARSE!' It was 4 years later and our love was still as stong as ever!!

But that was all I could remember - the bit about the messy breakup, because it was her saying that, that pissed me off the most!!! The rest I didn't even bother to take in!

But then it happened!!!! Not long after our anniversary my BF started acting really strange! He had mood swings and rage, like he was a completely different person! I ended up finding out that he had a drug addiction, which he had been hiding from me for years! But the side effects were finally taking effect and he had become angry and violent! Especially when he tried to give up the drugs to keep me!

But it didn't last long before it became all too much for me, and it was time to leave this scary relationship! It was extremely hard though, because I was in love with the guy without the drugs, but he just wasn't there any more! So much to my disgust that the nutcase clairvoyant was right, it WAS a messy and stressful break up, because it took me a year to actually leave him! But then again... I put it down to another lucky guess!

One thing that actually broke me down to no longer handle our relationship, is before we actually did split, my Dad had suffered from a heart attack! It was a really scary time, the stubborn thing refused to go a hospital (much like me) so my Mum had to drag him there! When they saw him they were shocked that he was still alive! They called him the walking dead man! So he was very lucky to be alive, and thankfully after a a triple bypass he was back on his way to a good recovery!

Not long after that I had a phone call from a long lost friend from NZ! I'll call her 'Red' coz BY GOLLY her hair is so red and long! I hadn't seen or heard from her for years since she moved to NZ! We didn't exactly leave on good terms because I was so pissed at her for leaving me (I can be a bitch like that sometimes!)

"RED!!!! OMG... You were the last person I was expecting to hear from!" I said! After talking for hours and catching up she went on to tell the real reason why she called. "You're my best friend VBF and I'm getting married, I want you to be my maid of honour!" 'HOLY CRAP' *I thought!* This meant that I would have to go against my own morals and travel outside of my home town! But I was so stoked that she had asked me to be part of her wedding after the way I treated her, so I was more than happy to go!

SO I traveled to NZ, and it was Beautiful!!! I fell in love with the place instantly! I couldn't believe I never allowed myself to leave my home and explore the rest of the world!

But what was even more beautiful was the HOT tall blonde MC at the wedding! Oh yes he was yummy! There was just something about him that made me so drawned to him, I was busted all bloody night gawking at him with my tounge on the floor! I asked Red "Who the heck is that gorgeous guy?!!!!!!" "Oh, that's my cousin!" She said, "He is also single too! ;)"........ OMG OMG he is SINGLE? That really suprised me! Coz surely something that gorgeous would have been snapped up a long time ago! But then I had to remember that I was holidaying in another Country! So I steered myself away from the thought of the chance of any kind of relationship with him!

This little town is so small that pretty much everyone knows eachother! So to all the horny single males there I was like a fresh peice of meat! For pretty much the whole night I had males swarming around me, desperate for my attention! But the whole time any of them would make small talk to me, my eyes were fixed on the MC who would be in the distance leaning on the bar, minding his own business! He was pretty much the only guy that hadn't approached me! All I wanted to do was go over to him and learn more about this handsome stranger! But I kept getting trapped into these BORING conversations with people, and I didn't want to be rude and snub them!

But then i noticed him walk over to my Mum and start a conversation with her (Mum came too.... see paid for my holiday bless her!) Now to me this was appealing!!! Fellas, a great way to impress a lady is to charm her Mother! I was so impressed that he was such a gentleman to go and introduce himself to my Mum rather than try and charm the pants of me like the other bloody idiots! (I found out later that this was his plan all along... cheeky bugger!)

I also had the good excuse to say "excuse me, I just need to go and see mum" and I could finally join him! So we finally got talking, and the more he spoke, the stronger I felt for him!

(shit this is a long post!)

But before long I was interupted by other sleezebags, and MC got scared off and left me to it! I then needed to find the bride, for what reason I can't even remember now! But I heard that she had gone downstairs. This place has the longest steepest staircase I have ever come across! And it's buggered trying to get up and down them in stiletto heels!

So I started to rush down the stairs to search for red, but as I got to about the third step I tripped and was about to tumble down (possibly to my death ffs!) But in the next split second I felt these strong arms grab me and pull me back up to safety!... It was MC!!!! I had the most amazing feeling of dejavu (htf do ya spell it?), but I couldn't figure out what from!

When I got over my feeling of stunned, I thanked him and he smiled! Oh his smile was so gorgeous I coulda fainted and toppled down the stairs again! *GiGGLeS* He went on to tell me that he was just leaving, and that it was nice meeting me!
(I actually said that too!)

He laughed and was like "Oh? would you like me to stay?" lol after realising that I embarrassed myself with my thinking out loud, I thought I'd better let him go, and I offered to walk with him to his car! 3 hours later, here we were talking away leaning on a street garbage bin!!! (eww)! LOL so much for leaving! Then a couple of drunk mates came staggering out asking him for a lift! At this stage I was so comfortable with him that I insisted that I come for the drive. I ran into find Mum to let her know that I would meet her at the hotel later, she was getting sloshed with Red's Mum and was having a great time! Love her!

So after dropping the drunks off, MC decides to drive me to his favourite beach! It was soooooo romantic, walking along the beach together in the moonlight, barefoot in our formal wear! (Am I getting too sappy?)

