Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello, my names VBF and I... am a Bloggerholic!!!

Audience says.... "HI VBF!"

I LOVE BLOGGLES!!!! (That's my nickname for Blogger - my new Boyfriend! *GiGGLeS*)

Does the novelty ever wear off??? I can't get enough of the bloody thing!!!

I started this blog to vent about how shit I am as a housewife and how I just can't get my arse into gear to clean the bloody house!!! But has it helped me? NO! It's made me even worse coz I spend all bloody day with Bloggles don't I!!!!

At least before I started this thing I was attempting to do my housewife duties! But now I don't do a bloody thing! I even forget to feed the poor bloody cats during the day coz I can't drag my arse away from the computer!

LoL! Don't get me wrong... I 'm LOVING IT! But I have a serious addictive personality!

I get myself hooked on new things and I can get totally overboard and go NUTS with it! I guess I'm just a girl that allows myself to have fun before anything else! Problem is that for me it is ALL play and no work! But I can't decide if that is healthy or not!

Mind you, I do believe one reason I have for why i avoid the house work is because I am obsessive compulsive too! The thing is, when I actually DO clean, it has to be PERFECT! I can't just sweep mess under the rug, I have to scrub the walls, dust every ornament, position the wall hangings to be level, rearrange the furniture, and put every single object in a specific place!

Oh that's a huge thing for me.... I have perfect boxes with perfect lables of perfect catergries to put perfect items in! Seriously, as an example I have a ridiculous system of steps to get ready...

Box one - Labled: ~Pamper!~ Contains: All my lotions, body products and face washes! But wait it gets worse.... Every single item has a lable on it TOO of which step to use it!!! Eg: Body Lotion - Labled: ~Step one!~ (because it's the first thing I put on, after I have a shower!) Mud mask Labled ~Step 2~ Facewash Labled ~Step 3~ TEETH WHITENER! ~Step 4!~ and so on so on so on so on!!!! Is'nt that just psychotic??? I just can't freaking help it!

But it doesn't stop there... I have the box lable system for EVERYTHING! Like Box 2 is Makeup! Foundation: Labled:~Step 1~ Eyeshadow - Labled ~step 2 ~ etc, etc!!!! I even have boxed sets for my perfumes, shoes, hair stuff and jewelery in color coordination! YOU NAME IT!!!! I can not for the life of me help it!

Whats worse is that all these boxes and lables are covered in pretty paper to perfection and the Lables are handwritten in pretty writing which I'll obsess over if the letters are not symmetrical ffs! *Sheesh!*

So my point is, that I am a LAZY perfectionist! When I clean the house, it has to be done obsessively and be made spotless! If I can't do it perfectly than I wont touch it at all! So as you can imagine, when I DO actually do it... it takes me weeks of a cleaning frenzie mood! I can't just pick up the mess from the night before, I have to scrub and dust the ENTIRE house all over again to be satisfied! It's insane.. I know!!!

But I don't have time to obsess over cleaning while I'm busy feeding my fun addictions! Like BOGGLES for one! I spend every waking moment obsessing about what I'm gonna post about next! My page has to be pretty and the colours have to compliment each other! As much as I adore the idea of War Child it bugs me that the Logo is red and clashes with my page! *GiGGLeS* I don't mind really! :-P And I just HAVE to read everyone elses Blogs and leave them comments because I just can't get enough!!!!!

Other addictions that I have (besides smoking!) Is COMPETITIONS! I can't go a week without my That's Life and Take 5 magazines, and I have to enter EVERY competition! Not only the competitions but I send entries into get published such as Stories, Funny photos, Advice, Questions etc, ect! I enter absolutely EVERYTHING! But hey... they pay you good money and I've won heaps from them!

I also have a thing where I have to personalise everything (as I've explained!) I just can't stand to have the same thing as someone else, mine has to be different ALWAYS! I even personalise PEOPLE! LOL I give everything and everyone I know my own personal nicknames! I'll rarely call someone by there real name! Half the time people don't know what the heck I'm talking about when I speak! It's just a bunch of gibberish like a whole other language to strangers!

But that's who I am, and even if I wanted to change I don't think it would be possible!

Oh BTW, I have an obsession with changing my hair colour too! I can never stick to one! (as you can see in the picture I have blonde hair!!!!)

Well at least I'm not a stay at home nothing anymore... I'm a stay at home Blogger!!!!! :-D *GiGGLeS*


14 GiGGLeS:

Fat Controller said...

Blogging hasn't worn off for me yet!

I know EXACTLY what you mean about tidying the place up. Everything has to be perfect, labelled and boxed and it is such a daunting task that I end up just temporarily carting piles of crap from onr room to another as the need arises. Made worse by the fact that neither of us EVER throw stuff out.

And I thought I was the only one!

Jackie Adshead said...

Yep, bloggings addictive! better pack in now, whilst you can! Nope....too late, you're hooked, like the rest of us!!!

Magnus said...

Permit me to share one of my obsessions with you... ever since I was introduced to this site (by Nitebyrd, actually), I have to check it out every day (sometimes several times a day!).

There ya go - a brand-new, shiny obsession to play with!

Lady in red said...

lol blogging is very very addictive......I started about 15 months ago and now I have 3 blogs although I really only use one these days

thanks for your comments at my place

JsTzznU said...

LOL VBF!! I find it addictive too, you will also find a lot of good people out there =)

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Fatty Boomba - *GiGGLeS* !!! I thought I was the only one too! :-) xx

Jackie - *hehe* I'm not going anywhere!!!! xx

magnus - UH Oh.... I dunno if that's a safe thing for me to do! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Lady - 15 Months????? WOW!!! LOL I guess the novelty really wont wear off then!!! ... you're welcome :-) xx

jst - *GiGGLeS* I already have found good people! Like yourself! :-D xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi babes...Blogging....hum. I have thought to hit the delete button several times. I thought to just go away.

I know one day I will stop posting, but I will not stop reading other blogs and commenting.

fab post sweets...Ha...I love the "lazy perfections." hehehe. I so have to used it at home.

Ciao babes.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Spiky - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You can NEVER leave!!!! You're one of my favourites!!!! :-( xx

Misty Dawn said...

You don't know how wonderfully refreshing it is to find someone with an addictive and obsessive personality like me and not afraid to admit it!

When I find something I like - I also become obsessed and addicted - I blog (write posts and read other blogs) all day long - literally! My husband says he has dreams that I have a laptop growing out of my stomach (smart a*s). I constantly think about blogging - I compose posts while in the shower, trying to go to sleep, you name it. There is absolutely no doubt that I spend more time talking with people on the internet or in the blogosphere than I talk to my husband ;-)

So - Hello - I too am a blogging addict.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

misty - YOU'RE MY LONG LOST TWIN!!! *GiGGLeS* YAY!!! We can be obsessed together!!!!!!!! :-D

I'll be popping in for some regular cuppas in your neck of the woods! :-) xx

nitebyrd said...

VBF, I think you're totally fabulous just the way you are. Why mess with perfection?

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Nite - aww Thank you!!! I love how you used mess and perfection in the same sentence! *GiGGLeS* xx

Vi said...

hey, you don't have a knickname for me!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi - LOL Well to me Aunty S is my nickname for you if not Aunty Vi! Just don't ask me what I call my other Aunty!!!!! xx