Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well I managed to do it!

Today is mine and Hubbys 2nd year wedding anniversary WOOHOO!! And as promised, I managed to publish the next RAT GiRL episode JUST in time for it!

WOAH Hang on! Hang on! I know you are dying to go and see it… but just read this post first ffs! :-P

With every RAT GiRL episode I like to have a real life version story to go with it, as every SINGLE episode is based on a real life event!

And with this episode being about my Hens Night… I thought I’d better do a post about it so you can get the gist of the comic version!

My Hens Night ROCKED and it was very…very… PINK!!!!

And I mean everything was Pink! From the games and prizes…

To my cute little outfit…

From the food and cocktails…

(Our pink G-String cock waiter!)

To my fun dressed up guests!!!

(Red, Cockwaiter and Hef)

First we had cocktails and played games at Muussys house…

(Hef and her Mama)

And then we went on a pubcrawl!

(On the bus)

Where we were forced to follow really hard rules and had to scull alcohol from a hideous funnel if we broke one!

(Me sculling from a penis funnel from in between Trub's legs!!! Tricky stuff!)

By the end of the night we hit the night clubs…

(My Brother 'P's Girlfriend 'A', Hef, Pup, Hubbys sis 'M', Me, Red and Lolly's head at the back! )

It was so much fun!!!

Hubby on the other hand… was not having such a great night!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of Hubby Bucks night because the guy I had in charge of the camera took nothing but stupid photos of girls tits and arses (No fellas! I’m NOT going to waste my time posting them! :-P)

But the guys tackled Hubby down and handcuffed him to a blow up doll (*GiGGLeS*) and then they dragged him into town.

Heres a pic of me with his blowup doll…

All was a great night for him until he ran into a guy who I’ll call Dread (because he has dreadlocks) and his girlfriend ‘Slag’ (because ffs she is one!!!.)

I’ve actually mentioned Dread before in my ‘MONSTER 1’ story… but it is a RIDICULOUSLY long post to read again just for the section on Dread!

So to cut a long story short… I met Dread years ago, he was a mate of my ‘Ex’ and we were great friends, I bent over backwards for him, I thought I could trust him and I had great respect for him!

After coming back to my hometown years later after living in New Zealand for a couple years, I got a job in a construction company where (as most of you know Monster 1 attacked me!)
I was surprised to find that Dread was actually a worker there so it was great to see him again and catch up.

The problem was that Dread and Monster had a very strong friendship, so when all that crap happened with Monster hitting me, of course Dread took his side.

But the thing that Dread and his Girlfriend did that I can never forgive them for, was on the night of my Hens night and Hubbys bucks night… They spread all these horrible rumours to Hubby about me – such as I had apparently offered Monster to have sex with me in the bathroom!!!!??? (Which he wouldn’t have turned me down if it WERE TRUE!!!)

Dread tried to convince Hubby not to marry me and that I was nothing but a slut and a liar!

I’m so grateful that Hubby never believed him for a second, but it really broke my heart that Dread (who I adored and thought the world of) tried to sabotage my own Wedding just DAYS BEFORE!!!

Could you imagine what could have happened if Hubby believed him?!!!

I still cry myself to sleep about it!

So you guessed it my friends!!! RAT GiRL gets her revenge on the mungrals! :-P

So Hubby didn’t have a great night at all! But at least on the night before our Wedding he got to make up for it by spending all night at a strip club with his groomsmen! *GiGGLeS*

OK… so NOW you can go and see the episode!

By the way… I know it takes AGES to load the piccys even more so with each new episode added - as the more pictures there are - the longer it takes to load. So I’m very sorry, but it wouldn’t be RAT GiRL without the pictures! LOL So please just bare with it, be patient, and open it up and let it load in the background while you do your other things, and get back to it when you’re ready for a giggle!

It takes me about 6 hours to upload each fecking episode! Surely you can wait 10 mins for crying out loud! ;-)


26 GiGGLeS:

trublmaka said...

Congratulations and happy Anniversary hunnies!!
Hey, here's a thought... let's do the bucks night again so hubby can have a good night of it & you n I will tag along to do the photos ;)

Ken said...

Congrats, And anyone who is a true Rat Girl fan will never mind loading it!. I look forward to each and every word (and picture).

Youbud in the states Ken,

Trixie said...

Happy aniversary to the two of you!!! Can't believe it's been 2 years already!

Oh.... does 'cockwaiter' know you've posted these photo's of him? LMAO!

Ron said...


(ooops...and hubby too)

Damn...these photos are hysterical, but my FAV is the one of YOU grabbing the penis funnel between Trub's legs!!!

You look like your're getting ready to SING with it!!

MAN...that's FUNNY!

You ladies looked like you had a VERY good time!!!

I love your little wedding dress costume!!!

oooh...oooh...another RAT GIRL episode!!!!


Ok...I'm over there...BYE!

Wishing you and your hubby many more wonderful years together!!!

You make a great couple!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pic is gorgeous!

And I never had a "hen party"... or bachelorette party as we say in the States. So I enjoyed your pics... I got to live vicariously through them!

Giggle! said...

