Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too much seriousness and not enough fun!!!

Blergh! I've had enough of the sad posts for now! It's time to get stupid again!:-)

I've been requested to write a post about an angel for a change which I shall get around to in the next couple of days, but for now... it's time for a bit of fun!!!



Clues to each question!
1. Come on, this question is simple! No clue is needed! :-P
2. The answer to this is 'celery' if this does not work for you, than unfortunately it is not compatible with your computer (this seems to be the problem.) But you can however try and play it here!
3. Clue: They come in a can.
4. Mare,
(next word is changed with the letter 'o',)
(next again is changed with the letter 'c')
(next again is changed with the leter 'd')
(next again is changed with the letter 'l')
5. Too easy! :-)
6. Don't let the 'fast' fool you!
7. Answer is 5!
8. Easy enough!
9. You spread it on bread!
10. You can guess this one (and you don't have to be quick!)
11. And this one!
12. And this one!
13. And this one!
14. Moses?
15. Guess!
16. Think of a cow!
17. This one as an extra 'R' that is not used, it begins with 'M' and you will find this word in the 1st question!
18. The answer is '4'!
19. Calf,
(next word is changes by the letter 'l')
(next again is changed with the letter 'b')
20. Remember carefully! The 3rd yellow button IS there, it is just very tiny!
21. This word was used in the quiz as a question! You may have to go back to search for it!
YAY and you're done! :-)
Answer as many questions as you can, if you are incorrect you will go back to the start! Let me know what question you can get up to! :-)

Have fun! :-P


29 GiGGLeS:

Fat Controller said...

Am I being stupid or does this thing stop working when you get onto the quiz time question? Or is that the whole point? What is the point? What is the meaning of it all? Who am I? Where am I? What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? (ok, I know that: It's 42)

ps. my brain hurts (again). Too much blood in my alcohol stream most likely.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

No it's not you! It's the game... there was a fault with it, but I changed the game just as you were playing it... so hopefully this one will work for you. LMFAO you crack me up!!! :-D xx

Fat Controller said...

Then why does it go back to the start when I enter 'celery' for the second question????????? There IS no other anagram for those letters.


Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Oh ffs! I don't know whats wrong! It's working for me, and yes celery is correct! Are you typing it in and hitting enter? It must be in lower case too. hmmmm if you can't get it working for you, you can find it here...

You shouldn't have any probs with it there. *sigh*


Lady in red said...

I got passed celery I got as far as mare but then get stuck

perhaps I shall try one more time before I hit the sack

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't let me get past mare... C;P mare, mart, malt, molt, colt... easy peasy... But NO!!!...*muttering* crazy widget.. C;Pffft!!


Anonymous said...

i got to milk and then the word was waaay too long for my patience. i got further than Craig? Saaahweet!!

Did you want a hint, Craig?

Lady in red said...

lol I got past mare ..... more core but couldnt get any further

Fat Controller said...

lady: Try core-cord-cold-colt.

My brain also seized up on an anagram from AOARMIMEDCR !!!

Give us a clue.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Lady - *GiGGLeS* Well done! These things can get addictive.
If you want another shot I'll give you a hint for the Q you're stuck on... the next word is 'cord' :-) xx

C:) - LOL it's 'more' I tell you... MORE!!!!!! :-) xx

Jenn - WELL DONE! you & Thinny are in the lead! I live for these things so I have completed it! SO i'll give you a hint for the next one. Theres an extra 'R' that isn't used. The word starts with 'M'. (Stupid I know... but it is a stupid test after all!) :-) xx

Thinny - Oh! I see you beat me to giving the clues :-) Glad you got it sorted! It seems you're stuck on the same as Jenn, look at the hint I gave her. :-) xx

Anonymous said...

