Saturday, May 31, 2008

Too sick!!!

Too sick to find a picture to match this post, too sick to comment, too sick to read, too sick to even bloody write this post!

I was even too sick to have my first scan!!! I had my first chuck, but it wasn't exciting AT ALL! It was straight after it took me 2 flippin hours to drink a litre of water! And I spewed the bloody lot back up again!!! So I had to reschedule the scan! I'm SPEWIN! (Litterally!)

I can't keep anything down except for chicken noodles, but when I'm not chucking up - I've got a bloody miagraine!


Too sick to go on...


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who's there??

Eye Move

Imagine... it's after midnight, you're tucked up in bed with your Hubby (or Wife) who is fast asleep and has been for hours. You are tossing and turning because your sleeping pattern is all over the place, but you are trying to sleep to get back into wack, even though you are not tired.

You're in your bedroom, the door is closed, it's pitch black and silent as you stare at nothing. You finally close your eyes to try and sleep when you are interupted with a *click* noise!

You open your eyes AND THE FREAKING LIGHT IS ON!!!!!

There is no one in sight who could have possibly turned it on!!! And your Hubby / Wife is STILL fast asleep next to you!!!

You go to wake him / her but just before they open their eyes, another *click* is heard with the light turning OFF again!!!

Well that's what happened to ME last night!!!!

Spooky shit!!!

Eeeeeeek!!! Hubby is going on a surf trip on Sunday and will be gone for 10 days!!! I can't be left alone for that long with this kind of shit going on!!!!

Somebody hold me! Crying 2


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Lumps!

Bugger me!!!

Am I suppose to gain weight so soon??? I mean Heck!!! At first I actually lost about 5kg because of my sudden healthy eating (for the Belly Bean!)

But now in less than two weeks I've gained just over 6kg ffs!!!

My tits are bloody huge and could poke an eye out, and the rest of my body looks like a flippin puffer fish! Even my clothes are too tight for me already ffs!!

It's almost like there is some kind of padding all over my body! Even Hubby has started calling me 'Plumpy' or 'Cream Puff' or 'Hey Fatty Boomba - Go and eat some cream Pies!' ffs!!!

So it's definately noticable!!!

Ok, Ok, so my appetitie has increased and I've turned into a monster!

I ate a WHOLE pizza and a WHOLE block of chocolate the other day!!! (The Bub Grub was hungry! *GiGGLeS*)

But still! Other than that I have eaten very healthy foods, but I still look like I could be popped with a pin for crying out loud!!!

Well at least the Pepper taste has gone now, but NOW all I can smell is PVA GLUE!!!!

The even stranger part is, I actually like it, and I am craving to eat the bloody stuff! Thank heck theres none in the house!!! Coz it could only end badly!!

I have my first scan on Friday WOOOOHOOOOO! But I'm not looking forward to drinking 1 litre and a half of water ffs! I HATE WATER!!! I shower in the stuff ffs!!!

If only I could drink straight vodka instead! (Hey it's clear!!!) But they wont let me! The rude buggers! :-P *sigh*


I'm gonna go blob out on the bed and feel sorry for myself!

I might even go eat some cream pies! *sniff sniff*


Be back soon!


Monday, May 26, 2008

OK, OK, So I've been a slackarse!!!

Yeah Yeah I know!!! I've been too lazy to get on to the next RAT GiRL series!

But OI!!! Do you know how long I have to wait in between seasons for MY favourite shows??? FLIPPIN YONKS!!! It shits me to tears!!!

So I have PLENTY of ideas for series two, and I've already created all the characters I'm going to use... but it's just a matter of putting the episodes together (very time consuming) but right now I'm fat and bloated and cranky and tired and nautious to be bothered!!!!! *Sigh*

So bare with me kids! *Flutters Eyelashes*

BUT! In the mean time I have published a Bloopers special for series one (not an episode... a special!) So GO and have a look!!!

Season Two wont be far off!
I PROMISE!!! :-)


Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Sux!!!

Where's Giggle been?

I'll tell ya where she's been! Bloody sick in bed with a bucket or leaning on the dunny just waiting to spew!!!

I don't know who the bloody idiot was that thought that the term 'Morning sickness' was appropriate! But I'd like that idiot to spend an afternoon AND evening with me right now, and then tell me if the name still suits!...ffs!