Anyways we stayed up talking all night and didn't go home till the ugly lights were up! I had a flight the next morning! So I was buggered! But I was sooooo sad to say goodbye to him! :-(

When I got home, we stayed in contact with letters and over the phone! Since leaving there, I kept getting this feeling like I had left something behind! Eventually I couldn't bloody take it any more and had I decided to move there! So a few months later I did, and me and MC could finally be together for good! *Grins*

A couple of years later, I had to return to Oz for a little while because I had become very ill and I wanted my Mummy! I still had alot of stuff in my old room and I was going through it out of boredom one day!

I came across some dusty cassette tapes and I decided to sort through them and chuck out what I didn't want! I came across a nameless one and was curious to know what the heck it was! So played it..... it was the NUTJOB CLAIRVOYANT READING!!!! At first I thought 'OH! this is that shit clairvoyant reading I had years ago!.... I had forgotton all about it!' But then it hit me that some of the stuff that the crazy lady said had actually came true! So I let it play through and I listened..... HOLY SHIT! Not just some of the stuff she said came true... but ALL of it!!!!

I had massive goosebumps! And I was so shocked that all of this stuff had happened before I realised that they were the words of the clairvoyant omfg!

I went on to listen to what she had said about the things that had not happened yet.... "A family member will die and you and your soulmate will inherit a small fortune before you wed." Ok... now I'm believeing it! This poor bitch was right all along!

And she was again! Just before I married MC (Now Hubby), sadly, his Nanna died and passed on a small fortune. This fortune helped us to buy a house (Thanks Nanna!!! *kisses*) as well as all the other money donations we recieved in wedding gifts!

SO.... I'll be damned!!! The nutjob was right all along!!!

Now the only things left on the list is that we will have 3 kids! :-) And that is very comforting to me, because I keep having miscarraiges!

P.S. Take my poll and let me know how I'm doing so far as a blogger!!! (element on my side bar) *GiGGLeS*


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Vi said...

I do love that story! And I'm sure those 3 kiddies will come your way soon!

Boy said...

Bloody hell that must have taken you an age to write! But a very good tale. I do believe in clarevoyants and such like, as I know a friend who has had a similar experience. I just haven't gotten around to going to one myself yet!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi -Thanks... I hope so tooo xx

Boy - LOL Tell me about it!!! I sware I had like 10 smoke breaks through the bloody thing! xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome story!!! I have a similar one about an intuitive guy I became friends with, but it is somewhere buried in my blog and too long to rewrite. The long and short of it is that he spewed out all this crap that didn't seem to make any sense at the time, but the one actual prediction he made came true so I started thinking about all the other crazy stuff and it all started coming together. it was all more spiritual stuff than actual physical stuff, but he did say over and over again during the reading that he had no idea what he was saying, that he had never given a reading like that before and it all seemed crazy even to him.

See, I even baffle the crackpots!! C:D

nitebyrd said...

THAT is truly amazing! What a story! No wonder you were published, it's brilliant. Hun, you'll have those babies because that crazy, old lady was so right and you seem so happy - it's got to be!

daryl e said...

Hey! Love the blog. I totally believe .. I had a similar 'reading' and it wasnt til well after the fact that all I was told made 'sense' ..

As for that family.. I think it will happen .. keep trying ..

Spiky Zora Jones said...

babes...sweetie, that was a fabulous post. I loved it. It was so wonderful, my eyes watered.

Yay! The universe balanced when you met him. You could feel the pull to him, huh?

It was the same when I net my girl. I hadn't even seen her face. A work mate of mine (I was new in that area) was tellin me who everyone was next door and he pointed to each person...when he said her name and pointed to her, her back was to me, she turned my way as if she was called...Cupid's arrow was true to the mark...I fell in love with her right then and there. The universe is balanced.

wonderful's kind of scary that your future told to you came true.

Lady in red said...

that was a wonderfully romantic story. I too believe in psychics as my fav one predicted exactly when my ex would finally move out of our home and that was 7 months down the line .....I prayed that she was wrong but she wasn't. She has been right about other things too.

welcome to blogland vbf

JsTzznU said...

Welcome to the "Fam" your a fantastic writer!! To keep my interest that long LOL..

jk Great story! I'm sure one day you will pass it along to those three kids =)

Pixie said...

nitebyrd said you were a great read and she was right.... fab story. Glad I came by.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Craig - Thank you :-), sounds like you've got an awesome story yourself! I'll have to go on the hunt for it soon! xx

nite - Thank you :-) I can't wait to have kiddies! Oh and thank you for your lovely words about me on your post! *GiGGLeS* xx

daryl - Thanks! :-D Yeh I hear of quite a lot of people with similar stories.. it must be true! Ta for the kiddie wish! :-D xx

spiky! awww thank you! :-) That's gorgeous about your girl! Love works in mysterious ways! xx

Lady - Hello :-) Thank you! Seems like we've all had that kind of experience! It's kind of scary, but exciting! xx

jstzznu - LOL Thanks :-)... nah I don't think it's my writing that's good... it's just a good story! :-) Thanks for the kiddie wish xx

Pixie - ooo hello :-) Thank you :-) nitebyrd is a sweety pie for saying that! xx

Peach said...


YOU'RE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS BLOG, you're just like VI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fat Controller said...

That is an amazing story. For an old sceptic like me it is difficult to say anything!.

I love the way this blog is going. Just like Vi's it has the energy of a lighted match thrown into a box of fireworks!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

peach - LOL!!!!!!!! That's quite a comment! *blushes* I'm glad you like it! My family call me mini Vi! xx

FC - yeh, I was a sceptic for a long time too but now (as you can tell) I am open minded to it!
Thanks for the compliment! :-) xx