Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'll start Mozzas!

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For all those who don't understand my gibberish yet, 'mozzas' is my slang for 'tomorrow'! *GiGGLeS*

I think it's an aussie thing, we seem to shorten words and change letters! If it has a 'rr' in it, we replace it with a 'zz' and 'en' becomes an 'a'!

Eg. Darren = Dazza!

We're a bunch of nut jobs I tell you!

Anyways, what will I start Mozzas? My diet, that's what!... (yeh right!)


Since getting married I put on like 12 Kg! Husbands are soooo fattening ffs! So I started this weight loss group with my friends and family and I managed to lose 7kg! But then I broke my diet for one night and haven't been able to get back on track since ffs! So I've still got a few more Kg to lose!

I tell you, when I diet, it has to be soooo strict! It' s much like my obsessive ways with cleaning! If I can't make the whole house spotless I wont touch it at all! So with dieting, I wont allow myself to eat any junk what so ever! But the second I do, it's all over rover, and I tell myself, "eh! I'll start mozzas!"

But since I am starting mozzas, I'll pig out on all the junk that i love and that I wont be allowed to have on my diet the day before! Ugh yeah... that's what happens every frikking day! I fail to start mozzas and I pig out again to start the next day! phhhhh!!! It never happens!

I LOVE MY FOOOOOD!!! I just love to cuddle up with hubby on the couch and watch movies and pig out on junk food! Chocolate is my boyfriend!

I'm a real comfort eater too though! I think a lot of it has to do with my 'Monster 3' story! I was thinking about it the other day, when I was going through all that crap and my friends left me, all I had was my food! I would sit by myself at lunch time and all I had to keep me company was my food! I'd use my lunch as a way to numb the painful thoughts that were going through my mind at the time! So I think that has a lot to do with it too. Even today when i get upset, I just want to sit in a quiet corner and EAT!

But ffs! I need to get my arse into gear! I use to be very active and exercise everyday, but these days I'm hardly active at all!

Seriously the only exercise I've had in the last few months was a few days ago. A little boy came to my door and told me that our dogs had escaped!!! So I went running down the street like a maniac IN MY TOWEL to catch the bastards! ONLY TO FIND OUT that they weren't even my dogs ffs! My dogs were home the whole time!!! Stupid brain farts!

But I tell you what! I felt like I was gonna die when I came home, I was huffin and puffin like I'd just run a marathon!!! I need to quit smoking too I think!

Yeh Yeh.... I'll start mozzas! Rolling Eyes



9 GiGGLeS:

SSC said...

I say the same thing. I am going to start today.

Try the Perricone diet, it is strict but the weight will melt right off of you. I was a size 10 when I met Joe but gained..... I went to a size 14 (squeezing into). I refuse to buy new clothes, that means I am only accepting the fact that I am getting fatter.

If you want I will be your blogger diet buddy. I need some motivation as well.

Vi said...

Chocolate is the DEVIL'S food! That's what I'm telling my clients this week anyway.

Did you know, that 50g of chocolate is 2/3 of your fat intake for the DAY??? That tiny little bit of choccie is equivelent of your breakfast and lunch.

Anonymous said...

What's the word for yesterday? The mozza's stuff is what kills me. When I need to make a change I never say mozza, it's always, "I started yesterday, but I haven't yet settled into it." C;P And then, nothing works at all unless I use little baby steps... teensy weensy little baby steps. C:D

I think your dogs need cow bells... C:P

Fat Controller said...

A few years ago I went for a flight in a glider. Before I got strapped in the pilot told me there was a weight limit of 110 kilos and asked if I was over that. I didn't know (or care very much) but 110 kg sounded an awful lot so I said "No". When I got home and weighed myself I found that I was 109,6!!!! That shocked me a bit.

Today I am 23 kgs lighter, thanks in no small part to 'someone' you know very well(!) and it didn't even hurt! I don't really have a target weight, I'll know when I've got there when I can get my wedding ring off!!!!!!

GO FOR IT!!. I would say I'm rooting for you, but I know that word isn't used in polite company in Oz. LOL.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Now that is funny, chasing a dog that isn't yours. heheheh...and in a towel. You kill me...ha.

My dog got out and ran to the nearby park...I chased him for an hour, then gave up. He was teasing me. He would wait till I got close then run off again.
I ran (walked) back home ready to give up. My son pleaded with me to go back. I got in the car with the prince (son) and we went back...the dog went up to the car, my son opened the door and he jumped in. What the H-E double tooth picks!

Oh well the bright side was I didn't have to go top workout later that afternoon. hehehe.

You go after it girl...I'll cheer you on while you diet. Can I pull up a chair, prop my feet up and watch. Hey, got any snack?

later babes.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

SSC - oooo what's that diet? Hehe yeh I hate to buy new clothes too! That sounds awesome! :-D I'd be happy to team up with you and get to our goal weights :-D xx

Aunty Vi - LOL easy for you to say! You don't even like chocolate! Yeh yeh I know! But it tastes so yummy! xx

C:) - LOL! Yesterday is 'Yesty' People will die of shock if I said 'I started yesty'! *GiGGLeS* Cow bells eh? That will drive me nuts! :-D xx

Thinny - WOW that's a huge loss! :-) Congratulations!!! :-) But why would you want to take your wedding ring off? :-P *GiGGLeS* You want to root for me aye? *hehe* well OK! :-) xx

Spiky - LOL!!! Dogs can be just brats like that! *GiGGLeS* If you want to sit and watch me with a snack, you'd better put me on a treadmill and dangle the snack in front of my face! That will make me run!!!! :-D xx

Joe said...

There's a huge Nike billboard in midtown Manhattan. It says "Yesterday, you said Tomorrow. Just Do It"

One day I'm going to tear that thing down.

Anonymous said...

Is it mozza yet? would you like some Mozza-ball soup? I think I am stuck in yesty... C;P

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Joe - HAHAHAHA I quite like that! But yes, the damn thing needs to be torn down! :-P xx

C:) - LOL what are you on about!
:-P I think Mozzas ball soup would be off by now! :-P xx