I must say though... I haven't actually spewed once! WHich is even more annoyiong to me, because when ever I am sick, a good chunder makes me feel better!!!

I had my first serious wave of sickness a couple of weeks ago when I was talking to Trub on Msn, when I had to run to the dunny for a spew! But as soon as I got there, the feeling went away, and I didn't need to after all!

I actually got excited!!! I thought it was gonna be my first pregnant spew! (Such a special moment *GIGGLeS*) But it was a false alarm, and it bloody has been ever since!!!!

I feel like I've spent a week with Aunty Vi on the hard piss playing Kings non stop! (Minus the taste of an ash tray in my mouth!) But I've had no bloody good time to show for it!!!

HECK!!! Every minute I feel like puking, but nothing.... nothing but a couple of spits in the bucket!!!


On a different note... 'The Belly Bean' has been upgraded to 'The Bub Grub' Yay!!!!!!! Just look at it!!! (Top right sidebar) Trub reckons it looks like it belongs in a tequila bottle! *GiGGLeS*

Well I think it's cute!!! I just wanna put it in a jar and feed it bugs! *Flutters Eyelashes*!

Oh! Another thing I have found... Everything tastes like PEPPER!!!!!

It's ridiculous!!! Even icecream and orange juice tastes like pepper ffs!!!

It would be ok if I actually liked pepper... but no!!!!

No Joke!! I even have the sneezing fits as if the pepper is flying up my nose!!!

It's bloody hideous, and it's interfering with my cravings!!!

It pains me to say this... but I actually got a WHOLE burger to myself the other day (Hubby was sick and could just about spew at the sight of it YESSS!!!!) But guess bloody what!!?

It tasted fucking awful!!!! Like Pepper!!!!
So NONE of us got to eat it!... The bin scored it!!

*wipes tear*

Poor me ffs!

Anyways... If anyone needs me, I'll be sulking in the corner of the room feeling sorry for myself with a stoopid empty bucket!!!

Just leave a message after the beep...



Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


... It smells like CHICKEN LOAF!!!!!

Oh Man!! Do you have any idea how many years I have tried to figure that out????

Now can sleep at night ffs!

*GiGGLeS* :-P


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Step... away.... from my.... PIE!!!!!


Pregnant or not! I am the kind of girl who LOVES her food, and I have been known to have the most bizzar cravings ever since I was a wee one!

Oh heck yeah! I LOVE eating french fries with icecream and cherry tomatos with strawberries! I guess it's because I'm so indecisive about whether I'm craving something sweet or something savoury, so I have them both together to ballance out my taste buds!

It's ridiculous!

If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me if I was pregnant because of my strange eating habbits, I'd be loaded!!! But now, that I'm actually pregnant, I'm actually craving NORMAL foods!!!

Well... I've been craving for gravy on my chips now instead of icecream! *GiGGLeS*

Point is, I have always been a craver and always will be! Food is my boyfriend and eating is the highlight of my day!

I get sooooo excited when I have something delicious sitting in front of me ready to be gobbled up BY ME!!!! Oh how my eyes light up with joy!!!

I am a very emotional eater! And I don't just mean the kind that eats when she is depressed (though I wont deny that I do!) But right now I'm actually talking about the emotional type that cries when she drops a chip on the ground and it's too dirty to pick up and eat!

It's history, such a waste... one less chip that I get to gobble!


Oh yes.... when I demand TLC from Hubby, I'm not talking about Tender Love & Care.... no no, I'm talking about a Tomato, Lettuce & Cheese sanga!!! *Flutters Eyelashes*

LOL!!! When I ask Hubby if he has been cheating on me, I'm not talking about with another woman, I'm talking about "Has he been eating my favourite foods with out me!!?" *GiGGLeS*

And God help him if he has!!! Oh Heck! He'll never live it down! I'm always snooping in his car for any empty take out wrappers he may have bought without me! (Any excuse to send him down the shop and get me a treat!) :-P

But, I don't always have the kind of relationship I would like to have with my food! You see, there is another man involved... a man... that gets in the way of me and my beloved food... a man... that interupts my eating affair... and it shits me to tears.... *sigh*

I am torn between my food and HUBBY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... so... My eyes may be bigger than my belly (tho not for long with the belly bean growing!) but my heart is bigger than my eyes!

