Friday, March 21, 2008

Keithy George is sick!!!

Keithy George is what I named my computer!

The poor darling!

If you're wondering why the heck I named him Keithy George, I should probably explain! *sigh* If you haven't seen the movie 'Chopper' then go and hire it out! It's one of the best movies ever!!!

Keithy George was one of Choppers cellmates who he did not get along with! There is a scene where Chopper stabs Keithy and then feels bad about it. While he is laying on the floor and pissing out blood, Chopper says "Aw Keithy, sorry mate, are you ok? Aw mate, sorry Keithy I didn't mean it, etc" Keithy replies with a 'fuck you!' and Chopper says "aw come on Keithy don't be like that mate, etc" Then Chopper gets worked up (over nothing) and starts going off his nut at Keithy "I'm not the idiot that's pissin out blood now am I!, etc."

It's BLOODY Hilarious!!

Anyways, this is the kind of relationship I have with my computer, I seem to think that if I praise him and speak nicely to him, he'll behave! But when he doesn't, I go off my nut and curse at him and threaton him, and then apologise hoping that he'll behave again! *GiGGLeS* I'm a nutter, yes! But I'm sure you can all relate to this in a way!

But Keithy is sick right now, and it's not his fault!!! It's EVIL porn's fault!

This is how Keithy got sick...

So I was getting my daily dose of porn.....

*GiGGLeS* Just kidding!

Actually I have been obsessed with competitons and stuff that I have been searching every where on the net for new things and signing up to every tom dick and harry just to try and win something!

That's Life and Take 5 just wont put out anymore ffs!!! Seriously, I am one of the luckiest people I know when it comes to winning stuff, so when I finally got the results back for competitions I entered in these magazines, I couldn't find my name ANY WHERE!

I read it over and over and over again and it was just no where to be seen!

But I ALWAYS WIN!!!!??


Anyway, me and Muussy reckon that my luck changed ever since I changed my last name when I got married! My maiden name was the name that won EVERYTHING! And since then I have won NOTHING on my married name! Even Muuss entered a few comps in my maiden name and won things!

So I'm gonna put it to the test and enter a few comps in my maiden name to see if it will make a difference! *GiGGLeS* I'm not asking too much am I? :-P

Anways, what was my point?

Oh yeah!! So I've been getting tonnes of emails from all these competition sites, and I was checking them out one by one yesterday, and one of them brought me to a FRIKKING PORN SITE!!!!

As soon as I saw it I thought 'OH HECK NO!' either it's spam, or it's some kind of competition involving sex! Win money for the best blow job maybe? ... I don't know, but I aint THAT desperate ffs!!!

So any way, the second I clicked out of it, it brings up this error message saying that it has been detected that Keithy has a virus!!! This meassage also has a link saying 'click here to repair it!' So when I click it, it brings me to a STUPID site of this 'virus checker'

(FFS I just crashed again!!) Good thing Bloggles 'autosaves!'

Anyways the site it brings me to is a 'virus checker' THAT COST'S 40 American dollars to download!!! I'm not stupid, I know it was this company that 'planted' this virus in the first place, just to try and make some money to get rid of it!


SO I ignored it at the time and closed down the pop up warning that popped up EVERY TEN MINUTES! But today, when I came back on, my search engine is gone, my website address engine is gone, and even my FAVOURITES DON'T WORK!!! Instead it is replaced with this STUPID error message to that STUPID 'virus checker' link!!!

The only way I was able to log onto Bloggles was because LUCKILY I saved this page to my desktop, and was able to load it from there! But besides that, I can't log on to anything else and the friggen thing kicks me off every 10mins and shuts Keithy down!

(I've crashed 4 times since starting this post!)


I don't suppose any one knows how I can fix this, without having to pay these mongrals to fix their OWN attack!!!?

Anyways, because of this I'm probably not gonna be on for a while *sniff sniff* But since it could be ages until I post again, I've decided to leave you with another Stupid Quiz! *GiGGLeS* I had so much fun watching y'all get so frustrated with the last one... that I couldn't help but post another one!!! Bwhahahahaha >:-)

This one is EVEN LONGER! So it shall keep you entertained while I'm gone! :-P

Some people had problems with the last one, so if this one wont work either, DON'T BLAME ME! :-S I can't reload it again because Keithy is too sick! :-( But I do hope to heck it works for you!

Actually... what I might do, is post it in it's own post below, so that it has less of a chance of getting an error on it (from all the text!)

It may take a while to load, because it's VERY LONG!!!

Otherwise... do a search for 'the impossible quiz' Sorry, I can't link anything coz the pc is stuffed!

Have fun :-) and make sure you miss me! :-D *GiGGLeS*



20 GiGGLeS:

nitebyrd said...

Hun, you should have a virus scanner in your computer already. Also, clear your cache. That's about as "techy" as I can get.

Sorry I haven't been 'round lately but sure as hell don't look like you need to diet. You're gorgeous! Mulder whines every night that you're married and not closer to him! LOL

Good luck with Keithy, I hate those damn pop-ups.

Anonymous said...

I think you should give Keithy a nice warm bath... and then tuck him into bed for a few days... All I can say is find some Anti-virus, and be quick about it; like maybe this one. Or, if you are running windows, maybe go check out if knows anything about it.

