Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kenny Loves My Blog!!!

I am very honoured to be given this award by Kenny because I have only recently met him!!

Gotta love the bloggers that share the love so early!!!
These were his words...

GIGGLES: & RAT GIRL, (same blog owner)

'If you have no humor in your life, go here, if you all ready have a bunch well you better go anyway. (its not like it will hurt you ya know) I call her "the wonder from down under"

I don't know which one of her blogs I like the best, so I follow them both.

So go kick it with her for a while, drop over and see Rat girl. see her take on Evil!

(but remember Aunti Vi is mine so BACK OFF lol)'

Awww Thanks Kenny!!

(He is such a tart... tryna hook up with my Aunty Vi! :-P)

Kenny is also the Answer Guy! This bloke knows everything!
So if you have a question, any question at all... don't be shy to pop over and ask him!

Seriously... he has the answer for EVERYTHING! No one has stumped him yet!

OK! SO like every award that is given to me, I like to keep spreading the love!

And with having met a few more awesome bloggers over the last couple of weeks, I wish to pass this award onto them as my apprecaition for their fabulous friendships!

I wish to pass this award on to:

Brit' Gal!
- The fun loving Brit who is running a muck in the USA!

- A lovely sane lady that lives in a nut house! :-P

- I love this woman! She has the sweetest kindest heart!

- The cranky whinging bugger that you just can't help but adore!

- The lovable crazy woman that shares the bestest photographs!

- A sweetheart Mum that lives in a world of madness and blessings!

- The hilarious nutter that puts extra 'S's in EVERYTHING! :-P

Shelle - The witty woman that is not afraid to embarrass herself!

Now being a new reader of you all... I dont know if you may have already recieved this award from somebody else (so you all should have!) But it's the thought that counts right?!!

You're Welcome!! :-D


25 GiGGLeS:

Ken said...

You are so welcome, And I thank youu for the kind words.

Keep up the good work and remember there is an award out there you have not gotten yet, And its a hard one to get....The Question award!! thats right. your life will not be complete with out this baby!! lol.

Oh and say Hi to Aunti Vi for me....

Giggle! said...

Kenny - Oooooo So do I have to ask the right question to get this award??? ooo and Was that the right question? DID I WIN????

:-P *GiGGLeS*

Say hello to her yaself Mr smooth! :-P xx

Ken said...

You get the award when I get a head ache answering it! lol

Misssy M said...

Thanks Missy Giggle. Being Scottish, and thus never winning anything*, this means a lot. I will clutch it to my breast with pride.

* Actually we win cycling but we always lose wars and football and important stuff

Jo-Jo said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am so glad that I found your blog and you like mine too! By the way, Cayden is a great name to give to your son! And if its a can name her Cayden too! Hee-Hee

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Saw you over on Jo-Jo's site. Thought I'd stop by for a visit. I love your blog--very creative and funny. Especially love the pink flames and your bio pic!

Glad I dropped by. Have a terrific weekend :).

Leesa said...

G'day there Mrs. Down Unda Gal!!

Thanks a MILLE-YON for the blog award... When I stopped by just now, I said.. OHHH!! What a COOL award and kept reading and saw that you shared the love with me! Soooooo sweet you are! I really love your blogs and your really fun personality!! I have some lemon cupcakes for you... Just baked 'em up tonight... I'll frost 'em tomorrow and take some pics tomorrow... I'm so glad we found eacother's blogs- Well, that you started stalking my blog from that random blogger MEME...
Love and hugs to you!!

Ron said...



(BOTH of them!!!)

You so deserve this, dear one!

You're talented, gifted and FREAKING hysterical!!!

And congratulations to ALL the recipients of this award too!!!

applause, applause, applause!!!


Jeff B said...

Nice award for a very talented Chickie. I too love your blog and always seem to be laughing my ass off when I visit. Let us not forget how flippin brilliant Rat Girl is too.

Yep, gotta say, you're awesome!

Giggle! said...

Kenny - Oh bugger! I'll have to come up with something good then!! xx

Misssy - Hahahaha! Well you're very welcome!!! This award is easily deserved by you! xx

Jo-Jo - YOU'RE WELCOME, YOU'RE VERY WELCOME! :-D! heeehee! I and Cayden ROCKS!! I love that name! xx

Jyl - ooo WELCOME!!! No one has ever complimented me on my blogger template or piccy!! SO THANKYOU!!! :-D and thanks for stopping by... I shall pop over and have cuppa in your neck of the woods! xx

Leesa - awww you're welcome Leesa! but did you say CUPCAKES???!!!! YIPEEEE I'm just about licking the screen already!!! Can't WAIT to see em!!! :-D Heeeheeee xx

Ronnie - Thankyou! heehee do you have any idea how hard it was to not give this award to you?!!! You deserve all the awards in the world, but because I decided to give it to the recent bloggers I have just met... I thought I'd better contain myself!!! xx

Jeffy - *blushes* awww Thank you for your kind words!!! xx

Shannon said...

Aw, sweet of you to give me an award! THANKS!

I *heart* your blog, too!

Giggle! said...

Shannon - No problem! :-) xx

CrazyCath said...

Awww GiGGLe thanks girl! Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it to me. Yes you know I have got one, but you're right, it's the thought that counts and nowhere does it say you have a limit on the awards you can have. So thanks. Already on my sidebar....

Leesa said...

Hey there chica!

The lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream came out really yummy!! I'll take some pics and post them sometime soon... Please stop by my blog as I have left you something!!! Hugs, Leesa
Have a great day!

Giggle! said...

Cath - YAY! YOu're welcome!!! Yeah! Ya can never have too many awards! :-D xx

Leesa - OMG OMG OMG I'm ON MY WAY!!! :-D xx

Trixie said...

Looks like you've made quite a few new friends there my dear, but that's not hard for you to do, as you ARE awesome, lol.

Giggle! said...

Aunty vi - Yeah I know! Crazy huH! Between the blackbox and that Blogroll meme I've made tonnes of new friends! xx

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Thanks so much!!! I totally appreciate this and I LOVE you blog also! So glad I Shannon was cool enough to find you so that I could also! Yea...Braxton Hicks sucks right? But just means you are getting ready for the time of birth...or so they say! :)

Giggle! said...

Shelle - You're welcome!! :-D!! Shyeah! Why couldn't babys be delivered by a good old fashioned stork ffs! :-P

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well cheers mate - I think that's Aussie speak!? Thank you for thinking of me, very chuffed :-)

Hope the Braxton Hicks are lessening, but I have to say I'm not expert never haing popped one out!

Giggle! said...

Brit Gal - hehe if I didn't know any better I would have thouht you were an Aussie! :-P You're very welcome! xx

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