And as much as I adore my food and want to be alone with it, I am not a greedy person! Many times I will be sitting there with a yummy juicy burger in my hands, my mouth is watering and my heart is doing backflips at the thought of the dilicious taste that I am about to experience! (Bit over the top I know!)

But just before I take a bite, I look up over at hubby... to see the same look of delight on his face.... AT MY BURGER!!!! *Sigh*!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to tell him to shove it, it breaks my heart to see him with out a burger of his own!!! So what do i do?... I Share it with him!!! And everytime he eats a heck of a lot more than I do ffs!!!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sharing! Any oppurtunity to do a good deed for someone unexpectedly and I'm on it!

But these particular times with Hubby REALLY makes my blood boil and I'll tell you why...

This is roughly how all of our conversations go, before these situations...

Me: "Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny *Flutters Eyelashes*"

Him: "Oh ffs! What are you craving now?"

Me: "Ummmmmmm (What ever I'm craving for at the time)"

Him: *Lecturing me about how unhealthy it is and how it tastes disgusting anyway*

Me: "*puppy dog look*... *Doing my best to try and convince him that it's a matter between life and death, while sometimes using a bit of emotional blackmail and what ever else I can use to my advantage*

Him: "OK fine! But only if you *gives me a chore I have to do, which he and I both know I will never get done*"

Me: "Oh of course Hunny!!! I'll do it Mozzas!"

Him: *Muttering* (While grabbing his keys [silently because he knows I can't stand the sound of them] and heads out to the car to drive off and get my treat!)

Me: (Yelling to him as he heads to the door) "And make sure you get yourself something too, cause I don't want you stealing my food again!!! I'M TOO HUNGRY TO HAVE YOU EAT IT ALL!!!!"

Him: "Yeah Yeah! I can't stand that crap anyway! And I'm not hungry, I've just eaten!" (as he gets into his car.)

Me: "Thats what you say everytime! But this time I'm not sharing with you!!!"

Him: *Driving off*

Me: *Waiting anxiously and getting excited about wrapping my lips around my craving!*


Me: *Tripping over the cats, excitedly running out the door to get my food*..... *Disapointed to find that some of it has already been eaten by Hubby!!!*

Him: "Sorry I got a bit hungry"

Me: "So why didn't you get yourself something like I said????"

Him: "Because I wasn't hungry when I ordered it!"

Me *steaming* (But calmed down when I get a bite of the delicious taste.)

Him: "Can I've a bite?"

Me: *Flippin angry that I only got to have a few bites out of MY OWN craving! But I can't say no to him because I feel bad*

Him: *Finishes it off!!!!!!!!!!*


Seriously! It will be like a buger or something! By the time it gets to me there is only half left, and after a couple of bites Hubby is eating the REST!!!

This always leaves me emotional and hungry with the teasing taste in my mouth!!!!!!!

But the other day... our conversation went a little differently... and I don't think it will be happening again for a while (I think it's pregnancy hormones)

Me: "Hunny Hunny Hunny Hunny, I'd kill for a Brumbys pie!!"

Him: "Gross! Brumbys pies are the most hideous pies in town! Plus they are ridiculously over priced and not healthy for you! No Way!"

Me: *Not in the mood for the argument, but desperate for a pie! So I plead my case once again until I finally get my own way*

Him: "OK fine! But only just this once!" (As he grabs his keys)

Me: "Now listen to me" (As I sit him down to talk in all seriousness as if someone had just died!)

Him: *Looking confused*

Me: "Can you please get 2 pies, to have one for back up..."

Him: "Heck no! They are waaaayyyyyy too expensive!!"

Me: "I'm serious Hun, I'm hungry, I'm obsessed with Brumby Pies, you never let me have them, you're letting me this once, so I wanna make sure I actually get to eat it - without you stealing it from me!"

Him: *Laughing* "What are you talking about? I HATE Brumbys Pies! Don't worry, I wont want to touch the awful thing, and besides, I'm not hungry!"

Me: "You say that every time hun!!! But you ALWAYS end up eating more than I do, and you always leave me hungry and wanting more, it's torture!"