Good luck! C:)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hope all will get better with computer. Sometimes it's better to wipe it clean and re-install everything. If that doesn't work......hello...hello, where did you goooooo......

ha, just teasing. see ya when youget back on....later babes.

Vi said...


I can't deal without our daily contact my sweet niece! Get your dad around, wipe everything off the computer and reload the lot. (I know it would be better if Aunty K was there, she knows a bit more than your dad!) Ooops, I hope you didn't read this dad! lol

Fat Controller said...

I HATE it when that happens. Those utter utter utter utter BASTARDS. I've just spent a happy week de-lousing Son's laptop for the same reasons.

Fortunately there are also some good people out there: Have a look at 'Geekstogo' There is a forum there with lots of advice on malware removal.

There are also a load of free malware and antivirus programmes to download at ''.

Good luck, I hope Keithy gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

I shant be the one who shakes her head and say you shouldn't click links in emails your unsure of. Seems everyone's suggesting fine places for anti-virus packages so listen to them.

Hope Keithy feels better soon. I name my computers too. Thought I haven't since I got rid of my pink iMac (called Cami because I'm sooo imaginative). Perhaps that's why my ibook is sulking. I never named it.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

WOO HOO! I'm at mums, so I am here to reply to your comments!! :-D!!!

Nite - Thank you, np at all... we can't ALL be on blogger 24/7, there are bound to be times where we can't keep up to date with everything! Like me... now! :-) Oh and who the heck is Mulder? :-) xx

C:)- Thank yhoooo, I downloaded anti virus and it actually helped alot! It isn't fixed completely, but my Dad will help me with the rest. LOL keithy might blow up if I chuck him in the bath! :-P xx

Spiky - Thank youuuuu I'll be back soon I promise! :-) xx

Thinny - Oh bugger! Did your son get into the porn? :-P *GiGGLeS* jokes! Hey Thank you so much! Those are awesomes sites! I'm sure they will help alot! :-) xx

Jenn - Oh I know!!! I'm terrible and have no self control! :-P That'll teach me! HAHA I love that you name your pc too, but I do feel sorry for your ibook! The poor thing must feel so unloved! :-P xx

Thanks everyone, I shall be back soon (hopefully) xx

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daryl E said...

Oh that stinks .. I hope Keithy is up and running smoothly soon .. you need to get some good spyware protection

Emma said...

Ooo you got it that good it posted googling the error you come up with..xx

Magnus said...

Okay, step one is getting Keithy fixed. Sounds like you're well on the way.

Step two is getting a REPUTABLE anti-virus software and keeping it updated. Some will update automatically if you program it to do that, others will require a manual effort on your part. In either case, it should update at least once a week because new viruses come out every single day.

Step three - get a separate anti-spyware software package and keep it updated. Having two software packages means that one may catch what the other misses. Talk to your local 'puter experts - some software packages don't play well together, so be sure they're compatible before you lay out the cash.

Other than that - well, it cost me $250 about a year ago to have my 'puter completely reformatted because a virus slipped through the net. I lost a ton of stuff that couldn't be replaced.

Word to the wise....

Anonymous said...

Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet? Are you back yet?Are you back yet? Are you back yet?Are you back yet?

You know, a few years ago I switched to linux, Ubuntu linux to be exact, and I never have to worry about viruses.

I hope all is well.. C:)

Pixie said...

It's as much as I can do to switch the bloody machine onin the first place so when it goes wrong it's enough to make me slash my wrists. Good luck with all the sensible stuff.

Misty Dawn said...

Oh hell no!!! I've been so busy dealing with my own stupid life and fighting my own battle with depression that I've been neglecting the blog hopping I normally do. So, now I come here and see this! Oh hell no!!! My BBFF has a virus/worm on her computer too - they've been trying for weeks to get rid of it... now, she's going to buy a new puter. It was fun joking about her 'worm' while it lasted hehe. But damnit - these viruses are ticking me off - they keep messing with my friends!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

I'm at Mums again!!! Poor Keithy is still unwell!xx

daryl e - Thank you, working on it! Hopefully I'll be getting it working soon.xx

emma - it posted twice??? LOL, yeh I can't even google any more, but I shall try and get it sorted.xx

mag - roger that! :-) Thank you for the help! Bugger about the loss! xx

C:)- *GiGGLes* No no no no no! I've just popped into mums, Kiethy is still sick :-( xx

pixie - LOL yeh I've thought about jumping out the window a few times!xx

misty - *GiGGLeS* Thanks for the support! Sorry to hear about your depression! xx

Daryl E said...

There's an award for you over at my blog .. come and get it

nitebyrd said...

Stopping by to say, "Hello!" I was hoping that Keithy was fixed by now. You poor thing!

Steph said...

You don't have virus protection? That's like sex with thousands of strangers and no condom!

Hope you get it sorted asap!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

daryl e - for me? Really? *blushes* Is it most boring blogger award? :-P ok I'll be right over :-) xx

Nite - *GiGGLeS* Hi you! I know!!! I've been having withdrawels! But I think I may be back for good now... hopefully! :-S xx

Steph - Why hello there! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did have virus checker but I had to temporarily remove it to install some other programs, and trust this to happen in the time it was gone! Keithy is a bit of a slut like that tho! Never covers his stump before he humps!!! LOL xx

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Aunty Vi - I'M SO SORRY LOL I so totally missed your comment! Awww how sweet! I've missed having the contact with you too! But hopefully i'm back for good now! *crosses fingers* xx