Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did I mention that I'm the crazy cat lady?!!!

Crazy Cat Lady!
Yep! I scare off visitor's by throwing feral cats at them!!!...

Ok maybe not...

But I do have 6 of the feral things!

I am a huuuuge animal lover, I love all creatures big and small! I even go as far as avoiding stepping on ants, and saving all the bugs from drowning in the pool!!! I have EVEN been bitten by a RED BACK SPIDER! while trying to rescue it!!!.... TWICE!

So I sure can get a little ridiculous sometimes! But having 6 cats is VERY ridiculous!!!

Let me introduce you to the little terrors!...

It all started with Miss slutty pants here .... Marbles
Not long after me and Hubby moved into our house, I came out into the lounge from having a shower one day to find hubby on the floor feeding this stray cat (Marbles)! Apparently she came to our door and was meowing her arse off! So hubby let her in and fed her (she was starving!) It looked like she was either a stray or was very poorly looked after, though she seemed to be too friendly to be feral!

It was actually hubby that wanted to adopt her (SHOCK HORROR!) I was a bit funny about it coz I was worried about the dogs eating her! (They live out the back!) Plus we had mice (no not pets, feral mice that lived in the walls and came out at night to eat the nibblys that I'd leave for them! *GiGGLeS* Hey!!! Animal lover here remember!)

So anyway we decided that we would look after her but keep her outside on the front deck with food and shelter (though it didn't take long till she got her own way and lived inside ffs!)

After about a week we noticed that she was getting FAT! She was too big to be overfed, so we realised she was PREGNANT! I'd never had a cat in my life so I wasn't ready to deliver kittens! So with advice from a vet we decided that we would take her to RSPCA where they would birth the kittens and give them all up for adoption!

So once we handed her over and signed some papers, I asked the lady how quickly cats get adopted out (for my own peace of mind!) "Oh," she said... "We wont be adopting them out, if the rightful owner doesn't come for her in 3 days we're going to have to put her down!" .............

"WHAT?!!!!" I was shocked that I could be responsible for the death of this poor cat and her kittens - I was trying to do the best thing for her!!!

So I was like "Oh HECK no! I don't want her to die, give her back I'd rather take care of her!" But the SLAG wouldn't give her back! She said that because I'd signed some papers to say that I wasn't the rightful owner, I had no rights to take her! So I was PISSED OFF!!!!!!!

I did the funniest thing though... I got my Granma (Aunty Vi's Mum) to ring up and pretend that the cat was hers! *GiGGLeS* But of course she'd never even seen the bloody cat before so I had to go in with her and help her identify it!!! So what did I do? I got all dressed up undercover - wig and all with a plan! Granma (bless her) got all into the part too and wore a funny hat to disguise herself! We had fake names and everything it was sooo fucking hilarious!!!! But we got away with it and won Marbles back in the end! Woooooo!!!!

So a couple of weeks later Marbles gave birth to 4 beautiful bubbas! I was there with her through the birth, and I tell ya it was SUCH an amazing experience! Plus I had recently had a miscarriage so it was almost like filling this empty hole in my heart! *awwwwwwww*

Come meet the little shits....

First we have Peewee (Hubbys Bitch!)
This spoilt little princess was the runt of the litter! Why do I call her Hubbys Bitch? Coz the little slag is obsessed with him! The bitch ignores me, but she follows Hubby around like a bad smell and gives him all the affection in the world!!! The only time that she talks to me is when she's telling me off for cuddling with her man!!! Seriously, the second I cuddle up to hubby she comes along and trys to break us up ffs! She gets sooooo jealous of our affection for each other! It's so fucking funny!

Next we have Bart (MY Boyfriend!)...
We call him Bart because he's a little yellow haired bratty boy! But surprisingly... he is the most well behaved! If he could clean the house he would! The poor bugger always walks up to mess on the floor and tries to sweep it away with his pores (bless him!) But he has A.D.D he is soooo hyperactive and is just exhausting to keep up with! He's my little boyfriend because he comes to sleep and cuddle up with me in my bed (the others have no interest!)

Next we have Boodgie! My little Boofhead!
Boodgie is a the identical twin of Oodgie! He is the laziest, fattest slob of a thing! He lays on his back, belly up ALLLLLLLLL day long! He sleeps more than I do!!! And I sleep A LOT because of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! The only exercise this fat cat gets is when he hears the sound of a cat food can opening! He can be dead to the world in a coma, and nothing can wake him up... but the minute he hears that can opening, BOOM he is quicker than a flash straight to the food! *GiGGLeS*

and heres his twin.... Oodgie my baby....
Unfortunately we lost Oodgie to my worst nightmare! Hubby left the back door open one day and being the little adventurer he was, Oodgie snuck out the back to where the dogs were. The dogs played with him too roughly and he died later that night in the veterinarian. He was my baby, he was always by my side, never left my lap! I was in the shower at the time when I heard his screams. *wipes tear* But he is forever in my heart, and will never be forgotten!