Him: *In disbelieve that I'm so serious over a damn pie!!* "OK, just this once, I'll get 2 Pies just in case, but you know you'll end up eating both of them because I can't stand them!"

Me: "YOU BEAUTY!!!! I wont complain about that!!"

So when Hubby left to fetch the pies, I was overwhelmed with excitement that today was the day that I get to have my treat to myself!!! And what was even more exciting was the possibility of having TWO PIES OMFG!!!!

Hubby actually sounded genuine this time! So I just really believed him!


Me: *Almost breaking my neck rushing to the food*

Hubby: *Handing me a single, uneaten pie*

Me: "Did you get 2 pies?"

Hubby: *Blushing* "Yeah, but I ate the other one on the way home"

Me: *Actually relieved that he ate his and not mine* "See!!!! I told you!!!"

Him: "Yeah, well it was disgusting! I only ate it because I was hungry!"

Me: *Sitting down as I pull out my pie* "Ah well! I've got mine, that's all that matters" (as I take a bite.)

Him: *Staring at my pie*

Me: *Death Staring him*

Him: "Can I've a bite of yours?"


Hubby: *Shocked*

Me: *Feeling guilty that I just snapped at him, and hesitantly handed him my pie* "Just a little bite... I mean it!!"

Hubby: *Bites half the pie away and screws up his face* "Yuck! That's disgusting!"


Him: *Running away*

Me: *Shoving the lowsy leftovers in my mouth as my eye twitches uncontrollably*

Yup! He wont be messing with my cravings for a while!!!...
(Hopefully ffs!!)

mmmmm pie!!!

*Looks for Hubby*


Monday, May 19, 2008

Keys and Coins!!!! I Hate them with a passion!!!!

HECK! They are horrible!!!

Btw HELLO! :-) I'm back in business baby!!! I actually wrote this post the day before Peewee died and I never got around to posting it because I was thrown off by her death, and then the belly bean news! So it has been sitting in draft getting all dusty ever since!

But since I am back, I wanted to focus on catching up on everyone elses blogs, so I thought now would be a good time to post this since I've given ya's nothing to read for so long ffs! So just keep in mind that I actually wrote this a few weeks ago ok? Cool!

Call me a freak but i just can not stand keys or coins!!!

Do you know the feeling that people get at the sound of nails being scratched down a blackboard? They cringe at the sight and the sound and screw up their face like someone just kicked them in the nuts (if they have any!)

Well that's the feeling I get with with Keys and coins ffs! (Not the feeling of being kicked in the balls... oh ffs you know what I mean!!)

The sound of keys dangling and scraping together sends me on the verge of a bloody nervous breakdown!

I don't know what it is, but the piercing sound sends tingly nerves in my teeth up through my gums! As soon as I hear it I can't let my teeth touch because if I do I get the feeling of an electric shock in my teeth!!!

It's not just that either... it's the smell and the sight!

The sight freaks me out because I know what it does to me! And if I see keys or coins I know to run a mile ffs!

And the SMELL OMG!!! The smell of metal makes me wanna puke!!!

As soon as I smell it, I get the taste of it in my mouth, which causes the same reaction as the actual sound of the bastards!!! kinda tastes like blood!!!

And I CAN'T STAND the feel of them!!! I disinfect my hands like there's no mozzas, just to get rid of the smell!

Seriously, while I'm typing about this now, I can smell and taste the metal and I am separating my teeth with my tongue ffs! It's THAT BAD!!!

It's the same with coins too!

That was my only down fall with working in retail! I bloody loved retail but when it came to handing someone change, I would just about bite my tongue off!!!

It's embarrassing when I snap at my friends for jiggling their keys or their coins in their hands!! I have no control over it! They often look at me like 'O......kay' as they carefully place the horrid things in their bag where they can't be heard, smelt, felt, tasted or seen ffs!!!!

I've even snapped at this poor old fella on a plane once! He was sitting next to me with his keys in his hand and was jiggling them away as if he heard it as a beauuuuuuutiful musical tune!


I sat there cringing for ages trying to fight the urge to snap, while praying that it would stop soon!!!

But it didn't!

