Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok first of all, bare in mind that I am going insane without my cigarettes so I'm desperate for things to post about to keep my dang mind off things and to keep these bloody hands occupied!!!

Ummmm So yeah! I got thinking about how I could really use a great game of kings right now and get absolutely plastered! And then I thought HEY! I haven't actually done a post about Kings yet! My most favourite ever drinking game!!!

So I thought, what better time to post about it than while I'm trying to keep myself freaking occupied!!!! *sigh* I even drew pictures for each freaking card ffs! LOL

If you're a regular reader of Aunty Vi, then you MUST be well aware of the drinking game Kings! My Brother 'P' actually taught me how to play Kings with the following rules! The one that Aunty Vi plays has very different rules which i am still yet to give a go! But I also wanted to share with you guys the version I was taught to play!

Seriously, if you are bored one night and on the piss with some mates over! All you need is a deck of cards and a glass, and you're bloody laughing! IT'S FREAKING FABULOUS!!!

These are my rules...

Get a deck of cards and spread them face down in a circle. In the middle of the circle place a large empty glass! Don't forget your alcohol! Have 3 or more players go around in a circle and pick up a card one by one!

For each card you pick up... heres what they mean...

ACE - The holder of this card has the right to make up any rule for the other players to follow. This rule is only valid until the next Ace is drawn.

Eg. For each time someone points, you all must have a sip!

2 - The holder of this card must have 2 sips of their own drink.

3 - The holder of this card must have 3 sips of their own drink.

4 - The holder of this card must have 4 sips of their own drink.

5 - The holder of this card has the right to allocate 5 sips to any other players. It can be a multiple of players, with any amount of sips, as long as the total adds up to 5.

Eg. 1 sip to Player 1, 1 sip to Player 2 and 3 sips to Player 3.

6 - The holder of this card has the right to allocate 6 sips to any other players. It can be a multiple of players, with any amount of sips, as long as the total adds up to 6.

Eg. 6 sips to Player 2.

7 - You must never leave the table even to go to the toilet unless you have this card! This card entitles you to one trip to the dunny! But it can only be used once!

8 - The holder of this card must secretly place their thumb on the edge of the table during some time of the game. When another player notices, they must also do the same. The last person to place their thumb on the table must have a sip (or a shot if you're playing hard core!)

9 - Starting with the holder of this card, each person must go around in a circle, contributing a single word after repeating what else has been said to form a stroy.

Eg. Player 1 says: "Once," Player 2 says: "Once apon," Player 3 says: "Once apon a." This continues until a player either gets stumped for a word, or forgets the story. All words must be repeated, you can not just say one word (unless it is the first word.) Eg. Player 4 says: "time."

10 - THINK QUICK! All players beware of this card, as soon as it is drawn all players must throw their hands onto their forehead as quickly as they can. The last one to do so must have a sip (or a shot.)

J - The holder of this card has the right to suggest a cattegory. Once decided, each player must go around in the circle and suggest something relating to the cattegory.

Eg: Cattegory: Types of Cars - Player 1: "Ford," Player 2: "Toyota," Player 3: "Holden." The first player to repeat an answer, get an answer wrong or take too long to answer, must have a sip of their drink.

Q - The holder of this card must make converstaion with the other players in questions only. The aim is to stump another player with their reply, as they too have to answer you in a question.

Eg. Holder: Ask's Player 1 "What are you thinking about?"
Player 1: Replys to Holder "Why do you want to know?"
Holder: Ask's Player 2 "Can you explain this to Player 1?"
Player 2: Replys tp Holder "Explain what?" etc

The first player to answer in statement or get stumped on a question must have a sip (or shot.)

K 1 - The Player to pick up the 1st King in the deck must pour their drink into the empty cup in the middle of the table, filling a third of it.

K2 - The player to pick up the 2nd King in the deck must poor their drink into the cup in the middle of the table, making it two thirds full.

K3 - The player to pick up the 3rd King in the deck, must pour their drink in the cup in the middle of the table, filling it to the top.

K4 - THE LAST KING! The game ends when the last King is drawn! The poor Bastard who picks up the last king must SCULL the now full cup in the middle of the table! This can be pretty nasty, especially if all the players are drinking different aloholic beverages!!!

The worst I have had was beer, mixed with rum and mudslide!!!! HIDEOUS!!!!!

But a Flippin great game!!!


Just don't drink drive ffs! :-)


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CrystalChick said...

I was getting tipsy just reading about this game!
We were soooo boring back then... a simple game of 'quarters' usually did us in. LOL I remember this one time we took some sailors to a party at my girlfriends....
OH nevermind! LOL

Utter Basketcase said...

Crystal - HAHAHAHA sounds like you've got something for a good post there! :-) Do share!!! *GiGGLeS* You so have to try Kings! It's freaking great!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, the salad days!!! These days, just the thought of chugging a beer makes me a bit woozy C;) But, when I was in highschool we played a variety of drinking games until we came up with Drunko, and then that was all we played. Drunko was a drinking game made out of the card game Uno. Not much different than Kings, just with an Uno deck.

