Friday, February 29, 2008


GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I have just had my 5th phonecall TODAY from a telemarketer trying to sell me shit for no good cause!!!

But if that's not annoying enough... every single one of them start with the same question!!!

*Phone Rings*

Me - "hello?"

Tellemarketer - "Oh hi, is your Mummy or Daddy there?".............

FFS!!!! I'm 24 years old, I am not a child ffs!

So I have a young voice, but for crying out loud wouldn't you want to make sure it is a child you are actually speaking to before you embarrass yourself?

Seriously! They ALL have done it! I have never had ONE tellemarketer that has assumed that I am the lady of the house! I mean, shouldn't they say "Hi could I please speak to (persons name!!!) OR "The owner of the house?" IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!!!

It isn't all bad though! I use to say "Ugh! No! I left my Mummy and Daddy's house years ago to move into my OWN house with my HUSBAND!" They always get embarrassed!

But NOW I just put on a baby voice and say "Daddys in jail and Mummys at the pub!"......




15 GiGGLeS:

Magnus said...

We actually only use our landline for outgoing calls - the ringer is turned off. Anyone who has a legitimate need to talk to us has our cell phone number(s).

Still and all, I bet you can put on a really cute baby voice!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Mag - LOL now theres an idea!!! Oh yes I can do the funniest baby voice! But it helps that I have a young voice already! xx

Vi said...

dammit, I wish I had a young voice to say that to them! lol

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi - LOL just give them MY number! xx

Boy said...

Now that is freaking genius! You go girl :)

Fat Controller said...

LOL!! That's the way to deal with them!

Fat Controller said...

Reminds me of this

Anonymous said...

firstly- hi! i came from vi's

secondly- i was about to suggest the same thing, say your parents went out, ask if the caller knows when theyre coming back, then cry. or (this only works if they show the recent dr who over there) ask if theyre your mummy

Anonymous said...


Telemarketer:"Is your mummy there?"

You yelling off the phone: "DAD! It's that guy that mum's talking to all the time when you're not here!"

That should get them to hang up C;P

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Boy - LOL thanks! I am just so fed up with them! xx

Fatty - HAHAHAHAHHAHA I LOVE Kevin Bloody Wilson!!!! Thanks for that! You rock!!! :-) xx

monkey - HELLO! :-) A friend of Aunty Vis is a friend of mine! LOL I love your idea... I must try it next time and get back to you! :-P btw I've never seem dr who xx

C:) - LOL!!!!!!! That's GENIOUS!!! :-D *GiGGLeS* xx

nitebyrd said...

It's sort of nice to know that the US isn't the only place that has the dreaded telemarketers.

Being rude to them has greatly helped with my bitchiness. VBF that's a wonderful way to keep them from calling.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

nite - oh trust me! all of the bastards have my number! I get at least 3 calls from them every day! Its soooo goddam frustrating!!!

LOL I can just imagine you letting all your aggression out on them! *GiGGLeS*

I don't mind the fundrasiers so much but it's the foriegners that keep tryna sell me mobile phones and holidays ffs!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Someone did this to my friend once and she said: "She left the family when I was ten but thanks for bringing up that warm memory." then hung up. I just tell them they have a wrong number but yours is much more brilliant.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...that's the way to get rid of the buggers. That was funny.

sweetie...I am feeling better...yay. I still though have a slight cough.

Had that too. A lady wanted to talk witrh my mother over something my brother (8 yr old son) did. He was teasing her dog down the street. She would not believe I was his mother, thinking I was his sister lying for him. After 10 minutes of her...I told her to fuck off and she could tell my mother I said that, then I hung up.

hehehe...I'm a stinker.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

jenn - *haha* thats sooo funny! Problem is, we can't say it's the wrong number because they just pick random numbers to sell crap to! xx

Spiky - Awww good to hear you're feeling better! LOL what a dickhead of that lady! That would have shut her up good! :-) xx