Instead it came to me exploding and smacking my ears like a maniac screaming 'PUT THE FUCKING KEYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Once again I got the 'OMG you're a lunatic' stare!

But at least it did the trick!!!

Reason why I thought to post about this, is because you should have seen poooooooor hubby copping it last night!!!!

LMAO he knows I can't stand them, but sometimes he forgets, and I was playing with Keithy (of course I was! What else would I be doing!) when he came over to ask me something - with his damn keys in is hand!!!

I didn't hear a freaking word he said, all I could hear was the horrid sound of the keys!

He paused with what ever the heck he was saying when he was startled by the evil 'I'm gonna kill you' death stare I was giving him!

Straight away he realised, then he nervously GiGGLed as he slowly backed away while trying to silence the keys!

But just as he backed away, he tripped, which caused the bloody bastards to fly up in the air and land on the tiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think there is any worse noise than that in the whole freaken world!!!

It's no surprise that I snapped and started flying off the handle at him!!!


BUT THEN!!! As he panicked to try to pick them up again to run away... he DROPPED THEM AGAIN!!!!!


By the time I finished screaming he was long gone!!!

He had rushed to the shop and came back with some chocolate to make it up to me! :-)

Chocolate works every time! :-) Bless him!

Keys and Coins friggen send me on edge!!!

Seriously... I react to keys and coins like this chick does to pickles...


Ok, maybe not that bad... but I do react that way to maggots!!!! *Cringes*

Now maggots are a different story!!!! They are my BIGGEST fear!!!


Friday, May 16, 2008




Not long after I did my last post, the flippin internet started playing up, didn't it!!!

So I've been unable to come back on and post everyday! I tell ya what, it's driving me crazy not getting my Bloggles fix ffs!!!

Anyways, this is just a quick post (I'm at my Mums) to let ya's know that I don't know when the net will be up and running again, but I hope I will have it back some time next week!

Don't cry... I will be back I promise! :-P

Ummmm not much to say anyway accept that besides havin a winge everyday about not being able to play on Bloggles, I've been doing nothing else but sleep sleep sleep coz HECK I'm soo tired all the time. And when I'm not sleeping or winging, I'm running to the loo every 10 mins ffs! My bladder just keeps fillin up like theres no tomorrow! And if I were to have wee tests on command now, I would overflow the bastards!!!

I'm so close to setting up a tent in the bathroom ffs!

Anyhoo... gotta run! :-)

Don't wait up! But make sure you miss me!!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I missed a day!

But I'm allowed because I was very busy all day yesterday doing very constructive things!!! :-)

So It's Official!!! WOO HOO!!!

I went to the Doctors yesterday and my Belly bean was confirmed!!!

3D Prom Queen
Very exciting!!!

How crap would it have been if it turned out to be a bad test and I wasn't preggers after all? LOL!!! After all this fuss!!

It was good tho, the Doctor even said that he has never seen a positive result show up so damn fast!

He said it pretty much popped up positive before the pee drop hit the bloody thing and soaked in!!! *GiGGLeS*

Oh!! Speaking of pee!!!

He coulda told me to use my pee sparingly ffs!

He handed me the jar and said "fill it up" (which I did!) Then, he used a couple of drops of it and then chucked the rest out.

But as soon as he did that he said "Ok, now I need you to go next door and fill 2 more pee jars for some other tests!!!

LMAO!!! I can't just pee on comand ffs! Especially on an empty bladder ffs!

So I couldn't do it, I'll have to go back again! But I DID do all my blood tests and stuff, so I'm glad to get some of it out of the way! (I can't stand needles!)

And then me and Muussy went and did a bit of shopping!

I got some folic acid and some elivit *Flutters eyelashes* Oh! And a bra!!! Coz HECK! My Tits are HUGE already!!!

I'm usually a 12C, and I got myself a 16D which is STILL a bit tight on me ffs!

Hmmm what else did we get?

OH! We went around to a few second hand stores and picked up some gorgeous 2nd hand baby clothes! (I don't see the point of paying full price for baby stuff, when you can get some decent stuff at great prices!)

We also picked up some disposable nappys at a bargain price (I'm going to load up on them, because they aint cheap ffs!)

We got lots of baby linen and other bits and pieces!