At first we had arranged to get all the kittens to a petshop when they were old enough, but when I took them in, the fuckers told me that they were too big and that no one would want them!!!! (Which was bullshit because they were younger than the age that the petshops actually take!) And there was no chance in heck that I was takin them to the RSPCA again!!!!

So in the end the whole thing became too stressful and we decided to keep them!

We call Marbles Miss Slutty Pants because before we could get her desexed the little tart went and got herself knocked up again!!!!

So then she had another litter!

There were only 2 in this litter (thank heck!) She had 2 little girls 'Tipsey and Pebbles' they are soooooo cute!!!!

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of them as yet cause I haven't been able to find my bloody camera!!!! But take my word for it that they are cutiepies! *GiGGLeS*

We actually thought Tipsey was a BOY at first and I named her Woodgie coz she looked like Oodgie! But when Boodgie started to try and root her (ffs) I realised she was a GIRL! (LOL that sounded like a poem!) So I changed her name to Tipsey coz she has terrible balance and walks like Aunty Vi when she's had a few! *GiGGLeS* Luv ya Aunty Vi! xx

Pebbles is the most curious thing on the planet! Ya just have to fart and she's sniffin around ya arse!!!

So thats the cat family! It's amazing how different cat's personalities are!!!

Since all that Marbles went all weird and crazy being around her kittens 24 -7 (probably something to do with because the cats are grown up now and freaking STILL try to suck her tits!) So she has found somewhere else to live to get some space, and you wouldn't believe where! .....

On our roof!

Yep, the nutjob lives on the roof 24/7, wont come down for anything! So I risk breaking my neck everyday just to climb up on the fucking thing to feed her!!!!!!!

It's a fucking nuthouse!!!!

But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!


Oh by the way... tomorrow I'll be posting some special photos that are for 24 hours only!!! So make sure you pop in and don't miss it! :-)

16 GiGGLeS:

Vi said...

Tipsy? Aftr me? You bitch! ;P

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi - *GiGGLeS* you love it really! :-P xx

Fat Controller said...

I love the idea of a daring disguise cat-rescue from the clutches of the RSPCA. James Bond eat your heart out. lol.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Fatty - *GiGGLeS* Yeh it was really thrilling! But poor Granma almost had a heart attack!!! xx

nitebyrd said...

The kittens and Mamma are beautiful. You have a fantastic heart and an amazing husband. Can't wait to see tomorrows pictures!

Anonymous said...

Awww...your cats are so cute. And loved the great cat escape from the RSPCA.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

nite - Thank you :-) Yeh they may me bratty but I love them to death! And I know you're gonna love the new photos! :-) xx

jenn - awwww Thanks :-) Yeah I'm glad Granma and I came to the rescue! :-D xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Aw...poor oodgy. That is sad. I'm sorry you had a miscarriage, honey.

Sounds like you have a fab clever girl. Going in all '007' spy like and rescuing

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

spiky - Thank you :-) xx
Yeh it was so much fun, I almost concidered becoming an undercover detective *GiGGLeS* xx

JsTzznU said...

Cute kittens there VBF.. Speaking of cats... My wife never put two & two together when her daughter was young and suffering with asthma that it was the CATS that were causing it! See when she left her first husband, she had to get rid of the cats.. and wham, her daughters problems cleared up!! Of course she is kicking her self now lol for the cats, NOT leaving her first husband =)

Magnus said...

I currently have seven cats - Pepper, Myst'y, Conor, Duncan, Sunny, Star and Buddha - and one dog; the aforementioned Maggie the WonderPup. Pepper and Myst'y are females, the rest are male, and consequently buttheads.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

jst - Aww yeh I think i have a bit of an alergie myself! But I just don't have the heart to get rid of them! LOL sounds like your wife was more alergic to her ex than her daughter with the cats *GiGGLeS* xx

Mag - *heehee* I love the names you have for your pets! Yes they can be right little brats can't they!!! xx

Midnight said...

You have some very cute pussies there, but rather a lot of them. The mum needs some form of contraception or an op though dont'ya think? You'll defo be the cat lady if she carries on getting fertilised at this rate!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Middy - Oh don't worry about that! The tart got fixed up quick smart after the second litter! xx

Misty Dawn said...

I knew I liked you!!! As you've probably figured out, I'm a HUGE lover of animals... Ok, I'm not huge (actually pretty little), but my love for animals is huge (hehe). My cat, Mokey, is a tramp too - she pops out a litter of kittens and then goes looking for some more lovin :-)

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Misty - *GiGGLeS* We are sooo the same! :-) xx