Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm as useless as Paris Hilton!!!!

Paris is hot.... but thats about it!!!

Speaking of paris... play this game it's bloody hilarious!

So last night I was having my daily winge to hubby about how useless I am and how I wish I could be a better housewife! It's funny, I always seem to seek undeserving sympathy for being so undeserving!!!

He is lovely though, he is always supportive and tells me that it doesn't bother him and how his love grows stronger for me everyday! Bless him! xx

As I always do.... I said to him "Oh hunny I hate that I am so useless, I feel like I'm good for nothing!" He replied "You're not useless bubba, you are useful for lots of things!" "Oh yeah?" I asked, getting excited that he could boost my ego..."Like what?"

He had a good 30seconds of hard thinking and finally he replied...

"Well.... You're Hot!!" ...................................


Thanks Hunny! You sure know how to make a girl feel special!!!!
How the heck is being hot a useful thing?!! *GiGGLeS*

13 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

They say love is blind! BWAHAHA!!

I don't mean that is in your not hot (cause you are). I mean that as in he's blind to everything else around him! You're a lucky girl to find your true love (and so's he of course!)

I'll stop babbling now. Hangover kicking in.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...


Yeh he probably is blind! He probably just wanted to get laid! :-P

Have a barocca ya pisshead! xx

Peach said...

because it takes his mind off the housework you haven't done! I'd BE you if I could, just sitting about looking gorgeous doing fuck all - perfect! You have the perfect life! I expect to read your next post starting with "so, here I am, being hot, and hmmm, nothing else!"


Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

LOL!!!!!!!! peach you crack me up! Well I might just do that if I have nothing else to post about!!! *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

Being hot is hard damn work!!! I should know C;) People always wanting to be doing what I am doing, even if it's stupid; people constantly badgering me to be seen with them; and the danger of all those people not focusing on what they should be doing while I am in the area. it's rough I tell you! C;D

nitebyrd said...

You seem to have found a very rare man, hun. Keep him happy by just sitting around looking hot. If that's all you need to do then don't push it. Trust me.

having my cake said...

Look, if your husband still thinks you're hot, you must be doing something right. I dont think you need to be losing any sleep over your lack of vacuuming prowess :)

Pixie said...

Hot is good, ironing is for saddos!!! So I'm leaving mine and going off to see man for weekend!! And I won't be doing any bloody ironing!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...heheh. Like yeah, my gorl said thato me too when we were re-decorating the house. I was doing nothinga and she had it all under her control. I felt like I wasn't doing my babes are good for lots of things. My girl tells me she'll show me later when we go to bed. Hey...I kind of like doing my part. *wink*

Ciao have a fab husband. He seems so dreamy.

Anonymous said...

That story is so cute! I like the hard thinking for 30 seconds. I'm impressed.

loooooove the template!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

craig - *GiGGLeS* Sounds like you might need to put a paper bag over your head! ;-) xx

nite - *Hehe* Yeh I guess you're right! I am pretty lucky to have a sweet guy that lets me get away with anything coz I'm hot! *GiGGLeS* :-P xx

cake - HELLO :-D, Thank you! :-) I guess it's just more important to me than it is to him to be a better housewife. But heck, I guess I should take advantage of it huh? :-) xx

pixie - HAHA! Good for you :-D, enjoy yourself! xx

spiky - LOL hey, I guess you're right about that, it can take talent in the bedroom! ;-) xx

jenn - HELLO :-) Thank you! LOL yeh he is cute like that, he always has a good scratch of his balls before he answers questions! *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

What do you mean?... That IS with a bag over my head. C;P

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

C:) - LOL!!!!!!!! Well I can't compete with that!!! *GiGGLeS* xx