Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So much to do... but no motivation!

So I'm suppose to be doing house wife duties like every other bloody day! But do you think that I have? .... NO I've spent all my time trying to make a bloody Blogger Template haven't I!!!

I'm a girl of creativity and I love to personalise things, and I came up with the most awesome design for my blog template! (sad I know!) But the bloody thing was too high in file size that by the time I shrunk it down to size, the quality was so SHIT it was just too crap to use!!! *sigh*

So thats a another whole day wasted on something I don't even have to bloody show for dammit! Ah well! I did however find this skin on an awesome website! ... Do you like it? :-) A bit bright on the eyes? ... Well of course it is! All girly things are bright, and I'm a real girly girl! *GiGGLeS*

It's a really great website that has heaps of awesome skins! If anyone is interested in a blogger makeover go here!

Though I must warn you, it seems that each time you change your skin, all widgets get deleted! Lucky for me I am a fresh new blogger and didn't have a lot to lose, but still... it pissed me off! :-)

Oh BTW Thank you sooooo much to all that came to visit me and read my first post! I was giggling like a little school girl when I got my first ever comments! And thanks to Aunty Vi for introducing me! *Blushes*
I'm still new at this whole blogging thing and I'm trying to figure it all out! But for everyone that comments me, I'll add you to my Brilliant Bloggles and I'll come and read you too! :-) It's so bloody hard to know where to start and who's blogs to get into, but this will make it much easier for me!

Aunty Vi mentioned to me yesterday that if I had nothing to post about for the day I could always post about past experiences! OF COURSE! :-D I didn't even bloody think of that did I! My life actually was interesting up until about a year ago, that is when I became a recluse crazy cat lady! :-P So I guess I do have some great stories to tell! Maybe theres hope for me yet to become an interesting blogger! *Grins* YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

Now I just have to figure out where the heck I'll start! :-S


11 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

LOL! I KNEW when I checked your blog this morning you would have changed your template! Um, yeah, I should have warned you about losing your widgets.

Start from the beginning my dear always a good place. Which beginning I don't know! LOL!

Yeah, actually, I do. When you met the clairvoyant who told you about the 'love of your life' you were to meet!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

hahaha you know me well! Good idea about the story! I shall get around to it! xx

Jackie Adshead said...

Just came to say Hi! on Vi's recommendation. She's awesome and I admire her greatly - lovely lady!

You say you haven't got any motivation - course you have, you just haven't found the thing that motivates you, yet! Ok, so it may not be housework, but it sure is something!

I'll put you on my blogroll to follow your next exploits, I'm sure they're gonna be fun!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Hey Jackie! :-) Hello! Yeh I admire her too! Aw thanks for believeing in me, and for the putting me on your blogroll too! xx

nitebyrd said...

You're off to a great start, hun! I'm going to be introducing some new Blogger friends so I'll mention you, too.

Being new is a bit scary (I'm sorta new, too) but we all get by with help from our friends!

daryl e said...

Welcome! .. Nice to see fun and style .. and clever posts run in the family!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

nitebyrd - Thank you :-D Yeh it is kind of daunting, but everyones support makes it so much easier! xx

daryl e - Thanks! :-) I'm loving the good feedback I keep getting for what I think are boring posts! :-D xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...hehehe, babes you are funny. I like youuuuuu!

'A crazy recluse cat lady.' hehehe. :D

Honey, I think you are going to do wonderfully. I am visiting you from here on out. Yay!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Thank yhooooo spiky! :-D I love you too *GiGGLeS* xx

Magnus said...

I LOVE the way you express yourself! Very bubbly, very straightforward, no bullshit. I'll definitely be checking back!

Oh, and I have seven cats (I had ten at one point!) and it's impossible to control them. Give it up while you're ahead (or behind).

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Magnus - Thank you :-D!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME! 7 CATS? COOOOOOL! I thought I was the only one!

I have 6 cats!... Had 7 but one died :-(

Thank you for reading! xx