Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does anyone know the number for Ghost Busters???

Because some cheeky little shit of a ghost keeps stealing my stuff!!!

Well... that's what I think anyway!

The following items have literally vanished with out a trace...

It all stared with one flippin flip flop!!!

Pretty normal to lose a shoe I know... but not when you saw it the freaken day before and remember quite vividly taking it off and putting it in a spot where you KNOW you will find it again! Only to search for it frantically the next day EVERY WHERE and it is nowhere to be seen!

Mind you this happened MONTHS ago and it STILL hasn't shown up ffs!

But still... I didn't worry much until...

My bloody little address / phone book was no where to be seen when I too had only just used it the night before and had it sitting next to the phone where it ALWAYS is!

Again... gone without a trace, and to be found NO WHERE not long after the missing flip flop!

Ok... I really began to worry when my photo disc that has NEVER left my CD Rom just suddenly wasn't in there a few weeks ago!

I mean... how the heck could it just take itself out of the CD Rom and end up absolutely NOWHERE????

This is something I REALLY need... so I searched every square inch of the house only to find NOTHING! No picture CD, no little pink book and STILL no flip flop!!!

THEN the really important stuff started to go missing! Like the frikken car keys which are always on the key rack! Heck I put them on there myself last week only to have them disappear the following morning when Hubby had to go to work!

Luckily Hubby has a spare... but still... it just simply makes no sense ffs!

and then the most IMPORTANT thing!!! My freaking Passport for Gods sake!!!

Every day I open my desk drawer for something and the first thing I always see is my passport!

It was about 3 days ago when I last opened the drawer and saw it! But then the NEXT DAY that I needed it (to get some smokes coz I couldn't take it anymore and needed one desperately {Oh Shut it! I don't wanna hear it ffs!} but I always get asked for ID because I have a young face ffs!)



Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking! I gave in! I failed! I suck! I got Hubby to buy me a packet! But cut me some slack ffs I was devastated to have a negative pregnancy test! So shush!!! :-P

But anyways... Hubby bought me a pack last night coz he got sick of my winging and I had them sitting on my computer desk where I ALWAYS DO! But this morning I made my morning hot milo and headed over to see Keithy and sit down to have a cigarette...

The ashtray was there, the lighter was there BUT NO FREAKING CIGARETTES!!!

(And don't try and tell me that it is karma or I'll get RAT GiRL on you ffs :-P)

Being as stressed out as I was about it I turned the whole frickin house upside down searching for the bastards but NOTHING!

I even rang Hubby and asked if he had hidden them from me but he was just as shocked as I was!!!


Before you start thinking that there is probably a logical explanation for all of this let me fill you in on some history!

A couple of years ago, not long after moving into our house - the exact same thing happened!

Over a period of time these things vanished without a trace...

My wedding rings

Hubby's keys

Hubby's wallet

My passport

and a few other bits and pieces

They were missing for MONTHS and had been spotted at least the day before. But a few months later I was cleaning the fridge out and noticed this ugly little shoebox on top the fridge that I hadn't seen before! THANK HECK I decided to look in it because I would have probably thrown it out otherwise.

Inside were ALL the missing items!!! Neither myself nor Hubby put it there or had even SEEN it before!

I was telling my mate Red about it and she told me about poltergeists - which are cheeky spirits that like to mess with your head and move your stuff around!

If you're a regular reader then you'll know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my stuff! I have a box and label in a particular place for every particular item that I own! So I know where EVERYTHING is!!!

So as you can imagine... this is PRETTY damn weird eh?

Hubby swares he didn't touch or move any of this stuff either and even the cats aren't capable of such a thing!

So I guess I'm just gonna have to wait for a box of all this shit to show up in a random place in a few months time ffs!


On a different note... a few Bloggers have had trouble getting to The Adventures of RAT GiRL souvenir store, because silly me linked it wrong!

So for those who wanted to check it out, but couldn't, I've fixed the link, or you can just go here!

Trub even got her partner 'Crazy' to model one for us....

Sexy eh?



24 GiGGLeS:

Dark Side said...

Oooo not really sure what to say but he is a cheeky little bugger all the same....I hope these things turn up again soon..I have nicked a t-shirt of Rat Girl too, thanks..xx

Utter Basketcase said...

