Friday, December 19, 2008


OK... I know ya's aren't expecting to hear from me until the Bubette is out... but I just HAD to do a post about a very special angel of a blogger!!!...


Nite is a very dear friend to a lot of us, in fact I'd be very surprised if you don't know who the heck she is by now!! If you don't... then I insist you go and check out her blog NOW, because life without Nitebyrd is simply not worth living! *GiGGLeS*

Seriously... not only is her blog writing hilariously addictive... but this woman has a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE heart of gold!!!

I woke up very cranky this morning! I'm at that stage where I am SOOOO OVER being pregnant and especially because while this grommit is inside of me... I have to keep injecting myself with HIDEOUS needles and whats worse is I'm not allowed my chocolate!!! *SIGH* So I was a very miserable little poopy pants this morning!

But then I had a visit from Postman Twat!... Although he's not my most favourite visitor in the world, what he was about to hand me was to turn my cranky mood into a burst of excited energy! SO much that I actually got some well needed nesting done, rather than sit on my big fat arse and sulk for the rest of the day which I would have done had this parcel never arrived! *HeHe*

At first I had no idea who it was from or what it was about, but I saw it was all the way from America and I actually thought at first that it had been sent to me by mistake!

But then I opened it...

First I found a gorgeous little card saying...

"To Giggle & Hubby...
A little something for your new little somebody!...
Love & Hugs, Nitebyrd."

I WAS OVER THE MOON!!!!!! And what followed was such a delightful surprise... I just about gave BIRTH!!!...

I mean LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF!!! This kind of INCREDIBLE gift is something you would expect from a BUNCH of close friends or family that have all chipped in to get a box of goodies together!

But this is ALL from ONE SWEETHEART of a lady, who I've never met in person who lives all the way in AMERICA!!! :-O and even the postage would have cost an arm and a leg on it's own!

Can you believe the heart of gold of this woman?!!! I'm ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS!!!

No words can express my appreciation to you Nitebyrd! Thank you just does not seem like enough! Hubby was even more blown away than I was... he just can't believe it, he too is truly grateful and blown away by your generosity!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We can't wait to dress up the Bubette in all these gorgeous outfits! xoxoxoxoxoxox

As soon as I opened the parcel I came straight on here to Thank Nite, and I had discovered that she has actually opened her own little shop since I've been gone! It's SOOOO COOL!

She makes and sells these gorgeous little odd and unusual items such as beaded jewelery with sculls and things! Go and check it out! I am soooo getting me a ZOMBIE MOMMIE!!! They are SO COOL!

Also while I came on here, I was THRILLED to see that there had been lots of comments left for me on my last post! Thanks so much everyone for your kind thoughts and comments... I thought for sure you had all forgotten about me! LOL

So my day turned from a cranky one to feeling the love from EVERYBODY!!! :-) I almost don't care that I'm not allowed to eat chocolate anymore! :-P... Almost!

While I had my camera out (I've had it packed in my hospital bag but brought it out to take piccys of Nites lovely gifts) I decided to take a quick snapshot of the nursery to show you the colour scheme we went with.

Green, white, yellow and purple...

We're pretty happy with how it turned out! :-)



Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Couldn't Be Bloggered!!!

I know, I know I've been a BAD, BAD Blogger!!! But seriously, I am sooooo fat and hot and bothered these days that I honestly can not bare to be at the computer for more than 2 minutes at a time! *SIGH* It's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!! So I am very sorry and I want you all to know that I do still love you all very much! *flutters eyelashes*

(Seriously I like had to go for 2 breaks just writing that paragragh alone! LOL)

Anyways... quick update for those who still love me :-P... I'm 37weeks today and a lot has happened in my pregnancy since my last post!

Long story short, the dumbarse medical staff stuffed up my Gestational Diabetes results and after all that it turns out I DO have it! SO unfortunately it went untreated for a long time and there were a few complications with the Bubette!

Luckily nothing too serious, she's a little on the bigger side (and her belly is a little bigger than the rest of her) but to stop her from getting any bigger... they've had to put me on INSULIN!!! (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) Yep! I now have to give myself 2 needles a day... and I fecking HATE needles!!!! *sniff sniff*

But... they are looking at inducing me at 38weeks (38weeks is Christmas day ffs! So they'll probably do it a bit after that!) And that's if she doesn't decide to make the move before that! So anytime now peoples.... ANYTIME!!!

When this is all over and I get my body back... I promise I'll get back to my good lil blogging self and get back to my regular Blogging life! So bare with me!!!

Until then.. I'm going back on Maternity leave... and the next time you hear from me, I will have had the Bubette! EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! :-O

But I'll leave you with a Giggle (Coz that's what I do best :-P)...

I came across this cool little website ages ago where you upload your photo, your partners photo, and it predicts what your baby is going to look like...

So I wanted to share the result with yas...

WHat do you get when you cross RAT GiRL, with RAT GiRL's Bitch?.........

A DUCK??????

I hope the rest of you are all doing well... Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

*GiGGLeS* xx