But, I wasn't wrong?!?!?! C;P LOL! This is drudging up up old issues I had with school... being told I was wrong for not being right their way. C:D I'll just go stand in the corner with my dunce cap....again C;Pffft!!! I like the corner ... the corner understands me...and I can see everyone from the corner.... C:)

(I'll try again after I read your Auntie's post C:))

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

C:) - LOL I never said you were wrong! This is a stupid test remember? I guess you're just too smart for it! It was very clever of you indeed, but thats not the answers they chose! :-) Awww it breaks my heart that your were put in the corner!!!! xx

BWT every one ... NEW HINT:
For the Question that Jenn and Thinny are stuck on...

You will find that word IN the quiz! :-) xx

Jackie Adshead said...

I got as far as "Mare", "Mart" but then it kept throwing me out, so I couldn't get past that stage, after about five attempts I gave up!

Anonymous said...

See?? I'm not the only one!! C;P JA whatever you do... don't follow my lead... in only ends in pain and sorrow C;)

BTW, I have made it the big scrambled word and had to take a break. C:) I'm still in the corner C;Pfft!

nitebyrd said...

I'm not just stupid, I must be dead. I can't make it past celery.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Jackie - *hehe* it can get frustrating can't it!!! The hints are there if you want another crack at it! xx

C:) - LOL get out of that damn corner! :-P If you want any more clues just ask me! :-) xx

Nyte - LOL!!! Well celery is correct! So I don't know why that is! Might be a fault with it or something! But I know you're not stupid! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

Damn now I can't get passed celery and I know thats right from last night unless they changed the answers during the day just to make me look even more stupid

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Lady - LOL, yeh I don't know whats going on! I think it may have stopped working! :-(

Ah well! It's probably not too good for our brains anyway! :-P lol xx

Anonymous said...

Phew!!! I can give up? I will come out of the corner if I can give up. C;P


Vi said...

Stupid effin game with it's stupid effin music! Thanks for making me waste 10 valuable minutes blogging when I couldn't get passed effin mare. That's what this game is.. and effin 'night' mare! ;P

Fat Controller said...

Mi brane hurt even more now.

I can get past celery on my other comp but not on this one. Then I get to the very last part of the penultimate question and it asks you to press the yellow button for the third time and THERE BLOODY ISN'T ONE!!!!!!


Spiky Zora Jones said...

babes...I am so stupid and i don't take instructions well, still the rebel, I am afraid.

it was actually lots of fun. I'm going to play it at home...hehehe. Way to many interuptions here at work...can you imagine, they expect me to do personal stuff on my own time...Yeah, like right. hehehehe
I thought it was fun. :D

Lady in red said...

stupid flippin maths questions thatspure luck you hosethe rigt body number grrrrr

tax man said...

I'm still at celery.

Help !!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

C:) - LOL yes you can come out of your corner now! :-) LOLxx

Aunty Vi - *GiGGLeS* you're a shocker!!! :-P xx

Thinny - LMFAO!!!!! Maybe this game was a bad idea!!! It's making everyone cranky! LOL I'm enoying it to be honest! It's so funny seeing everyone get frustrated with it! Youre SOOOOO close! That is the second last Q. The yellow button is there... it's just really tiny! :-) xx

Spiky - Good to see that not everyone is frustrated with it! :-) glad you like it! :-) xx

Lady - LOL are you still going? :-) I think I'd better make some clues for each question! :-) xx

Tax man - HAHAHAHA, it seems that this game doesn't work on all computers. If you can't get past celery, it probably wont work for you at all. xx

nitebyrd said...

Fuck this game, I fed Pinkle instead!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

nite - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I took a mouth full of chocolate and then spat it everywhere when I read your comment!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! xx

Fat Controller said...

Ha!!!! Cracked it!!!!

Now to get back to some serious blogging!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

*audience cheering* WOOOOOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS THINNY!!!! I knew you would get there in the end! :-)

hahaha this whole thing has entertained me so much that I have decided to make it a 'silly sunday' and post something like this every Sunday! Bwahahahahahahaha xx