Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Meme!!!

Thanks Daz for my second Meme! These couldn't have come at a better time actually because I have been lost on what the heck to post about! :-)


1) I missed out on an opportunity to win a BMW Z3 because some bitch stole my winning bottle cap!

It was a prize on a drink, I couldn't believe that I had won, so I took it to the shop assistant who I had bought it off and asked her if it was right! She said that the comp had ended and it wasn't valid any more so she took it off me to throw it away, and wouldn't give it back. But the slag was full of shit and stole it for herself! Dumb I know... that was back in my 'push over' days! Steamed

2) I drew this when I was 14 and came first in a fine arts competition for my age group, and I also won the 'Champion' Title for all ages!

Yes that drawing is of the boy band 'Hanson' who I was ridiculously obsessed with back in my teen years! Cover Up

3) Hanson wrote to me!!!

I sent that same drawing to Hanson themselves and they were kind enough to write back to me! It was a cool personally signed Hanson postcard which had a HAND WRITTEN thank you message for the drawing I sent them! I almost fainted when I saw it! Brows

4) I smacked Chris Isaac in the head with a rubber ball!

*GiGGLeS* He performed on stage at a public park in my hometown, I was there with my best mate 'Red' and her Mum (who loves him.) I think I was like 12 or younger at the time, me and Red had no interest in this guy as we didn't even know who the heck he was, so we went off and did kids stuff. I had a rubber ball that I was bouncing on and off the stage, (ages away from the band) but I had bounced it too hard and it flew over and smacked chris right in the head while he was singing! LOL!!!!!!!
I still search for it on you tube to this day!ROTFL

5) I sleep walk!

I often get up while I'm asleep and play out my dreams. The funniest so far was when I was dreaming about being a detective on the search for some 'killer bubblegum!!!' I Dunno Hubby came out to find me creeping around in the lounge room searching everywhere. He asked me what I was doing, apparently I said "Shh!!! The bubble gum will get you, I have to stop it before it's too late!" Then I picked up the remote control and started tackling it like I was Steve Irwan with a crocodile ffs!!!

6) I went Swimming with dolphins!

Yes, that is me in the pic goofing off in a flattering snorkel and wet suit! For my 20th birthday Mum took me to go swimming with the gorgeous wild hector dolphins, in Akoroa in NZ! It was unforgettable, but flippin FREEZING!!! Frozen

7) (Aunty Vi made me do this one...) When I was a little girl I use to dance around and sing "Ta ta ta ta ta ta touch me... I wanna feel dir ir ir irty!"

Yes I was a big fan of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'! I was too young to understand what the heck I was singing ffs! Whats worse is that I made my dads mate (who was living with us at the time) to be my 'Brad' while I was his 'Janet'! Same with the musical 'Grease' - he was my 'Danny' and I was his 'Sandy' and I'd make him sing the duets with me! ....
soooo embarrassing! This is why I can't stand musicals any more! Nervous

Hmmm now who to tag? I don't know who has already done it but I'll pick 3 people and if you have already, don't worry about it! :-)

Have fun! :-)


20 GiGGLeS:

muussy said...

I know all this first hand...but still, I'm rolling to the floor and laughing like a loon...thanks for making my day doll.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Muuss - hahaha! Yeah even I had a good laugh through writing this! Brings back stupid memories :-) xx

Peach said...

christ you're funny, I'm crying with laughter at work at number (5)


JsTzznU said...

Oh thanks VBF! LOL.. I'll try to do this a bit later. My interview is in a few hours so I'm a bit distracted =) Thank You for your well wishes and good thoughts =)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...The Rocky Horror Picture Show! That is one of my favorites. I put the DVD on every Holloween. My girl and I dance to it and sing the songs all the time. She is a good dancer but needed coaching to keep up with moi..after-all I am a dancer.

This post had me laughing my ass off. I so remember Hanson, though I couldn' tell you what they sang.

cia babes.

Joe said...

Great. Now I'm going to be checking YouTube every day to see if they have the video of you wrestling with the remote.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

peach - *GiGGLeS* What? Are you saying you've never had a dream about killer bubblegum??? WOW, you're weird! :-P jokes! xx

Jst - Np I can't wait to read yours! And I hope all goes well with your interview! :-) xx

Spiky - *Hehe* I'm sure dancing around singing Rocky Horror would suit you and your girl much better than me as a little girl! :-) And surely you remember MmmBop?! :-) xx

Joe - HAHAHAHA! Oh god... I'm never going to sleep again! :-) xx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

VBF...hahaha, thanks honey. I read your reply and smacked my head with the palm of my hand and said..DUH! Spiky, you goof! haha

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Spiky - *GiGGLeS* np! It's not exactly the kind of song you'd wanna remember any way! :-) xx

Vi said...

Well there you go, I didn't know about the BMW, Chris Isaak or the sleep walking! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi - haha! Ya learn something new every day! Although... I didn't know about the sleep walking either! *GiGGLeS* :-P xx

Lady in red said...

thanks for the tag I shall give it a go tomorrow

not sure I can top wresting bubblegum

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Lady - *GiGGLeS* I'm sure you'll do just fine! xx

Anonymous said...

7 random facts? Ugh. Crap. 7. Random. Oooh boy. Do I have random facts anymore?

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

jenn - *GiGGLes* You'll do great! xx

SSC said...

Cute I loved and i want more so,
Tell me more tell me more like....sorry couldn't resist that one.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

SSC - LOL well at least that song's better than 'touch me, I wanna feel dirty!' :-) xx

Misty Dawn said...

Sorry - I just can NOT get past that picture you drew! That is f-ing amazing!!! Do you still draw??? You should!!! holy shit - that's some real talent!

Misty Dawn said...

OK - so I've drank a few too many beers - It took me a second to realize how stupid I'm being - of course you still draw - you drew the monster pics. You are amazingly talented - do you realize how good you are??? Seriously!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Misty - *GiGGLeS* Thank you!!! You're so sweet! :-) And you're not stupid! I didn't actually draw the monster pics... I nicked them off goggle images *GiGGLeS* But I really don't draw that much anymore, I get too impatient!

Sometimes I get in the mood, I love to draw portraits and stuff, but I don't so much these days! :-)xx