Have you ever played Beer Pong? C:)

Misty DawnS said...

This sounds like a really fun game. I'd be sick for sure hehehe

I don't know why my blog is causing you problems, but that really upsets me. I look forward to your comments, but I certainly don't want to be responsible for what is happening. No, I have never had anyone complain of anything even similar to this, and I'm sure that someone would say something, because I'm a member of many photo memes and people would not be too happy and would be sure to tell me about it. I'm so sorry sweetie, and I'll understand if you avoid my blog. I wish I knew more about your computer, so I could help figure out what is going on - like if maybe Keithy George's cache is getting filled up when he visits my blog or what. Oh well, I've rambled long enough. It just really bothers me, and I'm sorry, my friend.

Utter Basketcase said...

C:) - Oooooo no I havent played beer pong? Do tell me what thats about? I always love to hear about new games! :-) xx

Misty - HAHAHAHAHA you're so sweet!!! Don't stress hun, I wont be avoiding your blog! :-) I've worked out that by adding your webpage to my favourites on an entirely seperate page, it doesn't interfere with my blog at all! :-) *GiGGLeS* Phew!! haha but even if it did! I still wouldn't avoid you, I've been happy to reupload my pictures, if thats what I have to do to read your blog! :-)

Yeh it's probably just bloody Keithy! He hasn't been the same since... the accident :-S! He's like a completely different pc!!!

*GiGGLeS* :-) xx

Tobiwan said...

Gah~I stopped playing drinking games last Millenia, but this one sounds like fun!

Seriously though, do you think it's a good idea to get pissed when your willpower is even lower?

I know that I have to be very careful with drinking as it makes me weak to fighting my desire to smoke. And when I'm drunk, I would kill for a cig. ><

Utter Basketcase said...

Tobi - HAHAHA Yeah I've given up drinking too for now! I haven't played kings for flippin ages! *sniff sniff* That's why I posted about it... so other people can play it for me ffs! :-( *sigh* xx

Daryl said...

OY ... I got ditzy just reading the rules .. hicccup!

Utter Basketcase said...

Daryl e - *GiGGLeS* Well who the heck needs booze then! :-) xx

Rhea said...

I feel drunk after reading this..the alcohol fumes are THAT strong. yikes!

Crazy rules. Crazy game! Love it.

Rhea said...

Btw, which card is the throw-up card?

Fat Controller said...

Kings!!! I have yet to pla it, but it was the reason I first visited Vi's blog...I wanted to find out the rules!!!

Anyway, beer pong is for sissies. Strip Pong (or even strip/beer Pong) is much more fun!!!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun game to try. Thanks for such explicit instructions.

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - *GiGGLeS* Oh trust me... you don't need a card to throw up in this game! :-P It will happen anyway! xx

Thinny - Well ya learn something new every day! You know it's so funny! I actually came across Aunty Vi's Blog before she revealed it to me for the very same reason! I googled searched Kings rules and her blog came up! I had no idea it was her at the time and I thought to myself "who the heck is this mad woman??!!!" *GiGGLeS* xx

Ash - Give it a go my lady! It's bloody hilarious!!! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

I will come back later to read this one properly. The first time I met your lovely aunty Vi we played Kngs then I had to get back to the station on my own to find the train back home.

Utter Basketcase said...

Lady - OMFG!!! You poor thing!! I'm suprised you found your way home! LOL!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

This is the Beer Pong I know, but this one seems interesting too. C;)

Spiky Zora Jones said... have an awesome blog. I love it here. Every thing but the you have chips? hehehe.

I want rush out and buy cases of beer so I could get my neighbors, cousins and friends drunk off their arses. And film it all woooaahhhhhahahaha. And this game is a sure thing to do that. hehehe

ciao babes.

Utter Basketcase said...

C;) - OH COOOOOOOOL!!! I am soooo gonna give that a try one day!!! (When I drink again, because I've quit drinking tooo!) xx

Spiky - *GiGGLeS* No snacks, I'm on a diet! :-) I'm a bitch when I'm dieting... if I can't have snacks then NO BODY ELSE IS ALLOWED ANY!!! :-P

ooooooooo sounds like fun!!! Get them all pissed and film it and post it! :-P xx

Vi said...

You didn't tell me you came across my blog before!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

It's a shame we didn't get to play your rules. Never mind, next time.

Utter Basketcase said...

Aunty Vi - I'm SOOOOO SURE I told you! LOL Maybe it was Muussy or something! Yeah it's crazy!

I remember coming across it last year or the year before... But I had NO idea that it was anything to do with you! And then when you told me about your blog and I started to read it from the beginning... it wasn't until got to THAT actual post that I had realised I'd read it before!

Small world eh! :-P At least you do well at hiding your identity! :-) xx