Ummm oh! And I even got a couple of merternity items real cheap, OH! and a gorgeous nappy hanger, which I'm gonna base my nursery colours around!

I also got a couple of trade booklets that have advertisments of people selling 2nd hand baby furniture which ALSO came in handy!

I got a Portacot for $20

A gorgeous cot for $150 (which is great for short people like me, because it comes with an adjustment to move the matress up higher!)

And my favourite...

A Precious little white bassinette! It's stunning! And it was on $70!

So I manged to get ALL of this stuff (including the pills and vitamens that were very expensive) + Lunch for that day, all for under $300!

So I'm happy!

(God I hope I'm not boring you all! LOL!!!)

But anyways, that's my excuse for not posting yesterday! I was WAY too busy and when I did finally get home, I hit the sack because I was WAYYY too exhausted!!!

So do ya's forgive me? *GiGGLeS*

Oh! I'm also going to be renewing my learners liscence and starting my drivers lessons really soon! I hear it's very handy to have a liscence when you have kids :-P



Sunday, May 11, 2008




Saturday, May 10, 2008

Keeping On - Keeping On!!

Sad or not, I've just so happened to stick to this 'every day in May' challenge! So I'd figured I'll keep it going!

When I'm feeling sad I like to check out my favourite youtubes for a Giggle, so I thought I'd share this one with ya's! (Sorry Ronnie, I know you can't view them!)

Bloody adorable!


Friday, May 9, 2008

From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy!


As you all know I have been devastated by the loss of my baby Peewee, and I still am and always will be.

You also know that we have been trying for a baby, and was also saddened to have a negative pregnancy test!


I just did another test and it WAS POSITIVE!!!

I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 weeks!!!

I just still can't believe it!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

May you Rest in Peace Sweet Peewee...

I just popped on to make this picture to put with Peewees burial.

Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts and comments. Also a huge Thanks for all the emails and E-cards I have received from some of you.

Thank you to Magnus especially whose comment touched me the most, and really made me feel a bit better, if even for a moment. Though I am just as sorry to hear about your loss too.

To be honest, I was not expecting all this support! I honestly thought most people would think I was a bit silly for getting so upset over a death of a cat. (Most people do.)

I know you're all aware that I adore animals and they are my passion, but I don't think I've ever quite explained just how much animals mean to me. To be honest I don't think any words could ever explain.

Peewee especially is much more than just a 'pet' to me.

In fact the exact day that she died, exactly a year ago from then was the day that I had my first miscarriage. And near around that time is when the kittens were born.

I was there for the birth of the kittens and it was such an amazing experience I will never forget.

Peewee was the runt of the litter, and she was unable to feed on her own. So I stayed up for hours on end for the first few weeks, continuing to help her find the teat so she could survive.

So to me she was like the baby that I saved in place of the baby that I lost.

So it has hit pretty me hard to lose her, especially on the exact day I had my first miscarriage one year later.

My second miscarriage was around the time that Oodgie died, and that was the worst day of my life until now.

And of course if you're a regular reader, you will know that Hubby and I have been trying very hard for another baby. But I was recently devastated to have a negative pregnancy test.

So with all of that put together and now this, has made it extremely hard for me to deal with.

But I do Thank you all very much for your support, I just believe it's going to take a little bit longer before I can smile again.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm not playing for a while...

I know I'm suppose to do a post every day of May but fuck it!

My baby girl Peewee was just killed by the neighbours dogs last night (as I just found out right now), and I am extremely devastated! So I'm gonna take some time to grieve over it.

I always thought it would be our own dogs to kill any of our cats because, the cats are always trying to get out the back. But Just when I thought it was all safe, it was somebody elses dogs that killed her in the end.

I'm having an even tougher time with it because last night (the last time I saw her) she came into the house for something to eat, but the others were still outside. I was laying on the couch watching a stupid tv program when I thought "Oh, I should shut the door before she goes out and get the others in." But then the commercial break was over and I was too lazy to go through with it!

If I had of, she would still be alive now, so I can't help but blame myself for it.

I'm just so sad!!! So very sad!! So I don't know when I will be back.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh COME ON!!! Loosen up ffs!!