Trub - Thank you hunny! oooo what a fab idea!! Can we wait till I've popped first? *GiGGLeS* xx

Kenny - awww thanks! You're a true fan!!! xx

Aunty Vi - LMAO, he knows that I would use any oppurtunity to embarrass him! Besides... he's proud of the one of him with hotties hangin off him! xx

Ronnie - hahahaha!!! Thank you! Hey I wonder if the 'penis microphone' has been though of yet! :-P Thank you Ronnie! Hope you enjoyed the comic! xx

Shannon - Thanks! We sure did have a fab time! But I can't believe you never had a hens night!!! It's never too late ya know! ;-) xx

Misssy M said...

Great hen photos- takes me back. My hen party was invaded by about 8 of my male friends who turned up in drag. Some of them have never been the same since..and all of them stayed in character the whole night.

Joe said...

Happy anniversary! It's still just the beginning of what I'm sure will be a lifetime of happiness for you both.

Off to see Rat Girl...and the results are always worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day Giggle!!!! C:)

Peach said...

Happy Anniversary sweet sweet giggles - hope you're feeling good and you get the possibility to have a little glass to celebrate with

off to read Rat grrrrrrrrrrl


Jo-Jo said...

Hey there! I found your page via Welcome to The Nuthouse, and I am glad I did! It was great reading your blog and by looking at the pics it makes me wish I was there! Happy Anniversary!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

giggle:I loved the pics. You are a beautiful bride to be back then and a beautiful wife and mother to be now...I heart you sweetie. You are fabulous.

i love the waiter...he looks tall, where do I put his tip. hehehe. As if i didn't know...I just wanted to hear you say it. hehehe

ciao babe.

Anonymous said...

Meant to pop by here yesterday too but then all holy hell erupted at work. Sigh. Gets in the way of everything.


Rhea said...

Happy Anniversary!! You and hubs are a beautiful couple, I LOVE your wedding dress...and that hens night...looked like way too much fun!!!!! LOVED it.

Mr Farty said...

Aw, lovely! Happy Anniversary, GiGGLeS and MC! ;-)

Did someone mention Rat Girl? Laters!

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!

I loved the post and cant' wait to read rat girl.

Oh and to answer your question if your hubby didn't believe you would have been better off with out him. He knew that guy was a liar and Dread would have been DEAD in my book if he caused any problems with me.

Anyway I am so happy it worked out. I hope Rat Girl kicks his ass!

Giggle! said...

Misssy Mooo - HAHAHAHA That is so coool!!! So it's safe to say it was an ALL girls night then! heehee xx

Joey - Thankyouuuu! heehee yeh 2 years!!! I'm allowed to file for a divorce now!! :-P bwahahaha xx

C:)- awww Fankyou xx

Peachy poo - Thankyou my love! Didn't have a drink... but I had plenty of choccy to satisfy me heehee!! xx

Jo-Jo - WELCOME!!! :-) I love meeting more Bloggers! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the piccys! I'd get married all over again just to have another Hensnight! heeehee! And if I do... you can come to the next one! ;-) xx

Spiky - Aww you are such a sweety pie! Thank you! Hahahaha the cock waiter will be pleased to hear you say that! I'll stuff a note in his G-Banger from you! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Jenn - Oh you didn't have to come back!! I know you love me! :-P THANK YOUUU xx

Rhea - Thanks! I did have a blast!!! If I knew you then and you lived close... I would have loved for you to be there! You woulda had a blast! xx

Mr Farty - Thankyou heehee! I'm surprised you took the time to even read this post and didn't just rush over to the crazy RAT GiRLs blog as soon as you knew there was a new episode up! :-P xx

SSC - Ta! I guess you are right about that! But at the same time, I wouldn't have blamed Hubby to at least wonder, with the lies that came out of that A - holes mouth!!! But he didn't believe him for a second, which makes me love him even more! xx

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I came over from Welcome to the Nuthouse are hilarious! Congrats on the soon to be baby...and motherhood!

Now I have to load that Rat Girl thing because I'm curious!

CrystalChick said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You and hub make a beautiful couple!!!!!!! Wow.

Giggle! said...

Shelle - WELCOME!!! Always love new visitors!!! Thank you so very much! I shall pop in for a cuppa at your blog sooon xx

Crystal - Thankyou dear lady!!!! xx

Leesa said...

OMG!! I feel sooo late- Well, it was just yesterday, right?!! You look so cute in your pics!! I wish you both a very HAPPY HAPPY 2nd Wedding Anniversary! I very special one.. Your posts are just OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY girl!!! Love it!!! Take good care!!
Leesa : )

Giggle! said...

Leesa - Oh it's never too late!!! THANKYOU dear lady! YOu're a sweety pie! xx

Fat Controller said...

Belated happy anniversary to the both of you. You make a lovely couple!

I'll remember it next year because it's only 2 days after OURS! (We've got 22 yars on you guys, though!)

Rae!xx said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and I did manage to read all the post before moving to Ratgirl honest..xx

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

CONGRATS on 2 yrs, we are almost at 3 now!

Btw you're hen night soooo reminds me of my previous life in the UK!

Giggle! said...

Thinny - OH COOL!!! Happy anniversary to you guys tooooooo!!!! Heck! We've got a lot of catching up to do!! :-D xx

Rae - THANKYOU!!!! Hahahaha I don't mind if you didn't catch up! I'm happy for anyone to just read RAT GiRL as I spend hours making the bloody thing! xx

Brit Girl - Ooooo 3 years!! How exciting!!! I bet you had a blast on your hens night! You Brit Gals are loads of fun! :-D xx