Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ok this is a little embarrassing! But I BLAME IT ON

Ok so after my little rant yesterday about the dogs escaping and me FREAKING out that the bitch down the street stole them again!....

It turns out that they were here THE WHOLE BLOODY TIME!!!!!!

Shut up! Don't Laugh! :-) *Blushes*

Not long after the freaking cupboard fell on my head I noticed the gate was open and just asumed automatically that the dogs were gone!!!!

But they were actually asleep under the house the WHOLE TIME! LOL!

Ah So I was stressing over nothing!!! Biggest brain fart ever!!!

But seee :-) They are good boys and will stay home when they


Bless them!

Rocco (left) and Jaxon (right)!

I didn't really explain properly yesterday about that wicked lady dog stealer coz I clearly wasn't thinking clear while writing that post!

We actually found out from a the pound themself, about this slag!

After we had bailed out the dogs 3 times (Thousands of bucks later!!!), we were baffled as to how they just dissapeared with out a trace and were at the pound 20 minutes later!

One day I was doing a bit of gardening out the front and I had the dogs with me (a bit of family time *GiGGLeS*) and the phone started ringing! So I ran inside to get it but had missed it! But when I came back outside the mutts had dissapeared again!!!

Our road has a dead end so they couldn't have gone too far! I was whistling for them (which they always come to) and I got on the bike and rode up and down the street to find them but they were NOWHERE!!!

Just as I returned back home (like 20minutes later) I noticed the dog catcher driving out of the street I had just come from! I thought SURELY they couldn't have our dogs! I paced up and down that street for 10mins and they were nowhere to be seen!

It all seemed really strange to me so I decided to ring the pound and asked them to contact the dog catcher to see if he had just picked them up!

The lady gave him a call and (I had to get back to her) she said "Yes he's bringing your dogs in now" I was like "???? But that's ridiculous they were out of my sight for 1minute and then they just dissapeared off the face of the earth! and suddenly they are on their way to the pound???"

She was silent for ages and hesitated to tell me anything at first, but I was not having it! I said "Look this just doesn't seem right at all! At least tell me where they were picked up from!" She then went on to tell me that they were picked up from the same ladys house like every other bloody time!

"Huh? What house?" I said. "I can't give you the exact details but it was on (this) street" she said. I was really confused! "But I was just on that street looking for them and they were no where to be seen, in fact I can SEE that entire street from my house!!! WHY did I not see them???"

She then sighed and went on to say "because the lady had them locked in her yard and rang us to come and get them!"

"SAY WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was going balistic at this stage ... just totally going off my nut! This clearly was unfair!!! And possibly ilegal! I was angry at this wicked womans games and I was also pissed off with the pound for knowing this and not letting us know about it but still CHARGING us!

By now the lady on the phone was really sympathising and wasn't holding back on anything! She said "Yeah I know, this lady is very wicked, she rings us all the time and complains about your fence being broken making it possible for the dogs to roam the streets, even when the dogs were locked up and couldn't escape anyway. We told her that we couldn't do anything about it, and we only deal with animal escapes. Obviously since then she has been watching every chance she can get to have your dogs locked up and she calls us all the time to come and collect them from her yard."

"FFS This is Bullshit!! But isn't that unfair?!!! She has no right to lock them up?"...

"Yeh listen... you didn't hear it from me but I do think you should call the police next time this happens, because it sounds like she is practicly stealing them! Problem is that side of things is out of our hands, we are just doing our side of the job no questions asked"

"Ok great so give me her name or address and I'll do just that!"

"I can't do that I'm sorry, it's against regulations, you're just going to have to try and find out yourself"

"FFS So what happens now? Hubby and I have to pay a whopping fine AGAIN for something YOU KNOW is very unfair?"

"I'm afraid so, I don't have the right to fight this case for you, you will have to pay your way out like everyone else I'm sorry."

So thats what happened!!! Bit of a lowlife act if you ask me!

Hubby and I are planning on letting the dogs wander down the street while we keep a close eye on them in hiding... wait for this bitch to come out and coax them into her yard and then give her a peice of our minds!

We think we know who it is.. but we're not certain yet, but if it does happen again we WILL be calling the police!

I'm just glad that we still have them now after all *Blushes*

Oh and I made these dog tags for them ages ago HOPING that it would make a difference!...



But now I'm thinking of changing it to...


On another note I was going to do a post about my nightmare today but I shall do that tomorrow incase my brain shits itself!


13 GiGGLeS:

Anonymous said...

I see the dogs are as Jamesy Bond as their mama. ;) Brilliant idea to set her up.

Sorry about the noggin though. Concussions blow.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

jenn - *hehe* Yeh we try to teach them well! I quite enjoyed the concussion for a bit... I was off in lala land for most of it! *GiGGLeS* xx

Boy said...

Argh I can't believe how much of a bitch that woman is!! I can't believe anyone could be that much of a twat! Nice idea on the dogtags though :).

But, be warned: You shouldn't put a dogs name on its dogtag, as that means if it escapes strangers can call the dogs by their names, and potentially steal them permanently!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Boy - Yeh she is a twat indeed! *GiGGLeS* Yeh good point but these dogs answer to any name anyway...
'brat', 'littleshit' ,'mut', anything! Especially when you've got food! *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

I love a happy endings!

and someone could figure out how to use brain farts as energy... I could fuel the world C;) and then some C;D

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

C:) - LOL!!! Your comments always make me laugh!!!

(and yes! I'm up late again from another nightmare ffs) :-) *GiGGLeS* xx

Anonymous said...

More nightmares? apparently someone is trying to tell you something. What, pray tell, could it be? C:)

Dazzed and Confused said...

and here I am trying to get someone to steal one of my dogs.

As for the bitch down the road, A dog shit drive-by comes to mind.

Vi said...

thanks for the giggle yesterday when you told me the dogs were in the yard all the time. It made my day!

Pixie said...

it must be a genetic thing then!!!!
hope your head is ok now.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

C:) - Yeh it's pretty frustrating! I'll be posting about it this afternoon :-) xx

Daz - Oh? Why would you want someone to steal your dog? *GiGGLeS* oooo dog shit drive sounds good! Why didn't I think of that! xx

Aunty Vi - LOL hey! I do my best! :-P xx

Pixie - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thank you my head is fine! :-) Whopping bruise on my shoulder though!! xx

Misty Dawn said...

I would be going ape shit on someone! You don't mess with my dogs - I'm usually a very calm and friendly person, but not if you mess with my dogs!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Misty - Yeah I'm the same with all of my animals, even anyone elses for that matter! We are doing what we can to not let the bitch get away with it! :-) xx