*GiGGLeS* You have probably guessed by now that I'm the kind of girl that LOVES to GiGGLe and can just about find the humour in anything!

Even others laughter is contagious to me, like when I was in school and my friends would be GiGGLing about nothing, and I just couldn't help but join in!

Although they were able to stop, I never could, especially when the room went silent, and the teacher put me on the spot and asked me what was so funny!

I was always sent outside for my uncontrollable laughter, which I also found hilarious and would laugh about even harder!

But when it comes to things I find that ARE actually funny, not every one can see the funny side!

This YOUTUBE for one!!!

Besides the talking animal youtubes, this youtube is one of my most ever favourites! It has me laughing in tears where I just about almost piss myself every time!!!

The first time I saw it, I was dying to show every one else because it was so damn funny!

But just about everyone I showed it to were like "*screws up face* I don't get it? What is so funny about it?"

OK so it's a little cruel, but I'm not laughing at the fact that these TV show guests have had operation stuff-ups which have made their voices sound funny (which is what it is about), but I'm laughing at the fact that the TV show HOST just can not control himself!!!

Check this youtube out for yourself, and tell me if you can see the funny side to it...

Is it just me? Or is it BLOODY HILARIOUS?!!

For those who don't see the funny side, if it makes you feel any better, this chat show host was fired over this!



Monday, May 5, 2008

Todays Post!

Hey it counts!!!



Sunday, May 4, 2008

Now that's what I call a FLAMIN MUNGRAL!!!


Ok, so not long after Hubby and I moved into our house and we got the Internet, I became addicted to Ebay!! (Another serious addiction of mine!)

It's fantastic actually, I do all my Christmas shopping on there, and I can find exactly what I want in search and can get them for reasonable prices!

Anyways, so I was getting a parcel or two at least once a week, but I was finding some of them to be broken!!!

At the beginning I was often in the pool at the back (The novelty hadn't quite warn off at that stage) so I wasn't able to hear the courier turn up and drop the parcels off!

But then when I got sick of the pool (didn't take long) I was inside the house when I would have a mini freaking heart attack every bloody day at the sound of a huge sudden thump!!!

I would look out the window to see the courier van reversing out of the driveway and my parcel would be laying on a funny angle on our front deck!

Now... I don't know about you guys, but couriers here are suppose to pull up, beep the horn, and allow you the time to come out and collect the parcel!

If its a registered post and requires a signature, then they will wait long enough to make sure no one is home, and then they would write out a slip and put it in your letter box, notifying you to come and collect it from the post office.

If it doesn't require a signature, then they would place it somewhere safe near the door step for you to find when you get home!

Well! This courier had NEVER ONCE beeped the horn, which really pissed me off when I had to sign for a parcel.

There had been many times where I heard his Van pull up quietly and I look at the window and in an instant he has shoved a slip in the letterbox and took off!

He never even bothered to give me warning... he took off before I could even get to the front flippin door ffs!!!

So this would mean that I would have to wait for Hubby to get home and drive me to the freaken post office to pick it up, when it wasn't even bloody necessary!!!!

Some days I even made the effort to avoid it when I was expecting a post, by sitting on the deck and actually waiting for him to rock up!

On days like this he would crankily get out of the car and stomp his feet over to me like it was the end of the friggen world! I would greet him with a smile and a 'G'day how ya goin?' (Good ol Aussie greeting!)

To which he would reply 'Humph!!!' then storm back to his van, slamming his door and speeding away!!!

He's the grumpiest bloke I have ever seen I tell you!!!

So anyways, it was pretty obvious that he HATED his job, and was having a bad day which was fine by me, people have rough days so I wasn't gonna take it personal, and I wasn't about to make any kind of complaint because he was in a fowl mood!

But the loud thumps became louder and louder, and my parcels were becoming more broken and broken!

At first I had to confront some poor sellers on Ebay about it because I thought it was due to poor packaging.

But then after a few more encounters with this cranky bastard I realised that he wasn't getting any friendlier, no matter how hard I tried to make him smile!

So then I decided to spy on him!

Hubby has the car all day so it appeared that no one was home, and I would make it more believable by locking up the house!

So I would sit at the window and wait!