Em - Oh I know!!! If I see the little shit - he's gonna get it! :-P (More like I'd go screaming down the street if I saw a ghost ffs)

*GiGGLeS* Thanks for Shopping with us! RAT GiRL will be thrilled :-P xx

Lady in red said...


Lady in red said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are sleep walking again? Going on the very dangerous mission to find the deadly flip flop and stash it away somewhere... just like the remote C;Pffft!

Utter Basketcase said...

Lady - LMAO as spooky as your double comment :-P xx

C:)- You could be soo right! I wouldn't put it past myslef ffs!

I'm just going to have to get Hubby to chain me to the bed I think! :-P xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

Maybe Rat Bag took your stuff. Come over to my place and check.

trublmaka said...

Aaah Bezza... at it again!

Well, its not just your house hunny. TRUST ME!
I swear its this whole end of the damned city!!

There is SOMEONE HERE at my house too! I have heard footsteps - I think 'they' tend to follow Crazy round the house, especially after he goes outside - then I hear the thumping of footsteps!
Its even creepier a; cos EVERYone is usually downstairs when I hear it (including me!) and b; nobody else can hear it! But SPB hates sleeping in her bedroom! I swear that's the room they're in :S (she prefers to sleep on the lounge..) but its nothing malicious, just watches!

Utter Basketcase said...

Daz - LMAO!!! What are you up to ya cheeky shit!? :-P xx

Trub - ewwwwwww talk about the heeebie geebies!!! xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

I looked up Cheeky Shit so you need to go back to my place one more time

Utter Basketcase said...

Daz - HAHAHAHAHA you're not serious??? :-P xx

Rhea said...

You've either got gremlins, a poltergiest or a hubby who's messin' with ya. I hope it's option number 3. You're freaking me out!

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - hahah nah option 3 is out! Hubby is more freaked out then I am! :-) C:) could be right tho! It may just be me sleep walking!!! xx

Rhea said...

You need to find out a way to pay homage to the ghost. Google ways to make a ghost happy...make it cookies and leave them out or make it a playdoh castle or put stinky socks by every window...I don't know, there has to be SOMETHING you can do to make it happy and return your stuff, right?

BTW, I'm so sorry about the negative pregnancy test. Better luck this month, right?

Utter Basketcase said...

Rhea - *GiGGLeS* That sounds like a whole heap of fun!! I'll be sure to look into it! (Especially the cookies heeeheeee!)

Thank you for caring about the pregnancy test... it was pretty upsetting to me!

But Ah well next time next time... (at least Hubby is having a blast ffs! :-P ) xx

Vi said...

Mussy had the same problem in one of the houses we lived in. Things kept going missing and couldn't find the stuff. She had enough one day, screamed to the house 'I'M SICK OF THIS, RETURN THE STUFF NOW!!!! The following day, she found all the stuff behind the fridge!

(Go on, Scream at the house and look behind your fridge!)

Utter Basketcase said...

Aunty Vi - wow that's freaky! WHat is it with fridges???

I'll have to give that one a go... I'll look like a crazy woman but I'm up for it!!! :-P xx

nitebyrd said...

This is very strange. You need to have a talk with them. Be nice and explain to your poltergeists that you're all for a good bit of fun but this is getting serious.

(I'm not really crazy but I DO believe in ghosts.)

Daryl said...

Well, I hope those ciggies DONT show up .. cause if the next test comes back PREGGERS you might want to have one to celebrate .. and that would be BAD WRONG NOT GOOD .. Daryl

Utter Basketcase said...

Nite - *GiGGLeS* Ya not crazy at all! I believe in em too!

I'll have a serious chat with them tonight! :-P Teeeheee xx

Daryl - LMAO!!! Yeah, my luck they'll show up when i quit! And I wont be able to help myself!!! But HELL NO!!! I wouldn't dare if I was pregnant :-) xx

Jonathan said...


Anonymous said...
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Gene Bach said...

The ghosts are just giving you amunition for more Rat Girl comics. ;-)

Utter Basketcase said...

JZ - LMAO!!!! xx

Gene - Well thats the best reply so far!! :-D xx