I watched the cheeky bugger drive half way up the driveway, wind down his window, and PEG THE FLIPPIN PARCEL FROM HIS WINDOW ONTO THE DECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like I was watching the parcel in slow motion smash into the wall, bounce onto the deck, bounce a few more times and then land with a thump!!!

So THAT'S what these huge thumps were!!! And no wonder the items were broken!!

This arsehole had even driven off before the damn thing even landed!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

I got straight on the phone and made a complaint this time, because the next parcel to arrive was a drinking glass which was a gift for my friend, and I knew at this rate it wouldn't stand a chance of survival!!!!

Anyways... I was sooo appalled by this that I even stopped ordering stuff from ebay because I was sick of having to deal with him breaking my stuff!

But only recently, I just ordered something else... and yesterday it arrived!

Well they obviously told this jerk that I complained to him because I was in the middle of my last RAT GiRL Post (Which is out now btw) when I was interupted by this annoying BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

And it didn't stop until I ran out!!!

As soon as I ran down the stairs, he got out of his van in a shocking pissed of mood, stormed up to me, shoved the parcel in my face, and rudely said "Happy now???!!!!"


Oh it made me so furious! I just stood there gobsmacked as I watched him slam his door and take off again! God I wish I had the chance to tell him where to shove it ffs!!!

What's worse is our phone as been disconnected (The Internet is fine but we can't make local calls because hubby forgot to pay the bill ffs) So I couldn't even get on the phone to make another complaint!!!



Saturday, May 3, 2008


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(Just ignore the code - I can't get rid of it ffs)



Friday, May 2, 2008

Every bloody day???.... Oh Heck!!!


I promised Aunty Vi that I would give this a go! It's a challenge to do a post for each and every day of May!!!

I hesitated at first because I've been flat out busy with RAT GiRL and haven't had much time to ya know... actually live my life and come up with anything to talk about in THIS blog!!! (RAT GiRL is taking over my life ffs!)

But then.... I had a look at the dates of all my posts and realised that I have manged to post just about every bloody day anyway!!!

(Heck! It's like I do it with out even thinking!!!)

But anyways, this made me realise I'm up for the challenge! It's just a little daunting when you look at it as 'You must blog everyday for a month!' Kind of makes ya freak out a little and wonder if it is actually doable!

But it is!! :-)!!!

So... with that being said, forgive me now for the silly posts that have not alot of meaning yet to come (which I will be posting when I've got nothing else to post about!)

And all the rest of ya feel free to nick this badge for your sidebar and take part in this challenge to! (PLEEEEEEASEEEE I don't wanna dribble shit alone! :-P )

Okies! Well for the risk of using up good material so soon... I'm just gonna leave it at that and count this as my 2nd post of MAY!!! *GiGGLeS*

2 down... 29 to go ffs! *rolls eyes*

On a different note... a couple of things...

Due to a bit of illness (I had another ruptured cyst on my ovary!!!) and because I'll be posting in here everyday... I'm going to be having a little break from RAT GiRL for a wee while!

It's ok... I'm still working on Part Four which will be posted soon... but it will be the end of the season type thing!

Don't cry! She will be back soon enough! (Probably next week knowing me ffs!) :-P

Another thing...

Ages ago Rhea was kind enough to post a voice audio of her really cool accent at my request, and asked in return that I do the same, but I have no microphone!!!

Recently Thinny and Daz also requested that I post an audio of me speaking as RAT GiRL saying "Read my blog you flamin mungrals!!!" (to put with my RAT GiRL badge on my sidebar!

So I did a bit of research and realised that I could actually record my voice on my camera!!! So I've done it.. it's ready to go... but the only problem is I can't frikken work out how to upload the blimmen thing!!!

Thinny was kind enough to try and explain a way, but the way he suggested is to upload MP3's... only prob is... the sound clip is not an MP3, the only program I have is 'Windows Media Player' and I can not for the life of me figure out how the heck to turn it into an MP3!!!

So if anyone else knows... if you can explain that would be flippin fantastic! :-)

And lastly...

For those of you that have word verification on your comments... I've been having a lot of trouble commenting on your blogs, because the word code rarely shows up for me (it comes up a little box and a red 'x'.)

So please bare with me... and know that I AM reading you... I'm just having trouble leaving you a comment! :-)

Ok that is all!